Graham Specter
Graham Specter
Continuity Baccano!
Age 22(ish)
Species Human
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
District Western (But lives in the Eastern District)
Journal storybreaker
Player Jean
Theme Song Stress by Jim's Big Ego

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"Ahh, tedium is such a crime. It takes the limited amount of time that is given to man and rather than spending it in indolence or drowning it in pleasure, it just sits there, sucking, eatting it up. I can't put up with that. Tedium is a crime! Death to tedium!! Die die, won't you die now, die die die! Die you! Die ME!

Time spent in boredom is good. I think it's what allows the climaxes in life to reach their ultimate state of perfection. At least that's what I'm going to choose to think that that is the way life has been laid out for us this fine day anyway. Simply put, if we're wrong, we're wrong. These are known as the very essence, the very spice of life. There is nothing tedious in the whole world, at least not during these exciting times."


Little is known about Graham's history previous to his encounter with Ladd in 1929, but assuming he's around 22 by 1932, it means he would be born in 1910. He apparently had a mother, father, and sister. Wow! A relatively normal family! Except for Graham. He's always been weird. At one point in his life, he developed a "crush" on his older sister, (because she looked like him, aka same hair and eye color; so really Graham's just a huge fucking narcissist). He's always had an obsession with breaking things, even as a child. His parents would tell him not to, because he "didn't understand how broken things felt" but for some reason, he felt he did, and thus continued to be a total whackjob about it.

And some how, surprisingly, he managed to live through his teenage years.

1929: Graham worked for a car company called Van Dyke Auto Plant as a mechanic. How he even got that job remains a mystery. Probably because of his sick mechanic skills. Either way, somewhere down the line during his time working there, the Van Dyke Auto Plant, or at least the owners of it, were screwing with the Russo family, swapping out their higher quality goods for lesser crap, and sticking the Russo name on it. As a result, Placido Russo (the head of the Russo family) sends Ladd Russo to "talk" to them, knowing that by "talk" he usually means "kill everyone and dance around in their blood" because that's kind of Ladd's thing.

As Ladd goes about his business of shooting everyone in the face with a shotgun, part of a vehicle gets damaged in the process. Now this pisses Graham off, because he wanted to take that car apart, but it's damaged, and therefore tainted. Nevermind that there's his fellow employees bodies all over the place, Graham mourns the loss of the car, by of course, bashing his head into it a few times, and spouting nonsense about love. This, understandably, confuses Ladd. So what does Ladd do when he's confused? Kill things. But before Ladd can shoot him, Graham begins to hit his wrench into the ground, forming a crater sized impact, which distracts Ladd from shooting. The other finally gains his balance, and prepares to shoot Graham again, but he deflects the bullet with his wrench. At this point Ladd's really confused, because who the fuck does that. The two then exchange banter while fighting, until Graham finally hits Ladd in the side with his wrench, in an attempt to "break" the other. However, Ladd just laughs instead, throwing a stunned Graham into a pile of rubble, and is right about to shoot him, yet again. Graham accepts that he lost, and asks to be killed, but now because the blond wants to die, Ladd refuses to kill him, and instead shoots a random bystander. They both laugh hysterically, because they are kind of certifiably psycho.

Graham finds out that Ladd (Who he now calls "Boss Ladd") is seriously injured and has been arrested after an incident on the transcontinental railroad train called "The Flying Pussyfoot." He is then told that another gang of people arrived in New York the same time they did, a gang led by a man named Jacuzzi Splot who are being sheltered by a member of the Genoard family (Eve Genoard). Graham then comes up with the idea of kidnapping Eve, to lure Jacuzzi out, and then use Jacuzzi (who is wanted by the Russo family) to extort money from the Russo bosses, and tribute the whole thing to Ladd.

…However, Graham winds up kidnapping the wrong person. He kidnaps a mute woman named Chane, who is friends with Jacuzzi. Graham apologizes to Chane about kidnapping her (but doesn't regret doing so), thinking she is too frightened to speak (when hello, she's really mute), and philosophies about the ups and downs of not being able to speak. Chane then pulls out a concealed knife, and attacks Graham. The two start fighting, and Graham realizes that this isn't Eve. But he doesn't care, continues fighting, until Jacuzzi arrives, saying he has a bounty on his head, and in exchange for letting Chane go, Graham could turn him in for the money. However, Graham is somehow touched by this moment of self-sacrifice, and debates on whether or not he should let Chane and Jacuzzi get off scot-free, or if he likes fighting with Chane enough to just ignore Jacuzzi. They are interupted by the rest of Jacuzzi's gang arriving, along with a man named Claire, who randomly proposes to Chane. Graham is fed up with being ignored, and starts to ramble on about his certainty of things, eventually going to the subject of Ladd. Claire then tells Graham he's the one who knocked Ladd of the train, and Graham, in shock, attacks Claire. Claire dodges all these attacks easily, and Graham decides that Claire is a more worthy rival of Ladd, and thus, he leaves his warehouse, mentioning to Jacuzzi on the way out that he can come by any time he likes, since Graham owns the place anyway.

