Fone Bone
Fone Bone
Continuity Bone
Age N/A
Species Bone
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Black
District Eastern District
Journal duke_of_pook
Player Aya
Theme Song Must Have Done Something Right - Relient K

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As usual, it started because of another failed money-making scheme by his cousin Phoney Bone. Being that it was something of a trend, the cousins had never expected themselves to be run off so far from Boneville that they found themselves lost in the middle of a desert. Their attempts to find their way back instead brought them to be suddenly separated by a cloud of locusts. And thus, Fone Bone's real adventure began.

Not knowing where his cousins Phoney and Smiley Bone had gone, Fone bravely set forth on his own through the unknown forest he had come upon. Here he would meet creatures he would have thought but myth, a great Red Dragon that seemed to be acting as his protector. The Dragon wouldn't give him any answers he sought, so Fone was still forced to seek out someone who would help. Due to winter suddenly settling in the land, any plans to make for a quick departure back to the desert thusly canceled. Luckily Fone was able to befriend one of the human locals, a young girl by name of Thorn whom he had been directed to earlier on by a bug named Ted, informed that the girl knew everything and would be able to help him. Unfortunately it was just an exaggeration by the excitable bug, but despite Thorn's admitting that she had never heard of Boneville, Fone wasn't completely downhearted as he had become immediately smitten with the girl at first sight. He stayed with her at Thorn's grandmother's farm until winter's end and Grandma Ben's return. The old, cow-racing woman's return also marked the first reunion for the Bones as she had come across Phoney during her trip back home. Eventually they would all be together again with Smiley once they reached the local town of Barrelhaven.

The wheels of fate had begun to turn, and the Bones would find themselves woven into the old land's problems as ancient evils began to resurface. Something was after Phoney, if mistakenly so, the rat creatures were becoming more hostile, breaking the treaty of peace between their kind and the humans. Thorn would be revealed as the lost heir and princess to the throne of Atheia, Grandma Ben the old queen. The Lord of Locusts, an entity long thought to have been sealed within the rocky tomb of the First Dragon, Mim, was anxiously awaiting for the chance to get its hands on Thorn to use as its host, a girl strong in the Dreaming who would give them a foothold into the realm of reality. All concerns of trying to get back home was shelved for the time being as Fone would not abandon Thorn in the journey and the trials suddenly thrust before her. Refusing to be left behind, Fone stubbornly stuck by the girl's side, saving her from being possessed by the Lord of Locusts, braving the Ghost Circles that had been cast over the land and entrapped the unsuspecting valley-folk, through the sacred land of the dragons to the old kingdom of Atheia and back. It was Fone Bone that was the one the Rat Creatures and the Lord of Locust's pawn, the Hooded One should have originally sought rather than his cousin with the starred black shirt. Their mistake was realized too late, but not without enough close calls, and neither Fone Bone nor Thorn came out of their hardships unscathed. By the end of it they were both discarded as possible hosts for the Lord of Locusts in favor of it returning to its original host, Mim, who had awakened from her rocky tomb. It was only through the combined efforts of Thorn and Fone Bone that the managed to reach the Crown of Horns, awakening the slumbering dragons in time to once again bring down their Mad Queen. And it seemed that as quickly as things had started, things had been brought to an end. Thorn was crowned queen of the Valley, the kingdom was in need of restoration, the dead were to be laid to rest, and the Bone cousins would finally resume their trip home. It was with great reluctance that Fone would leave Thorn, torn between the decision to remain at her side or to return home. He decided he would accompany his cousins, but he would never forget Thorn nor the friends they made there in the Valley.


Although the youngest of the trio of Bone cousins, Fone is the most mature in matters. With Phoney's constantly getting into trouble and Smiley's general cluelessness, it usually fell upon Fone to be the brains of the group. He's a sensible little guy, stronger than he looks for all the beatings he's gone through, and despite being small he's certainly got enough courage to fill three times his size. He's certainly loyal to his friends, trusting and generally amiable.

He'll stick his neck out for his close friends, and he cares very deeply for his family- they're all he has. Even if Phoney comes off as a jerk and a troublemaker, as the eldest he'd taken care of Fone and Smiley since they were orphans, so no matter what they go through, Fone would never abandon his cousins, although he isn't afraid to give Phoney a good, well-deserved throttle once in a while. Fone isn't afraid to speak his mind, and by no means is he a perfect person- he has his faults. When it came to Thorn, he displayed the shyness of a sadly infatuated schoolboy that knew the girl was way out of his league. Still, even though he was a failure at love poems and as discreet as he hoped to be about his crush, his feelings were more than obvious to everyone, Thorn included, and in the troubles that lay ahead of them, the two had become quite close.

Fone loves reading and totes around his favorite book- Moby Dick. It used to be that he thought it was just the subject that bored people whenever he would talk about it, but Smiley proved it was just Fone's tone of voice whenever he went on and on about the story, much to his cousin's chagrin. He's a smart Bone, not completely useless when thrown into the situation of fending on his own in the wilderness even though he was raised in the city, but just don't expect him to go killing any chickens for dinner any time soon. He's pretty tough and overprotective, especially of Thorn and his cousins, and even if he's little more than two feet high, he'll jump in the line of fire with fists swinging- or whatever he can get his hands on. That's not to say he's brash- the boy doesn't go about picking fights! He's been thrown into more than his share of desperate situations though.


Unless you count the coma-inducing tone he can speak in while reading a page of Moby Dick, Fone's pretty much mundane- well, for a Bone, anyway. His imagination and strength of dreams might be enough potential for Bending though.



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