Irene Mallidias
Irene Mallidias
Continuity Original Character
Age 323 324
Species Angel
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
District North/South
Journal Irene's Journal
Player Sparrow
Theme Song This River is Wild

"I'm getting too old for this shit."


In the true beginning of her history, Irene was actually an angelic guide named Irael, whose sole purpose was to help and guide human souls in the Kingdom of Light. Everything was about as peaceful as expected… before the appearance of the Chimera. No one really knew what lied at the core of its being, or where it came from, but the rumors spoke of the Chimera as a monstrous entity that could travel across multiple dimensions at will. To sustain its being and grow stronger, the Chimera devoured and consumed weaker angels that wandered the boundaries between life and death. But when it was discovered that the Chimera couldn't quite land permanent footing on the earth plane, that's when one of the archangels was struck by an idea: without the weaker angels around to devour, the Chimera wouldn't grow stronger. This would avail them time to figure out how to destroy it, and at this point, every second counted. So, the more powerful angels agreed that the weaker angels could only be protected by incarnating as mortals to hide away on the earth plane. Irael was among one of the angels chosen to incarnate.

Thus the mortal, Irene Mallidias, lived an average life in a small coastal town in Maine. Her upbringing was normal, and she was an excellent student who proved to be very intelligent, but unfortunately this attracted the attention of a powerful man named Maximilian Orlov. He was at her college campus scouting out 'new talent', and he offered her a place in his prestigious and "religious" community, Domus Dei. With the promise of good schooling paid for and good career options, she happily accepted. She moved out to the Midwest, in the small dusty town of New Ridge, South Dakota. The town was populated entirely by members of Domus Dei, and Irene learned that there were towns and cities scattered all around the world that hosted its members. In actuality, Domus Dei was a prominent underground organization consisting of policemen, politicians, priests, brilliant scientists and gifted researchers. Irene was intimidated by the prestige at first, but with the help of Maximilian's son, Rufus, she eventually found a niche in the community through her extensive research in theology.

Maximilian eventually called a meeting between all the sects of the organization, and proposed a plan of ridding the world of injustice and impurities. They would start with the United States, and they would seize control there by pulling the strings in three arenas: Politics, Religion, and Military. Irene was entrusted to help handle the Religious end of things. She was wary about failing her new mission, but naive and eager to help, she accepted her new position as a preacher for Domus Dei.

Irene was assigned to start a small church in another town, trumpeting the coming of a new religion: The Domus Dei Church of Eternal Light. Irene's job, in a nutshell, was to make religion relevant to the modern public again. She did this by giving the scriptures new meaning, and revising outdated teachings for ones that were more accepting of modern ideas and scientific discoveries. This only insured that her congregation grew, until the Church of Eternal Light won itself a large following. With Domus Dei's growing influence, the other churches of Eternal Light scattered across the country were flourishing as well. Irene herself went from speaking awkwardly before small crowds to looking into cameras televising her services, and soon thousands of people a week were tuning in just to hear her and the other ministers preach.

Domus Dei swiftly gained power in the other alleged arenas. They promised the U.S national security, a new golden age where the will of the people would come first… …even if it meant giving up little civil liberties, here and there. It became the Eternal Light Ministry's job to keep the heads of the public turned while the intricacies of this were sorted. Whether that was by heated debating with other religious leaders or through impassioned sermons that endorsed Domus Dei's actions, the ministers, including Irene, did their job fairly well.

The organization then covertly seized power in a few countries in Europe, where they feigned a heated conflict against Domus Dei's rising influence in America. A false pretense of a coming third world war began, the people became desperate, and turned in fear to Domus Dei for answers. When the supposed WWIII was outed as a farce, a war was declared on Domus Dei itself. But seeing as how the organization had its hands on military power as well as its own advanced technology to bring into the fight, the remaining free powers of the world didn't stand much of a chance.

