Remy LeBeau- Gambit
Continuity X-Men
Age Estimated Late 20's/Early 30's
Species Human Mutant
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Red on Black
District Southern District
Journal Rat-Des-Marais
Player Lina-Trinch
Theme Song N/A

"Everyone can relax. Gambit has returned."

Canon History

The character of Gambit has a diverse and extensive history, due to the worldwide success of the X-Men series. The history presented here is the original happenings of his life from the comic books and the original animated cartoon from the 1990’s that he originated from, not any spin-offs.

The child, then without a whole name, was born in New Orleans and abandoned at birth because of his discolored eyes due to his mutant gene (black with red irises). He was stolen from the hospital by an illegal, radical group, called the Thieves’ Guild. They believed that he was the one prophesized to unite their two warring guilds. The war with the Thieves’ and Assassin’s Guilds had been waged for generations. From there, he joined street thieves and learned to steal for sustenance.

Until one day, at the age of ten, he tried to steal from Jean-Luc Lebeau, the leader of the Thieves’ Guild. The man was not sour with the boy, however, but instead took him off the streets and into his own family. Up until this point, everyone had been calling him le diable blanc or the “white devil”, but Jean-Luc gave him a new, real name. Remy Lebeau.

Remy’s full powers came about in his early teens. His ability to manipulate kinetic energy (see Powers below) proved to be a bit stressful on himself, however. It gave others a better reason, other than his eyes, to be scared of him. During these times, the mutant scare was only just beginning.

Later on in his life, in an attempt to piece together the Thieves’ and Assassin’s Guilds, an arranged marriage was set up between Remy and Bella Donna Boudreaux, the granddaughter of the leader of the Assassin’s. Her brother, Julien, did not like this new arrangement though and, after the ceremony, he requested Remy to a duel. In self-defense, Remy killed Julien and was exiled from New Orleans for further disrupting the already horrible strain between the warring guilds. This effectively ended his short marriage with Bella Donna.

After being exiled from the only home he had ever known, Remy decided to travel the world for all it was worth, becoming a master thief along the way with the added aid of his mutant abilities. This is around the time he picks up his signature weapon, playing cards. With his kinetic ability, he calls them fifty-two little bombs that you can fit into your pocket, and he’s exactly right. He’s known to carry multiple packs on him. This was also a time that Remy found that his powers were getting harder and harder to control, almost like it was too much energy for him to contain. In an attempt to fix this, he sought out a man who simply called himself Mister Sinister. Back in these days, there was no notion of a Mutant X-Gene cure. Sinister performed brain surgery and successfully suppressed a lot of his power. He was less powerful, but his energy was now at a point that he could control.

Remy then started doing odd jobs for Sinister, even starting a mercenary group called the Marauders. The group, without Remy’s knowledge, was ordered by Sinister to go into the sewers of New York and destroy a group of mutants called the Morlocks. Remy managed to stop them in time to save only one survivor by the name of Sarah, who was later to be known as Marrow. The Morlocks would be reformed several times later on, each time facing a new destruction to their group.

After this act of betrayal against his leadership, Remy left again to travel the world, this time finding a young girl by the name of Ororo Munroe, an amnesiac who had turned to thieving in order to live. Remy quickly realized that she had enemies, so he helped her get away from them and the two became partners in their own thieving world. It eventually became known that Ororo’s age and memories had been repressed by another mutant. Once she returned to the right age, which was close to Remy’s own, she informed him that she was also known as Storm, a powerful mutant that could control the weather. She then took him back to New York, where he eventually met Charles Xavier and joined the X-Men. Here he officially took on the name of Gambit, after using it as a small alias for years.

In their team, Storm knows him best and vouches for him in most cases, but he keeps most of his past a general secret from the team, or tries to for a long period of time. Jean Grey, Beast, and Morph all seem to let Gambit have his space, while Jubilee, only a young teenage girl, really likes to cling to Gambit on most days, considering that he saved her when they first met. Cyclops, however, has an eye on Gambit’s attitude, which does have a tendency to become a bit sharp and snarky. Cyclops, the leader of their team, demands respect and wants his team to carry out orders without question. This running belief does not jive well with Gambit, who has always followed his own rules and has stayed alive because of them. Wolverine, who has a dark and incredibly deep and twisted past himself, is not easy to trust Gambit. Actually, the two tend to disagree and argue often, but the two make a fantastic team when they both work towards something that they both believe in, which isn’t a hard thing to find. They’re both very much alike.

Rogue, however, is another story entirely. Remy, who is known for chasing women around like a hound, quickly falls in love with Rogue. However, their relationship is a rocky one, her mutant ability preventing her from physical, skin-to-skin contact. While they never actually get “together,” they each obviously care for one another.

