Ezio Auditore
Ezio Auditore
Continuity Assassin's Creed
Age 27
Species Human
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
District Southern District
Journal ladiesliketwo
Player Sarah
Theme Song (Optional)

"Requiescat in Pace"


Ezio was born 1459 in Florence to Giovanni and Maria Auditore da Firenze. He grew up with his older brother Federico and his younger siblings Claudia and Petruccio in their family palazzo. He had the privileged life of a noble, living under the prestigious Auditore name and the friendship and banking work that bound them to the powerful Medici family, the rulers of the Florentine Republic. His father was often gone in his life, leaving for long stretches of time for reasons he only knew as bank problems. While he was gone, Ezio was apprenticed and groomed to become a banker as well, but either in anger at his father’s absence or simply carelessness, he did less studying and more reckless actions, such as fighting with rivals, climbing buildings, and woo women, although he clearly had the mind to do other things.

His life stayed the same, nice and normal, until 1476 when his father and brothers had been arrested for reasons he didn’t know, as well as his mother and sister brutally attacked. He ran to the cell where his family was being kept and was instructed by his father to find a secret room he had built into their house and gather documents to give to Uberto Alberti, assistant to Lorenzo De’Mici (the current ruler of Florence), and close friend of the Auditore family. Ezio complied, and raced back home to find the documents. As he did, he found an odd set of robes as well as a broken hidden blade. He donned the robes, unbeknownst to him his father’s own Assassin robes, and set out to Uberto’s home. Uberto gladly accepted the notes, evidence of a conspiracy against Lorenzo, and told Ezio not to worry about his family.

The next day, Ezio went to the public trial being held for his family, and instead found it an execution being led and presided over by Uberto as well as a mysterious stranger that had been at Uberto’s home the night before. Uberto declared the Auditore men guilty and hung them in front of the crowd, despite Ezio’s struggles to stop it. He tried to go to the scaffolding and kill Uberto, but guards descended upon him. A nearby thief and friend of Giovanni’s urged Ezio to run, and he reluctantly did so. He raced back home to find his mother and sister gone with only a housemaid there. She told Ezio that she had taken them to her sister’s house where they would be safe. Ezio went there, to the Piazza della Signoria (a local brothel) and found the rest of his family was indeed safe. Paola, the leader of the brothel, understood his pain at losing his father and brothers and decided to help train him in some skills of the prostitutes to remain hidden. She then told him to go to Leonardo da Vinci, a friend of his mother’s, to try and repair the hidden blade. As he waited for it to be fixed, a guard banged at the door to question Leonardo because of his connections. Outside, he began beating Leonardo when Ezio used his now repaired hidden blade to kill the guard. Grateful, Leonardo told Ezio he could come back anytime for help, which started what would be their lifelong friendship.

With new skills and a blade to wield, Ezio decided he was now ready to go after Uberto. As Uberto was checking out a new exhibition in the Basilica of Santo Croce, Ezio assassinated him in a blind fury, stabbing him many times. He ended with a proclamation to all of Florence, that the Auditore family was not dead as he was still alive. However, this display of rage made him a wanted man in Florence, and it was necessary for him and his family to leave. After thanking Paola, he snuck out of the city with his sister and mother and travelled to the town of Monteriggioni in Tuscany, ruled by his uncle Mario.

Upon arrival, Ezio was met by Vieri de’Pazzi, a longtime rival of Ezio’s, and a group of soldiers. Ezio fought them, but was close to being beat until his uncle stepped in to help. Vieri ran off like a coward, and Mario happily embraced his nephew. After getting them all to the family Villa, Mario explained to Ezio that his father was actually an assassin, both him and Mario trained to be so from a very young age. He told Ezio this in hopes that he could train his nephew, and that he could help them kill the de’Pazzi family which was a great part of the Templar threat. However, Ezio refused, saying that he was only here for a bit until he could get the family passage to Spain. Angry, Mario left for San Gimignano, the home of the de’Pazzi, to do the deed himself.

