Greggory Lee
Greggory Lee
Continuity Night In The Woods
Age 21
Species Fox
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Dark Teal
District South District
Journal knifeinthewoods
Player Jimley
Theme Song [Gregg]

"What's a day without crimes? A boring one, that's what"


Gregg comes from a small town in Deep Hollow County called Possum Springs. He grew up there all his life as a troublesome youth very much disliking it and wishes to move to a better place with better opportunities. Currently as a 21-year-old, he works full-time at a convenience store to save up and move out with his boyfriend and roommate, Angus Delaney. He's mostly childish in contrast to Angus' stoic maturity, but does manage to hold down this job and learns to be responsible.This all changes as soon as his old friend Mae returns from college, his old partner-in-crime. Much of his history and personality is uncovered through interactions and interpersonal relationships.

At some point in his childhood, his parents got fed up with his behaviour made him stay at an uncle's farm for an entire year. It was pretty uneventful until one unfortunate accident led to another. Basically, Gregg ended up letting the sheep loose from the pen, where most of them escaped only to end up getting hit and killed by semi trucks on a nearby highway. Only one sheep made it out alive, and even then, that sheep escaped the farm for good.

When his uncle found out what happened, he beat up Gregg badly. It's safe to say it was a traumatizing incident or few, with seeing sheep viscera and getting physically abused. Gregg doesn't speak much about his family, and when the subject comes up, it's mostly blunt and dismissive, still under obligation to visit them. The only one shown to be on good terms is his cousin, Jen, who visits his area and is excited for him to move out of town.

Not much is known about his later childhood and early teens until high school. He and Mae Borowski were best of friends, were very close, were in a band and did petty crimes together. He once picked a matching tuxedo for her during high school, and so on. When Mae left for college he wasn't able to keep in contact, only reuniting about two and a half years later at the early stages of the game. He was pretty psyched at her return, regardless!

Casey Hartley was another close friend of his, an ex-drummer of their band. He went missing some year or two after high school, but Gregg and the others believe he made a clean break and left town for good, not keeping contact with them either. Way later, when he finds out Casey was kidnapped and presumably thrown into a deep, closed mine pit to his death, he visibly takes it in the worst.

He and Angus are high school sweethearts, and the only openly gay couple in town. Gregg sees himself as 'parking lot trash', and Bea, a close friend of theirs, believes that the couple wouldn't last. This was proved wrong time and time again throughout his route in-game. Angus believes Gregg 'saved him' from his abusive parents. Gregg constantly doubts himself being a truly good person, though never once doubts his love for Angus.

Sometime during their relationship, they took a trip to Bright Harbour, a town they wish to move to. In that town, he gets a tattoo of a sheep who escaped, symbolizing that he too wanted to be free from Possum Springs. The latter town was a dead end for them, not enough opportunities and dealing with small town bigotry.

To sum it up, Gregg cares deeply for his friends, suffers from mental illness, and is completely up for crimes.

What he never saw coming was a ghost hunt, a murder cult hiding out in the town's old mines, and finding out one of his closest friends got murdered by the said cult. He's also involved with defeating and dooming the cult to their deaths, suffocating them in a caved-in mine explosion. It's…It's a lot, and he's still trying to process it at the game's ending.


He is extremely enthusiastic about everything, especially with it comes to petty crime, vandalism, and band practice.This makes him pretty impulsive as well, but most of the time he knows what he's doing enough to get away with it scot-free. This is evidenced in him casually breaking Angus out of his work shift, working whenever shift and leaving he pleases, and destroying fresh new orders of light bulbs for fun. Bea notes that "the world plays by his rules," which is true at least in Possum Springs.

Before Mae returned, he does learn responsibility by working hard at a dead end job and earning enough to support him and Angus' rent and living expenses. He had to grow up pretty fast and capable, and only reverts back to petty crime and extreme childish self exactly when he reunites with Mae. He doesn't go as extreme as his teenage days, but it's enough to warrant a stern talking and a couple of arguments with Angus calling him out.

He suffers from extreme "up and down days", not knowing which is which until it's over. This is explicitly stated by a friend to be Bipolar (II) Disorder and he's heavily implied to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In his manic episodes, he becomes more impulsive than usual, to the point he and Mae willingly get into a knife fight in the middle of the woods. In his depressive episodes, he worries about not being good enough, how he had no future until meeting Angus, and worries about messing up their relationship. His confidence and self-esteem goes right down to the gutter, not hesitating to call himself a 'piece of shit'. Gregg being quiet and not his usual, hyperactive arm-waving self is definitely a concern to those who know him well enough.

Whilst into petty crime, he's quite a chaotic neutral/good, knowing his limits most of the time. He is the wildcard, and probably won't react in ways people expect. When Mae gets herself electrocuted, dazed and 'dead' for five seconds, he laughs maniacally, then pulls an 'Oh shit' moment. However, he's aware enough to read the atmosphere to tone it down whenever the situation calls for it. When Mae gets severely injured by a concussion, he takes charge and tells everyone to quiet down.

Gregg might crack dark humour jokes with Mae, going back and forth with "Too bad you didn't die of x and y" kind of inside jokes. Make no mistake, has absolutely no tolerance towards abusive actions and people. He not only harbours bitterness towards his family, he also holds a deep-seated grudge against Angus' physically abusive and neglectful parents. To him, they're not at all worth talking about.

Upon learning one of his best friends was murdered by a cult, he did not hesitate to point his weapon, a crossbow, towards one of them until he was outnumbered by the cult with loaded shotguns. After causing the cult's deaths, he was quick to say that the cult started it, and it's not their (the band's) fault. He's not at all bloodthirsty, just impulsive and traumatized.


Unlike Mae, He does not have any 'gifts' like astral projecting. He's just a plain old anthropomorphic fox. He has near-perfect lock-picking skills, and some basic knowledge of technology to jerry-rig a motorized bike. He carries at least three knives on him, and occasionally, does target practice with a crossbow.


Important relationships and connections.

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