And then he shows up in Nautilus. Very. Confused. And then begins to take his anger out on a boulder. He continues to be confused when it doesn't break immediately, since that was what he was expecting. Anyway, it eventually breaks, and he's happy again. BUT ANYWAY, later on, Aya Brea comes back to the city after a disorientating experience. So what's Graham to do? CONFUSE HER FURTHER. And then she makes the mistake of saying she can fight. THIS IS RELEVENT TO HIS INTERESTS and from this point on is determined to fight her. But not right away. Some time passes, still no fight, so Graham's getting rather impatient. And thus, he sings. Shut up, it was an event.

LATER THAT DAY, when Graham happens upon a car. And starts to take it apart. OOPS, TURNS OUT ITS AYA AGAIN, and she's not real pleased, so she drives off. Again subconsciously Bending, he turns himself into a car. More chasing ensues. Eventually his car breaks down though because FFF DRIVING OFF A CLIFF ISN'T SMART. Either way, Aya here then promises she will fight him in return. So he's relatively content with that.

And then, Ladd arrives. GRAHAM IS ECSTATIC.

Eve Brea also arrives, who turns out, is Aya's "daughter" and the mechanic goes "BUHHHH?!" because he didn't really think Aya was THAT old. FF even if it's really just a clone!daughter.

Later on, Graham meets Aya at a dance party. And they Lindy Hop. It'd be much nicer if he hadn't threatened to hurt Eve if she didn't dance with him. B|

And because that was so happy, the AU event had to happen. Thus changing Graham from an average human to one of the many immortals in the series. And Aya turns into a giant fire monster woman thingy, who then kills Graham.


AND THAT'S ALL I'VE UPDATED SO FAR, but a lot of shit has happened since then. I'm just lazy.


The number one thing to know about Graham has (at the very least) Addictive Personality.

Graham has a tendency to speak in a very elaborate and frantic manner. He clearly spends a lot of time thinking about the philosophies of life, and attempts to convey them when he speaks in an almost prolific way, but for the most part, he just comes off as rambling. Another quirk in his speech patterns is to speak about something in a perspective that is on one side of the emotional spectrum, and then go about thinking of it in the completely opposite side of the spectrum, so it's hard to tell which opinion he has of the subject.

Even though he's intelligent and well spoken, he's also friggin' crazy. Graham is a slave to impulse, in both mental and verbal meanderings. He is obsessed with "breaking" things, be it the cars he takes apart, or wanting to "break" people as well. However, even if he appears to want to kill someone, he actually refrains from doing so, in favor of leaving the killing to Ladd. The reason for this obsession is really unknown, but Graham claims he is "broken" himself, which is probably the reason for wanting to put other people in this state. But while humans are a no-go, he seems pretty okay with breaking the local robot population of Nautilus. Since, psssh, robots aren't PEOPLE.

But that doesn't mean he's without compassion. If someone does something self-sacrificing, and is truly earnest in their actions, Graham takes that into consideration when judging how to react in return.

His plans change on a whim, because he changes his mind so frequently. It's possible he has some sort of agenda between plans involving himself and Ladd Russo, but his motives behind anything he does remains difficult to understand, to both those who just met him, and people he's known for a while. Also, he can't hold his liquor very well, and whenever he drinks tequila, his actions grow even more erratic than they were before.

Overall, he does what he wants, when he wants, seeing as no member of his gang sees fit to say 'no' to him, most likely out of fear.


Sort of a part of his powers. He has a (approximately) three-foot long, adjustable end wrench. It's very durable, and over the years has a series of nicks and stains/rust on it, but otherwise remains perfectly functional. Said wrench can make impacts in the ground that are crater sized. He can also take apart a car in mid-air without it touching the ground once, as well as deflect bullets with his wrench. So his skills as a mechanic are… pretty badass.

…And that's all CANON. By Nautilus standards, he can now take apart a train in mid-air, and dismantle at least half a Cybertronian if the other is alive during the process. Probably a whole Cybertronian if it isn't.


Ladd Russo : His unusual brother-like relationship with the character Ladd Russo was born after Ladd had defeated him in battle. He now is loyal to the other, and says he would even go to jail in the other's name.

Aya Brea : Oh Miss Bre~a.

Axel : Not going to like, he thinks he's kind of a douchebag.

Eve Brea : Daughter of Aya, and therefore she's kind of a "don't hurt, unless I want Aya REALLY ANGRY."

Claire Stanfield : i hate you go die in a fire.

Firo Prochainezo : He's friends with Claire, and thus friends with the enemy. Shame, he'd probably like him if he wasn't.




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