Jaime Reyes (Young Justice Animated)
Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle
Continuity Young Justice (Animated)
Age 16
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
District North District
Journal hasnomentor
Player Tsumi
Theme Song I'm Blue

"I haven't even heard of an Applelaxative until tonight!"


Note: For this beginning section I will be drawing off some of the Blue Beetle comics to fill in missing details the TV show hasn't covered yet in Jaime's life.

Before the Scarab came into his life, Jaime Reyes was an average high school student. He had a relatively normal life with his Father, who owned a garage, his mother who was a paramedic, and his brat sister. He had his best friend Tye and things were great. He aimed to help his Dad with the garage but his Father wanted him to be his own man. This sentiment was thrust far further than Jaime's dad could have ever meant when Jaime came upon the Scarab.

He was riding home on his skateboard one night and was almost out after curfew. He had been talking to his Mom on his cell phone and told her he could be home soon. He was passing the Kord Industries building in El Paso when it happened. The top floor exploded and sent Jaime bouncing across the concrete. He stood up and found his hoodie on fire. He took it and his shirt off quickly and tossed them aside. It was then he found the Scarab. He grabbed it and it sprung to life. It crawled onto his back and embedded itself into his spine. The two were fused and that night Jaime adorned the armor for the first time.

It was soon after that he began his career as a hero in El Paso that he met Peacemaker, Guy Gardner, and Captain Atom all on separate occasions. These meetings were crossovers with the heroes. Little did Jaime know that they were all reporting their findings on Jaime to Nightwing as now the teen wore the armor of Ted Kord, the first Blue Beetle. He received his invite to join The Team on a school day on December 1st, 2015. He agreed and from then on was part of the Young Justice team.

He went on several lower ranked missions with his new friends, one including a trap and capture mission of Clayface in the Gotham sewers. He wasn't able to make too many close friends with his fellow teammates due to his odd behavior of talking to himself. In truth he was talking with the Scarab but no one could hear when the Scarab spoke but him. He felt like an outsider among the heroes but still did his best to fit in.

On one of his seemingly small missions with Lagoon boy and Robin, the two were to find and destroy Krolotean transporter hubs and save any human captives they could find. In truth they had stumbled upon a main transporter and the holding area for the humans. Jaime found out the Scarab could translate the alien speech and thanks to him and the others they destroyed the hub and saved all the humans. He felt proud of the mission outcome but it was Robin who was mostly shown gratitude to as it was he who was the leader.

He continued to help the team split up and find the aliens who had disguised themselves as their human captives. They weren't able to capture them all but the humans were able to resume their lives. It was during the creation of the Zeta-shield around the planet that Kon grabbed him, due to Beastboy being busy, and dragged him on an impromptu mission.

The two were investigating two gang members who had been smuggling alien tech into the world. They found them only to find they were resurrecting the Appellaxian husks and formed them into a giant monster. Jaime's first attempt to fight it ended with failure for all of them. He ended up being able to communicate with the monster and tired to befriend it, only to have someone else kill it while they were connected. He felt the creature die and all its pain. He wondered who could kill it but they had no idea.

It was about a week later that Jaime got a call from his best friend Tye. Tye was going to run away due to his mom's boyfriend. Tye told him to not go and to wait for him to get to the bus depot. Jaime used the Beetle armor to fly there but arrived too late. The bus had left but no one had boarded it. He went to talk to Tye's mom and confronted her boyfriend, asking if he had done anything to Tye. He denied it and had Tye's mom lead him out of the house. He went to Tye's grandfather to see if he was there but he wasn't. The old man simply told him Tye was on his spiritual journey and that Jaime would be going out on his own sometime in the near future. He failed to find his friend but did bust Tye's mom's boyfriend for selling pirated games and movies. He felt he had failed his friend and no matter how hard he searched, he found no trace of him.

It was after the supposed death of Artemis that Jaime and Bart began to become friends. Even though the speedster was eating his chicken wheezies, the two bonded some over having no mentors. They went off to hang out together and started their friendship. It was a bit later that Bart came to his house in his Impulse persona. Jaime was surprised and unhappy that Bart wasn't being more careful about keeping his secret ID a secret. The two went off to spend time in the desert. They showed off powers and Impulse tried to teach Jaime that to create is more powerful to destroy. The two were attacked by Aqualad and his group. They were able to fight them off and stole the tracker they used to find Blue Beetle.

They retreated to the Cave, which ended up being a bad idea. The tracker hacked the Caves defenses and let Aqualad and his group inside. Jaime was the last standing during the battle and he surrendered to keep his friends safe. Outside the cave the Beetle deactivated the inhibitor collar the bad guys put on him but also took over Jaime's body when he refused to attack. He was able to fight off two members of the team but was defeated by Aqualad and Huntress.

