John Crichton
John Crichton
Continuity Farscape
Age 35
Species Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
District North District
Journal []
Player Meghan
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"Welcome to the Federation starship S.S. Buttcrack!"


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John Crichton:
John Crichton is eternally an optimist. Through all the strife he’s seen, and all the horror he’s personally witnessed he stubbornly clings to the hope for something better. And when it seems all the world is out to get him, he refuses to surrender. Despite all he’s been through, he remains upbeat, and more importantly, he continues to see the best in others and in the strange world around him.

He is a man of principle. He values honesty, loyalty and above all, life. He’s constantly striving to do what he believes is the right thing, and does not like to see innocents hurt. In general, he disapproves of violence. When forced into a conflict, he takes every opportunity to solve problems through peaceful compromise. Killing, he thinks, should be viewed as an absolute last resort. But he understand that sometimes it is the only option and he does not hesitate to do what it necessary when the time comes.

He often struggles with the morality of what he’s done but one thing is absolutely clear. He values the people he loves over all else. He is willing to make extreme sacrifices to protect his friends. He has puts his life on the line for them without question, and he has many times killed in the name of protecting them. He does everything in his power to see them safe; the times where he has failed to do so weigh heavily on him.

Crichton is intelligent and intuitive, but his outgoing and talkative nature cause many to discount him as an idiot. He becomes very frustrated at times with the many species of alien he meets because they will treat him as an ignorant child. Somewhere along the line he gave up arguing the point and transformed his behavior to be outwardly the fool they expected to see. But that assumption, that he is only a bumbling moron is often a fatal mistake to his enemies, who are often surprised too late to learn he is not as incompetent as he seems.

Crichton has a talent for creative thought which allows him to come up with solutions no one else might ever have considered. It even becomes a running joke among his crew that Crichton always “has a plan.” Unfortunately said plans tend to run to the “so crazy they just might work” side. But often enough, they do work, if not exactly as intended.

On a daily basis he remains upbeat, and seemingly easy going, constantly cracking jokes, quoting pop culture and just generally prancing around acting obnoxious and loud, much to the chagrin of his crew mates. He has a particularly annoying penchant for assigning nicknames to people, and he’s not very careful about who he does it to. His sense of humor runs towards the ironic with a large helping of sarcasm on the side, and he has more than once gotten himself into a heap of trouble by sassing the wrong person at the wrong time.

But the jokes and the references, that seem to be so inconsequential in passing, are really much more. They are his way of coping with a world he doesn’t understand and often comes at odd with. They let him distil and interpret his alien surroundings, while helping him retain some semblance of connection to the world he left behind. Beyond the jokes and the silly movie quotes, lies the serious mind of a man lost adrift in a world far beyond anything he was ever prepared for.

In truth, the image of the fool he projects outwardly is a symptom of the turmoil he feels on the inside. He has a darkness brooding in him that he allows very few to see. Much of the innocent naivety he once had was stripped from him by his encounter with his nemesis Scorpius. His torture at Scorpius’s hands left his mind fractured, and there still remain days where he struggles to put back the pieces of his sanity.

He has a dark secret, a monster living inside of him, or so he views it. A second personality, dubbed Harvey, was implanted in his brain by Scorpius during his torture session. Harvey lurks always in the dark corners of Crichton’s subconscious whispering to him, and trying to influence him. His ultimate job is to force Crichton to give away the secrets of wormholes to Scorpius. He picks at the worst parts of Crichton’s personality, trying to force the cracks. In the past, Harvey has made Crichton do terrible things, to hurt people he loves. The threat of it happening again is ever present. Crichton lives in constant fear of losing the battle for his mind to the likes of Harvey. Or worse, he’s afraid one day Harvey might start making more sense to him. He does not want to become the monster he lives in fear of.

Though Crichton is an admirable man, he does have his failings. As giving as he can be, he also as times can be just as selfish. When there is something he badly wants, his obsessive nature can lead him to ignore others in favor of getting what he desires. He can be incredibly pig-headed, when he’s chasing after his obsession. He will let himself get distracted by his own thoughts, often stubbornly ignoring the opinions and advice of his crewmates in his quest to achieve his goal. This is especially true when it concerns the possibility of him finding a way home to Earth (through wormholes or otherwise) or when it has anything to do with his love for Aeryn. These are his great weaknesses. Especially for the sake of Aeryn, he will forsake all his good principles.

He’s very prideful, and that large ego of his can make him come off as exceptionally self righteous. He will often lecture others on their own moral failings, sometimes leading him to reveal himself a hypocrite when he does not acknowledge those same failings in himself.

His arrogance can also lead him, at times, to be very controlling. He likes things to go his way, and he can become very childish, even jealous, when they do not. Beyond that, he has a tendency to believe his answer is the always the correct one, and can sometimes have trouble viewing an argument through an unfamiliar perspective. He has become much better at it through his interactions with different alien species over time, but he still has a tendency to place higher validity on his Human perspectives, over those of dissimilar races.

In the end, he’s just a man trying to stay alive in a world full of danger, where all his enemies seek to do worse than simply kill him, and where he knows his very presence endangers everyone he cares about. He does his best to hold himself together, and to carry his burdens while helping his friends work through their own problems. At times he breaks down, but he never loses the will to keep fighting. He believes he can make things right again. He continues his search for peace. He won’t ever give up, and he will do everything it takes to make it home.

Second Personality Harvey:

Harvey is a part of John, but he has a distinct and separate personality of his own. For this reason, I feel it necessary to give him his own brief write up.

Harvey started as a clone of Scorpius, John’s main villain’s, personality. Scorpius is intelligent, patient and utterly ruthless. He does not seem to harbor any moral qualms whatsoever, and has made it clear he will do absolutely anything it takes to achieve his goal. That goal is revenge. He wants to utterly obliterate a race known as Scarrans, and he will use any means necessary. Harvey is one of those means. Harvey was given a directive: find the wormhole information in Crichton’s mind, safeguard it, and ensure it’s return to Scorpius. The wormhole knowledge itself is only a further means to the goal of Scarran ultimate extermination. It is by Scorpius’ calculations, the best means for this end.

Harvey, however, could not escape being affected by living in John’s mind. He has perused and even interacted with John’s memories and has begun to enjoy the experience. He’s absorbed some of Crichton’s humor as well, causing him to be much less uptight than his original counterpart Scorpius. He makes jokes, and seems to enjoying bringing Crichton into ridiculous scenarios inside his own mind while speaking with him.

It may be that he is simply bored with his current existence and gets a certain amount of pleasure out of taunting John. With his neural chip removed, his purpose for being was presumably satisfied. Yet, still he remains, inexplicably, a prisoner in Crichton’s mind with little left to accomplish. He had at first considered trying to kill his host as a way of ending his meaningless existence, but after some consideration he chose to collaborate instead. He could not deny the survival instincts of the original Scorpius in him. Now his main goal is ensuring his survival by preserving Crichton’s own life. Together host and parasite have formed an uneasy alliance, but neither has any great love for the other.


The Power of Friendship
Sensing and Navigating Wormholes


In a relationship with Aeryn Sun.

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