Continuity Original Character
Age 18
Species Kiivas (True form: Silkka
Hair Color Pale Orange
Eye Color Dark Mint
District Eastern District
Journal herbfish
Player Remiel
Theme Song Mark Hoppus ft. Pete Wentz - In Transit / Relient K - If You Believe Me

"Tch. Can I handle it? Is that a joke?"


To be posted in installments as a chapter novel in his journal~

Race and World Information

The Luna Chain is a chain of islands in the middle of the ocean. No other land can be seen from them, and it is not known to the natives (the Kiivas and the Silkka), if any other race exists outside of their little corner of the world. No one has ever found them, and they have never found anyone else.

The Luna Chain is not run on man-made luxuries and machinery. In fact, machinery does not exist. There are tools, but they are all manually operated tools such as garden hoes, rakes, shovels, knives, buckets… You get the idea. Anything that is 'powered' by anything at all, is powered by magic. Lights are the main use of this sort of magic. There are no bikes or cars, though carts and smaller boats have been used to carry large amounts of supplies. The Kiivas themselves walk from place to place, or swim.

Kiivas are a solitary, semi-aquatic race that lives on land instead of under water, though they can spend extended periods of time under the surface. They have many small villages, the largest town being Styrka. It is the capital, covering an entire island in the Luna Chain. Kiivas are a special race, with fin-like ears and the ability to breathe underwater while also being one of the fastest swimmers in their world (averaging about 75 mph in the water). Their skin is usually a dulled version of almost any color, with either very pale, dark, or vibrant hair color ranging from any color in the rainbow (sans brown). Pale markings usually adorn the face and body of the Kiivas.

The Kiivas are the dominating species in their secluded, self-sustained corner of the world. No other race has ever found them, and therefore other races are merely folklore in Kiivas culture. The only other race to be recorded in a historical fashion are the Silkka, an ancient race described to look like a mutated half-fish monster.

The Silkka and the Kiivas have differring diets. Silkka get the majority of their nutrients from fish, and are natural carnivores. Kiivas are naturally herbivores. The vegetation and the fauna have about the same nutritional values, should one eat enough variety of each, but vegetation is much easier to take, and no harm needs to come to animals that way. This is why the Kiivas don't fish. The Silkka, however, live mostly aquatic lives (despite their bodies being equipped for land as well), and don't get much in the way of edible plants under water. And so, they do all the fishing. This way, there is also no competition between the races for food.


Arrived. Flipped out at video. WHAT IS FISH STICK. AND ICE?!

It snowed on him. He tried to run away and ended up hiding underneath a table. Snow filled the room, and he was effectively buried in it. Rex came and saved him, they exchanged some words, Kai explained himself some, and was given pretty winter clothes. He wears them a lot.


Inhibitions event = Kai blew up a microwave. He's never touching an appliance again.

Kai asked Rex to fight his fridge and the guy almost lost.

Yeti. YETI. YETI IN THE YARD. Time to move in with Rex.

ZOMMMBIIIEEESSSS. Met Raye and the two of them and Rex got chased by a Tank. Kai kicked ass the rest of the week, though.

After some bonding time, Kai went home to check on things, but came back all depressed because he misses his bff.


Kairava is very interesting as a person. He is passionate, energetic, hardy, stubborn, big-headed, and has a good sense of humor. He's the kind of person you might see making a show of himself, then hitting his friend in the arm for making fun of him when everyone starts laughing. He's very prideful, since he rarely has a problem learning any type of physical skill, and sees no limits in his abilities or the abilities of others. Of course, this means that everyone is a rival. Kai is competitive to a fault, and hates coming in second. However, he is not a sore loser. He doesn't throw fits, and he doesn't hold grudges, making him a good sport. This does not, however, mean that he has a good temper. If he loses because the other person is better, he will bow out gracefully. If he is cheated, or if the winner attempts to throw it in his face, he'll be throwing a punch right back.

Kai enjoys anything he can get a race or a competition out of. This includes fighting, which he likes to think he's pretty damn good at. However, his love for competition can be overrun by his hatred for suffering. He doesn't like to see anyone being forced to be in pain. Everyone has feelings, and he doesn't think they should be trampled. He hates war, and the despair it brings. When it comes to large disputes, he would rather solve them diplomatically than with his fists (or magic or daggers).

This is not to say that he has a sense of justice, however. If bad people want to do bad things, they'll get theirs eventually. As long as they aren't hurting a lot of people, he won't go out of his way. This is because he knows that some people have to act that way to survive. He was a thief as a child, and trespassed on VERY private property almost daily, so breaking laws that aren't murder generally don't bother him.

There are always exceptions to his rules, though. These exceptions are called friends and family. If someone were to try to steal from his friends, he would end their urges to ever steal again. The same goes for harming or wronging them in any way. When he was young, all he had was the people he loved, and he learned that what's worth having is worth fighting for. He will always fight for his friends.