By this point, Irene had become so indoctrinated in Domus Dei's teachings that when the war got well under way, she was just as determined to ruthlessly kill opposition as the rest of the organization. While her intentions had been good, she became twisted and corrupted with power. She saw the free people as animals, diseased with sin that needed to be put down. When the dust of the war settled, Irene gladly assumed what she saw as her rightful place as one of the pure, one of the chosen in the new world order.

Domus Dei rose as the greatest empire the world had ever known, and constructed the Citadel, where many were kept prisoner and where the organization's most groundbreaking scientific research was guarded. They also constructed the Cathedral, which played a permanent home to the Eternal Light Ministry (although Irene opted instead to stay wherever her duty called). But world conquest wasn't enough for the organization. With their hands on the world's finest technology and most prominent scientific research, they sought to use everything at their disposal to rip apart reality, to seek out what they called the fourth world, to gain complete omniscience. They set out to become God.

Irene herself had taken on a position in the new world as a prison warden. For the first few years or so, she performed her duties well of maintaining inmates and overseeing executions. But as her career wound on over time, she gradually began to struggle with the moral implications of her job. It started off small, in hairline cracks she failed to really notice; giving actual thought to the cries of her inmates, finding herself a little uneasy at the executions, a nightmare here and there. It all gradually worsened until the nightmares came for months on end, never relenting, never allowing her a moment's peace. As her long lost conscience slowly awoke, Irene's beliefs began to decay, until she finally cast them off in the throes of a complete nervous breakdown. She became suicidal, and was incarcerated in an asylum for five months. The doctors - who worked more toward reprogramming/brainwashing people than actually helping them - were working with a lost cause. Irene's old beliefs had shattered around her. She realized that what she had done was wrong, and felt true remorse for the first time in years.

Frantic to begin her atonement, Irene faked getting well in order to escape the asylum and took on a new job as a warden for the Citadel, when she was deemed mentally fit to get back to work. She put on an elaborate farce to work her way up the ladder, all the better to steal precious information from the Citadel's databanks. Mainly, information around Domus Dei's new project to try and tap into other dimensions.

But Domus Dei had succeeded in contacting an entity in the fourth world. They had begun dealing with none other than the Chimera, who endowed them with powerful psychic abilities in exchange for human sacrifices. Through the Chimera's gifts, the organization saw Irene trying to betray them. Irene was caught, and swiftly executed via firing squad.

At first there was nothing but regret and confusion on the other side, for Irene. That changed quickly when she found herself sharing a dark abyss with a beastly creature that tried to kill her. Frightened, Irene turned and fled from it, escaping by running toward an eerie light at the end of a long tunnel. Irene then found herself in a surreal, barren place with empty fields and vast mountains that were forever cast in twilight. Not knowing what to make of this mysterious new realm, she set off to explore it. She wandered its landscape for ten years, where she went just a touch psychotic for a while thanks to her conscience catching up to her. But when she saw through her guilt long enough to want to know the truth, she reached Nowhere's concealed ocean shore, where an archangel named Amrael appeared to her.

He informed her that this realm was a dimension between Heaven and Earth called Nowhere, and to help her realize her purpose, he showed Irene her former life as an angel. He revealed the truth to her, that she was an angel that had incarnated as a human to escape the Chimera. Amrael concluded his explanation by telling Irene that she would be kept safe in Nowhere, until the other incarnated angels finished their mortal journeys.

That wasn't enough for her conscience. Desperate to atone for what she had done, Irene returned to the overtaken earth in the form of an angelic spirit.

It should be known that there WERE moments when Domus Dei was robbed of its psychic ability. After all, that was why they had to keep dealing with the Chimera to begin with. The empire had powerful psychic abilities, but by no means was the system as perfect as they tried to claim in order to intimidate the citizens under their control. Their powers had weaknesses that could be exploited with proper timing and quick action.

