Kanon Shizeno
Kanon Shizeno
Continuity Original (White Wolf's Scions)
Age 13
Species Demigod..?
Hair Color White
Eye Color Pale Blue
District Eastern District
Journal threaded_fate
Player Aya
Theme Song Dust In the Wind - Kansas

"Character Quote"


He could have been a part of that bustling, high-adrenaline underground that came to life every night in the streets of an ever-awake Tokyo. Such had been Susanoo's plan from the start, and it should come as no surprise that the wild upswing of nightlife had been an instant draw to a chaotic god, if not even somehow inspired. With the shifting of the times, even the Japanese god of sea and storms was inclined to find other interests. He liked to be smack in the middle of things, to feel the pulse of life living on the edge of extremes, where the caress of danger brought the ultimate high as had become the latest draw for young city socialites. He wanted to establish influence, and what more perfect way to do so than to mingle personally with the locals. He took a fancy to a young woman by name of Kaneko Shizeno, and once an idea struck him, he barreled down that path, full throttle. He had the perfect image of how things would work out when he found that Kaneko was pregnant, and he eagerly awaited the birth of his son.

Fate had different plans, and Susanoo's eager dreams of grooming an ideal heir to his nightlife empire came crashing down once he realized his son had been born lacking the basic sense of sight. He could have worked with the unusual albino features, but to be unable to see meant that his boy would have severe limitations to…well…a lot of things. And that was that. Enraged at this handicap, Susanoo turned his back on his son and the woman who bore him.

Kanako didn't understand anything except for the fact that she had failed to please Susanoo, and now she had the burden of a child and no one to share it with. The thread was pulled; she moved back to Osaka where her parents were. As expected, arguments erupted and everyone left upset in the wake of it. The next morning Kanako had already left, but she hadn't thought to bring along her son. Loathe to abandon their grandson, the Shizeno couple cared for him as they could. Naturally there were difficulties when it came to raising a blind child, but they were pleased to discover that young Kanon would not let such difficulties set him back. He had an acute sense of hearing and developed a fondness for music, perhaps largely influenced by his grandmother. As a teacher and player of the koto for years, she began instructing him early on in the methods of plucking and pitch manipulation. Kanon was meticulous in his playing. He could tell if a note was off by the slightest pitch, and so familiarized with the musical scale had he become that he could soon tune instruments by ear or sing without reference. Out of his own interests, he expanded his musical forte to many stringed instruments like the guitar, violin and even the piano, but the koto would always be his most favored.

It was when he was eight that a new door for his senses was opened. It was out on the porch at the back of the house, his favored place to play the koto. His grandparents were away, and the only sounds were that of the vibrating strings before him and the natural music of the breeze playing through the trees. In the next moment, he realized he was not alone. Somehow he knew there were three people there with him, but he wasn't sure how they'd gotten there. He hadn't heard the doors, nor the creak of the floorboards or the gate. When they spoke to him, their Japanese was oddly accented. They asked him three questions; do you care for your past, do you look to the future, and what will you do when the present is pulled from beneath your feet? Images accompanied those questions, brief visions spun in his mind. Then one of the three stepped closer to him, stooping down in front of him to take his hand. Will you go with the flow of this world? Or will you watch it with us? The path of all, the design woven…

It felt like his finger had been pricked with a needle at that moment, and suddenly his world of blackness exploded into colors. He could see the features of the Three before him quite clearly, and they would be the only ones he would ever be able to see in full detail. The rest of the world was made up of shades of colors, and the closer things were to death, the more faded they appeared. Lifeless forms were masses of gray.

He was scared, and he was amazed, but above all he was excited. And then he was confused, for before the Three left him, their smiles seemed almost sad. Yet, they promised they'd see him again.

Kanon wasn't sure whether he should be telling such things to his grandparents as he awaited them to return home. He would find out that he'd be saved the trouble. The footsteps that he heard coming up the walkway belonged to neither grandmother or grandfather, and the police officer that greeted him solemnly at the door broke to him the news of the car accident that had taken their life. Although that taste of being able to "see" was brief, it also left the boy with that gnawing awareness that all around him, life was fading. In the following years the boy became more reclusive. He was able to finally see his mother again, if briefly for the reading of the will. It was the last he saw of her, and several months later when he was informed that she was dead, he shed no tears. With no relatives to take him in and the whereabouts of his father being anyone's guess, the boy was shuffled under the care of foster parents. He was made to attend a private school, and while he did well in academics and excelled in musical abilities, he still kept very much to himself. Other students saw him as stuck-up, and while this made him an ideal target for bullying, it didn't last long as the boy quickly gained a feared reputation for his unnaturally sharp intuition and the tongue to match. Things were done by necessity, and Kanon felt detached from everything, going through the motions, but never really having any commitment to anything.

The Moirae appeared to him again about several years later, under the guise of teachers from abroad seeking unique recruits for a newly developing music program for grade-schoolers, headed and sponsored by the renowned Julliard School in New York. Kanon recognized them immediately, but rather than be pleased to see them again, he was upset that they had taken so long to reveal themselves once more, finding it easy to place the blame on them for what he'd had to endure. This too was but another weave in their grand Tapestry. The Three Sisters always sought the cast off and neglected of the other Pantheons to help turn the world and move things along, and they had claimed Kanon as their own. Tears that had been held back for just as many years easily flowed with their warm embrace. They promised to teach him, and that he would learn much. They wanted him to leave Japan as well, for they were aware that Susanoo's curiosity had been perked in regards to the boy he had tossed aside, as they had expected would eventually come to pass. Thus it was decided that once Kanon graduated from elementary school, he would be sent to America where he would be enrolled in junior high and also be able to put more focus into a specialized field of study, namely music. With living arrangements already worked out by his adoptive Aunts, Kanon actually looked forward to his new venue so that he could leave the sad memories behind him. Naturally, one never appreciates the things had until they are lost.


