Frank Castle
Frank Castle
Continuity Marvel Cinematic Universe
Age 40
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
District Eastern
Player Angel
Theme Song Five Finger Death Punch "Wrong Side of Heaven"

I'll freely admit I'm an asshole, but I'm not much for cliche.

When he first 'Woke' Frank was in the Western district. While for many people this would be a problem, for Frank it wasn't. He didn't like the idea of not knowing his surroundings a bit better first but from what he was observing and how low he was on ammunition, he had to speak to the city at large.

It turned out to be a good idea since that was how he met Dead End. Granted the Cybertronian was not impressed with Frank's lack of manners, but found that he wasn't as dumb as he looked by a longshot. In fact Frank was quite capable of making an intelligent point. Frank also met Kylo Ren while the latter was wearing the mask that would later come to play such an important role.

From the beginning Frank wasn't a fan of 'Bending', and since it seemed so much like magic to him Frank had a difficult time learning how to do it. It took him some time, but with Nita Callahan's help, he did finally find a way to get through the block that his own mind had on Bending.

The reticence remained, though. And after the events of a particular Reality Storm that left several dead including Frank at one point, more injured, and all of Nautilus never the same Frank had enough. Others might Ascend, or join the Task Force but Frank had always been one to go his own way. Death is not permanent in the city of change so again with Nita's help, he spoke to a Deva in order to create a 'Neutral Zone'.

The 'Neutral Zone' is just that. A zone within the city where everything is neutralized. From Bending all the way to magic, the Force, summons and anything else that might be counted as 'Wakened Abilities'. Half the junkyard is given over to this zone, with Frank's place in the middle.

There's a lot about Nautilus he doesn't like, but standing firm as another option to another city is about as far as he can get right now.


Frank is as curt and blunt as they come. He has no time and less patience for repeating himself. He also has no trouble with violence, both using it and seeing it being used. He's crass, rude, blunt, and always goes straight to the point. He's also got the saltiest mouth, which helps that 'rude' part. Though he always makes a point of cleaning up his language for anyone he considers 'kids'. And as irritable as he can be with people, animals are a whole different story. When it comes to animals, Frank will help them, and even be downright kind.


Frank has no special powers to speak of. The only thing that is even worth mentioning is his inordinately high tolerance to pain.


Link and Nita Callahan

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