That was the advantage Irene was hoping to play on, when she stumbled across two scientists who exploited the holes in Domus Dei's sight to steal valuable information to give to the rebels. The two scientists, Doctors Kate Monroe and Trey Barini, fled the Citadel with a party of six others to get to the rebel hideout. Unknown to them, Irene followed, stepping in to rescue the two scientists when soldiers shot and killed the rest of their group. Kate and Trey continued on, only to collapse of hunger and dehydration in the wilderness. Choosing that moment to reveal herself, Irene led them to a hidden bunker full of supplies to save their lives again. Her motive? She wanted to protect them long enough to get the information they had to the rebels.

With Irene's guidance, the pair made it to rebel HQ, where they formulated a plan to blow up the Towers of Ritual. The Towers of Ritual were four towers Domus Dei had constructed around the Citadel, where four sacrifices were made simultaneously to the Chimera in exchange for their powers. She helped the group get underground where they could plant the explosives, but her attention had drifted from the Towers of Ritual themselves. Three offerings in three of the towers had been made while all this was going on, but Irene still had time to stop the final offering. If she could have just stopped that ritual, the empire would have remained blind, giving the rebels a more balanced playing field at the very least.

Unfortunately, the priests making the offering in the tower figured out what she was up to. They called for strength from the Chimera to cast her out, and it was just too powerful for Irene to handle. The ritual was completed, Domus Dei's psychic sight returned, and they used it to figure out the rebels' every move in order to capture them. Kate and Trey both ended up dying in the Towers of Ritual, although Irene did manage to save both their souls before they were taken by the Chimera.

Maybe her efforts were thwarted there, but still, Irene can only continue to hold out hope that one day she'll get another chance to save the very world she helped to condemn. More than anything, she just wants to atone for her actions by having a hand in freeing the planet once again.


Put simply, Irene is a little darker (not to mention more foul mouthed) than most people would expect in an angel. Her past mistakes have left her jaded and fallen a pretty long way from the naive young woman who was drafted into Domus Dei's cause.

While she can be sympathetic and protective, she hides that under a sarcastic front that often earns her a gruff reputation. After watching humanity fall because people refused to think for themselves, Irene is cynical of humans and people as a whole. Often she hides her sympathy for them with evasive mannerisms and even insults. Irene may be an angel, but in her mind that doesn't mean she has to act friendly or even like ALL humans. And if she does dislike a person, she's not afraid to let them know it. Irene can articulate her disdain and opinions very well, to a point where there are times when she'll speak without thinking.

That isn't to say she's unreachable or unapproachable, however. Once someone scratches past her surface, she has a soft, loyal side that can warm up until she's joking and conversing like a friend would. She's a little too proud to admit it, but so much time in solitude has left her craving the company of others. But good terms or not, chances are she'll still pick on any friends she makes. Her sense of humor is a bit on the dry side, and maybe even a little morbid on some occasions while self-deprecating on others. She can make light of her own death, for example, and she can be a little facetious about the subject of the afterlife when humans ask, for another. Still, it's not beyond her to be as cheeky with her friends as she is with people she doesn't like. Some of the ways she shows affection are strange, but she believes actions speak louder than a bunch of overly sentimental words if you want to really show someone you care, anyway. It should also be noted that while she's capable of making friends, she's not exactly the sort to actively seek popularity.

While she may be quick to get snippy or impatient sometimes, surprisingly, she's not really that easy to really anger on a personal level. As far as she's concerned, the things worth being truly angry about in her world can't be found in petty arguments over mundane or what she sees as trivial, stupid subjects. She has more important things than personal hang-ups to get bent out of shape about, so she tends to take most of what life throws at her and generally keeps a cool head in most situations. Thanks to a stubborn will, she can be a scrapper in a fight if need be. Having partaken to some extent in the Domus Dei War, fighting and violence are not new territories for Irene.

