Jake Long
Jake Long
Continuity American Dragon Jake Long
Age 15 in game
Species Dragon
Hair Color Black and Green
Eye Color Dark Brown/Red
District Northern District
Journal character journal
Player Tsumi
Theme Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4chpjlaPGo

"I'm the macdaddy dragon of the NYC yaheard!"


Season One:

Episode One: It all began when Jake turned thirteen. It was then he discovered he was a dragon and began his dragon training with his Grandpa. He had been training for a few months with he was given his first real solo mission; protect unicorns from the Huntsman. Jake, unfortunately, screwed it up by launching fire out of the wrong end. He couldn't fully dragon up immediately but finally did when he dodged a swipe from the Huntsman. He egged the hunter to come at him but was side swiped by his apprentice, the Huntsgirl. Jake was unable to beat them both and Lao Shi had to step in to save him. The next day he wanted to go to the skatepark with Trixie and Spud but had to go "work" in his Grandpa's shop. He hadn't told his friends he was a dragon yet as he was supposed to keep it a secret.

He went to Lao Shi's shop and engaged in so-called "old school" training. This included using his tongue to hold a toilet brush and had to clean a toilet, sweeping the floor with his tail, do Gramps laundry, trim his Bonzi trees with his teeth, and other chores. By the end of the day he felt gross and tired. He went home feeling more used than anything. He tried to complain to his Mom but she just told him his Grandpa was doing it for his own good. He was planning on going to the shop again the next day after school, much to Trixie and Spud's irritation when he was given a letter by a messenger fairy. Grandpa yelled at him to get to the shop so he could clean the gutters out with his teeth. Jake, having had enough, left with his friends to play.

That night he came home to find Fu Dog coming out of his sink. Turned out the Huntsman and Huntsgirl ambushed Grandpa on the roof of the shop. Jake finally mastered a full dragon transformation and flew with Fu Dog to save Lao Shi. He battled the pair, though it was mostly Huntsgirl fighting him. He was able to use the chore-training to turn the tables on the Hunters and saved Grandpa. He tried to be epic with a final line but his lower half had transformed back into his legs and boxers, ruining the moment.

Grandpa walked Jake home and he apologized and told him what he had learned. He did ask why he had to do Gramps's laundry though and it turned out it was just to get clean clothes and the next day Jake would have to do Fu Dog's.

Episode Two:
Soon after came the Fall Dance. Jake was out the night before the dance and was sent into the sewers to find out what was happening with the magical creatures that lived there. Jake went down, very reluctantly and faced the monster. He clumsily fought it off, using an accidental fire blast to send it away. He came out proud of himself but Gramps just reminded him it would be back. The next day, Jake went to school to ask Rose to the dance. When he asked her it turned out she was already going with Brad. Jake, feeling embarrassed for asking, claimed he had a smoking hot date for the dance already. It was then Trixie told him he needed to brush his teeth before asking anyone else out.

Jake tried and went around the school, asking every girl out. Unfortunately his bad breath lead to a large number of rejections, one accident, and the school being shut down. He asked his Grandpa what was going on to learn his fire breathing glands were maturing, as all dragon's did during puberty, and it would last for about a week or two. Fu Dog pulled him in the back and made him a potion that would suppress the bad breath as long as he wore a talisman. Jake was ecstatic but still disappointed that he had already asked all the girls out at school to go with him. Fu had a plan for Jake to ask some hot girls outside of school.

He took Jake to Magus Bizarre to look for a date. After several failed attempts with Fu picking the girl, Jake decided to ask one out on his own. He met a girl names Jasmine who seemed normal enough and she said yes. Jake agreed to have her home at a certain time and ran off to save Fu from some thugs he owned money too. They escaped and Jake was sure he'd scored an awesome date.

It was later that night Jasmine came to Jake's house. Hailey answered the door and told a long string of embarrassing secrets of Jake's before being spun off by her brother. Jake wanted to leave quickly and avoid his Mom's picture spree. He got to the dance and paraded Jasmine around to the other guys. Jake got swept away in the crowd and ignored Jasmine's repeated warnings that she needed to get home. While Jake was controlling the DJ station and dancing for the crowd, Jasmine tries to leave but Brad stopped her. It was then Jake realized Brad had ditched Rose and swooped in to dance with her instead. They shared a great dance and got their picture taken before they got bumped into by a soulless kid. It was then Jake realized something was wrong with Jasmine.

He called Fu Dog for help and it was then he found out Jasmine was a Nyx, a magical creature that sucks souls. When the moon reached the center of the night sky, she transformed into her monster form and was exposed as the monster in the sewer from earlier. She sucked out everyone's soul at the dance except for Jake. He tried to hold her off as a dragon until Gramps and Fu showed up but they were equally matched. Fu arrived and tossed Jake a potion that he drank without question. He was supposed to pour it on the Nyx as whoever the potion touched was rendered powerless. This forced Jake to revert to human form without any of his dragon powers. He tried to get Gramps to help but by then the old man had had his soul sucked out.

Jake tried to take her on himself but was no match. It was after barrading about him stinking from Fu that he remembered his breath. He took off the talisman and threw it. He breathed on the Nyx, his bad breath was enough to knock her out and force all the souls from her body. Fu and Gramps took her back to the shop so she wouldn't harm anyone until morning. Jake tried to play off everyone's confusion as just the music. Unfortunately with his bad breathe he was boo'd off the stage. He was going to leave the dance when Rose caught up with him to thank him for the dance. They agreed to go to the next dance together and Jake was trying to be smooth before he fell down the stairs.

The next morning Jake walked Jasmine back to her home. She apologized several times for what happened but he didn't blame her. He knew it was partially his fault for not listening. He dropped her off and they exchanged a nice farewell between the two of them.

Episode Three:
It was some time later that the annual talent show was being held at the school. Spud wanted to enter with his magic act but all his previous attempts had failed. So Jake and Trixie volunteered to be his lovely assistants. Unfortunately the night before the Talent Show, Rotwood tried to steal it. The next say Jake overheard the police giving their report to the Principal. He then was in Rotwood's class and Spud was trying to do a trick with the Professor's desk. He spilled his books everywhere and the three quickly picked it up. It was then Jake found Rotwood's book on Terranuchi's chalice. Gramps told Jake there was an evil Gin inside the chalice and once it was filled to overflowing, it would be released. Jake was charged with entering the talent show and winning the trophy.

Jake had to back down from helping Spud, making both his friends angry with him. He was using Fu Dog as a fake puppet for a ventriloquism act. Rotwood had drafted Brad, who had had 12 years of piano lessons but was no good. Jake was depressed over having to act against his friend but couldn't do anything to change it with his duties as the American Dragon. It was the night of the talent show that Brad was sabotaging the other contestants and locked Jake in a bathroom upstairs. Jake was able to pull Fu out of the toilet he got stuck in and turned dragon to break down the door but his tail knocked the toilet off the ground and it hit him in the head. The bathroom began to flood and the water leaked down through the floor, the water falling right into the chalice. Jake woke up and burst down the door. He raced downstairs, turning human before getting down to the lower level and ran to the judges table to see if he'd missed his call. He then noticed the chalice was about to overflow with water and kicked it into Spud's hat on stage.

The Gin popped out of the hat and began to fly around the gym showing it's power though no one thought it was real. They thought it was all part of the act. Jake went backstage to dragon up again and fought the Gin, though in the end he was no match. It was the incantatino that Spud's gramps had taught him that resealed the Gin and saved everyone. Jake dropped out of the competition after Spud warned Jake about Brad's plan and Spud one. In thanks for doing what he did, Spud gave Jake the trophy. Fu and Jake made their way to Gramps's shop to tell him the story, only to discover they left the chalice on the subway and it was again lost.

Episode Four:
A few weeks later it was time for the Hip Hop video awards. Trixie had connection that landed the three friends tickets to go and see the event. Unfortunately Jake had promised to babysit his sister earlier when he was listening to music and not paying attention to his mom. It was the same time Haily had gotten her first loose tooth. Jake, Trixie, and Spud decided to swap places at the event and take turns watching Hailey. Unfortunately it was when Spud and Trixie were watching Hailey that they destroyed the house trying to get her tooth out.

Jake was upset at Hailey and told her to go outside. She was almost nabbed by Tooth minions but she destroyed them on accident with a hockey puck. Trixie and Spud soon returned and swapped with Jake again. They continued to swap back and forth until they all three left Hailey alone and ended up at the music awards. They rushed back to find she was okay and decided to just take her with them. It was on the way Jake noticed they were being followed. He tried to get Hailey to go with Trixie and Spud but she refused. The two went on without them and Jake told the minions to come out and face him. He tried to fight them off but they continued to reform and he was unable to defeat them all. They grabbed Hailey and vanished. Gramps, Fu, and the Tooth Fairy appeared and told Jake the Tooth Fairy's assistant had betrayed her and wanted to fulfill a prophecy but to do it he needed a dragon tooth.

The four of them crashed into the Tooth Fairy's Tralalalalair and confronted the evil dentist. Jake was thrown into Hailey's cage, which knocked her tooth out. Jake was able to get the wand away from the dentist but he had the tooth. He planted it in soil and grew into a tooth monster. He stole Hailey and set out to retake all the money the Tooth Fairy had given to children over the years. Jake confronted the monster. He was having a hard time but was able to get Hailey away from him with her help and electrocuted him. He exploded into teeth and Jake saved his sister and her tooth. They rushed home and made it just in time. Their parents saw the trashed house and Hailey took the blame, though the damage was forgotten when they saw her tooth had fallen out.

Jake tucked her in that night and put the tooth under her pillow. Hailey thanked him for saving her and said all the trouble was worth it to be saved by the American Dragon. This time of peace between them would not last long, unfortunately.

Episode Five: NOTE: This episode entitled; "Shapeshifter" was initially episode 11 though I moved it to his spot as the airing date of this show was out of order. This episode has to take place here for there to be ANY sense of true continuity in this series. I've done this to several other episodes and will be marking them as they come up.

Jake, Grandpa, and Fu Dog were out on a stakeout, looking for a goblin sometime later. Jake was shining Gramps's shoes and hoping that the Goblin would come. He did and Jake gave chase. It took Gramps to finally catch him. Jake went to school the next day and overheard Rose talking about a cute guy and thought it was him. He went to tell her he felt the same but due to the misunderstanding, she though he said Jared McCarther was cute. He tried to save himself though showing off a skateboard trick, though it didn't go well. His skateboard flew out form under him and stuck into Rotwood's picture on the wall. Jake got into trouble and Rotwood ordered a parent teacher conference.

It was that night Jake was told that Ralph the Goblin spilled the beans about why he was in New York. He was there to pick up the Orb of Malorfus from the Huntsclan. Fu Dog made Jake a shapeshifting potion so he could further use his shapeshifting abilities to become other people. In cost he could no longer use his other dragon powers while the potion was in affect. It would last 24 hours total. That night they went to the park with Jake as Ralph the Goblin. Unfortunately they didn't have the orb as it had been tied up and told him to meet them to meet him back on the bridge tomorrow night. This left Jake to use his new shapeshifting powers as he wanted.

