Hazama Yuuki Terumi
Hazama | Yuuki Terumi
Continuity BlazBlue
Age Unknown
Species Unknown
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Yellow
District Western District
Journal character journal
Player Tsumi
Theme Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4b0SWU-kug

"I'm Hazama, from Intelligence. Nice to meet you."


To make this history section easier to understand, I’m going to split it up into several sections. I will go over more in depth what Terumi was doing during these important times in his life and the people he associated with.

Pre-Dark War

Before the Dark War, Yuuki Terumi inhabited the Susano’o unit. This body of armor is one of three Sankishin units. The Sankishin units were created in order to facilitate the movement of time. There is the Master Unit: Amaterasu, who is in charge of the looping of time and is in charge of the maintenance of the Earth’s continued existence. The Susano’o unit can slash time and damage it. The last unit is the Tsukuyomi unit, which defends time. Terumi was connected to the Master Unit while he resided inside the Susano’o unit and thus could not accomplish all of his goals while inside the armored shell.

His true goals are still a mystery but what is known is during that time, Terumi worked close with two other individuals: Relius Clover and Shuichiro Ayatsuki. This was back in the years leading up to the Dark War. Terumi was seeking to use the Cauldron, a portal like structure that touches a world known the Boundary. The Boundary is a world parallel to Earth that is said to be the realm of the gods themselves. This world contains all of the memories since the beginning of time. The Cauldron was created by Terumi in order to gather souls inside its body to smelt the sword. The sword Terumi wished to smelt was an ultimate weapon but what his goals for this sword were at the time are unknown.

Unfortunately, something went wrong and instead of the ultimate weapon, the Black Beast was created. Due to this happening, Terumi made the decision to get himself a new body as the Susano’o unit wouldn’t operate properly around the Black Beast. He also was tire of being tied to the Master Unit.

Terumi turned to Relius Clover to do this. Relius Clover was a famous alchemist who had been seeking the truth behind the perfect being for some time and had the skin to create an artificial human that Terumi could use as a new host body. Terumi though had to make a deal with this host body, whose name was Kazuma. Kazuma was a student of magic under Nine and had a possibly growing relationship with Trinity Glassfield, one of the future six heroes. Terumi was able to make a deal with Kazuma and he inherited his new host body. That is why the host body’s name changed from Kazuma to Hazama.

Soon after this and committing his first murder in his new body, Terumi was sealed away.

The Dark War

The Dark War began on January 1, 2100. That was the Black Beast’s first appearance in what was Japan. The country fell in a matter of days as the Black Beast devoured any living thing it could. The rest of the world’s powers sought to stop the Beast before it could reach other countries. They unleashed the whole of their nuclear weapons but it did not destroy the Beast, though Japan was gone.

It was several years into humanity’s war against the Beast that Terumi was released from his prison by the magician Nine. She placed a brainwashing spell upon his mind to enslave him and force him to become one of the legendary Six Heroes and fight to save the world. The Six Heroes consisted of: Nine (One of the world’s last mages), Terumi, Hakumen (Who in actuality was Jin Kisaragi who inherited the Susano’o unit in the future and was sent back into the past for this war), Jubei (a beastkin. He is a cat who can walk on his hind legs and is regarded as the world’s most powerful being), Valkenhayn R. Hellsing (Another beastkin. He is a werewolf and is a loyal servant of the Alucard family), and finally Trinity Glassfield (the woman who fell in love with Kazuma and was an alchemist studying magic along with Nine).

The Six of them made their appearance onto the battlefield part way through the War. Their main influence in the war was the invention of ars magus. Ars magus are tools and seals that activate certain types of spells. They aren’t true magic, more of a combination of magic and technology. These devices were made into weapons that humanity could use to fight back against the Black Beast. The strongest weapons were called Nox Nyctores, which were created by sacrificing souls to create powerful weapons in the Cauldron, much like how Terumi was attempting to craft a weapon when he inadvertently created the Black Beast.

The tide of the war changed when a mysterious friend to Jubei, who called himself Bloodedge, allowed the Black Beast to eat him. The Beast went dormant for an entire year after Bloodedge’s sacrifice. In reality, Bloodedge was actually Ragna from the future, after he had been thrown into the past without his Azure Grimoire or his memories. He only remembered who he was just before he sacrificed himself to the Beast. It was during that war of time that Terumi and the other heroes created the Nox Nyctores, ars magas, and were able to defeat the Black Beast.

Then the Six Heroes seemed to vanish from the world.