A couple of powerful men, Dr. Trask and Senator Kelly, seemed to let the United States government in on the mutant goings on in the world. The fear started to spread, so they started making giant robots called Sentinels to track down mutants in order to either imprison or kill them. The X-Men found out a place where the government is kept their records on the mutants, so they infiltrated and destroyed all the records. Unfortunately, Morph is killed on the mission and Beast is brought into custody. In a response to the attack, the president shuts down all Sentinel projects. This forces Trask and Kelly to dip their hands in another country, like Genosha for instance.

Genosha is a tropical island that is welcome to mutants in kind. To investigate and make sure it’s legit, the X-Men send Storm, Gambit, and Jubilee there for a vacation. Unfortunately, the spot proves to be a prison camp for mutants so they can build a well hidden place where they are free to produce more Sentinels. Gambit, acting like he had betrayed his team, offered to help the same people who had taken him into wrongful custody. He proved himself later by freeing his teammates along with the other mutants, allowing Storm to destroy the entire place.

Sometime later, a notion of a cure spreads from Muir Island, all the way back to Xavier’s School. Once the X-Men learn of this so-called cure, most of them scoff at such a notion, but Jean and Scott seem more sympathetic to the plight. Jean is also well aware of Rogue’s feelings on such a thing, being a telepath and able to sense her friend’s distress. Rogue decides to go and get the cure, but is interrupted along the way by Gambit, who keeps trying to subtlety stop her from going. His attempts end up failing and Rogue goes anyway. Turned out that there was no cure, but a trick from Mystique to fool mutants into a hypnotic state where they served her master, Apocalypse. Before Rogue takes the cure, she decides otherwise on it. The real nature of the entire set-up eventually came into the light, but Rogue still seemed to want a form of cure, even though Gambit disagrees and likes her fine the way she is.

Soon after, a man by the name of Bishop claims to have come back from the future in order to stop time from becoming a horrible death trap for any mutant kind. In his timeline, they believed that it was really started by the assassination of Senator Kelly. Bishop was sent back in time to stop the assassin in any way he could. Apparently, the assassin was known to be one of the X-Men, but he couldn’t remember who it could be, because of time lag. When he seen Gambit, however, he instantly remembered that it was Remy to blame for the assassination. It is then stated by Wolverine that they really don’t know all that much about Gambit. The others seemed to take the news in stride, not really knowing which way to believe. Storm told him that if she was the one accused, she still wouldn’t know if it would be the truth or a lie. Gambit even looked to Rogue for back up, but she simply bowed her head and would not return eye contact.

With a new fire beneath him, Gambit left the room, intending to head to Washington D.C. and stop the assassination himself and clear his name. This is the point where he enters Nautilus.


Remy is outwardly cocky and sure of his abilities… and his looks. He prides himself on his looks and his grand ability to attract women. In fact, one of his mutant powers is a form of emotional understanding and manipulation (see Powers below). He also knows how to look out for number one and how to be logical in extreme situations.

That being said, he is not without a heart. Remy can easily distinguish the lines of right and wrong, which he never crosses into the wrong side. While he does look out for himself, he knows how to not wrong someone who is good to others and, most importantly, he knows not to wrong children, whom he happens to have a soft spot for, little girls especially.

As stated above in the History section, his relationship with his teammates is sometimes a bit rocky. He knowingly keeps a lot of his past hidden from them, leading to distrust with Wolverine especially, whom he happens to share a lot of personality traits with. His relationship with Rogue is another story entirely. Unlike any other woman, and Remy has been with many women, he really feels a different, strong, deep bond with her. Later on, when it seems like Mister Sinister has captured the whole team and believed they are going to die or be tortured, Gambit openly admits that he loves her.

While Gambit is an X-Man, he walks a fine line between hero and villain. He is a man who keeps himself in the grey area in order to do what he believes is the right thing and not have anyone scold him for a mistake. He stays generally independent of himself, in order to keep out any sort of social conditioning and overall peer pressure. Even with the team, he does what is right by his standards first and foremost.

He carries his fair share of guilt and longing to go back home, especially to his disappointed stepfather, Jean-Luc. Remy does blame himself for Julien’s death, to an extent, but it was still a duel that Julien started and that Remy had to finish. Either way, he still chalks it up to Julien being an idiot and the man not placing the peace of the two Guilds above himself and his pride. As far as the Guilds go, everyone in both Guilds blames Remy for the continuing feud, but, while he does miss home, he does not miss the war. He doesn’t care about it, never really did, and has long since gotten tired of it. He’s happy enough to be away from the pointless fighting.

Remy likes to be independent and on his own for the most part, even once he became a part of the X-Men. He sees his problems as his problems and not problems that they all have to face, so he’s usually trying to handle things, especially personal things, on his own.


