Continuity Pokemon (gameverse)
Age 11
Species Human
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Gold
District Northern District
Journal in_a_hurry
Player Elycien
Theme Song N/A

"Hurry up! If you're late, I'll fine you!"


Jun grew up in Twinleaf Town, a very small community in the south of Sinnoh. His father, Palmer, was a famous Frontier Brain and an exceptional trainer, although due to his work he wasn’t around as often as he would have liked. Jun both admired his father for his talent and resented him for his long absences, and the boy began to aspire toward becoming a trainer even stronger than Palmer.

Jun had no siblings, but he grew up with his next-door neighbor, Hikari, who was very close to him in age. The two quickly became inseparable, and did everything together. Later on, Jun decided to go visit a renowned Pokémon researcher, Professor Rowan, in the next town over, despite the dangers of crossing through the long grass of Pokémon habitats. He dragged the rather more level-headed Hikari into this scheme with him, but the two were stopped by Rowan himself. It was from Rowan that the two children gained their very first Pokémon: for Jun, a Chimchar whose hyperactive personality was very close to his own.

The two lifelong best friends immediately became rivals as well. Jun, striving to become the absolute best at Pokémon battling, made several attempts to defeat his friend, all of which ended in failure. Despite the setbacks, he was far from discouraged, constantly assuring Hikari that he’d be stronger at their next meeting.

The two children did not travel together, but they followed the same path as both of them attempted to take on the Pokémon League, defeating all eight gyms and then confronting the Elite 4. However, there were far more dangerous opponents for them than the gym leaders. Cyrus, leader of the mysterious group called Team Galactic, had grand plans for the world, and Hikari and Jun just happened to stand in his way.

They soon discovered Cyrus’s plan: to capture the three legendary Pokémon of Sinnoh’s lakes and use them to harness a Pokémon that could remake the universe according to Cyrus’s will. In an attempt to stop him, Rowan sent his assistant, Jun, and Hikari to each of the three lakes so they could head off Team Galactic’s executives and save the Pokémon.

With all of his typical enthusiasm, Jun headed north to Lake Acuity with complete confidence that he would prevail. He even had time to defeat the nearby gym leader, Candice, before climbing to Lake Acuity. In the end, however, Jun was out of his league. He lost badly to Galactic Commander Jupiter, and failed to save the Pokémon of the lake. When Hikari arrived, she was too late to help him. Filled with remorse after seeing the stolen Pokémon in such pain, Jun was forced to realize that he wasn’t strong enough, that his simple-minded goal of “being the best” couldn’t necessarily save what was important. He left Hikari and the lakefront swearing to train harder and be ready the next time he encountered Team Galactic, determined not to fail again.

When Hikari confronted Team Galactic atop Mount Stark, trying to stop Cyrus from remaking the universe, Jun arrived at the last minute (for once, coming on the scene later than his friend) and teamed up with her against the commanders Mars and Jupiter. He’d finally gotten serious about his responsibility toward his Pokémon, and alongside Hikari was able to defeat the commanders. After their victory, however, Jun stepped down, realizing that Hikari was the stronger trainer. He had no chance against Cyrus; but perhaps she did.

In the end, Hikari was the first to collect all eight gym badges and take on the Elite 4. Before she left to challenge them, Jun saw her off on the beach at Sunyshore City. She’d become stronger than him, he realized, but Jun was far from discouraged. He acknowledged her prowess and declined to challenge her again… but he swore that one day he’d catch up. He’d continue training not merely to be the strongest, or to live up to his father, but to understand his Pokémon more fully.


Jun is impatient, impulsive, and ridiculously confident. He’s pretty much always in a rush, running off the minute he has an idea about something. Because of this, he’s very easily distracted, and often forgets important details because he’s so excited about something else. If he decides he wants to do something, he wants to do it right now. Waiting just isn’t in his vocabulary. In his opinion, pretty much all of his friends are just too slow.

He’s very prideful, but he honestly means well. He will brag about how cool he is to anyone who will listen, but he doesn’t condescend or look down on anyone else. He may decide to start a rivalry at the drop of a hat, but this is pretty much his way of deciding to be friends. He’s generally friendly to everyone and rarely feels any genuine animosity toward anyone.

Jun is also extremely competitive. He wants to win at everything and be the best no matter what. Surprisingly, he isn’t generally a sore loser; he bounces right back from failure, only encouraged to get even better so he can beat his opponent next time. Also, he’s not generally inclined to disrespect those who are clearly stronger than him, instead idolizing anyone he finds cool and generally attaching himself to them.

When it comes to his friends, though, Jun is capable of being serious. He can be surprisingly selfless for their sake, though he’s far from humble about it. He’s also notably more serious when he’s fighting for something important, rather than having a battle for fun. In these cases, he puts winning second to the safety of those he cares about. Hurting an innocent or a friend will bring out his serious streak more than anything else, and in these cases he can be very protective.



Relationships People He's Talked To, Ever

Starscream: Hey, he's pretty cool. And he's a robot which is even cooler. Jun's taken a liking to him.

Chie: She's a pretty nice person. Jun's still confused over the "doesn't have Pokemon" thing, though.

Ladd: What's this guy's problem? It makes Jun want to bother him on purpose.

Ali: Kind of sympathizes with the whole "missing people" thing. She seems nice.

Skywarp: Jun's just amused and bemused by the clone. Why a robot would be scared of anything, he has no idea. And he's probably going to be confusing him with Starscream forever.

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