The next day he switched the rooms of his parent-teacher conference and was able to impersonate Rotwood for his parents, embarrassing him and his mother for Rotwood, yelling at him and telling him to leave Jake alone. He impersonated Jared McCarther for Rose and sang a rather fail song before impersonating Pro-skater Tommy King to help out Trixie and Spud at a skate park.

That night he met up with the clan again and was about to get the orb as Ralph before his powers went crazy and he assumed the form of Jared again. He was captured by the Huntsclan who knew he had to be the American Dragon. They wanted to see Jake's human face before slaying him. It was just before the potion wore off that Fu, Gramps, and Ralph made it to the hideout. They turned off the lights just before Jake's face was revealed and he went dragon in the darkness. He fought against the Huntsgirl and stole the orb. They escaped from the clan and made it out alive. The next day Jake was busted for misusing his shapeshifting powers.

Episode Six (part 1):
Jake was awakened by the knocking at his window. He ran down stairs, following the troll in the windows. He opened the door to find the troll begging to be let in before the sun touched him. Turned out troll fur would burn if touched by sunlight. He let the troll in and spent the day trying to hid him from his aunt who was visiting and his parents. He tried to get Hailey to help but she just ended up telling his Mom. Jake ended up burning some of the trolls fur left in the sink and it mutated into evil furballs. He was able to get rid of them thanks to the troll's help. In the end it turned out the troll was old friends with Jake's aunt and the two were going out to dinner. Stan, the troll, put on his disguise and the group spent the day inside until the sun set and the two went out on their date.

Episode Six (part 2):
It was the next day when Jake was being put through concentration and relaxation training. Fu went out to go to a ball game and it was an hour after the training began and Jake fell asleep that Gramps said that since Fu hadn't been in trouble in about an hour he was due and they had to go find him. They found the dog and saved him from an evil dog catcher. They put her into anger management and dropped Fu and the other captive dogs at the ball park.

Episode Seven:
Jake was out sometime later, patroling when he happened upon the Huntsclan as they were trying to capture a leprechaun. Jake defeated them though Professor Rotwood was able to catch a rather ugly picture of him. It looked more like a red and yellow blur than anything but Rotwood was proud of it. He handed out flyers the next day with a reward for 500 dollars for anyone with proof of the dragon's existance. Later that day, Jake, Trixie, and Spud were at Trixie's house playing video games. In an act of over celebration for a last minute win, they broke Trixie's mom's rare crystal vase. They were able to locate another one but it was six hundred dollars.

The gang pooled their money and tried a variety of odd jobs but after many failures they ended up with less money than they started with. It was then Jake got the idea to give some evidence of a dragon, himself, to Rotwood for the money. His first attempt was having Hailey take pictures of him and giving them to Rotwood but he was sure they were a fake. Next he took off some of his scales and clipped his claws but again, Rotwood was sure they were fake due to his own false information. Jake left angry but discovered the same leprechaun being hunted by the Huntsgirl. He ran to his rescue and was knocked out himself. But before the Huntsgirl could capture him, Trixie and Spud came upon him. They then took him to Rotwood and sold him for far more than 500 dollars.

Jake woke up in the back of an armored truck and despite his attempts, couldn't escape. It was on his way to the press conference where Rotwood was going to expose him that Trixie, Spud, Fu, and Gramps tried to rescue him but failed. Trixie and Spud caught up with Rotwood before the press conference and slipped Jake a paper dragon head. He reverted to human form and put it on so when Rotwood opened the back of the truck, it was just him. Rotwood was arrested for locking a child in the back of an armored truck and Jake got away free. Though now Rotwood suspected Jake to be a dragon and wanted to keep a closer eye on him.

Episode Eight (Part 1):
Jake, Spud, and Trixie were put in charge of taking care of an egg for a weekend in their home economics class. Jake was quickly called away after school by Gramps for dragon duties. It turned out Jake was being put in charge of watching over a Gryphon egg until it hatched. It was soon after he arrived that the Huntsman and Huntsgirl appeared and stole the egg. Jake and Fu gave chase and the two ended up going all over the city trying to keep the egg save. Eventually the egg fell into Spud's back pack and knocked their egg out and broke it. The Huntsclan though the egg was broken and left. It was then Jake realized it was a normal egg and they ran to find Spud and Trixie. Jake saved the egg from falling to the ground and returned it to the Mother gryphon, who ate her baby once it hatched. It turned out gryphons had to live in their Mother's intestinal track for the first few weeks of life. Jake was not pleased to know this and walked off listening to Fu's egg puns.

Episode Eight (Part 2):
Jake was in Central Park, playing Chess with his Grandpa and continued to lose due to his lack of planning. Trixie and Spud came to try and get him to go to a skate park with them when a leprechaun came out of nowhere. It turned out the local stash of leprechaun gold had been stolen by an evil wizard by the name of Eli Pandarus. Instead of being able to just assault his tower and take back the gold; Jake, Fu, Gramps, Trixie, and Spud had to go in for a lengthy covert mission to steal the gold back. Jake and Fu were able to sneak in inside instrument cases that were carried by Trixie and Spud. Once backstage they took a trap door down to the vault. They got inside using Eli's handprint on Fu's fur. Jake flew through the beams, much to Gramps's dismay, and got the gold. Unfortunately his tail tripped one of the beams and Eli was on to them. They fought a giant spider and escaped to the kitchen.

Jake, in a moment of genius, emptied the gold into one of the instrument cases and put a stew Trixie and Spud had made inside the pot instead. They were caught as they left Pandaris Tower and Eli took the pot, thinking it was the gold. Gramps came in for a last minute rescue and they got away. The team thought they had failed but Jake revealed he had stayed three steps ahead of his opponent, just like Gramps taught him in their chess game earlier.

Episode Nine:
It was soon time for the annual Dragon Summit. Jake was excited to go to a tropical island for some downtime, though it wasn't going to be much of a vacation. Him, Gramps, and Fu took a magical elevator through the world and to the Isle of Draco. He wanted to impress the Dragon Council as they made their appearance. Unfortunately, the first Australian Dragon tripped him on his skateboard and him flying at the council. One council member broke his skateboard and Jake crashed into one of the other members, making him unleash his frost breath and froze councilor Chang.

It was during his hearing the council decided to test him. He had to pass at least two of his three tests; the test of judgement in fire (power), the test of wisdom in battle (wisdom), and the test of courage in flight (courage. See what I did there?). Chang warned Gramps that he knew what would happen if Jake failed his tests. Gramps went to reserve the training field and told Jake to meet him there in 15 minutes. In that time, Jake pulled an embarrassing phone prank on the Australian Dragon named Fred Nerk then dumped ice cream toppings on him. At the practice field Fred was able to knock a bee's nest down on Jake's head, embarrassing him in return.

Between then and the first test, Jake and Nerk took turned pulling all sorts of pranks on each other, leading up to Fu giving Jake sneezing salts to throw on Nerk so he'd lose control of his fire breathing powers. Unfortunately one of the council members found him before he could and dragged him off to his test. Jake was doing alright in the judgment of fire test until he tripped and the sneezing salts fell out. Jake lost control of his powers and blew the entire course up, ending in his first failure. It was after he failed that he learned that the council didn't want Gramps to train Jake. He found out if he failed either of the next two tests that he would be assigned a new dragon master.

Next it was in the Hall of the Thirteen that Jake was training for his wisdom in battle. It was here he learned about the thirteen and the Dark Dragon, who was the number one threat to the magical world. He is a dragon consumed by dark magic and only one person had fought him and survived; Gramps himself. The continued their training and seeing Fu Dog in a siren outfit made Jake cringe. Their training was interrupted by Nerk and some magical stink bombs.

The test of Wisdom in Battle was against Jake and three Brownies. Jake seemed like he was going to fail in the battle when they tied him up. He was able to remember that Brownies were attracted to shiny things. He hit some dirt with fire and tricked them into going after it so he could untie himself. He tricked them again with the same dirt and fire trick into jumping into his hand, where he caught them between his claws and passed his second test.

The final test was soon after; Courage in Flight. This test was a flight around the silent around three magical rings. To pass however, he had to choose a competitor and win. He chose Nerk as a test to himself to raise to the challenge. The began the race on fairly equal footing, though Nerk was a jerk to the fairies holding the first ring, who Jake saved. Jake took the lead by the second ring and was about to head for the third when a shadow hand came out of a volcano and tried to grab him, only to grab Nerk instead. Jake could have won but he went back to save Nerk.

Waiting for Jake inside the volcano was The Dark Dragon. He wanted to capture Jake and turn him to his side. Jake was able to escape the Dark Dragon's shades and flew deeper into the volcano to find and free Nerk. They made their way to escape and the Dark Dragon reappeared. Jake told Nerk to go and he faced the Dark Dragon, though he could barely hold his own. Nerk came back and saved Jake and the two flew off together. They finished the race with Nerk winning by just a bit. Jake called fowl that the Dark Dragon had appeared and that was why he lost. Chang still failed Jake but the councilor in charge of the judgment in fire test have Jake extra credit for his test for him going back to save a fellow dragon; just enough to pass. So Jake and Lao Shi would still be a team. As they were leaving, Gramps let his suspicions known that he thought the council had a dark agent among them.

Episode Ten:
Some time later it was time for a big exam for Jake in Rotwood's mythology class that would count for 50% of his ending grade. He was trying to study for it though it was going badly as Rotwood was wrong about most things when it came to magical creatures. It was then he was told he had a mission to protect the Oracle Twins; Kara and Sara. A goblin was going to try and use their future sight powers to make bets on the Ogre Bowl; which was a game with ogre's on roller skates throwing boulders at each other.

Jake took the two to school so he could keep an eye on them. It then he realized if they had a vision, they couldn't help but blurt it out. Also due to how Sara saw only good things and Kara saw only bad things that their personalities were the opposite of their visions. Jake tried to use them to help him get the answers for the exam though it didn't go well. It was the day of the test that Jake was dragged away from the twins and left them in the hallway. He received a fairy message during the test that the twins had been captured, but he'd save them, but he'd be hit by a boulder flying at 180 miles per hour. Jake went to Gramps and Fu and got them to come help him. They went to the Ogre bowl and found the goblins and the twins. Herbert, the head goblin, grabbed the twins and ran out into the game.

Even though he knew he'd be hit by the boulder, Jake flew into the fray. He grabbed the twins and tossed them into a large ogre balloon and was hit by the boulder. Though he kept flying and it only tapped his tail. It was in his confusion he forgot to lay attention to where he was going and crashed into the stands. When he woke up he learned that though the boulder was flying at 180 miles per hour since he was clocked at 179, the boulder only hit him with the relative speed of 1 miles per hour. He saved the twins and Herbert was sent to jail. It was when he walked the twins home. Sara told him he should keep his optimism when he learned the terrible truth about Rose and closed the door on him.