Post-Dark War

After the Dark War, things fell apart for the Six Heroes. Trinity Glassfield was tricked into releasing Yuumi Terumi from Nine’s control thanks to her feelings for the host body, Kazuma. Terumi quickly betrayed her by killing Nine in front of her and then killed Trinity herself. He threw their bodies into the Boundary. He then set a trap for Hakumen and Jubei but it was turned against him. Hakumen sacrificed himself to drag Terumi with him into the Boundary, where Terumi was again trapped.

It was after this time that the Master Unit instigated the time loops that trapped the world in a neverending cycle. Another separate unit called Takamagahara was created by humans to observe the time stream and to do what was necessary to continue the existence of the world as well. After so many loops in time and there being no changing of the world’s fate to end, Takamagahara decided to act.

It released Yuuki Terumi back into the world in hopes he would help push the world into new circumstances.

Yuuki Terumi once again sought out Relius Clover. It turned out Relius had been somehow sucked through the Cauldron and thrown into the future 80 years, around the same time Terumi was released. Terumi and Relius then began to plot on how to push the world in a new direction.

Terumi started by finding Nine’s sister, Celica, who had become a nun and opened a church. She was raising three children: Ragna, Jin, and their sister Saya. Terumi saw an opportunity since all three of these children were special. First he killed Celica and then possessed Jin. He made Jin burn down the church, cut off Ragna’s arm, and then abducted Saya. He did this because he sought to use Saya as part of the means to push the world forward while using Ragna’s hate as an anchor to hold him to the world, since his existence was tenuous at best.

Terumi and Relius used Saya’s DNA to create several clones of her. They used these clones as Murakumo units, beings that were created to be able to explore the Boundary and survive. They hoped one of these units could be of use in pushing the world forward and they were correct. The twelfth specimen, who would become Noel Vermillion, was the one to do just that. Throughout the time loops, she continued to be a failed project until in one loop, loop number 299, she stabilized and continued to exist after Ikaruga was destroyed. Terumi then just had to wait for his opportunity to present itself at the end of the current loop.

Terumi also took up a position within the NOL, the world’s largest supreme superpower, as a Captain in the Intelligence Department.

Calamity Trigger

Terumi needed to make sure Noel was in the right place at the right time in order to advert the resurrection of the Black Beast and break the cycle of time loops. He did this by accompanying her on a mission to the 13th Hierarchical city of Kagutsuchi. He used careful pushes to get her down into the Cauldron room, as every Hierarchical city has one built into its base, where she could save Ragna from being dragged into the Cauldron by the 13th sample Nu. She succeeded and broke the cycle.

By doing this, she was then named the Master Unit’s successor of the Azure. Due to the time loop being broken, the Master Unit needed an ‘Eye’ to observe things in the real world and determine how to act.

Terumi used her new ability to observe things to make Noel observe him. In this world, certain beings need to be observed in order to exist. Terumi is one of the known three. When Noel used her new powers to observe Terumi as he really was, he was given back all of his strength and power he had lose while trapped in the Boundary and his existence was no longer tenuous. He gloated about his success before slipping off into the darkness to work toward his new goals.

Continuum Shift

Terumi knew the world had begun to enter a continuum shift. This meant that the world was playing out every single infinite possibility of the future. The Master Unit was doing this in order to choose a new proper time line for the world to continue on as was Takamagahara. Terumi, by unknown means, resurrected and enslaved Nine in order to use her magic to observe all of the other timelines as well.

Terumi and Relius’s plot was to capture Noel, as she now held the true power of the Azure, and use her to destroy the Master Unit. Doing so, along with destroying Tagamagahara, would allow them to set time back on a linear course with no loops or repeats.

Terumi’s part also employed a girl by the name of Tsubaki Yayoi. Tsubaki was friends with Noel during their time at the NOL academy and had a crush on Jin as they grew up together after Jin was adopted into a high ranking family. Terumi knew the Yayoi family owned a powerful sealed weapon called Izayoi. This weapon had the ability to absorb light and seal off Kagutsuchi from being observed from the outside for a time. Terumi sought to use this ability to make sure Tagamagahara and the Master Unit couldn’t see what he and Relius were up to until it was too late. That was why he sent Tsubaki on a mission to kill Noel and Jin.

He then returned to Kagutsuchi to capture Noel. He made her hate him by using Tsubaki against her. He broke through her emotional limiters, devices that were put on her to keep her from going insane since she was a construct and not a real person. He then had her smelt herself into a new weapon unit: The Kusanagi, the god slayer. He sent her to destroy the Master Unit.

