Justice System

After many months of IC planning and debate, a justice system has been implemented in Nautilus. It consists of laws, punishments for breaking those laws, a police force to enforce those laws, and nine Justices to pass down sentences. Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright came up with the system itself, with all Wakened having a chance to give input and vote on things during its creation.

The Laws


The following are now outlawed:

  • Unmaking — The erasure of another Wakened from existence.
  • Murder — The killing of another Wakened with intent (malice aforethought).
  • Manslaughter — The killing of another Wakened, with mitigating circumstances (provocation or an altered state of mind) or without malice aforethought but with reckless disregard for the consequences.
  • Attempted Murder — The attempted but unsuccessful killing of another Wakened.
  • Rape — Sexual intercourse or sexual acts forced without the consent of one of the parties involved.
  • Assault — The infliction of deliberate and serious bodily harm. Forcible mental manipulation would also be covered by assault.

All cases of murder, manslaughter, and attempted murder will be investigated by the system. Claims of rape or assault will be investigated if the victim so desires.

Possible Defenses

The following are possible defenses for the above crimes:

  • Self-Defense — If one's life or the life of another is imminently endangered by the actions of another party, self-defense may provide a justification for one's actions.
  • Altered State of Mind — If one's state of mind is altered due to a reality storm or some other occurrence, it may provide mitigating circumstances for the crime, if such an act would not be committed when the parties involved were of a sound state of mind.
  • Duel — If two parties agree upon a Duel, as witnessed by the network, a member of the police force, and an Angelii or Ashura, then no resulting death or injury between the two parties would be prosecuted.


  • Murder — Max sentence: 10 years imprisonment , Min. sentence: 5 years imprisonment
  • Manslaughter — Max sentence: 5 years imprisonment , Min. sentence: forced form shift and supervision
  • Attempted Murder — Max sentence: 5 years imprisonment , Min. sentence: 6 months imprisonment
  • Rape — Max sentence: 10 years imprisonment , Min. sentence: 5 years imprisonment
  • Assault — Max sentence: 1 year imprisonment , Min. sentence: community service

Police Force

The elected chiefs of police are currently Aya Brea and Tally Youngblood, with one position to be filled. More information on the police force is available here.

Court Justices

In order to pass down sentences, nine Justices were elected from the population. For the purposes of variety and fairness, each universe could be represented by no more than one Justice.

The following Wakened were elected to serve as Justices: Axel, Fone Bone, Lelouch vi Britannia, Mahdi Clare, Martha Jones, Pepper Potts, Ratchet, Rip van Winkle, and Terris.


It's a little hard to uphold the law without lawyers to do it, right?

Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth
Defense Attorney Pool: Phoenix Wright, Balthazar

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