Episode Eleven: NOTE: This is another case of an episode I had to move for the sake of continuity and just general time flow. As this is the Halloween episode and in a few episodes it's more the winter season and soon Valentine's Day, it makes more sense that this is here.

It was Halloween in the NYC and Gramps had promised to take Hailey out Trick or Treating this year. Jake was going to be in charge of the shop for the night but ended up accidentally rolling out of the shop in human form and right into a crowd of humans. As luck would have it, thanks to it being Halloween, the people thought Jake was just in costume. This gave Jake the idea to throw a party in the shop and invite not only humans from school but the magical creatures he knew. It took the promise of hot poodles to get Fu to go along with it but he was on board.

The party was huge and was a bit out of control but everyone was having fun. It ended up taking a turn for the worse after Jake's rap session on the roof when the Dragon Council stopped in for a surprise inspection of his training. They were displeased with what they saw and drained Jake of his powers right there on the spot. Jake left the party and wondered out onto the streets. It was there he discovered the Huntsclan had captured the dragon council. He followed after them, having a pair of harpies fly him after their Huntsman aircraft. They landed in a cemetery and Jake went off to find help. He discovered a kid dressed as Gramps and learned it was the hottest costume of the night and every kid was doing it. The boy mentioned something about partying and Jake ran back to the shop.

He discovered everyone cleaning up after the party and was surprised. He gathered the party forces and marched them to the Graveyard, where they ambushed the Huntsclan, freed the council members, and Jake's powers were given back to him. Everyone had a great party and Jake and Fu decided to never tell Gramps about what had happened.

Episode Twelve:
It was a bit later that a rare magical Egyptian scarab. Jake, Gramps, and Fu fought off the Huntsgirl and Huntsman and were able to capture it. It turned out the scarab had the power to bring back the dead. It was the next day at school that Jake decided to try out for the play Mark Antony and Cleopatra since Rose was Cleopatra. He got the part though Trixie tried to get him to simply ask her out rather than going along with the convoluted plan.

The first time they tried to rehearse for the play, they were in his Gramps's shop. They were trying to practice Act Four, Scene Fifteen, the big kiss scene. Jake got nervous and freaked out, ruining his chance to kiss Rose. He was embarrassed and tried to pass it off as nothing the next day and Rose seemed to think they hadn't earned the kiss yet. They tried again at Rose's "Uncle's" house the next night but her Uncle walked in and she had to first hide Jake and then kick him out before the Huntsman found out he was there. It was then he realized the scarab had been in his backpack and escaped into the house. It then crawled into Rose's backpack. The next night, the night of the play, they were practicing at Trixie's house when the scarab crawled out of Rose's pack and they spotted it going out the window.

Jake pretended to go to the bathroom where Rose pretended to get some air. On the roof they found as the American Dragon and the Huntsgirl until the scarab vanished. The went back inside, switched excuses as themselves, and went to the roof again. It was then the Huntsman appeared and took both the scarab and Huntsgirl. Rose and Jake met at the play later to say they couldn't do it due to family things.

They both promised to try to make it back in time and went their separate ways. Thanks to Spud's internet searching, they found the Huntsclan's tomb and crashed the resurrection attempt of the previous Huntsman clan. They were able to stop the ritual but Huntsgirl was injured. Jake made it back to the play once it was over and went on stage in time for Act Four, Scene Fifteen and found Spud as Cleopatra instead of Rose. Jake, having no other choice, kissed Spud on stage; making his best friend his first kiss.

The next day at school he found Rose and asked her what happened but she was injured. She said she tripped and fell during her family thing and Jake bought it. He was going to mention they should try to preform Romeo and Juliet during the Shakespeare on Ice event but instead, thanks to Trixie, just asked Rose out on a date instead. She said yes and he was the happiest boy in the world.

Episode Thirteen:
It was during Winter Break and time for the school Ski Trip. The day before Jake and Rose had had their first date and it had been nearly a perfect day in the snow until Rose was paged before they could kiss. Jake was growing irritated with the secrets and planned to reveal to Rose that he was a dragon. Trixie and Spud tried to warn him against it, though it was mostly Trixie who was against it. It was while they were getting on the bus for the trip they realized it was Rotwood who would be their chaperon.

Jake had wanted Rose to sit next to him on the trip up but Rotwood, impatient with her waving at Jake made her sit next to Brad instead. Jake was irritated by Brad hitting on Rose and trying to pretend to be sensitive. The trip up was rather uneventful. Once they made it to the ski resort, Rotwood passed out their Ski Passes and was trampled by the student body. Jake tried to talk to Rose again but she was dragged off onto the ski lift by Brad. It was then Jake had to explain to Trixie that Spud was terrified of the Sky Lift and had never gotten on it before. They spent the day trying to help him conquer his fear but to no avail.

After one of Spud's attempts to get on the lift Jake heard a roar. He used his dragon eyes to stop the Huntsgirl and an abominable snowman. Jake went dragon and fought the Huntsgirl. He was able to save the magical creature and the Huntsgirl ran off. Jake spotted something she dropped and called out to her. What she had dropped was her ski pass. It was then Jake knew Huntsgirl was part of their school.

He pulled Trixie and Spud into his attempts to draw out the Huntsgirl. First it was dressing Spud up like a Leprechaun and trying to draw her out that way. It failed. They went back to Trixie and Rose's room and caught Rose doing pull ups and upside down push ups using her bed's headboard. Trixie asked if Jake had seen it but Jake's response was she was working out. The next trap was a fake phone call from the Huntsmaster asking for Huntsgirl. It failed as Jake ended up tackling a poor foreign woman. It was then they spotted Rose asking for a new Ski Pass and then flipped a kid over her shoulder and onto Rotwood when he bumped into her. Trixie was then convinced Rose was Huntsgirl but Jake didn't want to believe it.

He followed Rose out into a blizzard, despite his friend's warnings, and went after her. He instead found Huntsgirl, who had laid a trap for him. He escaped and a fight broke out followed by a chase. Jake was able to pin Rose to a tree with thick ice icicles and took off her glove, finding Rose's dragon birthmark. She was going to attack Jake but Trixie and Spud tackled her. She escaped Spud's grip and ran for it. Jake didn't chase her and felt heartbroken. It was when they were going to head home that Rose wanted to sit by Jake but he told her the spot was taken. It hurt him to do it but he had to push her away.

Episode Fourteen:
Once the weather cleared up and a three day weekend appeared; Jake, Trixie, Spud, and Jake's Dad were going on a long weekend camping trip in New Jersey. Jake was embarrassed by his Dad and his singing, though Trixie and Spud were enjoying themselves. It was the first night there that a village of Sprites approached Jake for help from the Jersey Devil that was attacking their village. Jake fought the creature and was able to push it back but not defeat it. Getting no sleep, he opted to not go with his Dad on the bonding plans for the day and helped prepare the village for the next night when the Devil would return. Jake's day consisted of working on no sleep and feeling more and more tired.

Night came and Jake was found by Spud and Trixie who told him to stop being stupid. Jake was going to apologize to his Dad but the Devil showed up and they fought. The Devil took off for the village but between them and the village was the camp right. They reached the campsite to find it wrecked and Jake's dad missing. He grew angry and went after the Devil and was winning the fight until he got trapped in one of his own traps. The Devil knocked him off a cliff and Jake was about to fall when his Dad came out of nowhere and attacked the Devil, forcing it off the cliff and saved Jake. Jake and his Dad made up and enjoyed the rest of their camping trip and really bonded. The sprites dedicated a statue to Jake's dad and they went home, a closer pair of Father and Son.

Episode Fifteen:
Their next adventure would come when the gang discovered Eli Pandarus was holding a 'Miss Magical World' pageant on his private island. Sensing something was up; Jake, Gramps, Fu, and Veronica (A friend of Fu Dog's) sneaked into the pageant as contest (Veronica) and her stylists. It was during the first round that Veronica injured one of her many legs, as she had eight of them, and they had to disguise Fu as a woman instead. Their goal was to keep her in the competition long enough for them to discover Pandarus's plan and ruin it.

Jake and Gramps discovered that he had an altar under the stage and form there discovered a prophecy that the one who wed the "Fairest of them all" would be granted ultimate power. As luck would have it, they were captured and Fu won. He was about to be married to Pandarus when the other contestants appeared, freed the dragons, and together defeated Pandarus and stopped his plans.

Episode Sixteen:
The next adventure would come in the form of a Gremlin being loose in New York. It turned out Gremlin's loved to take apart electronics and forget to put them back together. The only way to beat it was to sing it to sleep with soft island jazz, though Jake refused as it wasn't cool enough. He ended up fighting the Gremlin in the subway without Gramps and the Gremlin escaped. Gramps was furious but Jake was proud of himself. What he didn't know was the Gremlin had crawled into his pocket and then into his backpack.

When he got home he discovered his Mom was busy at work in the kitchen for the event she was catering. Turned out she had been hired for a celebrity reception. Jake wasn't going to both her until his MP3 player started to ring. He answered it like a phone and went down to tell his Mom. It turned out because he had caused the subway to crash onto the street, one of her caterers wasn't going to make it to the event in time. Jake tried to help make up for it but things just kept going wrong. The Gremlin ruined his Mom's mushroom caps and ruined the entire kitchen.

Jake caught the Gremlin but not before it sent a fax of it's image to the hotel where the reception was to take place. He went to help his Mom prepare but was told to not touch anything due to his horrible luck with all things food preparation and serving. When his Mom and her assistants went to watch the wedding, Jake discovered the copied Gremlins that had come to life and ruined the reception hall. Jake was blamed for it as he was the only one there when they got back. Jake ended up ruining almost everything and couldn't stop the Gremlins on his own. So he finally owned up and sang the Hubba Hubba Hula on stage, using the TV cameras to broadcast it across the city and put all the Gremlins to sleep. He saved the reception and his Mother's business, though it's pretty much a sure bet she's not letting him help ever again.

Episode Seventeen:
It was later that Chang again made a reappearance, stating the Dark Dragon had been spotted in the sewers of New York. Jake wanted to go and for once Chang agreed but Gramps forbid Jake from following. Jake began to complain once they left about how Gramps was so serious. Fu decided to tell Jake, Trixie, and Spud a story about Gramps and when he first fought the Dark Dragon. It turned out Gramps was just as cocky as Jake back in the day, only Disco like. They listened to the story and after ward he remembered that it was Chang that sent Gramps on his way to the Dark Dragon and it was a trap. He realized Chang was the dark agent and he had to go save him.