Ezio stayed in the villa, until he finally decided that he did want to help his uncle. He rode to San Gimignano just in time to meet Mario and his mercenaries about to storm the city. Ecstatic, Mario forgot all about their argument and gladly added him to the plot to attack. They did, and witnessed a meeting with Rodrigo Borgia (the mysterious man who had been with Uberto) as well as Jacopo, Francesco, and Vieri de’Pazzi. Ezio attacked and cornered Vieri, trying to get a confession about the meeting from him, with no luck, and killed him, again in blatant rage. Mario scolded him for this, saying that they should respect their enemies in death.

Ezio returned to Florence, where there was rumor of Francesco trying to take over power from Lorenzo. There he met La Volpe, who told him how to get into a Templar meeting. There he overheard them talking about a plot to kill both Lorenzo and his brother. He returned this news to La Volpe, who realized that they intended to be so bold as to kill the two during high mass. Ezio rushed to save them, but was too late for Lorenzo’s brother. However, he saved Lorenzo and escorted him back to his home. Although their ruler was safe, the city still descended into civil war. Ezio left Lorenzo to kill Francesco and end this unrest. He assassinated him, also getting little information about the Templars, and hung his body in full display to the people. They rejoiced, and Jacopo fled lest the same thing happen to him.

Jacopo fled, as well as the rest of the conspirators, back to San Gimignano and Ezio swiftly followed. There he murdered four of Jacopo’s men who in their dying gasps revealed information as to where Jacopo was hiding. He discovered that a Templar meeting was going to be held at a nearby Roman theater and went there. He found Rodrigo with Jacopo, as well as a Venetian merchant Emilio Barbarigo. Outraged at Jacopo’s failure, Rodrigo stabbed him and left him to die. He then told Ezio to come out of hiding, fully aware that he had been there the entire time. Ezio was attacked by guards as Rodrigo and Emilio fled. After beating them to a pulp, Ezio went over to Jacopo, dying in pain. He killed Jacopo to put him out of his misery and left for Florence.

Back in Florence, Lorenzo praised Ezio for his work and gave him the Medici cape which would let everyone in Italy know that he was a friend of the Medici. Ezio thanks Lorenzo and went to see Leonardo to have him translate some codexes, coded information from an ancient Assassin named Altair. However, he was informed that Leonardo had been commission for work in Venice and had left. Determined to reach his friend, Ezio took off for Venice as well. In the mountains, he met Leonardo trying to fix a broken part on his carriage. After helping him fix it, Ezio asked to ride with Leonardo. On their ride, they were ambushed by men sent by Rodrigo to kill Ezio. Ezio ordered Leonardo to keep going as he jumped off the carriage to defeat them. Leaving nothing but a pile of their corpses, Ezio continued on after Leonardo to Forli, where a ship would take them to Venice.

After meeting up again with Leonardo, Ezio tried to get on the ship without luck; he needed a pass. Unsure what to do, he suddenly heard the cries of a woman stuck on one of the many small islands of the wetland. Ezio got a gondola and brought her back to the dock. The woman thanked him by yelling at the man refusing him passage and allowing him a free ride to Venice. Leonardo explains to him later that the woman was Catarina Sforza, countess of Forli.

Finally arriving in Venice, Leonardo and Ezio were given a quick tour of the city by a man who led them to Leonardo’s new workshop. After helping him set up, Ezio left to find a way into Emilio’s palazzo. However, it looked impossible, with guards all along the entrance, and a gap too wide on the wall for him to climb. Suddenly, a group of thieves came and distracted the guards while one of them managed to scale the wall with an impressive jump. But before she could manage to scale the entire thing she was shot in the leg with an arrow. Ezio came to her rescue, and went with her to get away. He helped her all the way to the Theives Guild where she resided and met the leader, Antonio de Magianis, who removed the arrow from the girl’s leg. After completing the operation, he told Ezio that the girl’s name was Rosa and that he was grateful for his help.

