Continuity NPC
Age (About) 9 million
Species …FROG
Hair Color GREEN SKIN.
Eye Color It's a goddamn frog.
District N/A
Journal singing_frog
Player Nikil (Previously Kasarin)
Theme Song Hello, My Baby

"Hop to it, friends!"

MAKE WAY FOR EXTREME VAGUENESS until I do this properly.


From a very cheerful Louisiana Disney-style swamp.

Formerly one of Solaris' Ashura, along with Orpheus and Zor'davki.

Ascended to Deva. Presided over Helix until he screwed Nautilus over during the Dark Aeon event just for fun. He has fled Nautilus with the Paperboy and has not been seen since though many Wakened are still bitter about his actions.


Incredibly optimistic (almost irritatingly so). Loves to sing. Values entertainment more than the moral compass.


Formerly the Ashura of Songs. Now the Deva of Music.

Tends to induce musicals when he starts singing. Be warned.

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