Jake gathered the Oracle Twins, the Tooth Fairy, Trixie, Spud, and Fu Dog. They fought the Dark Dragon and his minions. They were able to capture Chang and thanks to the Tooth Fairy and Oracle Twin's help, Jake defeated the dark dragon and saved Gramps. It was then Jake realized Gramps was his hero and used him to write about for his punishment paper assigned to him by his Principal.

Episode Eighteen:
Memorial Day came along and Jake, Trixie, and Spud decided to make it the best day ever at Coney Island. The three enjoyed a day of food, rides, and attractions before finally visiting the sideshow. It was there they discovered a real Unicorn had been captured by the carnies. They broke the Unicorn free as if they didn't get her back to her herd that night, she would die. They went on a chasing adventure from Coney Island all the way to Central Park. They returned the Unicorn to her herd and the three really did have the best day ever.

Episode Ninteen:
It was a few days later that Trixie and Spud were beginning to feel like useless sidekicks to Jake after an attempt to save a fairy went bad with them getting caught and Spud making the fairy throw up. The next day Jake and Gramps were going to a retreat for Dragons and their Dragon Masters on the Isle of Draco. Jake went with Gramps but the two continued to fail their exercises because one or the other decided to call the shop to check on Fu, Trixie, and Spud. When they got home, they at first fooled that nothing went wrong until the counter fell apart and Gramps noticed the motorcycle tracks on the ceiling.

Episode Twenty:
Sometime later Jake's Mom and Dad got an idea from a Mother's Monthly magazine to make a bunch of notes to Jake and hid them everywhere among his stuff. He was irritated by the corniness and uselessness of the notes and was really getting angry. Meanwhile, he was called in by a pair of giant parents whose son had ran away. They tracked him to an underground wrestling ring in New York but Hobie refused to go home. So Jake went undercover as a dragon costumed wrestling named Dragon Fire. He made his way to the top of the ranks and beat Hobie finally. It was then they discovered Hobie had told the leader of the wrestling ring about his village.

They went to defend the village and did so, saving the giants and beating the manager and his wrestler thugs. One of Jake's notes came in handy for the battle and once Hobie was returned home, he made his parents breakfast and left them a pair of notes that when put together said; Thank you Mom and Dad. Love Jake.

Episode Twenty-One:
Jake was still wrestling with his feelings on Rose and not knowing exactly if she was a friend of foe. He was avoiding her as best he could and it just hurt him more. That night he was baited into a trap and captured by the Huntsclan. He woke up in one of their vehicles chained to a group of magical creatures; a rather simple giants with stinky feet, a mermaid afraid of water, a brownie, and a leprechaun with bad luck. The group were to be released and given a 10 minute head start before the Huntsclan were going to hunt them down and kill them.

Jake was able to break them out early by stealing a key from Huntsgirl during their talk the night before the hunt. It took quite a bit to get the group to work as a team and were able to trick the Huntsclan to shoot the chains that bound them together to free themselves. Jake then planned on training the creatures to battle the Huntsclan and win but the training didn't go well. It was when the Huntsclan was close that Jake tried to lure them away but was captured. The creatures finally banded together and helped to defeat the Huntsclan. Jake was recaptured by Rose and was about to be slain when he revealed himself to her, hoping she'd let him go. She did actually and ran off.

It was the next day at school he didn't see Rose. He went to the Principal and found out she had transferred out of the school and left him the picture of them together at the dance. Rose was gone.

Season Two: NOTE: Due to the art style changes between the first and second season, certain factors about Jake were retconned. His dragon form is skinnier to accent him still being young as well as Hailey's overall look changing. Due to my personal preference, I'm using season 1 art for the icons and will be more combining the two into his overall description to try and balance the two.

Episode One:
It has been about three months since Rose disappeared and Jake has been unable to find her. His first new real adventure comes when one of the Gorgon sisters, Fury, is released from her stone prison and sets out to free her other sisters and reclaim the world as theirs. Jake first meets Fury at a corporation headquarters where one of her sisters is being kept. They fight and they seem fairly evenly matched until Fury calls in her hypnotized cheerleader minions. Jake wasn't able to win against them as he had to hold back due to them being human. Fury escaped with her sister's statue and fled.

The next day Jake and the gang checked the gym and found the cheer leaders seemed fine and the hypnosis seemed to have an on/off again effect. They decided with Gramps that they needed someone to go undercover as cheerleader to get in tight with the girls and notify them if they were summoned again when Fury found Medusa as they couldn't. Trixie had volunteered but Jake and Spud laughed at the idea, seeing Trixie as more as one of the guys than a girl. Spud tried to infiltrate the group as the new mascot and was turned down. Much to Jake's surprised, Trixie showed up to try out for the squad.

Jake was surprised Trixie got on the squad and worried about Trixie. He warned her the undercover thing could take days if not weeks. Trixie said she could handle being a girl for that long. It was then the cheerleaders came down the hall and she shoved Jake and Spud into a janitor's closet so they wouldn't be seen together.

The next day at school Jake walked up through half of Trixie laying into Spud as part of her last cheerleader test. She tore him a new one, verbally and Jake was once again shocked and disturbed. He tried to talk to her in class and was able to give her the mic they were setting her up with for the slumber party with the cheerleaders. He was surprised and scared by his friend's new attitude.

At the slumber party, Jake and Spud were trying to listen in to the conversations going on but Trixie turned off the audio. It was then the cheerleaders left under the Gordon's control. Jake and Spud didn't realize they had left and tried to listen in through the door and realized there was no noise. They busted in to find the girls on and went off looking for Trixie. Luckily and strangely enough, Spud had developed a tracking system for Stacy, one of the cheerleaders he had a crush on. They found Trixie, the cheerleaders, and the Gorgons on a boat trying to fish out Medusa. Trixie had been hypnotized as well and fought against Jake. They freed Medusa and with the three of them, they turned Jake to stone.

Jake wouldn't be back in the game until after the Gordon sisters had been turned against each other. He was blasted free of his stone prison just in time to watch the sisters turn each other to stone and then the ship they were on crashed into rocks and sank. The three sisters were lost in the Hudson river. The gang made up and the three of them were complete friends again after Trixie quit the cheer squad.

Episode Two:
Unfortunately things wouldn't be all good forever. With no word about Rose for so long, missing her was beginning to consume Jake. His grades were slipping, he was making bad choices, and he couldn't focus. It was when Jake was describing a dream he had about Rose and woke up with her mask in his hand that was the last straw for Grandpa. He told him he couldn't look for a dream spell to contact Rose as he had other responsibilities. Fu wanted to help Jake as he could see the kid wanted closure and offered to help make him a portal potion to find her. The only problem was the final ingredient was venom from a demon.

Jake wanted to help find it and Fu promised to keep an eye out for any sightings. It was then Jake was approached by his Home Economics teacher about his failing grade. She offered him a chance at extra credit if he baked cupcakes for the schools festival and for everyone he sold he'd get one point of extra credit. He agreed. It was that night the demon appeared in Central Park through a dimensional rift. Jake fought the demon and gathered it's venom before it fled.

He invited Trixie and Spud over to help him make the cupcakes while he and Fu made the potion. Unfortunately it was then the ingrediance got mixed up and Jake put vanilla inside the potion and Spud put the venom in the cupcakes. As expected, the spell was a failure and they had no idea why.

It was the next night that they would realize their mistake when people started to eat the cupcakes and mutated into horrible mutant abominations. Jake, unfortunately, couldn't fight the monsters as they were people inside. He had to find the last remaining cupcake and use it to open a portal to the demon's dimension and kill it. Then everyone would return to normal. They secured the cupcake and made the potion. What happened though was two portals opened. One to the demon's realm and the other to Rose. Jake hesitated and poked the portal, alerting Rose to his presence. He told her he was sorry and leaped into the other portal to confront the demon. He killed it and everyone returned to normal.

He was on the roof of his Grandpa's shop that night with the picture of him and Rose. He told Fu he was going to give up on her but deep down it wasn't want he wanted. Fu changed his mind, stating he needed to keep looking but not let it consume his life.

Episode Three:
It was a week before the Fall Dance that Sara and Kara appeared again. Sara has a vision about the Huntsman having a plan to destroy all magical creatures in the world though she couldn't see much besides a circle of skulls. Kara saw them capturing some Huntsclan agents which led to them using a device to intercept one of the Huntsclan's teleportation signals and ground the people traveling. That was how they first encountered recruits 88 and 89. They imprisoned the two and found that they were going to be teleported to a secret Huntsclan training facility upstate. In order to access the Huntsclan's mainframe, Jake and Spud went undercover as 88 and 89 to infiltrate the school and gain the information; hoping it would reveal what the Huntsman was up to.

They got into the school and it was in their first class they came across Rose. She was helping to demonstrate dragon weaknesses with Jake as the pretend dragon. She left the class stating to never show a dragon mercy, ever. Jake and Spud were scouting out the mainframe room when Jake was grabbed, slammed, and unmasked by Rose, who seemed surprised that he was there. She didn't know anything since she had lost the Huntsman's faith but promised to help them. She got them back to their room before bed check but told Jake to not try to save her as it was useless.

Jake and Spud attended their classes as normal until there was a test in Dragon Slaying class. They were to create a venom lethal to dragons but Jake's potion created an explosion and only would give them temporary illusion of death. For their punishment the two were thrown to a Kraken. Jake and Spud kept avoiding the monster but they couldn't do anything to beat it. Rose told them to keep moving and went to shut down the lights. Once everything went dark, Jake chained up the monster and trapped it. The lights turned back on and Spud was harold as the one who defeated the monster as Jake was nowhere to be seen.

Jake was just glad that Rose was truly on their side while Spud had girls fighting over him, literally. Rose devised a plan so during the Academy Dance they could get into the computer vault and hack the system. Her distraction worked and the three made their way to the computers. They got the information and went to leave but Jake refused to let Rose go. He went after her only to find the real 88 and 89 had escaped and came to the Academy. He went dragon to try and escape but was captured. Spud switched numbers with another student to avoid getting captured himself. The Huntsman then decided to pit Huntsgirl and Jake against each other. If she slayed the dragon he would let her join him out in the field again.

Rose went to free Jake that night but he wouldn't let her, telling her she needed to slay him so she could work to stop his plot. Rose insisted there was another way and Jake came up with a plan. The next day at Dawn, the two were put in a cage together and sent into the arena. It was on the way up they had their first kiss as Jake's last request. He went dragon and the two battled it out for the Huntsclan. It was a tough battle but in the end, Jake was knocked down and when the Huntsman checked him declared he was slain.

It turned out that Jake's plan had been to fake his death by having Rose whip up another fail dragon venom that he had made and had her plant it in the arena. He found it and drank it, giving him the temporary illusion of death. The two escaped but without any of the data. It was at the dance at their normal school that Jake reunited with Rose. He was glad she was back but because the Huntsman was watching, she said they couldn't be seen together too much for safety reasons. Poor Jake was still left dateless at the dance.