Kai's stubbornness is probably his biggest fault, second only to his competitive streak. He needs hard evidence to be convinced of anything contradicting his beliefs. He's the kind of person who rarely follows logic, and instead, follows his gut and his heart. This can be a strength, and has been in the past, but his headstrong personality gets him into trouble quite often.

As a side note, where Kai is skilled physically, he is often not quite as intelligent. He's bad at plotting, and his cunning only goes as far as being stealthy. He knows how to hide, how to not get caught, and how to sneak around without a sound, but he's never thought to apply that intellectual part of his brain to the rest of his daily life.

Oh, and he's a semi-vegetarian, but not because he hates meat or won't eat it. It doesn't appeal to him because of how he was raised.



Kairava is able to use both types of magic in his world (Night and Pure), though he refuses to use Night Magic after the consequence it had when he was forced to use it. Pure magic, he will use to the fullest extent. This includes the ability to heal wounds, create light and fire, manipulate water, and create electrical currents. He can use all of these abilities to a decent extent, though not to an overpowering one. He is best at healing magic, and can reattach limbs if they're brought to him in time.

In his Kiivas form, Kai can swim close to 80 mph, and in his Silkka form, he can swim up to 90 mph. His skin is thicker than a human's. He can move quickly on land, and is skilled in brawling and street fighting. He was also trained to use daggers, though he prefers to just punch people in the face rather than to cut them or set them on fire.

Through Night magic, Kai has the ability to mess with the very essence of a person. However, he knows that it can have dire consequences, and will never allow himself to use such powers ever again (and I mean NEVER.).


Week One: Able to heal small cuts and bruises. Very frustrated that it's not going quicker than that.

His powers are back now, sans Night magic. On top of that, Bending small, familiar items works for him, and he's trying to learn more about "modern" things so he can Bend better.



Lavana: Kai's best friend. He offset Kai so perfectly that there was very little they could do to get any closer as friends. There is no one that Kai will do more for, and no one that means as much to him.
Saha: Kiivas King and Lavana's father. Kai was mad at him at one point, but he made the ultimate sacrifice and now Kai owes him everything.
Madira: Lavana's mother. Because of her death when Lavana was a child, Saha wanted his son to grow up to make the most of his life. Kai owes her for instilling that love in her husband.
Veda: Kai's caretaker. He took care of Kai when he was very young, and is like a protective older brother to him.
Acala: Kairava's mother. He thinks of her as a very important person in his life, even though he's only known her for less than a year.
Janav: Kairava's father. Like Acala, Janav did not have a relationship with his son until the year preceding his arrival in Nautilus. Kai still thinks of him as important.


Axel: "That handsome guy with spiky red hair". He's pretty cool, and also decently helpful WAY THE FUCK BETTER AT THIS EXPLAINING THING THAN SIDESWIPE.
Aziraphale: Helpful! And polite. At least. Kai likes him.
Sae: Seems very shy. Kai is interested in her; shy people didn't happen to appear all that often around him back home.
Sideswipe: ONE OF THOSE BIG HARD THINGS. He's a jerk, though. And big-headed. Fucking terrible at explaining things.
Toph: Kind of awesome! She seems to be just a little bit of a brat, but well, so is Kai. He thinks the way she 'sees' with the vibrations in the grounds is a little more than badass.
Rex: BROOOOOOOOOO. Pretty much the only good guy buddy he's got. Yeah, dude's his best friend in the city. He enjoys Rex's company, and has managed to move himself in with him after fighting with his house for a month and a half.



Sideswipe: They must be from the Arctic Circle. That must be why they're cold.
Kai: … What's an arclickt circle?
Sideswipe: A very cold place where fish and Decepticons go to die a horrible frozen death. It's lovely.


Kai: If ice is frozen water, but frozen is cold, why is there a difference between cold water, and frozen water?
Sideswipe: … Open the damned box. The little crystals are ice. Frozen water is hard, you twit.

Questions Kai Has

1. WHAT ARE THOSE GIANT HARD THINGS THAT WALK AROUND WITH THE GLOWY EYE-LOOKING PLACES ON THEIR HEADS?! Axel says they're Cybertronians. Apparently they're smart! except for Sideswipe

2. What are most of the people here? What's wrong with their ears, and why is their skin so similar to one another? Axel answered this, too. They're humans! Nice to know that now.

3. WHAT THE HELL IS ICE. AXEL says it's water that's so cold it turns hard, which is called freezing. This is a simple explanation that SHOULD NOT BE SO HARD TO CONVEY.

4. What's really in those 'fish stick' things?

5. The hell is a monkey?

++Fun Facts!

Kai is a ninja
Kai thinks all lions can talk.

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