Kick Ass
Kick-Ass / Dave Lizewski
Continuity Kick-Ass
Age 17
Species Human
Hair Color Brownish
Eye Color —-?
District North
Journal kickasswetsuit
Player Sara
Theme Song (Optional)

"I always wondered why no one did it before."


One day, he got the bright idea to dress up like a super hero and fight crime. Then he got stabbed and hit by car. But that didnt' stop him. He just kept right on doing his thing and then found out going against the mob was a bad idea. Then someone he thought was a friend lured him into a trap. There was a lot of fighting and a jet pack. And a bazooka. But then he got knocked out.


Too stubborn and naive for his own good.


A highly elevated ability to take a kicking.


Red Mist: The Villain!

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