It can be argued that her harsh exterior plays a cover for her guilty conscience; she remembers her part in Domus Dei's rising. She regrets it and hates herself for it, and after all these years, Irene still sees herself as a monster that deserved everything she got and more. That said, Irene's battered conscience plays a monumental part in most if not all of her decisions. Being a bit snarky with humans or messing with them for a laugh once in a while is one thing, but she would never allow a human to get hurt or killed if she could somehow step in and prevent it. Irene finds value and beauty in human life after discarding it like it was nothing in her mortal years. Even if humans themselves CAN be self destructive, impulsive and idiotic, that's no excuse to take pleasure in their pain. As mentioned before, Irene isn't without her sympathy, her conscience, the things that keep her going in her fight on earth. For how she might act, she still strives to do the right thing… even if she might act a little grouchy or be a bit of a jerk about it.

Despite how she may act sometimes, Irene withholds nothing but utter respect and undaunted reverence for her father and mother godhead, Baeron Icate. She may question His judgment now and again - she sincerely believes that she doesn't deserve the chance at redemption she was given - but she would never do anything to harm any of His creations or displease Him. She sees and loves Him as a parental figure and the thought of disappointing Him is enough to leave her uneasy. She also reveres all of His creation, and very much respects nature as a whole as a result. This would be why a good indication of Irene's presence would be a flourish of fauna, or clean rivers close by.


Pretty self explanatory. As an angel, Irene is able to fly - and yes, she can do this without her wings, seeing as how flight isn't really the purpose of her wings to begin with.

Healing Grounds
Irene is able to heal the earth and purify water around her, if these things happen to be polluted or poisoned. She can only do very small areas at a time; the radius for this ability is about five feet, at best. This healing ability does NOT extend to people or even herself. Irene can only heal the environment.

When she wills them to manifest, Irene can grow a large pair of dusty-white wings from her back. They don't serve an offensive purpose, and they aren't for flying, but rather they serve as makeshift shields against negative energy. It should be noted that her wings serve as protection against only negative energy or energy conjured from negative emotions. They CANNOT protect her from regular projectile attacks such as bullets or arrows, or elemental attacks such as fire or ice.

This isn't really much of an ability as much as an inevitability in Irene's canon - i.e, she's a spirit on a physical plane. For the sake of this game, it basically means she's able to temporarily go immaterial. It should be noted though that this does NOT render her impervious to attacks; anything that can affect or change the atmosphere such as elemental attacks (lightning, fire, ice) can still reach and affect her pretty badly.

Not a supernatural ability, and while she may not be the most impressive fighter in the world, Irene does know self defense. Particularly, knife combat and a little hand to hand. When you're part of an empire that the rest of the world hates, it only makes sense that one of the first things you're going to be taught is how to defend yourself against vigilantes.

These are Irene's essential abilities that she had before Waking. At the time of this writing, however, she is now an Ashura and is very adept at Bending, and thanks to training with others, she's Bended up a few other abilities for herself, here and there. It should also be noted that thanks to training with Nash, Irene has undergone the Binding of her abilities and can thus use them in Helix (although the rule about Bending still applies, I imagine).

This is a tandem-Bending ability that she shares with Nott Lovell. Together, they can create a strong plethora of red ribbons and rose vines in order to subdue enemies without the use of violence.

Further Combative Training
Not a supernatural or Bended ability. But Irene has been training with Hei as well as Mirage, working on honing her combat skills in sparring matches and extensive hand-to-hand training. It's safe to say that after working with a stealth ops Autobot as well as an assassin, she's become pretty quick and her abilities with knives and swords have improved quite a lot since her arrival in Nautilus.

Energy Force
An ability Irene began honing after the whole Ursaems thing went down. As a being of what you'd call excessive energy (as angels are an energy-based species in her canon), Irene can utilize her aura to make into offensive spheres and bolts to use in combat. Getting hit by these things can result in a small draining of one's own energy.

Irene has both a hawk form as well as a Cybertronian form. She has essentially mastered her hawk form, though she tends to use it more for surveillance than anything else, as she doesn't want to fall back completely on her ability to 'ghost' to conceal her. She's working on mastering her Cybertronian form, though she does have the nuances of transforming down, and she controls her alt-mode fairly well.

