Jane Foster
Jane Foster
Continuity Marvel Cinematic Universe
Age 33
Species Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
District North
Journal bifroster
Player Lupin
Theme Song Twilight Galaxy by Metric

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Investigating cosmic storms and other anomalies in New Mexico, Jane Foster was traveling in a van with her college Erik Selvig and intern Darcy Lewis when a sudden storm appeared out of no where in front of them. Struggling to drive in the turbulent conditions, Jane accidentally ran into a man who stumbled out of the dust. Announcing himself as Thor, Darcy perceived him as a threat and tasered him prompting them to take him to the hospital and leaving Jane wondering where he came from.

Back in her lab the following day, Jane and Erik poured over the data they had collected the night before. Looking at some of the photographs that they took, Darcy saw a figure of a man in the middle of a part of the vortex—meaning that there was a possibility that “Thor” arrived with it. Jane instantly assumes that he might be able to tell them more about the anomaly, which could connect to Einstein-Rosen Bridges that would lead to other worlds, but Erik says that Thor was delusional and his words were only based upon Norse mythology. It becomes a hot debate between them, but Jane’s interest in at least speaking to him prompts them to go to the hospital and find him again.

Reunited, they go to a café to question him, but they do not get much information besides confirmation that he does believe in what he says. Overhearing some people talk about a crater not too far out of town, they discover that is where Thor’s hammer had landed and that a strange group of feds had cleared everyone out. Heading off to retrieve it, Jane and her friends go back to their lab, only to discover that SHIELD, the same feds who had put Thor’s hammer under high security, was confiscating her work.

Furious, she protests against the seizure, but doesn’t succeed, and tries to think of what to do next. Running into Thor once more, she volunteers to help Thor get his hammer back, but this is unsuccessful as well, and he allows himself to get caught to learn more about SHIELD. With the assistance of Erik, Thor is released from SHIELD custody and the group grows closer, especially after Thor managed to retrieve Jane’s notebook. Helping her understand concepts that she could not, as science and magic were the same in his world, Jane started to look at Thor with a romantic light.

Their time was cut short, however, when Thor’s friends from Asgard—Sif and the Warriors Three—arrived against the wishes of Loki, who had inherited the throne due to Thor’s banishment and Odin falling into a coma. Their intention was to take him home, but due to knowing about this, Loki had sent the Destroyer, a giant robot capable of leveling city blocks, was sent after them to prevent this. While Thor beat the Destroyer in the end, he sacrificed himself to prevent Jane and others from getting hurt. This sacrifice allowed him to regain his powers and Jane saw him as he really was for the first time.

Needing to return home and to his responsibilities to his people, Jane was forced to say goodbye to Thor, who promised that he would return, though this was made difficult to keep after having to destroy the Bifrost Bridge. On Earth, Jane searches for a way to open a portal to Asgard once more, more determined than ever to prove her theories right and make them a reality.


The two most vital parts of Jane’s personality is her curiosity and stubbornness.

Her curiosity for the world and how it works is the driving force of nearly everything she does. Since she was little, she loved looking up at the stars and asking questions, learning answers through others or her own means. While some kids took to sports or art, she took to science and studying with an unrivaled passion—and anything that was up in the sky was her favorite subject.

Some people contemplated that she often went beyond mere curiosity or average interest—it was like she had to know every detail about whatever knowledge she was seeking at the time. They’re not wrong. It’s a pure and honest kind of curiosity that sometimes consumes her: she’s not learning for some angle or agenda, or for anyone beside herself and the personal satisfaction of knowing, though sometimes proving that she was right to others is pretty rewarding as well.

All the same, she will not likely stop learning.

However, while some people encouraged her, like her parents did, there were others who did the exact opposite. This is where her stubbornness comes in.

Growing up with such a huge appetite for knowledge earned her a lot of attention, not all of it positive. Many of her classmates thought her odd for being so smart at an early age, and didn’t quite understand why she liked math of all things, or enjoyed being behind a book than on the playground. Some teachers would dismiss her questions, saying that there wasn’t enough time to answer them or that they had to be saved for another lesson. Needless to say, this caused endless frustration for her when she tried to explain herself or tried to get the question answered—making her seem disruptive at times when she would get into arguments about anything, not caring who she was arguing with.

Instead of letting this discourage her, she often steeled her resolve and moved on, remembering how her father told her that holding onto anger didn’t help anyone. She quickly learned which teachers would answer her or dismiss her, and alienated herself from her classmates who didn’t seem to understand her through lack of maturity or because they just didn’t like the subjects she enjoyed. This stubbornness became a part of her by the time she was in middle school, a definition of who she was.