Ragna found Terumi after he sent Kusanagi off. Terumi was defeated by Ragna but he wasn’t killed. This forced Relius to kill Terumi so he could become a ghost and slip into Tagamagahara while it was distracted watching Ragna do the impossible and free Noel from Terumi’s influence. Using a magical virus created by the resurrected Nine, he rendered Tagamagahara useless and gave control of it over to the Imperator of the NOL. It turned out the Imperator was none other than Saya, who Terumi had manipulated into awakening as the Imperator, the absolute ruler of the NOL.

Terumi then reentered his body and confronted his enemies with Relius. They didn’t fight though as the Imperator demanded they didn’t. She claimed to have destroyed the Master Unit herself and to have control over Tagamagahara. She set time into linear flow and declared all death would now be permanent. Then Terumi, Relius, and the Imperator vanished.

Terumi and Relius were seen over a Cauldron watching the 13th sample Nu resurrect itself since its soul had not yet been completely destroyed. They plotted that they could smelt Nu into the Imperator’s new sword and use it to further their own ends. Though Terumi commented after Relius left that he had other plan, however what those plans are is still a mystery.


Terumi has several layers to his personality. The first big one being his guise as Captain Hazama. On the surface, Hazama seems to be more of a laid back and easy going guy. He is a Captain of the Intelligence Department for the NOL and takes his job seriously though doesn't seem to take matters of rank seriously at all. He is a bit of a sarcastic sort and doesn't sugarcoat most things. He can seem rude thanks to this and can rub a lot of people the wrong way. He also claimed to not like fighting or to be good at it. He would rather say in the back and watch things unfold from a safe distance. He's good at what he does, which is gathering information, as well as using others to find out things. All of this though is again, a guise for his true self.

Yuuki Terumi is actually much the opposite of the guise of Hazama. He is loud, sadistic, and rather vulgar with his word choice. He relishes in the pain of others and seems insane. Terumi has no real restraint when it comes to most things. He'll kill most people without a single thought unless he needs them for something later. He sees everyone as either an obstacle or something useful. He has no feelings for companionship or anything of the sort.

Terumi has an aversion to several things. One of them is loud noises. He despises it when people are needlessly loud, even though he himself tends to shout things at people. One of the reasons for this is he hates Ragna's tendency for screaming. This may also be part of his past dealings with Ragna and having to real with his enemy during the number of timeloops the world went through. He will mock people who ask questions or scream too much and often yell back at them to try and get them to shut up. And if that fails, he tries to kill them.

Another one of Terumi's triggers are vampires. He holds a massive grudge against Rachel and her Father for it being Rachel's father who first imprisoned him. He despises all vampires and see them as lowly bloodsuckers. He also most likely hates them for their power though with his new power boost, he now is above them and wants them to know it. He will mock Rachel all the time for her blood drinking habits and it most likely extends out to other all over vampires. He is a racist in a sense and vampires aren't his only hated group.

Terumi also despises cats. He often speaks about how badly they stink and is instantly aggressive toward them. This stems from his hatred of Jubei and his brother, whom Terumi did murder. He despises Kokonoe as well and the Kakas since they are all connected to Jubei. They are one of the few things he openly despises as both Terumi and Hazama. It also doesn't help that, in his gag reel, it seems Hazama also suffers from allergies to cats and will begin to sneeze around them.

One of the final buttons Terumi has is being confined and/or controlled. He had enough of that during his years in the Boundary, sealed away by Rachel's father, and being controlled by Nine and the Master Unit. He utterly loathes anyone or anything that tries to control or rein him in and will strike back with extreme prejudice. Terumi also hates the world for the fact when it was going through timeloops he felt the world was nothing but lies. Nothing lasted forever and no one would stay dead. It was one of the reasons why he strove to break the world from its neverending loops; to free it and himself.

One of the final notes on Terumi is he loves other peoples despair. He enjoys suffering, loss, and crushing defeat when he can see it in the face and eyes of other people. This possibly derives from the fact that the world was in a neverending loop of time. Nothing could be truly learned and no one would ever stay dead. Terumi wants everyone know the truth he calls despair. He wants things to forever be linear and thus people can experience true loss. Life can now finally end and so can the entire world in time.

Overall, Terumi is a sick and insane antagonist. This man hates and despises almost everyone. He is possible of respect for a person and curiosity towards them but that's about it. Most people he sees as garbage and he himself is not human anymore, so he counts himself apart from normal humans. He does respect Litchi for what she is trying to do and even respects Relius Clover for his help to him and his usefulness. Though just because he can respect people, he has no true redeeming qualities. Terumi is truly evil through and through. He has not an ounce of good in him and because of that, he is beyond redemption.


Terumi has several abilities, some that are used more outside of battle and others that are inside. I'll be going over them in separate sections for simplicities sake.

Outside of battle powers.