Jaime awoke inside an alien lab sometime later after reliving the memories of when he found the Scarab. He learned that the Scarab was the technology of the Reach and not a creation of Ted Kord like he had thought. They were trying to find out why the Scarab hadn't brainwashed Jaime into being their preemptive agent and were considering rebooting the Scarab, which could put it on Mode but would kill Jaime in the process. He was saved by Bart who them told him that at some point in the future the Reach figured out how to reboot the Scarab while it was still on him and that he would betray humanity and doom all humans to the Reach.

Jaime found and fought Black Beetle, the evil counterpart that worked for the Reach, to help save his friends. He was only mostly able to keep up with Black Beetle but couldn't defeat him. At first he let the Scarab have complete control of the battle but after he caught a glimpse of his future in Black Beetle, he took control again and they continued to fight. The battle ended when they both used their chest cannons on each other. The resulting blast knocked Jaime out of the hole in the ship and rendered him unconscious.


Jaime was not the type to be born great like many other heroes. He is truly the type to have greatness thrust upon him. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time and because of that he became the second Blue Beetle. This reflects in his personality as he is more easy going with simple missions and is not one for the usual hero drive for more action. He enjoys the slower and simpler missions. He is a respectful kid and fun loving. He seems to make friends easily and he holds them to a high esteem. He refuses to do anything to betray or hurt his friends. He is the loyal type. He is also a teenager and can be a snarky kid.

Since becoming Blue Beetle he has also developed a strong sense of justice. When his friend Kai went missing he did everything he could to investigate his friend's disappearance by himself. He suspected it was Kai's mom's boyfriend who had done something to him but all he could find was the man was selling pirated games and movies. He reported him to the police and was disappointed that he failed his friend. He took it a bit hard and continued looking on his own though found no other trails.

Another aspect of being a hero for Jaime is being in almost constant disagreement with the Scarab. He is at odds with its more lethal advice inside and outside battle. It causes his teammates to keep their distance since he comes of as really weird to them. Jaime does his best to be a hero and to not use the Scarab's lethal weapons to kill people. He sees the Beetle more as an inner-demon thanks to Superboy, who is the only person that he has told that the Scarab talks to him. He doesn't like to advertise what the Scarab says and has to deal with the strange looks because of it.

Being seen as strange isn't the only burden he has to bear. He is the only one inside the current team that has no mentor (hence the journal name). He was only able to get his powers by his would-be mentor dying. He feels lost sometimes as a hero but he does his best anyway. It is part of his moral compass of right and wrong.

This only makes things harder when he learned he becomes the biggest bad of the world and betrays humanity. Though right now he isn't sure just how to take this information he knows he never wants to become what Impulse told him he will become in the future. This may help to strengthen his drive but it increases the weight Jaime already bears.

Overall Jaime is a good kid. He has a strong will and a good heart. He knows right from wrong and is passionate about helping people. He is a laid back kid at heart and is still getting used to being a full time hero. He wants to do right by all his friends, the only people who can really understand him now. He wants to protect them and his home. Though he clearly tries to keep his secret ID a secret so he can hold onto what little bit of a normal life he has left. He is a teen torn between two worlds and is doing his best to do right by them both.


Jaime himself has no actual super powers. He is simply bilingual himself. (Though one could count his ability to always lose the top half of his clothing as a power. It happens a lot.) All of his abilities come from the Scarab and its technology. He can converse with the Scarab and it is able to take control of him and give him advice in battle.

Durability: The suit protected him from the deleterious effects of being stomped on—twice—by the Appellaxian Golem. Mystical energy however can easily overcome its defenses.

Energy blasts: The suit is able to transform the hands into a sonic cannon and plasma cannon. The suit can also transform the chest into a larger plasma cannon.

Flight: The suit can sprout translucent wings, enabling him to fly, but they do not flap like real wings; instead they stay in one place. The suit also has additional rocket boosters.

Technology Interface: The suit is capable of manipulating technology upon contact and altering its functions. This shown when Blue Beetle was able to interface with Reach technology by simply touching it. Due to this it is possible for Blue Beetle to interface with other tech but he must have access to the armor to do it.

Transformation: The suit can change into different forms. Examples of his transformations are a sonic cannon, battering ram, staple gun, plasma cannon, a lockpick, maces, scythe blades and a plasma cannon.

Translation: The suit has demonstrated the ability to translate Krolotean and Reach speech for Blue Beetle, and vice versa. This also holds the possibility the Scarab can translate any other language it holds in its databanks.



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