Continuity NPC
Age ???
Species Deva
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
District N/A
Journal violet-sentinel
Player Teal
Theme Song N/A

"Character Quote"


- Sister of Ameras.
- Deva of Glass.
- Started taking it upon herself to turn worlds into glass to prove this, and damaging several others.
- Then she came to Nautilus with her Ashura (Antovil, Felthias, Kergan, and Neriae) and tried to make peace with its residents. Before long she started to change Nautilus, which in effect was hurting the city.

- She Unmade Thomas Jefferson and Wreck-Gar, and glassed several other Wakened, like Tally Youngblood and Terra Markov.
- Then everyone ran her out of the city. Isis got butthurt and started dropping the city into Chaos, unleashing a massive mindfuck of a reality storm while everyone was frantically trying to fix the Chains that carry the city.
- Isis went about her merry way to glass and destroy worlds.
- Ameras said this was no good, and almost everyone (except for William Jesse) agreed to Unmake her.

And the rest is history.


Serious bitch who was obsessed with "order".


Turning people and things into glass.


(Antovil, Felthias, Kergan, and Neriae) were her Ashura at the time.

Brief Bio

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