Episode Four:
It was later that he was sent to Principal Decerto's office. Decerto was worried about Jake's seemingly deteriorating behavior and records but Jake couldn't focus as Fu was jumping up and down in the window of the school, trying to get Jake's attention. He left her office feeling bad that he was in trouble and couldn't fully explain himself. Jake met Gramps, Trixie, and Spud at the docs. Gramps had received a message from the mermaid city in the east river.

They were meeting at the docks to be taken to the mermaid city via transport. They met up with the mermaid Jake was chained to during the hunt in season one. Jake was then told about a Kelpie that had escaped a year ago. They wanted to warn Jake that the Kelpie might have figured out what he was and be after him as there was a flurry of attacks in his neighborhood. Jake and the gang were studying up on the Kelpie and Jake was again disappointed that with his parents out of town he wasn't partying and having fun. The gang then discovered Fu on a dating website and Jake decided to make a profile for his Gramps and try to set him up on a date only each of the candidates ended up not being right.

Gramps found out and punished Jake. During his punishment he heard screams from outside and followed them to find some magical creatures who said they were attacked by the Kelpie. He tried to find it but it was nowhere to be seen. He called it out, telling it he would be waiting and went home. He heard laughter downstairs and ended up discovering his Prinicpal and his Grandpa talking and laughing. The two began dating and double teaming Jake about his problems and making him their go between. Jake's plan had backfired.

It was a few nights later that Jake heard another noise outside his Grandpa's shop. He went to investigate and found a wounded unicorn with a Kelpie bite. He then ran into Principal Decerto, who was acting strangely. It was then he began to suspect she might be the Kelpie. Jake, Spud, and Trixie went to break into Decerto's office to see if they could find some evidence of her being the Kelpie. They found a pair of rusted cuffs in her office and took them to Gramps but he didn't believe them.

Jake devised a plan to capture Decerto but it went wrong. He was able to capture her but it turned out she was a mermaid and she thought he was the Kelpie. It turned out she was a detective sent to find the Kelpie. Once they sorted out the confusion they tired to hurry back to Gramps but he had already been fed on by the Kelpie. The fought the Kelpie and were able to capture it. Unfortunately this meant that Decerto would have to leave for a new undercover mission and end her relationship with Gramps. And more unfortunate would be Rotwood being made principal after she left.

Episode Five:
Jake's schedule began to get out of hand within a short time of Rotwood taking over as Principal. He was being overworked in school, dragon training, preparing for a double dutch contest with Trixie and Spud, as well as house chores, babysitting his sister, and his dad signing him up for Cougar boy lessons. He was also being taught to create chi doppelgangers as a decoy maneuver for dragon training.

He was practicing with Fu as Gramps was away for the week reporting to the dragon council. Jake's doppelgangers kept being failures though. So Fu gave Jake some chi amplifying powder to help him learn. Jake then got the brilliant idea to use doppelgangers to do the things in life he was too busy to do. In the end he created about 6 doppelgangers total. Then one of them accidentally tripped up Brad and he challenged Jake to a fight. This lead to the dragon boy made another doppelganger to do this but accidentally used the negative chi amplifier. This made a pure evil Jake who was to take the beating from Brad, but this didn't go according to plan.

Evil Jake ended up beating Brad and revolted against Jake. He didn't want to be reabsorbed and attacked Jake. Evil Jake beat Jake and escaped. Jake went to Fu and told him what happened and Fu informed him that with each doppelganger he had it weakened him. He needed to reabsorb his other doppelgangers in order to get his strength back. As Jake went to find his doppelgangers, Evil Jake kept beating him to them and absorbing them himself. He ended up absorbing them all and then went for the original.

Jake and Fu ran from Evil Jake but Jake refused to lay low until Gramps came back. He went out to find Evil Jake and confronted him. They fought and Evil Jake was about to absorb Jake when he finally made a true doppelganger by himself. He was able to knock his doppelgangers out of Evil Jake and once he freed them all, he reabsorbed Evil Jake and the other doppelgangers. He then used help and prioritizing to fix his schedule and was able to have a semi-peaceful life again.

Episode Six
It was winter again and Jake and Rose were on a walk. They were talking about how nice it was they didn't have the secrets between them anymore. It was during the walk they spotted 88 and 89 running from a giant snake. The pair ran off after trying to make fun of Rose and Jake as a couple, leaving the pair to fight the snake. Jake and Rose took care of it though 88 and 89 did see Rose fighting with the dragon and ran off to tell the Huntsman. Afterwards, Rose worried about that very thing happening, told Jake they had to keep their distance for now so they could both be safe.

Jake wanted to devise a plan to get him and Rose to spend more time together and when the opening came for a joint science experiment, he used his dragon powers to draw Rose's name from a hat. The two set up a study date at the library for the next night and Jake was looking forward to it until he discovered he was going through the molting. Every 10 or so years a dragon sheds their skin and be doing so, become very nasty looking. Jake was afraid of Rose saw him like that that she would no longer like him. It was then they discovered what the Huntsman was after; thirteen crystal skulls that if brought together would spell the end to all magical creatures.

The next day he went to school and found Trixie and Spud. He was already nearing the end of the molting cycle so his skin was gray and more or less hanging off of him. Jake then spent the day trying to avoid Rose like the plague so she wouldn't see him during his molting. He met her at the library and told her they couldn't see each other for a while, even at school before he ran off. He found Fu at Gramps's shop who had gotten a message from Rose in his dreams. He went to Central Park and fought the guardian snake again and was able to get the skull and fly off.

It was later that Rose came to warn Jake that the Huntsman could use the guardian snake to track the skull he had stolen. And he did. He found Jake in dragon form in an alleyway and killed the snake once it found him. They fought and Rose was able to save Jake from him. With some quick thinking from Spud and Trixie, they used their science project to help Jake shed his skin and Rose used it as proof of her loyalty to the Huntsman, securing her place in New York. Jake was glad that things were fixed but knew they still couldn't be seen together too much so Rose gave him his own dream charm so they could spend time together in their dreams.

Episode Seven:
Jake was excited about being chosen to be the next cover story of a magical magazine while he was out on patrol sometime after the events of the last episode. He was trying to take on some Hobgoblins but ended up getting tied up by them. Hailey, with her new teacher and training, came to his rescue and Jake was instantly jealous. All his life Hailey had been better than him and he was worried she was going to be better in this too and take it away from him.

The next night was his photo shoot and it was him trying to take on a ogre with a magical medallion. After he was beaten, Hailey used her smarts to get it away from the ogre instead. The next day, during the photo shoot at his training session, Gramps's rather harsh training leg to more embarrassing photos of Jake and the team decided to focus on Hailey instead.

It was around this time Jake met Marty, the Grim Reaper who was friends with Fu Dog. Since Marty was so great at pulling pranks, Jake decided to try and pull one on Hailey at her photo shoot. He spiked her drink with magical dragon salts that would force her to loose control of her powers. He was going to take it back when she showed him the embarrassing story the magazine was going to write when Hailey asked them to put in something about Jake. So he had her drink her water and during her shoot, she lost control of all of her powers. It was then the Hobgoblins attacked and kidnapped her.

Jake was frantic and went to Fu to try and find a way to save her. Marty gave them a device that he used to go to people in mortal danger as a courtesy call. He found Hailey just in time and freed her. Together they defeated the Hobgoblins. In the end his fears of being replaced were put to an end by Gramps and he was still the main story in the article, featuring a two page picture of him in his boxers.

Episode Eight:
It was a bit later that Jake had to take on the Huntsman for the Euchrono Hourglass, a magical device that would allow the wielder to travel in time. Jake was able to take on the Huntsman and save the hourglass though he was caught on TV at a baseball game and got in major trouble with his parents as he was supposed to be at the library. He was grounded from TV and video games for two weeks and couldn't defend himself. He was talking to his Mom when she told him that she was going to tell his Dad about magical creatures 20 years ago.

Jake then got the idea to use the hourglass to go back in time and make sure his mom delivered the letter to his dad about her being a dragon. It didn't go over well as they broke up and it endangered his very existance. He tried to get them back together but his Gramps tried to hook him and his Mom up instead as he never approved of the relationship to begin with. To make things worse, the past Huntsman attacked Jake at the beach and failed to slay him, so he took his Father instead. He went to his Gramps to get help to save Johnathan and as a team, infiltrated the Huntsclan lair while his Dad was being interrogated. Though Johnathan refused to tell them anything about the dragons and were going to torture him when they sprung into action to save him.

They were able to act as a team, freed Johnathan, and destroyed the Huntsclan Lair. Unfortunately it was this vent that sent the Huntsman on his path to try and destroy all magical creatures. They ended up convincing Johnathan that everything about the dragons was a dream and went back to the present. It was then they got busted for time traveling by Gramps, only to have a future Fu dog come back from the past.

Jake ended up being happy with his life and and got over his anger at being punished. Luckily his Dad decided to let Jake off the hook only Jake was then grounded again because he was caught in one of the pictures in the past. Oops.

Episode Nine:
Though being grounded wasn't so bad as Jake and Rose had been going out on dates in their dreams. The down side to this was that Jake was having increasing tardies in his attendance. This lead Rotwood to one final attempt to flunk Jake out of the seventh grade. He was going to make him do an exam on a scientist but refused to tell him which one so he wouldn't pass.

Jake was in the library studying with Trixie and Spud but it wasn't going well as he had 43 hours to study every great scientific mind in history. He studied as much as he could before meeting Rose on their dream date but he was distracted. Rose had an idea on how to help Jake and pulled him into the in between dreams corridor. All dreams existed within the same realm so they were able to travel into Rotwood's subconscious.

They found that in the upper levels of Rotwood's subconscious, he was presented an award for his work. The deeper they delved however, they discovered Rotwood being rejected by a woman he proposed too. Deeper still was his childhood memories. Deeper still was baby Rotwood, the answers to the test, and a chimera. It had been trapped deep inside Rotwood's subconscious. Jake and Rose fought the monster and were able to get away from it and exited Rotwood's subconscious. The problem was Jake forgot to shut Rotwood's dream door.

The next morning, his parents were both really grouchy and argued with each other. Trixie was upset that Jake didn't grab answers for her. Spud, himself, was also cranky as he was arguing with his Grandma about her new boyfriend. Rose found Jake and pulled him, Spud, and Trixie into the library. They found out that the chimera was wondering around people's dreams and causing terrible night terrors. It was then they realized Jake had messed up. And Gramps was not pleased to hear it.

New York was literally falling to pieces because of it. Their plan was Rose, Jake and the game would enter the dream world, find the chimera, meet Gramps in his dreams for the snare for the beast, and force it back into Rotwood's subconscious. So all of them entered the dream realm and went after the chimera. It first entered Trixie's dream world where she had to preform surgery.