The boy might initially come off as a snob. He doesn't seem to get along well with others, but then he's not the sort that likes to be forced into such situations. He's quick to offer snide comments when he sees an opening for them, not caring whether they bring annoyance or hurt. Kanon's learned early on that the easiest way to keep others at a distance is not to give them an opening. His manners might seem cold and callous, but those that pay close attention enough might realize that at times it's forced. He's acted this way for so long that he's fooled even himself. The Moirae would prefer that their Chosen don't develop attachments, which is why they saw such potential in the boy. Still, it's a natural thing for a child to want to seek such bonds, especially when he has been lacking in any sort of relationships for so long.

He hasn't yet broken out of the habit of secluding himself; it's become a sort of defense mechanism as he doesn't want to get close to anyone for fear of experiencing that inevitable loss. Having the ability to see one's lifespan certainly does put a crimp on any desires to get to know a person. Although quite inhibiting for a potential social life, such is actually quite ideal in the perspective of the Moirae in that the lack of unnecessary attachments won't complicate things when they might need things to be done. That might be why they neglected to show the boy immediately that he could control this "Sight" and effectively disable it when he wants to. Once having been shown how, he hasn't made much use of it, finding the solitary darkness more bearable than being so aware of the ever changing degrees of color that only he could see, but even he can't escape that awareness completely. He's reluctant to practice, but he knows his adoptive Aunts will prod him into it sooner or later.

Kanon is quiet out of habit. It's easier to listen and feel things when you aren't speaking, after all. That's not to say he won't speak if prompted. Early experiences in life have honed his cynicism, and he speaks with an air of maturity, and it might be due to his birthparent that he can sometimes be a bit arrogant. Thankfully thus far he's not inherited Susanoo's recklessness, but of course that might have yet to be seen. Being blind naturally prompts one to be careful, and although not quite timid to submerse himself into new surroundings, Kanon is very cautious. He prefers controlled environments, that of which New York City had been quite lacking in. This fact has left him more disgruntled than distraught, and to a point he considers it a challenge of which to overcome. Fully overcoming this dilemma will undoubtedly require that he make use of his "Sight" again, a realization he has begrudgingly come to accept, and once again, another thread the Moirae have begun to weave.


Being born blind has given cause for his other natural senses to sharpen. Kanon has a more acute sense of hearing and touch, relying heavily on these as his most rudimentary and infallible for experiencing the world around him. It's especially his sense of hearing that he's learned to develop well, and having been drawn to music and its variety of sounds, the boy has a keen ear for pitches. Undoubtedly the Fates have taken this into consideration and believe that with enough practice, Kanon will be able to eventually hear the individual threads of each person as they resonate and harmonize around him, and that likewise he will become sensitive to the subtle dissonances that threaten the intricate Weave of the world.

While Kanon cannot see things the way most people do, he can tap into a form of Sight, that being god-gifted from his aunts. With this he can see things enveloped in color; anything alive and possessing a lifespan showing up in any shade of color, and the duller to gray they show up as, the closer they are to reaching its end. Inanimate objects show up as gray by default.

As the boy is initially the son of the Japanese god of storms and sea, he has the potential to control properties of air to a certain degree. Seeing that this too might prove useful to a boy with such acute sense of hearing and attunement to sound, the Moirae have allowed this ability to remain. With practice Kanon would be able to dampen sounds or amplify them with proper concentration, and with a better understanding of the elements he can also create sounds by manipulation of the wind, even send messages through it.

Another gifted ability of the boy's is in the form of what might appear like a simple silvery cord. It was given to him by the Moirae, intended for him to use mainly to find others that hold the potential to keep things true to the Pattern's course. He can use it in any stringed instrument, and in this fashion, he can use it to find the resonance of like souls. Once he becomes more sensitive to detecting and hearing the sounds of souls, he can tune the cord to match or harmonize. By this he can also see corresponding souls that sync with a particular timbre, and in turn determine how well they work together, and to a degree he can influence his targets. The latter is mainly in regards to a battle-type scenario, in which he will always play a supportive role than a direct offensive one. He can provide a boost to those he wishes to assist, or if he purposely attempts to play discord, can possibly stun those that do not harmonize with his chord.

Once he finds the tune of certain souls, he can also use this method to track them. By matching the pitch he can resonate with their Fate threads, thus allowing him to trace their location and know their whereabouts. He can also find traces of where the subject has been if they leave a strong impression- i.e. have committed some serious action with heavy emotional influence/ties or have caused something that makes a distinctive impact to events.

World Summary

They are known as myths and legends; unbeknownst to many, the gods and goddesses spoken of in ancient days still exist and thrive in the modern world, and the Threads of the Fates continue to be spun, weaving through each pantheon's existence. They remain unseen to most of the mundane, these figures of old, pulling strings and working by more direct means…through their many halfbreed offspring.

The setting, earth; the world, their board game. Balances must be kept, rules must be heeded, but each deity has their own guidelines they follow, naturally resulting in conflict. The titans are still at large, and they too have their own children of chaos. Whether the children of the gods answer the calling of their divine parent or not greatly influences the shifting of the world. But these demi-gods must be trained, should they accept their fate, learning to use their inherited abilities, for better or for worse, and perhaps even arise to the level of gods themselves.

In a world where technology and science has become mainstream, even the gods must adjust to the times, and more so the abilities of those their children have acquired. Some choose to take the forefront of this constant battle of epic proportions, others work on the sidelines in support. Shall Order be maintained, or Chaos reign supreme? It all falls in the hands of the Scions.


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