Hikaru Hitachiin
Hikaru Hitachiin
Continuity Ouran High School Host Club
Age 16
Species Human
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Golden brown
District Eastern District
Journal moremischievous
Player Kasarin
Theme Song Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas
(also this)

"It's totally normal and way boring. We're gonna go find something more entertaining~!"














Haruhi Fujioka
The first person to ever be able to tell Hikaru and Kaoru apart. Haruhi is tremendously important to Hikaru, coming in second only to Kaoru. Although he doesn't realize it, Hikaru's feelings towards Haruhi lean towards being more than simply friendly. Of those in Nautilus, Haruhi is easily the one who means the most to Hikaru.

Kaoru Hitachiin (Returned to Sleep)
Hikaru's twin brother, and the most important person in his world. The two are separate but entwined, in everything from their lives to their personalities. For most of their lives, they had no one but each other, and – as far as Hikaru was concerned – they shared in all. They Woke together, and they lived together in Nautilus for six months. During that time, however, a secret began to form in Kaoru. Confused and unable to get answers, Hikaru tried to deny this shift in their relationship. Before it could be fully resolved, Kaoru returned to Sleep. Hikaru was beyond devastated by the loss, and has yet to figure out how to go through life on his own.

Kyouya Ootori (Returned to Sleep)
The host club's "shadow king", Kyouya is the real power behind the throne. It's best to stay on his good side – which, in Hikaru's case, means not pranking him too terribly. Kyouya briefly Woke in Nautilus, but returned to Sleep shortly after.

The following characters have not yet Woken in Nautilus, but are still important to Hikaru.

Tamaki Suoh
The "king" of the host club. It was thanks to Tamaki's influence that Hikaru and Kaoru began to expand their horizons. Hikaru jokingly refers to Tamaki as "boss" or "milord".

Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka
Mori is the host club's "wild" type. Despite the title, he's a very calm and collected individual. Hikaru goes to Mori when he needs advice, particularly when he and Kaoru are having difficulties.

Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka
Honey is the "shota" type in the host club. He's normally an upbeat and happy presence, but is downright terrifying when angered. Hikaru isn't as close to Honey as he is to other club members, but likes him nonetheless.

Fellow Wakened

Agent Six
A man that the twins attempted to prank by not revealing who was who when speaking to him. Six didn't appear very entertained.

Chie Satonaka
The person in charge of the Eastern District's Welcome House, where Hikaru resides. Although she initially thought that he was Kaoru, they've since gotten to know one another better. Despite his company not always being the most agreeable, Chie hasn't objected to his presence, which has led Hikaru to begin actively seeking out her company. Although he's yet to admit it, Chie is the closest he's come to making a new friend in Nautilus.

Cho Hakkai
A guy who wears a monocle. Hikaru will never let that go. Aside from that, he considers Hakkai to be a helpful guy.

Hikaru takes near-comical offense to the ex-Nobody's hairstyle. Seriously, what's wrong with it?

Helen Magnus
A woman who attempted to inform Hikaru and Kaoru that they were in a parallel dimension. Due to their freshly-Wakened status, neither were ready to listen.

Lelouch vi Britannia
One of the most helpful and informative people that Hikaru has met. In spite of the entertainment Hikaru derives from harassing him, he genuinely does like Lelouch. He even appreciates all the help … but good luck getting him to admit that.

Rukia Kuchiki
A girl who dresses in very strange clothing. Hikaru keeps trying to get her to try something new. So far, he's had no success.

Initially, Hikaru thought that Skyfire must be some sort of special effect. Or an A.I. Or perhaps a mecha. As it turns out, he's none of the above. Surprise surprise.

A man who refers to himself by … a letter. Weird. Oddity aside, he appears to enjoy conversation.

A Cybertronian that slammed himself into a wall, making an awful crunching noise. Hikaru was very displeased. With the noise, of course: not the crunching

A man who clearly enjoys the sound of his own voice. Thankfully, he's also willing to answer nearly endless streams of questions. That makes him alright in Hikaru's book. Now, if only Xemnas would agree to a change of attire….


TV Tropes

Alliterative Name
Always Identical Twins
Bishōnen: Complete with sparkles.
Cosplay: Along with the rest of the host club. Of the extremely expensive variety.
Creepy Twins: Played for laughs.
Defrosting Ice King: Begins after meeting Tamaki, continues after meeting Haruhi.
Expository Hairstyle Change: Dyes his hair pink during a (fake) fight.
Eyes Of Gold
Faux Yay
Fiction 500
Finishing Each Other's Sentences: With Kaoru.
The Gadfly
Genre Savvy
Hidden Depths
Identical Twin ID Tag: Check the way they part their hair.
It Amused Me: An excellent explanation for so many actions.
Mr. Fanservice: The whole point of being a host.
Mundane Object Amazement: Instant coffee is just the beginning.
Ocular Gushers
Personality Blood Types: His is B.
Red Oni: To Kaoru's Blue.
Seme: So he claims.
Shonen Hair: Intentionally styled that way.
Single-Minded Twins: Subverted as they develop.
Trickster Twins
Tsurime Eyes
Twin Banter
Twin Telepathy: During the test of courage.
The White Prince: Though not to the same degree as Tamaki.

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