While chasing the chimera, Jake stopped check out Brad's dream and got a picture of him as a ballerina. From there they made it to Gramps's dream and found Lao Shi dancing in a disco. He tried to make up a lie for what he was doing though Jake told him to skip it. With the snare, they just had to uncork the magic jar and it would be sucked into it. The chimera then went into Spud's dream, which was a Batman parody.

They found the chimera and were almost about to capture the chimera when Rotwood woke them up in the school library. Trixie was able to distract Rotwood by tossing a potato bomb she pulled out of the dream world into the real one and hit Rotwood's car. Once he left, they re-entered the dream world where Spud was still fighting the monster in his dream.

Jake lost the snare when he was tackled by the chimera and left Rose to try and tire out the chimera. Jake swam to the bottom of the river in the city, only to be grabbed by a strange octopus creature in Spud's dream. Spud was able to save him from it and he rushed off to reunite with Rose.

They reunited in Spud's dream and Jake captured the Chimera. They dropped the beast back into Rotwood's subconscious and they woke up. The next day Jake realized that the trip into the dream world was going to be like studying and he didn't need to look at the answer key. The test ended up being on Rotwood himself and he answered it all correctly.

Episode Ten:
Soon enough the standardized tests were coming up. Jake and Trixie were actually studying while Spud was trying to be a mime. Jake then decided to do what he could for Spud and convince him to take the test for real. To do this he had Spud take his test for him and then switch their names. This got Spud a perfect score on the test for the first time in history for their school.

Rotwood spent the next day in a half trying to disprove Spud's brilliance but it wouldn't work. Then an agent from MGI, the Manhattan Genius Institute. It turned out he was there for Spud. Spud was offered a place in the institute, which was a two week program to help cultivate his talents and an anonymous benefactor offered to pay his tuition.

Fu showed up with a lead that someone was storing a powerful magical artifact in the subway and the gang went to find it. Spud was upset about Jake's actions though and wasn't letting it go. They ended up finding it and it was a purple glowing box. It turned out Eli Pandarus was the one hiding the box. He appeared to take back the box and use it to take over the magical world.

Jake tried to fight Pandarus off but he summoned his minion trolls to fight for him. While Jake was dealing with the minions, Pandarus was able to get the box and escape. It turned out the box was actually Pandora's box. They then began to think Pandarus was related to Pandora and able to control the evil kept inside it.

The next day Jake and Trixie walked Spud to his first day at the institute. Jake wanted to apologize to Spud and convince him that it wasn't going to be as horrible as he thought it would be. Jake and Trixie were researching on the box, though Jake was the only one researching while Trixie was watching the mime channel. In truth the box had been modified with a box a few years back and couldn't be undone without breaking the magical code.

Jake and Trixie continued looking for answers on the internet but couldn't find anything. So they went with Fu to an ice cream bar and met Pandarus's old assistant; Monty Hall. They were using him to get information on Pandarus and they were told Pandarus took over MGI and was using the geniuses to break the code.

The one who broke the code was Spud. Trixie and Jake were able to sneak into Pandarus's hideout by disguising themselves as troll guards and walked right inside. Jake arrived for the box just before Pandarus could open the box. Pandarus slapped him aside and tried to get rid of Spud. Jake wanted to getting pummeled by Pandarus's magic until Trixie came to his rescue and they double teamed Pandarus and Spud was able to steal his wands. Spud then used magic to beat Pandarus and they got the box.

Spud returned to school with him and Jake was able to apologize for making Spud do what he was doing. Spud was glad it had happened because it taught him he was glad when he used his true intelligence. So everyone was happy.

Episode Eleven:
It was a bit later that Jake and the gang were handing out at the arcade when Brad decided to try and kick them out. Jake challenged him to a game for the table. Unfortunately dragon boy's only dollar was a wrinkled mess. The Amdrag was angry that he didn't have money like Brad. He ran into a gang of leprechauns on his way home who were being chased by a group of Hobgoblins after their gold.

Jake stepped in and defended the leprechauns. After he beat the hobgoblins, they leprechauns gave Jake some told for his time. He tried to give it back but they insisted he keep it. The head leprechaun said if he ever wanted to see a true pot of gold to follow the rainbow. Fu confirmed that the coin was real and Jake was excited. Gramps was not happy and wanted Jake to return it so he wouldn't get the pull towards the money. Instead they told Jake to return the gold and get a part-time job. They were still looking for the crystal skulls and had a lead on it though they couldn't pin down the location.

The next day at school Jake got instant popularity for his gold coin and it went right to Jake's head. Jake, hungry for more, used the coin to find the leprechauns again in their import-export store. The shop was under attack by a giant though as he was an unsatisfied customer. Leprechauns didn't do refunds though. Jake tried to talk the giant down with words rather than fighting him. He ended up tricking the giant that there weren't any leprechauns and that he wasn't angry and had him skip away happy.

The leprechauns then offered Jake a job as protector. He'd protect them a bit more than other creatures and in exchange they'd pay him in gold as well as golden gifts. His signing bonus being a golden moped. He worked for the leprechauns and continued to get more gold for his services. Jake was shirking his responsibilities in exchange for working with the leprechauns.

The leprechauns called and Jake was ordered to go find a magical pixie box in an old hobgoblin treasure trove. He took Trixie and Spud along and unfortunately sprang the booby traps in the cave. They got the box and were told to meet the buyer at the cave as his human form. The buyer was the Huntsman and inside the box was one of the crystal skulls. Jake was unable to get the skull back and confronted Brackamus, the head leprechaun about what had happened and told him they had just given the Huntsman part of the power he could use to eliminate all magical creatures.

Gramps was horribly angry for what Jake had done. They then planned a massive ambush on the Huntsman and the squad he was going to bring the box for a counter curse as the leprechaun lied about the box being cursed. Jake was able to gather an army of beings he had stopped from stealing gold from the leprechauns and sicked them on the Huntsclan for all the gold he had, along with all the other gifts from his employers. They won the battle and were able to get the box back, along with the skull. Jake quit his job with the leprechauns in the end and though everything went back to normal at school, Jake was happy to have real respect than bought respect.

Episode Twelve:
Sometime later it was time for a family reunion for Jake's Mom's side of the family. As they had still kept the secret about magical creatures from his Dad, they decided to have Gramps and him drive to Florida for the reunion while the rest of the family flew there and hoped he wouldn't make it until after it was over.

When they arrived, Jake was shrugged off to the kids table for dinner while his annoying cousin got his spot because the family favored him due to the fact he got his dragon powers. Jake quickly got angry and challenged Gregory to a test of dragon might. They had three tests, one Jake won, one Gregory won on a technicallity, and the other was chasing off a distressed shark woman who was trying to find help.

Jake went after her and discovered she was on the run from evil sharks who wanted Neptune's trident to flood North America and take it over. Jake was going to protect her and find a way to defeat the shark men when they appeared and took his family hostage. They found the trident in the shark woman's stomach and their leader got it. Jake and Gregory fought him and ended up trapping him and his minions with the trident. In the end a fight broke out among the family due to Jake and Gregory fighting over Gregory's ego. In the end Johnathan and Gramps made it in time and everyone but the two of them was banished to the kids table and the family finally got along.

Episode Thirteen:
A few weeks later Vidgame Con came to New York. Jake couldn't go due to his parent's "no going out on a school night" rule. Jake was going to try to trick his parents by leaving a chi doppelganger in his room and leave but due to Hailey bursting in, he was caught trying to sneak out. His parents were angry and set up a security system on Jake's window so he couldn't open it without an alarm going off. Jake was trapped inside his own room.

Jake blamed Hailey for him getting in trouble and made fun of her for being such a goodie-to-shoes. She told him she wanted to watch a show called Pooka Pooka Fun-Fun Farm but their Dad wouldn't let her. He offered to teach her his technique for watching shows their parents didn't like in exchange for breaking him out of his room. One of the methods was saying he wanted to help clean Gramps's supply closet and use the TV in there to watch her show.

Jake caught Hailey trying to sneak into their own house and he was amused by her strange reaction to breaking the rules. So he had Hailey find a way to counteract and turn off the security system on his room and they went to the VidGame Con together. Jake enjoyed the Con and planned on meeting up with Hailey at the house at midnight. Hailey was late however and Jake was angry. Unfortunately his sister was beginning to go crazy and robbed Gramps's shop on the way home. Obviously something was very wrong with her.

The next morning, Hailey came downstairs dressed like a punk. She was coping an attitude to her family and ran off to school. Jake was talking to Spud and Trixie about it and realized he had taken Hailey too far too fast. At school he caught her using her dragon powers to rob an ice cream truck. Jake followed Hailey and found her robbing a vending machine. He chased her all over the city, trying to get her to stop breaking all the rules. He caught her finally and the two ended up fighting until Hailey ran off to watch her Pooka Pooka show.

He found her at home watching the show. Her dragon master called and hearing the TV over the phone discovered the puppet was actually a real Pooka that cast mind control spells over the TV and had all the kids working to create chaos across the city. He was gathering the small kids at the last night of VidGame Con. They found Pooka Pooka and his new army of children. He charged the army down to the subway to escape Jake and Sun though it didn't work. Sun was able to use her meditation training to help break the spell on some of the kids but Hailey defended Pooka and attacked Jake.

The siblings fought on the subway train. The two seemed evenly matched with Jake having more experience but Hailey fighting dirty. Jake was knocked out of the train and tried to chase after it, hoping to catch up and free Hailey from the spell of the Pooka. Jake was able to catch up to her and kept fighting her. Knowing he couldn't beat Hailey, he called his Mom and began telling on them both. The sound of them both being in trouble turned Hailey against Pooka and the two of them defeated the puppet. The two made up over Jake's teasing and both knew they were going to be grounded for a long time together.

Episode Fourteen:
It was sometime later that Jake was having his usual contest at the skate park to see who could best him when a foreign exchange student from England popped up out of nowhere; Nigel Trawl. Jake challenged Nigel to a rap off and the foreign exchange student too the victory in the end. It was this that sparked their rivalry.

Afterward Jake was pouting because of the defeat. Trixie was looking over the school elections though Jake really didn't care. Spud told Jake he needed to beat Nigel something he was good at. Seeing Nigel throw in his hat for school president pushed Jake to run for the position as well. That day Jake was helping Fu dog clean out his Grandpa's shop since another one had opened across the street and to stay in business they had to compete. It was then Jake found the Helmet of Truth, a magical artifact that let the wearer read people's truest thoughts. Jake was instantly interested in it and put it on. He was able to read Trixie and Spud's minds with it.

The next day Jake and the gang were campaigning and one of Trixie's were to put books online. It was then Nigel burst in with a marching band and was throwing out free shirts for his campaign. It unfortunately was working as free things do sell and Spud even had some. It was when they went to return Spud's free stuff to Nigel when they discovered he was a wizard.