She never took no for an answer, never let herself give up on a project or theory, even if she had to set them aside for a later date to work on it. If someone said she couldn’t do something, it just made her all that more determined to prove them wrong.

Underneath this bullheaded scientist is a much simpler girl: she likes to hang out with her friends and enjoys phone calls from her dad, likes good food, works hard for what she has and has done in her life, and likes not worrying about where her rent will come from.

Thanks to her somewhat military upbringing, she has a strong sense of duty and honor that is displayed when she goes to check on Thor after administering him to the hospital despite him being a total stranger and when she refused SHIELD’s hush money. She would never betray a friend or someone who earned her trust, nor would she do anything without a good reason—and even then she wouldn’t cross certain lines.

The thought of war, torturing someone, revenge, and vendettas are concepts she doesn’t fully understand, having not really experienced any of them from either side, but she does understand that they exist and sometimes are necessary, as unfair as they are. Some would say that this makes her a pacifist, but they didn’t see her back before she could control her anger and the impulse to tackle someone to the ground. She has never been afraid of a fight or getting into one if the reason behind it was justified.

Jane is far from perfect, though. More often than not, she lets her curiosity go too far and she gets into trouble for it, from asking the wrong person the wrong questions to going where she isn’t supposed to go, like private government facilities. She rarely lets a question drop and as said before, has interrupted many a class or lecture. While she has never been arrested, there are quite a few people who know not to allow her access to places if they don’t want “an outsider” to gain insider information, thanks to her keen eye and a habit to be drawn to trouble or vise versa.

Jumping into something too quickly is another one of her vices, be it a project she can’t quite handle with all of the other projects on her plate, or getting herself into a dangerous situation for the sake of gathering data. She has little to no fear at times, and will say or do things that a more cautious person wouldn’t dream of doing. So far, she has been lucky that her worst injury was a broken leg from a misstep on a small plateau. It worries the people who care about her greatly, as it seems like she has no sense of self-preservation and that she thinks that there are more important things than her life.

With her recent interactions with gods, super soldiers, and government agencies, this rashness and lack of self preservation has just come out more with the risks she is willing to take for what she wants and for others—though she is learning to control these impulses and make better, more careful decisions. It’s an odd process.

When she is not getting into trouble from it, her curiosity has her studying and observing well into the night, skipping means, and drinking too much coffee. She burns out from time to time, and is lucky that she has Erik and Darcy there to remind her that she is a human and not some sort of perpetual motion machine. Not that she has ever pushed herself too far, but there have been times where she has exhausted herself.

Jane also has a big, big heart that she would like to keep tightly wrapped up and hidden away, knowing how easily and badly she could be hurt or manipulated, but has yet to be really able to. At most, she knows when to be suspicious and cautious of people, but if someone is in danger or needs help, she is unable to say no and not lend a hand, and if someone lies well enough, she’ll fall for it. Her faith in humanity is almost unwavering, and despite betrayals from friends and coworkers alike, she stubbornly holds onto the ideal that people will do what is right, and that if given a choice, they will choose the better path. Not that she has met too many people who hold themselves up to this standard.

She tries to do what she can to not become jaded as more and more people prove that they are not always good and do not always prove to be trustworthy. She does want to be able to trust people without worry, but she is slowly becoming more pessimistic towards others, guarding her heart more closely as time goes on. All of this results in a bundle of insecurities towards friendship and romance, and making her tendency to give second chances and the benefit of the doubt all the odder.

Thor, during the short time he spend with her on earth, has given her back a lot of her faith in her work by just crash landing in the middle of the desert. His existence proves that everything she dreamed of when she was little were true and that all of the sacrifices she made were not in vain—that there were other worlds and peoples out there, and that there was a way to reach and meet them. She now has her drive and focus back, increased tenfold now, and she’ll be forever thankful for meeting him.

Still, her lingering trust issues will undoubtedly affect any future relationship that becomes “serious” in her book, no matter who it is with.


Jane, as far as super human powers go, does not have anything extraordinary. All in all, she is a typical human being—if you don’t count her mind and her stubbornness.

Having quite a few degrees from various universities and making her own equipment out of scrap metal and old computers, it is obvious that she is quite intelligent and resourceful. The main skill sets that she puts on her resume include welding, computer programming (in about four different languages), engineering, telecommunications, and a wide knowledge of mathematics, physics, space, astronomy, and the equipment needed to collect various data like radiation, x-ray, electromagnetism, radio waves, etc.

She can also drive and survive under extreme conditions, is good at networking and debate, knows automobile repair, and has a odd bad habit of running gods over with her truck.


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