Antonio took Ezio to his office where he asked for Ezio to help them kill Emilio, who was using an iron fist to control the market. Ezio agreed, knowing him to be a Templar and part of Rodrigo’s plans. Together they made a plan to assassinate him, and after getting training from Rosa and other thieves, Ezio found himself ready to perform the task of killing Emilio. He did so, and got the name of another conspirator in the process: Carlo Grimaldi, a government official and member of the Council of Ten. It was his job to turn the Doge to the Templar cause, however after overhearing a conversation between the two, he discovered that Carlo was simply going to poison the Doge and replace him with a Templar.
Ezio went back to Antonio and asked for a way to get into the strictly guarded and impossible to climb Palazzo Ducale where the Doge and Carlo were staying. After surveying the entire place, they both agreed that it was impossible to get in, Antonio joking that the only way to get in would be to fly. With a bright idea, Ezio ran to Leonardo’s and asked to see the machine he had brought with him in the carriage. Leonardo showed his flying machine, but assured it didn’t work. Ezio even unsuccessfully tried to fly it, realizing that there was no way it could get to the Palazzo. But in a stroke of genius, Leonardo realized that if they lit enough fires across the city, they could use the heat to raise the machine and keep it flying.

Antonio agreed to have his men light the fires, and they planned the night to get to the Palazzo. Ezio manned the machine and took off into the air, kicking guards off the rooftops along the way. He made it all the way to the Palazzo and snuck in, rushing to get to the Doge in time. He ran forward and urged the Doge not to drink from his cup, but it was already too late. As the Doge puked blood, dying, Carlo ran and boasted that it was too late and that Ezio had lost. Ezio chased him, and assassinated him. The Doge ran out to meet them, and gasping, pointed to the body and screamed “you killed me!” before lying down dead. However, the guards thought me meant Ezio and set out a city-wide search for him. Ezio escaped to Leonardo’s workshop and stayed, wondering what he could do next as the city’s most wanted man.


Maria Auditore once wrote of her son as being “competitive, stubborn and loud mouthed, but so passionate that it is impossible to fault him for anything.” His mother couldn’t have been more right; even through the changes in his life his core feelings and reactions remained the same.

Ezio’s stubbornness is incredible, when he sets his mind on something he will do it, whether or not it’s tactfully possible or beneficial to his cause. Through growing up he’s slowly learned to not jump into issues, rather plan them out in the Assassin way, but he can grow impatient. If there is someone out there that is evil, that is causing harm, he wants to get them now. This has made him quite the daredevil, showing no fear in feats that would otherwise kill others. He traverses buildings with ease, leaps great bounds, and has even approached the impossibly of flight with an open mind. As long as it gets him closer to his goal, he will do it; danger be damned.

As Assassins go Ezio hasn’t quite learned that silence is a virtue. Growing up he was outgoing and charismatic, quickly able to make ferocious enemies and passionate lovers. Although no longer in his happy, ignorant life he once had, his talkative nature often comes out. When with others supporting his cause, he is not afraid to ask questions about the things he needs to do and why this will help. On the field of battle, he’ll often taunt his opponents to enrage them and move them into blunders. And above all, he is a ladies’ man. A pretty face and a sharp tongue can get him going for a long time, and he’s not one to take on a chauvinistic attitude; he believes that a woman is on par of strength and competence as a man.

Ezio’s passion is what drives him the most, what keeps him going as an assassin. After the death of his father and brothers, the fire of anger that burns in him also pushes him forward to eliminate those who conspired in it. When he has something to believe in, he believes in it so greatly all other points and problems seem miniscule to what Ezio is working for now. And if you impede his ability to do what he wants, well, prepare for some hell coming your way.


Ezio has an ability called “Eagle Vision,” which allows him to see who around him are enemies, allies, targets to kill, places he can hide when necessary, or things that are important for him to uncover or take.

As for physical abilities, Ezio is at his peak. He can easily climb any sort of structure and leap great bounds, thanks to his Assassin genetics and learning as a child. As well, he is a great swordsman, but if left without weapons he can do quite well for himself with his fists.


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