Heart of Nautilus


  • Covered by a barrier that no Wakened can unseal
  • Surrounded by arrows that push people away (no matter how someone approaches the barrier)
  • Located in the center of the The Central Plaza
  • Antovil used to keep vigil over the Heart directly in the form of a lighthouse until Ursaems arrived in the city.
  • AS OF OCTOBER xx14, the poor Heart has been resealed after a Chaos Geyser happened. It took efforts of Antovil, Areva, Calex, and Klement to repair the seal over the Heart and protect the Aeon from direct harm once more.


The Heart is the very center of the city. It lies below the surface of the Central Plaza holding a dark labyrinth encased underneath layers of glass no Wakened can unseal on their own. And with every attempt made to attack or destroy its core, the lens and barrier has taken several forms since its original conception.

Presently, the Heart's new lens has been resealed and reinforced by the four Deva (mentioned above). The outside of the shallow dome is lined with Antovil's arrows, all of their sharpened tips pointing outward. The arrow barrier pushes back any attempt to enter, tunnel under, or fly over The Heart.

Around The Heart lies The Central Plaza, where the Wakened can travel safely and freely without breaking anything.


North District of Whirlwinds
East District Of Waterfalls
South District Of Forests
West District Of Infernos
The Central Plaza And Other Locations

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