Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
Continuity Bleach
Age Unknown
Species Arrancar
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
District Western District
Journal diezmar
Player Kasarin
Theme Song "Step Inside" by A-Bombs

"Don't underestimate me, Shinigami. Did you think you could kill me off by freezing me under a thin sheet of ice?! You're an IDIOT!"


"Born" really isn't the right word, when it comes to Grimmjow. But, in the "beginning", the creature that would become Grimmjow was a Gillian – a Hollow formed of many Hollows. Thanks to one of the many Hollows within the Gillian managing to gain dominance, it was able to begin consuming other Gillians in order to evolve. By the end of this evolution, Grimmjow had become an Adjuchas, and was fully his own being.

To keep from devolving back into a mindless Gillian, Grimmjow had to eat other Adjuchas. Of course, they also wanted to eat him. Thus came the meeting with five other Adjuchas, one of which decided that Grimmjow would be some good eatin's. Grimmjow took a chunk out of his would-be attacker before the same could be done to him. Impressed by Grimmjow's strength, the leader of the group said that they would follow him, and would treat Grimmjow as their King.

And so, the merry little band of Adjuchas went around eating other Hollows for a while. After some time, however, all but Grimmjow realized that they would never evolve further than Adjuchas. They asked that Grimmjow take a bite from each of them, which would forever halt their evolution, but would simultaneously aid in Grimmjow's own. Despite being disgusted by this 'cowardice', Grimmjow nonetheless agreed.

Thanks to a lovely gap in backstory, there's no clue as to when Aizen found the merry band of Adjuchas, or why they agreed to team up with him. Specifics aside, the fact remains that at some point, Aizen turned the entire group of Adjuchas into Arrancar – Hollows with Shinigami-like powers, who have only remnants of their masks. Due to his exceptional power, Grimmjow was made an Espada – one of the top ten most powerful Arrancar – and was assigned the rank of 6. The rest of the group became members of his fracción, a.k.a his direct subordinates.

Fast-forward to who knows how long after. Grimmjow was hanging out in Las Noches (a big castle in Hueco Mundo, where Hollows live), listening to Ulquiorra give his report on why he chose not to kill Ichigo Kurosaki. The reasoning, Grimmjow promptly decided, was bullshit. If there was a possibility that Ichigo could become a threat, they should just kill the Shinigami and be done with it. Which is what Grimmjow decided to sneak off and do.

With his fracción in tow, Grimmjow went to the world of the living and sized up Karakura Town. He then decided that they would simply kill off everyone in the city with spiritual power, regardless of how strong said power was. His fracción zoomed off to do so. Upon sensing the first of them bite the dust, Grimmjow confronted those at the scene – Rukia and Ichigo – and demanded to know which was stronger. After stabbing Rukia in the abdomen with his bare hand (because that's clearly a great way to determine that someone's weaker), he turned his attention to Ichigo.

The fight that ensued was terrifically one-sided. Even after Ichigo powered up to Bankai, Grimmjow was able to block his sword with just his bare hand. It wasn't until Ichigo used his strongest attack, Getsuga Tenshou, that Grimmjow took damage. Upon being slashed from shoulder to hip, Grimmjow LOL'D HEARTILY and declared that Ichigo was now worth killing.

That didn't happen. Tousen showed up, told Grimmjow that Aizen was furious, and demanded that Grimmjow return to Las Noches. Which he did (minus his fracción, since they'd all been killed), but not before gleefully informing Ichigo that he would kill him next time.

Upon returning to Las Noches, Grimmjow told Aizen that he had nothing to say for himself. Aizen suggested that Grimmjow's actions were a show of rare loyalty, born from a desire to serve … which was totally not the case, but Grimmjow agreed anyway. Tousen, dissatisfied with Aizen's refusal to punish Grimmjow, asked to please be allowed to execute him. When Grimmjow suggested that Tousen just had some personal grudge, Tousen responded by cutting off and then incinerating Grimmjow's left arm.

Cue SCREAMING RAGE. But before Grimmjow could lunge to attack Tousen (and before Aizen could stop him with a few words), Grimmjow was swept off to some weird city called Nautilus.


Violent, bloodthirsty, sadistic, and possessing a dangerously short temper, Grimmjow is every bit as brutal as the aspect of death – destruction itself – that he's said to rule over. Always eager for a good fight, he takes intense pleasure in completely crushing his opponents, both in body and in spirit. For him, a fight in which he can tear down his opponent is the only kind worth having: the weak are of no interest to him, and those stronger than him will be torn down in time.

Proud to the point of arrogance, and confident in his abilities to a dangerous degree, Grimmjow is not the type of individual to bow with ease. He completely lacks respect for any authority aside from his own, and he strives to keep himself as free of authoritative restraints as possible. Only overwhelming intimidation – the sort that can literally bring him to his knees – is effective at instilling any sort of obedience in Grimmjow. Even then, he shakes himself free of those chains as quickly as he can, swift to revert to defiance and disrespect.