Nigel was in New York to finish his magical training. Jake was angry that they were so alike and challenged each other to a magic off for the campaign. Best magic to win. They both threw pranks back and forth which wasn't helping Jake's campaign. To get the upper hand in the campaign, Jake decided to use the helmet of truth to figure out what the student's cared about by reading their minds. It was working as well.

Nigel found Jake as he was popular and told him he would overcome him through magic. They were walking with his friends and found Gramps's shop was broken into. Jake was sure it was Nigel that broke into his Grandpa's shop. Nigel told him he didn't do it though Jake didn't believe him. The two began to fight rather than attending the debate. Jake used the helmet of truth to read Nigel's mind and realized he didn't do it. It was then they found the original ogre owner of the helmet and Jake tried to fight him on his own, which failed. Nigel tried the same thing and they both failed and the Ogre tossed them aside like rag dolls.

He called his Gramps and learned he and Nigel had to join forces and to not let the ogre get the helmet but that failed. He got it and was able to tie up both Jake and Nigel and took them to the roof of the school. Jake and Nigel were able to defeat him by pulling the fire alarm and using the overload of teen thoughts to beat him. The two went to the election results and realized that Trixie and Spud had won the election in a tie as write-in candidates. Jake learned feuding was useless and was glad it was over.

Episode Fifteen:
It was some time later that Jake was in line in the cafeteria and Rotwood made an appearance to declare he was hosting a Filmore Fest, an event to showcase to parents all the good at the school. He used Jake as an example of how not to dress, humiliating him in front of everyone. That was when Jake decided he was going to get payback on Rotwood at the end that night.

At Filmore Fest, Rotwood was carried onto the stage by the football team and was planning a great speech for the teachers and students present. Unfortunately the teleprompter began to show the wrong thing for the speech and everything began to go wrong when Rotwood pushed a student and the woodcarved statue of Millard Filmore broke. He then yelled at Milly, the descendant of Filmore and everything went from back to worse.

It was the next day they found out Rotwood had been fired because of the prank. Jake actually felt a little bad but was glad when he realized his prank made him the most popular kid in school. Trixie, however, realized that the new Principal could be bad. Though Mr. Brock seemed to be a fun principal that liked rock and wanted to upgrade the lunch menu. Times seemed golden. That was until a magical creature appeared in the boiler room of the school. Jake and the gang went down to investigate it and found a giant bug monster that could spit web.

Jake took down the monster without going dragon and ended up having to fight three more without going dragon. Brock appeared out of nowhere and seemed proud of Jake. It was then Brock made his true intentions clear; he was looking for the dragon at his school. He had planted the bugs in the basement and wanted Jake to help him capture the dragon. He had a vial of Brockium, a chemical he made to expose dragons. He was going to use the substance on Jake and it dripped on his hand. Brock missed his hand transforming and being stuck as a claw.

He told his Grandpa about it and was told he had to get Brock fired like how he got Rotwood fired. It was later he found Rotwook dumpster diving for food. He told Rotwood about Brock being the principal and it turned out Brock was the one who taught Rotwood everything he knew. So he decided to team up with Rotwood to get rid of Brock.

Jake's first plan ended up a complicated ugly mess. It failed horribly. Brock pulled Jake into his office when he discovered Jake's plans. He wanted Jake to help him expose the dragon and as part of trying to pressure into helping him he exposed Jake tried to get him fired to the rest of the student body. It was when Jake got home that he accidentally let Rotwood know it had been him who got him fired.

Rotwood then went to Brock with a picture of Jake in dragon form and was going to tell him the identity of the dragon. Jake was going to try and steal Brock's Brockium but were caught by Brock in the end. He took them all along in a cage and was going to expose the dragon when he splashed it Brockium on Spud instead of Jake. Because of this, Spud didn't change and it seemed like he was abusing the children. Rotwood came on stage to defend Spud and completely pwn'd Brock on stage. He got his job back and Brock was arrested.

In the end, Rotwood met Jake in the cafeteria and wanted to shake his head. It turned out he had the last drop of Brockium hidden up his sleeve and forced Jake's hand into changing. It was then he was able to confirm for himself that Jake was a dragon. He told Jake he would find a way to expose him in the future and left.

Episode Sixteen:
Christmas came around and by an accident, a baby abominable snowman woke up in the tree that was placed in Rockefeller Center. Jake tried to expose his Dad to more modern Christmas music but it failed. Jake was wanting to rebel against the old family traditions as he felt they were embarrassing and boring. He wanted to go to a block party but that idea was shot down as well.

The abominable snowman baby was spotted on the TV by Rotwood and he was going to go try and catch it. While they were out caroling they visited Grandpa and he stayed to talk to Gramps. That was when they learned about the baby. He had to find the baby and return it to his parents before they came to tear the city apart looking for it.

It was at the Mall Jake threw a fit at the mall about not wanting to hang out with his family and their traditions. He had to choose between what he wanted to do and he left his family to chase the baby. They almost had the baby but Rotwood came for it and then 88 and 89 appeared. This started a three way chase for the baby all over the city. After misadventures, rescuing the baby from 88 and 89, and they returned the baby to it's family. Jake learned his lessons and enjoyed a great Christmas with his family.

Episode Seventeen:
It was time for the schools Love Cruise dance and Jake asked Rose to the dance. She said it was dangerous but of course he didn't care. It was that night that Gramps realized how distracted Jake was becoming because of Rose. Unfortunately he kept daydreaming during their practice and Gramps was hot happy.

Jake was hanging out with Trixie and Spud during the next night and talking about relationship things and the dance. They were angry with how their love lives were and Cupid happened to walk in and Trixie tried to attack him. Turned out Cupid was going to go on vacation and left his bow and arrows with Jake. He was going to have to protect them for two weeks until Cupid returned from vacation.

Spud wanted to use the arrows to help him and Trixie score dates but Jake hid them in the safe. Jake was happy that he was already in love and locked them away. The next day, Rose told Jake they had to spend time apart even though she had feelings for him. He felt hurt that she didn't want to go with him and asked him to trust her. It was then Jake decided to use Cupid's bow and arrows and was going to take them on the cruise with him.

The plan was to get Trixie and Spud dates with Kyle Wilkins and Stacy. Jake's faith in Rose was unfortunately wavering as he was trying to find her. It was at the punch table that Jake spotted Rose at the punch bowl with Brad. He felt hurt and betrayed and left without staying to watch Rose throw punch in Brad's face. Jake was crushed and felt that Rose was playing him to be there with Brad.

That was when Jake decided to finally use Cupid's arrows to score Spud and Trixie with dates. And he used one on Rotwood to make sure they worked. He missed and hit the captain of the ship and he leaped off the ship to go to the statue of liberty. Arrows went flying and hit a bunch of people, ruining dates and bringing more closer together. Jake hit Stacy and Kyle and they ended up with Trixie and Spud as planned.

It was then Jake planned on hitting Rose with one of the arrows which, had a detrimental affect; she tried to slay him. The arrow turned Rose's love for him into hate. Jake ran away from Rose and found Fu and found out what the arrow did. He then had to find the arrows and hit Rose with another one to turn her back to normal. It was then they realized the boat was heading out to sea, into a storm, and without a captain. Another student found the bow and arrow and wondered off with it.

Jake was still searching for the bow and arrow when Rose attacked him and her reinforcements from the Huntsclan arrived. Jake was forced to run and no matter what he said; Rose wouldn't listen. He continued to run, trying to find the bow and arrow. Jake made it back to the steering cabin in the ship and found Fu in love with his reflection. Rose came in soon after and they began to fight again.

Jake just kept trying to hit Rose with one of the arrows but he cornered her. He was able to stab her once she was distracted by her reinforcements with the arrow. Jake tried to apologize but Rose knew it wasn't going to work and broke up with him. He realized it was because he didn't trust Rose that everything was ruined.

Episode Eighteen:
It was once the weather cleared up and after their adventure with the Pooka that Jake and Hailey's relationship returned to how it had been before; morning races to the bathroom, arguing, trying to one up each other, ect. Jake wasn't happy about having to walk Hailey to school almost every day. The two continued to fight and argue about everything. It was then Hailey saw Rose for the first time. Jake was nervous about talking to her since they had broken up after the last dance. Jake just dropped Hailey want to school and enjoyed his day as usual.

Jake picked Hailey up from school as usual. Hailey was of course angry due to Oliva Morton's constant teasing of her. Jake went to help Brackamus who were being attacked by 88 and 89. He saved the Leprechaun and learned the two ran off with a magical mirror artifact. Jake beat the two easily and took back the mirror.

They took the mirror back to the shop and they learned that the mirror was important to keep the peace between leprechaun clans. The two began to fight about how they each lived their lives and kept spinning the mirror. This lead to their souls switching bodies the next night in their sleep. They had no idea what had happened and the two of them and ran back to Gramps's shop.

They learned it was the mirror when they arrived and unfortunately they didn't have the mirror. Gramps had left to take it to the leprechauns and Fu told them he'd get it back but they had to pretend to be the other the entire day. Both doubted they could fit in as the other and both went off to try to live each other's lives, intent on ruining their siblings reputations.

Jake was in music class and tried to use the violin as a guitar and then started a food fight in cooking class. It was during art class Jake discovered Hailey was painting a wonderful picture of him as the assignment was to paint something that inspired them. At lunch he slipped out of the school to go meet Fu with the mirror in the park but it had been stolen by 88 and 89 before they got there.

The two decided to go after 88 and 89 as each others dragon forms. Hailey knocked herself out unfortunately due to the kickback from Jake's flame. Jake tried to fight off 88 and 89 but ended up having to play a trick with switching peoples bodies around until 88 and 89 had their bodies switched. They ran off and before Jake decided to get his body back, he went to try and preform Hailey's dance audition and ended up break dancing for the audition, which got Hailey the internship at the dance school in France during the summer.

They switched bodies back and both learned a lot about each other. Hailey even painted a picture of Rose for Jake and slipped it into her locker. The two seemed to be on better terms but they ended up still siblings.

Episode Nineteen:
Soon it was time for Chinese New Years and Jake was excited to get the red envelope for his money. It was then he was told he and his family were preforming the dragon dance in that years parade. Grandpa was hoping the parade would help Jake learn more about his heritage and connect with it more. He ended up convincing his Grandpa to let him watch the shop for the day.

Jake was excited to try and succeed in watching the shop so he could use it as an excuse to stay out of the parade completely. Jake and the Gang worked on cleaning the shop and got rid of all the junk and completely cleaned the shop. Fu did not take well to it when they discovered it.

It turned out by cleaning the shop they swept out all the good luck, leaving only the bad. This was shown to be true when Gramps's priceless Ming vase was destroyed by the wind. Everything began to fall apart in the shop but Jake just kept denying it…until the horde of crickets swarmed the shop. Jake and Fu went out to get back all the junk they got rid of back. It took quiet a bit of work but they finally gathered all of the junk and got it back into the shop, but then they were caught by Gramps. He tried to fake his way through it and he couldn't remember what the vault was. They found the box and they didn't get rid of it. But when it fell from the shelf, Jake caught it upside down and it dropped open. Three powerful demons escaped and the shards of the vase were taken away by the garbage truck.

