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Oblivion and Oathkeeper Roxas Something Drive Boost, Form Boost
Bond Of Flame Axel Something Fire Boost
Untitled Megatron Something Maximum Ownage
Gull Wing Riyaz Something Experience Boost
Photon Debugger Cavil Something Thunder Boost
Ophelia Alexander Wolfgang Something Boom Headshot
Freedom Bound Nash Latkje Something lol pwn
Untitled Tony Stark Something Maximum Ownage
Monochrome Monday Something Item Boost
Koroku Thomas Something + Cute Boost (???)
Thar She Blows Fone Bone Something Maximum Ownage
Circumstance Tally Youngblood Something Maximum Ownage
Whirlwind's Reaper Starscream Something Maximum Bitch
Mysterious Abyss Klonoa Something Blizzard Boost
Bond of Water Demyx Something Maximum Ownage
Way to Etansel Pearl Something Full drive gauge
Lunar Cry Saix Something Maximum Ownage
Princess Fierceness Adrian Veidt Something Maximum Ownage
Untitled Caerula Sanguis Something Maximum Ownage
Untitled Wasp Something -1 MP
Fatal Crest Kyd Wykkyd Something Berserk Charge
Bitter Memories Terra Markov Something I don't know
Something incredibly awesome Rip van Winkle Something Kills you dead
Ultima Weapon Sora Something MP Hastega
Excalibur Lara Croft Something Anti-sea monster
Chozo's Soul Samus Something Pew pew lasers
Heart of a Hero Wreck-Gar Something +5 friendship
Forged Crescent Graham Specter Something Berserk
E Pluribus Unum America Something Defender
End Of Proof Sho Minamimoto Someting +3.14 Strength
Untitled Flonne Something Maximum Ownage
Untitled Crawford Sands Something Sound Burst
Untitled Vincent Valentine Something Maximum Ownage
Still Strike Prowl Something Maximum Ownage
Untitled Mare Something Maximum Ownage
Untitled Monoko Something Maximum Ownage
Untitled Ameras Something Maximum Ownage
Untitled Rion Steiner Something AAAAAAAA
Sleeping Lion Squall Leonhart Something Combo Plus
Untitled Lady Subaru Something Maximum Ownage
Untitled Bumblebee Something Zap-Zap!
Rapture Dead End Something Maximum Ownage
"Peachy Keen" Blitzwing Something coming up with insane names
Untitled V Something TALKING
Untitled Lelouch vi Britannia Something Stuff
Untitled Solaris Something Stuff
Untitled Cyrus Something Stuff
Untitled Aya Brea Something Stuff
Untitled Giygas Something Stuff
Untitled Nathan Wallace Something Stuff
Untitled Kergan Something Stuff
Untitled Neriae Something Stuff
Untitled The Major Something Stuff
Untitled Pyramid Head Something Stuff
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