Ice Climbers

IC Info

Full Name: Popo (in blue), Nana (in pink)
Species: Human
Age: 8 each (Popo is older)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
District: Eastern

OOC Info

Series: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Player: Rune
Journal: 1isBlue 1isPink
Theme Song: Ice Climbers (Brawl Redux)

"Hey, Nana. It's an eggplant phone."
"It's definitely an eggplant phone, Popo."


The Ice Climbers grew up in a relatively peaceful world. A pair of twins, Popo, the boy in the blue parka, and Nana, the sister in the pink parka, the two quickly found their calling in the world. It was mountains. Armed with their mallets, they began scaling mountains at a young age, searching for vegetables as they went. Despite the danger in the mountains, they never lost hope. They flew on clouds, walked on icy paths, and defeated polar bears in pink speeds to reach the top and gather the vegetables that had been stolen by the condor.

It was this world that they were ripped apart from. The young twins from an icy mountain range found themselves in the dreaded Subspace Emmisary—a world with various bits and pieces from other worlds. Despite this, they only saw one challenge in front of them. More mountains to climb. They quickly took to climbing mountains once more, and they encountered Meta-Knight into one of their climbs. Instead of climbing, though, the winged mystery flew up the mountain. The Ice Climbers immediately saw this as a competition, and they fought their way to the top of the mountain, reaching the top before Meta-knight by only a few seconds.

Their celebration was short lived, however, as Lucario and Meta Knight started to fight. They were too afraid to join in, so they watched from a distance. Shortly after, they were blasted to the ground by the spaceship Great Fox as it flew overhead. They joined with other people from other worlds and later witnessed a Subspace Explosion, which prompted them to board one of the spaceships with Mario and several others to find the root of all of the problems. The Ice Climbers traveled with the others to the core of Subspace Emissary to witness the defeat of Master Hand and Ganondorf. Ready to fight the orchestrator, the man who had been combining worlds, Tabuu, the Ice Climbers raised their mallets…only to be turned into a trophy and left to their fate, unaware that Luigi, King Dedede, Ness, and Kirby would soon be on their way.


The Ice Climbers are young, and for the most part, they have a really simple personality. They don’t use big words or get preachy; they mostly live for the fun of life, and it’s reflected in both the things they do and the things they say. They love to climb and explore and, occasionally, get in a good fight. They also love the simple things in life, like vegetables, toys, and being able to go where they want. Being this young, however, also has its drawbacks. They’re quick to get angry or shout at someone, but they’re also quick to break down and cry. They aren’t the most graceful of losers, nor are the most graceful of winners. They jump and celebrate when they win, and they cry instead of congratulating the losers. They also have a fierce competitive side to them. They don’t even need to be challenged; if they think someone is doing something better than them, they’ll race off and try to best them themselves. They are also easily surprised and frightened, which is upsetting because they tend to not know what they’re getting into. They don’t really have a justice streak—despite being “good guys,” they’re more into climbing and each other than they are in being heroes. They aren’t evil, but they definitely can be obnoxious.

Despite this, they are separate people. Popo, the boy in the blue parka, is the leader and more reliable of the twins. He’s calmer and usually the one who speaks first. Nana follows his lead. He tends to think a bit more and can get confused slightly more easily than Nana. He also isn’t as strong as Nana. He’s less likely to just flat out insult somebody, but he will.

Nana is the inverse of Popo. She’s more sarcastic and more mean, but she’s also stronger than Popo. She follows his every order, but traditionally, she deals out more damage. She’s more snarky and will speak more bluntly, but she’s also loses her calm more often and Popo tends to have to calm her down.


The Ice Climbers are great with hammers and they can climb just about everything that doesn't have a completely flat surface. They are great jumping, and they utilize ropes and snow shoes to their ultimate potential. Not only that, but they can create icicles, icy wind blasts, and even summon a giant glacier when they find a final smash ball.


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