Apart from those born of rivalry and the desire to destroy, Grimmjow has no real attachments to others. The closest he has ever come to camaraderie was with those who would become his fracción, in the days when they were all Adjuchas. Even then, the bonds between them appeared largely one-sided: after realizing their limits, his future fracción asked him to consume a piece of each of them to aid in his own rise to power; in turn, he labeled their realizations as 'cowardice'. Upon learning of their deaths, Grimmjow also displayed no signs of mourning: only surprise, that they could all have been wiped out. Grimmjow relies only on himself, and lives distant from others, even if not physically.

On very rare occasions, Grimmjow does go out of his way to help people. However, these occasions can be called neither altruistic or honorable. When he stepped in to save Orihime from her attackers, he claimed to have done so in order to repay her for having healed his left arm. Immediately after saying this, however, he demanded that she do him a favor, saying that – because he'd settled his debt to her – she couldn't refuse. As it turned out, the 'favor' was healing Ichigo's injuries, all so that Grimmjow could crush Ichigo while the Shinigami was at his full strength. Whatever interest Grimmjow has in the well-being of others is entirely self-centered: if he takes the initiative in helping someone, it's certain that there's something in it for him.

His own enjoyment is something that Grimmjow actively seeks out. However, his definition of what is "enjoyable" is often – if not always – detrimental to others. He pursues destruction like a moth to the flame, expressing a manic, sadistic delight in tearing apart the strong. Even when he doesn't display that deranged glee, such as when he's destroying those far weaker than himself, his actions are still excessive and brutal. Force is the means by which he gets what he wants, and he spares none of it in his pursuit of his desires.

Making worse his sheer bloodlust and desire to fight is Grimmjow's deadly temper. He's quick to anger and just as quick to act, leaving behind a trail of impulsive and savage actions. When he's not actively enjoying himself, Grimmjow is typically stewing in some state of discontent; left in this state long enough, his quick temper becomes even quicker, and grudges – or even hatred – are downright nurtured. Whether Grimmjow's anger shows itself as being cold and contemptuous or as full-blown screaming rage depends upon the situation.

In his interactions with others, Grimmjow is aggressive, overbearing, and almost always irreverent. It's not enough to simply intimidate Orihime's attackers into leaving her alone – an option he certainly could have taken, given their obvious fear of him. Instead, he chose to brutalize and nearly kill both of them. Nor is it enough to simply ask for Orihime's assistance after rescuing her: he demands it instead, all while holding Orihime in the air by the front of her clothes. Grimmjow attitude is a dominating and antagonistic one. Things such as 'diplomacy' simply don't cross his mind.

This aggression, however prominent, is far from mindless. In the face of an individual that actually intimidates him, Grimmjow will rein in both his attitude and his bloodlust, if only for the sake of survival. Likewise, Grimmjow's bloodlust doesn't cloud his mind in combat. He's a cunning and creative opponent, quick to find and to exploit the weaknesses of his enemy.

Grimmjow's outlook on life is indeed a very destructive one. Beyond that, however, there is something more. That 'something' was born during his earliest moments, when he began consuming others in order to thrive. In order to survive, he has to be powerful. In order to be powerful, he has to destroy those who would destroy him. If he falters, it'll all be over; he has to strike first, and strike decisively. There's no way to the top except for over the bodies of those who would oppose him. And the only ones who survive are the ones at the top.

He will survive. He will be King. And he will tear down everyone and everything that stands in his way.


Grimmjow stands at 6'1" tall and boasts a very well-defined, very muscular build. Through his abdomen is a perfectly circular hole, which takes up about a third of the width of his lower torso. Across his chest is a large, very visible scar: it stretches from around his left shoulder to his right hip. On the right side of his back, just above the hole through his abdomen, is a tattoo of the number 6.

On the right side of his face are the remnants of Grimmjow's Hollow mask. This mask is in the shape of the right side of a jawbone. It has very sharp teeth, which will occasionally part and open as he opens his mouth. This occurs most commonly when he's shouting or laughing.

Both Grimmjow's hair and eyes are light blue. Green markings begin beneath his eyes and stretch out to frame the outer sides.

Currently, Grimmjow is missing his left arm. It was cut off near the shoulder.


Please go here for a full list of abilities, as well as descriptions.

Woke in Nautilus on 30 Nov 2011.

Rate of Regain
Strength: 50%
Spiritual Energy: Moderate.
Hierro: 50% (unconsciously Bended)
Sonído: 0%
Cero: 0%
Resurrección: 0%

In spite of his considerable willpower, Grimmjow is currently unable to use Bending for anything other than regaining his lost powers. He cannot create objects, or even food. If seen, his Bending pattern looks like glowing blue blades in sets of five, throughout which a white panther stalks.



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TV Tropes

Ax Crazy
Animal Motif: A panther.
Badass: With a deep voice to boot.
Blood Knight
Cats Are Mean
Curtains Match The Window
Don't You Dare Pity Me
Evil Laugh: And more than slightly unstable. (Listen for yourself.)
Facial Markings
Mr. Fanservice
No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: His first fight with Ichigo. Taken up to eleven in the anime.
Panthera Awesome
Power Makes Your Hair Grow
Slasher Smile
The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: He makes it very clear that Ichigo is his "prey".
There Was A Door
Torso With A View
Walking Shirtless Scene
You Gotta Have Blue Hair

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