Continuity Wanted: Movie
Age ?
Species Human
Hair Color Gold-Brown
Eye Color Blue-Gray
District Southern District
Journal Fox’s Journal
Player C
Theme Song The Offspring – Special Delivery

"We don't know how far the ripples of our decisions go. We kill one, and maybe save a thousand. That's the code of the Fraternity. That's what we believe in, and that's why we do it."


The real history began a thousand years ago, when a group of weavers created a guild of assassins that would seek to right wrongs and execute justice, delivering a balance to the world. The Fraternity, as they called it, would last those thousand years, occasionally pulling the strings of the world through deadly methods.

“Kill one, and maybe save a thousand.” That was their motto. Was the guild just? Was it right for them to manipulate fate and hold death in their hands? An assassin can not question the orders of the guild or hesitate to pull the trigger, because they may not know how far the ripples of their actions will go. Fox learned this best when she discovered that a madman who had destroyed her family years ago had been on the guild’s list, but he escaped when an assassin failed to pull the trigger on him. Weeks later, her family was the one that suffered. Because of this, Fox never once hesitated to take a life.

It came as a surprise to everyone when a fellow assassin called Cross betrayed the guild. Cross defected and took the life of another assassin, Mr. X. No one leaves the guild, but Cross was the best and none of them, not even Fox herself, could manage to kill him. So Sloan, the guild’s director in Chicago, ordered Fox to pick-up a new weapon for the group. That weapon would be Wesley Gibson, a pathetic accounting manager who had no idea he had the blood of a killer flowing through his veins. Only a few people in the world had the power to make their heart beat so rapidly they could defy the laws of physics itself, and Wesley was one of those gifted persons.

Fox found Wesley and brought him to The Fraternity. It was explained to him that Cross had killed Wesley’s father, who Wesley had not known all his life. Wesley vowed to kill Cross and Fox was in charge of Wesley’s growth as an assassin. As she grew to know Wesley, she began more attached to him. She could tell he was something special. When the day for the hit finally came, Wesley ran off to face Cross alone. Sloan delivered more news, that the ‘weavers’ had ordered the next hit on Wesley and it was Fox’s job to finish him.

Wesley managed to kill Cross, but before Cross died he told Wesley that he had been lied to and that Cross was actually Wesley’s father. When Wesley asked Fox, she told him that it was true, but before she could kill him, Wesley made a daring escape. Wesley was saved by Cross’ friend, who manufactured special ammunition for Cross and told Cross that it was Sloan who had been manufacturing hits for his own gain. Long ago, Sloan’s name appeared on the hit list and when Cross discovered this, Sloan sent The Fraternity after him.

To get his revenge, Wesley stormed the citadel of the assassins and confronted Sloan, Fox, and others in the library rotunda. Wesley explained the truth and Sloan admitted it, but also told the assassins that their own names were also on the hit list, including Fox’s. They had all been chosen to die by fate. Fox had a choice. She could either choose to save her own life by turning against Wesley, or follow the rules of The Fraternity, which she had always believed in.

Fox chose to follow the will of The Fraternity. She fired a shot and curved the bullet. The bullet circled the entire rotunda, taking out every assassin with a shot through the temple, and then flying on to the next victim. Her signature gun was thrown to Wesley and with an acceptance for fate, Fox stood where she was and waited for the bullet to strike its final target. The bullet shot her right through the temple and she fell dead. The order had been fulfilled, leaving Wesley to chase after Sloan and finalize his revenge.



Fox is highly skilled when it comes to her trade. Only the potential best will be recruited into The Fraternity, and since she joined her talents have been honed though years of experience, not to mention an unknown but numerous amount of missions she's been assigned.

She’s extremely capable when it comes to any manner of firearm, including customized weapons that are only available to those in her line of business. When she uses guns of any kind, so does she with the ease, calm, and confidence reserved only for professionals in her line of work. She can shoot with deadly accuracy, and one of the most stunning achievements of a Fraternity assassin is the skill to curve bullets. When fired correctly, a bullet will curve its path in the air, moving around an object to strike the target on the other side. Along with firearms, she has motor driving skills that would make stunt men's jaws drop. On more than one occasions she’s flipped a car on purpose or done any other manner of insane vehicle maneuvers without breaking a sweat.

Fox is extremely athletic. She can fight hand-to-hand and kickboxing style while easily holding her own against a bigger adversary. She’s a fast runner and can jump far, or do most athletic feats Olympians would be envious of. This combined with her sheer fearlessness and willpower means she’s willing to take some pretty insane risks. Preserving her own life is not on her mind when there's a job to be done. Assassins in the order are also trained to use bladed instruments, should they be disarmed of their weapon.


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