Motormaster's Training
Ties into her Cybertronian form, but Irene took combat training from Motormaster. This includes further combative training in her robot mode, learning how to use her alt-mode offensively, as well as how to use protective forcefields.

Venom of Acheron
Irene learned this when, upon a trip home, she was tossed into a tangential timeline where she became the Fallen angel of the Fifth Circle of Hell, Irael. While living as Irael, Irene learned how to Bend a venom that occurs as a natural property in Hell for judging souls. The venom is known to strike directly at the soul itself as well as the body, illuminating their sins and inflicting quite a nasty amount of pain for literally every single one.

Ashura Abilities

Weaving/Unweaving - Irene is able to weave as well as unweave specific bits of code of what others have already Bended into existence. This is how she's also able to repair flaws in damaged worlds.

Chaosflow Stabilizing - While she had a bit of training in this ability, she really came into it in the field during the Bad Future storm where she was able to fight off the effects of said storm. Either way it goes, Irene is able to fend off the residual Chaos of reality storms within a day of their striking, if she chooses.

Shielding - Irene has (finally) strengthened her shielding. Her own personal shield is a reflective, cerulean veil (think a deep blue mirror) that can deflect the force of enemy attacks away from her, as well as cover her wings if she has them out during combat to be protected from physical attacks. Or if she so chooses, she can also use this shield to trap people.


(Under construction! Check in periodically for updates, yo.)

John Crichton - Probably her closest friend in the city. She was rather tight-lipped around him at first, the same way she was around everybody. But she came to start respecting him after learning what all he sacrificed just to save his planet. She's opened up to him on nearly everything, seeing as how they both seem to be a weary sort that have seen a lot in their respective homeworlds. John is a man that Irene respects and feels safe to be herself around, so, probably her best friend in Nautilus.

Hei - Her lover. And no, that's not actually a joke for once, these two have pretty much taken the leap and confessed that they love each other, so that's a thing now. Hei is someone that Irene has spent quite a long time getting close to, and he's one of the very few people in the city that she would trust to fight beside her on a battlefield. They've clashed here and there thanks to either storms or other extenuating circumstances, but in the end, they somehow kept falling back together. They're alike in a lot of ways, from how they struggle with any relative normality to the regrets they've left behind them in their respective worlds. Irene sees great potential in Hei, and the dead last thing she could ever want is to hurt him or somehow set him back when he's been making so many steps forward. Sooooo yeah. She loves him, she trusts him, and he's one of her anchors to the city.

Nott Lovell - Literally the first person she met in Nautilus. Irene has come to see him as a sort-of little brother figure, and is pretty protective of him. The kid is stubborn as hell and could stand to practice more self-preservation, but he tries his best to do right by the people around him and he tries his hardest for the ones he cares about. Irene respects that much, and thinks that he has plenty of potential. He just needs to learn how to stand on his own when the heat gets turned up. Also wants to go into his world and choke a bitch because Nott, buddy, what is your world.

Lucas Kovach - While his youth and inexperience can show at inopportune moments, Irene respects how far Lucas has come just in the time she's known him. He's trying his best, she can see that, even if they don't always agree on everything in regards to the city. She respects Lucas for his ability to hold himself together, though. And while she'll be hard pressed to admit it, Irene appreciates his humor, however hard she may roll her eyes at it. His drive to do whatever he can, his determination and his understanding are what made Irene decide to be his Angelii for a short time. She doesn't regret it.