Remy has a wide range of abilities, weapons, and powers, so here we go.

Remy’s primary and signature weapon is the playing cards, because of his mutant abilities, which will be explained later on. He’s also skilled with his telescopic bo-staff, and usually carries small knives or throwing spikes on his person. He has incredible accuracy, so these weapons tend to be effective. He’s also a skilled duelist and fencer, including his great Savate (French boxing) skills.

Gambit has two mutant abilities. His best known is his ability to tap into potential energy with a single touch, turning it into kinetic energy. For those who skipped physics class, this means that he can take any inanimate object and turn it into his own projectile missile, with the added bonus of an explosive touchdown. This is why he carries playing cards on his person. They’re small, compact, individual pieces of material that’s easy to carry and creates the perfect size bombs for any offensive nature he may take against an opponent. This kinetic power also gives him incredible agility, as well as static interference in his mind, which can block out even the most powerful telepath.

His other mutant ability, which isn’t nearly as known or used, is his hypnotic charm ability that allows him to exert a subtle influence over sentient beings. This leads them to believe and agree with him. It’s mostly mistaken for his flirting and swagger, but he does use it in serious situations. It helps to get out of tough situations; an example being when being held captive. Gambit can just about talk his way out of anything, only it’s a real, natural mutant ability. However, more powerful, wiser minds are generally immune to his charm, as well as anyone who knows about this ability.


Updated 2/4/12

Agent Six - Remy has met Six a few times. Once before the man lost his memories, they had teamed up to save Caesar from a MAGNIFICENT Cybertronian. They hadn't talked much, but he seemed fine enough. Then, he encountered Six AFTER the man lost his memories. It ended in a fight that Remy lost badly. Fun times. As of right now, he's a bit wary of Monsieur Vert.

Airachnid - The aforementioned MAGNIFICENT Cybertronian. She kidnapped Caesar and Remy decided to play on her field to get close enough to the target and betray her last minute by helping with the save. That was the last time he seen her. Hopefully, it'll stay that way.

Caesar Salazar - The guy Remy saved from Airachnid. They get along just fine, despite the cultural drop there. They are best buds, but they're mutual.

Dana Tan - A nice enough girl. Remy doesn't know too much about her, except that she's a bit young for his tastes. And… kind of serious with most things. He likes them fun. But, otherwise, she seems like a good friend if he got to know her.

Drift - Slowly becoming his robro. Upon first encountering Drift, he thought the bot was a Sentinel. He also learned that his weapons and powers were taken away soon after, which is good, for Drift's sake. Remy sort of uses Drift as a reminder that, no, he's not on Earth anymore. Besides that, they've been pretty good friends and Drift seems like the kind of guy you would want to cover your back.

Jendayi - Remy has a huge soft spot for little girls, so it's little wonder that this one took half a second to worm her way in there. He makes it a point to look out for her whenever he's close to the Medbay and is relieved to know that Drift is, pretty much, her care giver.

Kid Flash - Talkative and lovable, Wally's made quite the impression with the Cajun. He likes the kid and can't really see himself being disappointed in him. Despite the boy having powers and knowing how to face dangers, Remy both trusts him to have his back and looks out for him when it calls for it. Even though he's young, he's probably Remy's closest friend in the city. So far.

Lara Croft - Fan.Tastic.Body. And a sexy accent to boot, but he has no doubts the woman can hold her own. He wouldn't mind getting to know her better.

Lelouch vi Britannia - A guy that seems to know what he's doing. Remy hasn't actually SEEN HIM yet, so he doesn't realize how young the knowledgeable voice is, but Lelouch hadn't lied to him, yet.

Mitham - This boy is apparently an animal lover. Remy's only talked with him once, but the two got along pretty well.

Nicci - First time he seen Nicci, she was covered in blood. He lent her his jacket and hadn't seen her since. He THINKS she's gone back to sleep… but she didn't.

Teresa - A quiet and strong woman. She seems stoic for the most part. Not really his type of woman, but he is interested in her. She's quite the mystery.

V - Reminds him of Beast in a lot of ways. The man is intelligent, conversational, curious, and, of course, strong. Remy was surprised when he first heard that V was actually an Ashura. He likes V's company, as it were. The man understands what kind of place his world really is and Remy likes that familiar ground with someone in the city. Especially since there are no others from his home there.

Yuffie Kisaragi - He likes Yuffie a lot. The girl is eccentric, speaks her mind, likes to talk, and is a lot of fun to hang around. So far, they've been on one not-a-date date. Maybe there'll be more?

Zevran Arainai - Doesn't like Zevran. The guy's a hound. Worse than Remy is… But it should be noted that he doesn't like him cause he is a good bit like Remy when it comes to women. Sort of. He just doesn't want to be that OBVIOUS about it.

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