Jake went after the demons to try and put them back in the box and told Trixie and Spud to go after the vase shards. The demons began to crash the parade and Jake made it in time to save his family from the first one. The demons then went after Jake and they began to fight. Jake wasn't much of a challenge for all three of them at once. He had to try and knock them into the box one at a time and thanks to Fu, he was able to capture the first demon.

Jake was having trouble against the demons as they began to double team him. Luckily, Hailey cam to help him and they began to work together to try and get them in the box. With her help and blinding the demon with a bowl full of noodles, it was down to one. Jake was able to tie it up with a strand of paper lanterns and were trying to get it in the box when their Dad came out of nowhere with his dragon and blasted it with fire and knocked the demon into the box.

With all the demons caught, Jake and Fu returned and found Spud and Trixie had fixed the vase but were missing the one piece. Gramps knew everything that was happening the whole turn and just let things unravel themselves to teach Jake a lesson and he did.

Episode Twenty:
The Homecoming dance was coming up at Filmore High School as the year was drawing to a close. Trixie and Spud were trying to form plans for them to get dates with their crushes and Jake was left awkward with Rose. However, as they were just apart to part ways they learned Jake and Rose had been nominated for Homecoming King and Queen. Jake was excited as it meant he was assured a date for the dance with Rose.

Jake and Rose were talking about the King and Queen nomination when Rose got a signal the Huntsman had located the final skull. It was in a Central Park exhibit and Rose went to help the Huntsclan get the skull. Jake appeared to try and steal the skull. Jake grabbed the skull from 88 and 89 in the back of the park.

It was then when Gramps told him that if the 13 skulls were brought together they would grant one irreversible wish. Jake was looking forward to when Rose could steal the skulls, bring them to him and Gramps and they could destroy them as that was the only time they could be destroyed. Then he'd finally be free to pursue Rose.

Jake had arranged a private dance for him and Rose in one of the rooms at school. He knew they couldn't go to Homecoming together and decided to do this instead. He wanted to help Rose find her real family and because of that she offered to go with him to Homecoming that night. Everything seemed to be going great. It wouldn't last forever though.

Homecoming came fast and everyone was having a nice time. Jake was still looking for Rose but she hadn't arrived yet and he was getting worried. Things would only go from bad to worse, however. It was the moment that King and Queen would be announced and at that very moment Fu called. It turned out the Skulls had to be used on the roof of the Pantheon building with the gargoyles on top. It was just as he was named Prom King with Rose that Fu told him it was Rose who led the Huntsman to their three skulls and stole them.

The Huntsclan arrived not a minute later with the skulls in great number, leaving just Jake, Trixie, and Spud to stop them. He faced down the Huntsman and and attacked him. Gramps, Sun, and Hailey appeared to help Jake and the gang face down the Huntsman and the Huntsclan. Jake took on the Huntsman one-on-one while his friends and family took on the other members. Jake tried going for one of the skulls but Rose stopped him and their fight began. One by one, the Huntsclan placed 12 of the skulls in the mouths of the twelve gargoyle's mouths.

Rose gave the 13th skull to the Huntsman and attacked Jake by order of the Huntsman. She told him she just wanted a normal life but now it could only end in one way. Everyone was captured and victory seemed to be in the hands of the Huntsclan. Jake could only watch as Rose joined the Huntsman for his wish. He raised the skull into the air, finished the circle but before he could finish it, Rose blasted him and made a different wish, wishing for the destruction of all Huntsclan.

One by One, each member of the Huntsclan's marks began to glow and they began to lift into the air and were destroyed. 88 and 89 quit the Huntsclan and saved themselves. Rose freed Jake and he couldn't understand why Rose would wish for this. She knew she was going to be destroyed and they watched as the Huntsman was raised into the air and vaporized. That left only Rose. Jake grabbed her hand before she levitated away from him and she promised she'd be okay. Jake could only watch as she lifted up towards her doom. Jake grabbed the skull and knew he had to wish to save her. Gramps and Fu told him no, saying he couldn't use them for his own personal gain. But it wasn't for his, it was for hers. He wished she had never been taken by the Huntsclan, effectively rewriting history and writing Rose out of his life. He smashed the skulls and flew off into the night, heart broken, and Homecoming ruined.

Jake wasn't in school for half of the next day. The Huntsclan were gone and as Jake was leaving, he bumped into Rose. She didn't remember him as they had never met in her timeline. The only ones to remember the true history were the ones who saw the wish. He said he'd see her around but it turned out she was moving to Hong Kong with her family as her Dad had gotten a job over seas. Jake was happy to see that Rose was happy and was able to let her go. And with that they parted ways.

(More to come later)


What can be said about the personality of Jake Long? On the surface he's much like any other kid his age. He is the cocky boy next door who knows how to talk smack, break dance, and is a smooth talker or likes to believe he is. He puts on a front of a confident young player who could get any girl he wants and can do anything he sets his mind to. This front runs deep and breaking through it is a difficult task. He is a teenage boy with a large ego that he feels he has to show off to compete with the other boys. Your usual boisterous 14 year old boy from New York. This is not all there is to him though. This outer part of him does play a big role in some of his more negative qualities however.

Those negative qualities being; his inability to focus on more serious issues at times, his obsession with his image and his looks, his shirking of responsibilities, his ego, and his issues with authority. Due to all these traits, it causes Jake to be a handful for any mentor or authority figure, thus causing instant problems between them and Jake. He isn't one to sit still and learn. He enjoys moving and doing the things he wants to do rather than things he has to. In contrast, he is much more willing and likely to befriend and make connects with people like him and/or around his own age and enjoy skipping out on duties with them. These traits stem from the front I mentioned earlier. They are deeper qualities but they aren't who he is deep down.

Jake has many more qualities than the pushy hip New Yorker he lets people see. He is a kind boy who cares for others, especially those he has a deep connection with. He enjoys his role as protector of the magical world, even with all the complaining he does. In the end, it is part of who he is. He is the guardian, the protector of magical creatures and everything he holds close. This side of him is seen lesss often or mixed in with the New Yorker side but it's still there and it is strong. He is a hero through and through and even if some of his more selfish tendencies can lead him to make mistakes, he isn't one to do anything truly malicious. When he does something bad, it usually ends up snowballing on him and gets out of control. None of it is really intentional. He enjoys helping people far more than hurting them.

Along with a teenage boldness and the want to fit in, Jake also has the typical teenage angst. His ego, though large, is also fragile and he takes how others see him very seriously. He has a sensitive heart and when he feels threatened or like he's being replaced, it hurts him. He questions his self-worth often and it leads him to always strive to be the best. He doesn't handle rejection well and if Rose is any indication, when he falls for someone he falls hard and fast. He wants people to like him and will try to do almost anything to get praise and good attention from others. He wears his emotion on his sleeve more than he should and they often greatly affect his judgment.

Jake Long is your average 14 year old Chinese-American boy who just has a lot of extra responsibilities. Despite this, Jake does his best to keep going, clinging to fun and happy times rather than letting them get him down…most of the time. He doesn't handle some things well but he can still bounce back due to his age and lighthearted personality. He's a good kid deep down who tries hard at the things he likes and shrugs off those he doesn't. Slacker, player, smooth talking, awkward, sensitive, and over all funny guy. That's Jake Long.


Powers and Abilities: Jake has several abilities in and out of dragon form so I'll be splitting them up into three categories for his human abilities, his in-between abilities, and his full on dragon abilities.

Human Abilities: Outside if his dragon powers Jake has quite a few skills that set him above others. He is proficient in kung-fu and possibly somewhere in the upper ranks of belt color. He is able to take on other humans with ease if he wants to and with his training can take on some magical creatures without even going dragon. He is good at defending himself if he can stay focused enough during battle. He is also a great dancer and is really good at break dancing. He often will preform for his classmates and even have dance battles with them. He can sing on top of it and enjoys beat-boxing and rapping, though he can sing more traditional songs too.

Jake is intuitive and can figure things out quickly should he not be blinded by emotions or actually focusing on things. He is a good researcher too if he can just keep his head in the game. He is also a great skateboarder from having years of practice.

However he is horrible at anything and everything concerned with food preparation of a higher degree than making a sandwich and basic breakfast foods. Anything doing with food serving with him is a nightmare. He cannot do any of those things without messing up or breaking things. He is almost cursed when it comes to this kind of work. The boy just can't do it.

In-between Abilities: Jake does have the ability to call upon some of this other dragon abilities while still in human form. One of them is calling upon certain aspects of his dragon form to help him such as; eyes of the dragon that let him see in the dark, zoom in and out, and detect magical creatures. Ears of the dragon that let him hear from further away and detect things easier. Claws of the dragon to claw at things or use them to pick locks. Tail of the dragon so he an trip up opponents and use it to grab things. Feet of the dragon to give himself a lift. Wings of the dragon so he can glide. Finally head of the dragon to combine eyes, ears, teeth which can cut through steal cable, and fire breathing or fireball spitting.

He also has the power to shapeshift as that is how he changes himself from dragon to human form. This power can be amplified so he can take on other people's appearances with a potion but doing so locks away all his other dragon powers.

Jake can also create fireballs in his hand to throw at opponents that don't come out of his mouth either, though the typically are smaller and less powerful. Part of this ability seems that he is resistant to his own fire and other non-magical fire, making him pretty immune to such flames.

Full on Dragon abilities: Once Jake goes full dragon he obtains some rather nice abilities. He has full fire breathing power and fireball spitting powers. He has dragon strength which allows him to overcome the strength of creatures like Ogres and Trolls. He can also amplify his strength by flapping his wings to build up momentum. He can lift heavy objects, like ripping a massive screen off the side of a building and throwing it. His claws are also sharp enough to break through concrete and steal, allowing for some good escaping abilities.

He can fly as most dragons can and is very skilled at moving aerodynamically. He also can fly up to miles of 179 miles per hour if not slightly faster, making him one tough dragon to catch if he has the chance to build up speed.

His scales along his neck and back are tough like armor and hard to penetrate. His underbelly is softer and a weak point for him in battle. He can take much more damage in his stronger areas than his weaker ones. He also has an instant kill spot behind the left ear. A strong solid hit behind his left ear will kill him.

His tail is very maneuverable and strong. It acts as a third arm of sorts and can be used to wrestle with people, pull things, Jake can put all his weight on it and stand on it much like a Kangaroo can do, and it can pack a punch if hit with it.

His dragon feet are also useful in battle as he has learned to use them in a fight like makeshift hands to block attacks if his arms are otherwise indisposed. This gives him a full five limb fighting advantage.



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