Peter "Prisoner Number 6" Smith - A friend as well as her fencing instructor. They only started getting close when they were both chosen to Ascend. The end result was the two exchanging a few secrets in the midst of a long talk about whether or not they even wanted power from the city. Working together throughout the Reach incident left her respecting the man for his composure and ability on the field. Peter has quite a bit of wisdom to offer from his own experiences, Irene got to see that much throughout the upheaval of the Labyrinth. She feels protective over him now, and there's not much she wouldn't do for him.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Things were a tad rocky between them near the beginning. Then things were okay. Then things were rocky again. But eh, it seems to be getting better between them? At any rate, Irene first wrote Sonic off as some smartass kid who could stand to learn some humility, but learning about his world and what he went through found her learning some respect for him. Of course, they don't always get along; Sonic's inexperience as a leader can show, and his cockiness really grates on her nerves at times, and likewise her cynicism can grate right back at him. But at the end of the day, the two are friends who do care about each other.

Aeryn Sun - The one John loves, so of course she's all right with Irene by default. But even that notwithstanding, Aeryn is someone Irene respects for her candidness, practicality, determination that ties very well into her ability to adapt, and… well hell, another training/sparring partner never hurts. Aeryn is a tough cookie who doesn't seem all that reserved about speaking her mind, and Irene likes that. She's one of the few around the city that Irene took a quicker shine to, and she hopes that she doesn't go anywhere.

Klement Devereux - She was wary and suspicious as hell of him at first. When she Ascended to Angelii, Irene was very adamant about clarifying that it was all a means to an end, and that she didn't trust him or ANY Deva for that matter. After the events with Ursaems, Irene saw that she was wrong about Klement as both a Deva and a person, and apologized right after. She's softened up to him some, but at the moment, she's not even sure where they stand after she pulled that whole 'Going Crazy with Grief and Trying to Change Her World' thing. cough.

Death - Despite things being a bit rocky between them lately after she tried to change the course of her world, Irene deeply respects him. Being agents somewhat in the same field, she feels that there's a lot he can teach her, and he's… been pretty patient with her. Probably more patient than what's even fair, to be honest. She's going to have to work on making things up to him, but yeah, he's been a good friend to her in spite of her recent actions done in the blindness of her grief. Her feelings about Death haven't changed.

King Shadow - A fairly new arrival, but one of Irene's new students. She's being careful about what she teaches him, the same way she is about all her new students, but he's willing to work hard and has picked up basic Bending pretty quickly. Can't say she doesn't dislike him as a student; Irene likes hard workers.

Miklo Braca - Used to hate the shit out of him and lived to antagonize him around every corner. Surprise, being second-in-command to the guy who tortured John pretty much earned him a place on her shitlist right off the bat. The fact that he reminded her so much of what she used to be didn't help, so yeah, projecting like an IMAX. After the fight against Ursaems, though, Irene does see a ray of hope for him. And oddly enough, since then the two have started getting along much better. They still snark each other on occasion, but hey, at least she's not going to punch him in the mouth again??

Sideswipe - He can be a huge stubborn ass, she'll concede that much. And things kinda went sour between them after she accepted being an Ashura while aboard Crazytrain (LOL grief). But she's kind of picked up that he's been through a lot of shit after spending five years or so in the city, and when they actually have conversations, he's not all that bad. Currently, she's concerned about him after Mirage went back to Sleep. On the same token it frustrates the hell out of her that there's not much she can do about it. She'll keep trying, though. For both his sake and for Mirage's.

Jendayi - A very sweet and cute kid who has… apparently adopted Irene as part of her Wakened family. Irene has no real complaints about this, even if she is a bit surprised by the fact that anyone would want her involved with their family at all. A polite, kindhearted child that the angel pretty much instantly warmed up to, Irene would like to get to know her better and has no qualms with wanting to protect her if her many, many robo-dads can't for whatever reason.

Rung - Her friend and… therapist, oddly enough. Because yeah, Irene kinda never saw herself seeking help, who'da thunk. But even outside of that, Irene respects how genuinely compassionate Rung is, how he literally puts everyone's needs before his own and how hard he works to try to look out for everyone around him. He also seems to know how to handle her snark and even deliberate attempts to be obnoxious, which is… odd. She does like and respect Rung, but yeah, now she feels like she's been issued a challenge. Rung, watch yourself bro.

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