Hazama has several abilities that he uses outside of battle. He has an extensive knowledge of the cauldrons, the Boundary, seithr, and the interworkings of his world: like Takamagahara and the Master Unit. He is a genius himself as well since he was one of the creative minds behind the Murakumo units and the cauldrons. He also was able to learn a lot from his experiences during the Dark War and his fighting with the Black Beast. Hazama is also good at finding out information that he wants to know through connections and speaking with people. Hazama is gifted also with finding out what emotional buttons to push but that is mostly thanks to his Nox Nyctores: Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros, which I will cover later in this section.

Another ability he has is to turn into a spirit should his body be destroyed. Hazama is able to exist even if his body is destroyed and wonder around as a ghost. In this form, he can possess other people and even 'eat' memories. He has only done this before to Jin to cover up things from his past but it could be that he can do this to others as well. He deletes the memory from a person's mind and takes them into him self.

In Battle abilities.

Hazama has several abilities he can use in battle along with several types of weapons he keeps on him. I will be going over those here and do my best to cover them all as well as describe them.

First his weapons. Hazama is a close range fighter who deals with using his legs, arms, and his Balisong-style butterfly knives to strike his enemies. He uses strong powerful hits with these knifes to deal more damage to his opponents. He also has some fairly strong kick attacks and is a skilled fighter. His battle style is similar to dancing which makes him harder to predict when fighting him as well as a more formidable opponent.

Hazama's greatest weapon though is his Nox Nyctores: Ouroboros. This weapon appears to be a snake head shaped blade with a jaw that can open and shut, clamping down on enemies and vantage points alike. The weapon appears out of seemingly no where and flies at Hazama's enemies. It seems he is able to summon the weapon at will but cannot spam it. He can use it and pull himself along twice before the weapon needs time to recharge, though the time is only about two seconds. It is a small window but one someone can take advantage of. The Nox Nyctores has another ability too: the ability to manipulate Hazama's enemies emotions. The weapon pulls out the darker emotions in people during battle and is one of the ways Hazama gains information. He lets his opponents spill things themselves during a fight as his weapon works its magic over them.

Hazama also has the ability to summon black and green serpent specters to assault his enemies. He mostly uses the to strengthen his assaults with kicks or blade slashes but can send them out to also strike at an enemy directly. One example of this is his Venom Sword ability. He waves his hand and a black and green specter flies at out from his side and will smack into an enemy, sending them hurling away away form him. He also uses these specters in two of his distortion moves as well as his Astral Heat move (both of which I will also go over next).

Terumi has two distortion moves he can do. These super moves cause a larger amount of damage than normal moves and require more energy out of Hazama. This energy typically needs to be built up in battle before he can unleash it, unless he has activated his Azure Grimoire where his energy regenerates over time (this I will cover after his Astral heat move).

Serpent's Infernal Rapture: This move is Hazama's lesser distortion move but one that still hurts. He vanishes for a second to appear a few feet forward. He aims a high kick to his enemy along with a massive pillar of black and green energy. This attack sends his enemy flying up into the air several feet before they come crashing down to the ground.

Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent: This attack has more stages than the other distortion move but because of that is more easily escaped than Serpent's Infernal Rapture. Hazama first traps his enemy in a magic circle so he can grab them with Ouroboros, drag them to him, slice them up with his blades, and blast them away with three powerful serpent specters. If one can avoid being trapped in the circle's bind; by jumping or getting out of the way, they can escape the attack all together. Otherwise, they are trapped inside the spell until after Hazama finishes his attack.

Astral Heat: Hungry Darkness of 1000 Souls: This is Hazama's most powerful move and one that is meant to end battles. Hazama can only use this attack once he has weakened an opponent and has a considerable amount of energy built up. He first summons black and green energy chains to rise from the ground and surround him. If a person hits them, they are launched into the air and Hazama then summons 1000 long dark serpent specters that form a massive snake resembling Ouroboros. The snake then opens its maw and devours Hazama's enemy, knocking them out instantly once they are inside. It then drops them down onto the ground and dissipates.

Unlimited Hazama: Activating the BlazBlue

Hazama was the inventor of the Azure Grimoire, meaning he too has an imitation like Ragna the Bloodedge. In order to activated this: Hazama chants the activation code. It unleashes a dimensional interface field, allowing him to access the power of the Azure Grimoire and grow more powerful. This allows him to build up energy faster, hit harder, move faster, and creates a magic circle around himself that all can see. This circle appears as ghostly specters swirling around him and those who get close will feel their vitality draining away. This form also changes Hazama's appearance. His hat is removed and his normally down green hair stands up on end. This is his ultimate form though he doesn't usually use it often, except against stronger opponents and when he knows he needs to to win.



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