Kirika Yuumura/noir
Kirika Yuumura/noir
Continuity NOIR
Birthday April 6th
Age 15 (arrived)
16 (now)
Species Human
Hair Color Dark brown/black
Eye Color Red eyes
District North District
Journal Kirika's journal
Player Lynn
Theme Song Nemo: Nightwish

"In the end, a lie is always a lie."


'Who am I… I am Noir'

It all started one morning. Kirika had woken up from an unfamiliar bed with no memory of her real name or herself, amnesia. Confused, dazed, and determined, Kirika pulled every drawer and doors to find out more about herself. Then she came across a school ID, Kirika Yuumera. She then founded in a drawer a gun and pocket watch that played a melody. Just by her touch, Kirika knew how to use the gun. She continued to search around the home only to find pictures of herself with people, yet something still felt off. No parents or relatives in the home. That was when she found out she was already registered to a Japaneses school and her supposed 'parents' were in America to work. She decided to attend school anyway, perhaps it would jog a memory. On her way home, she was chased by a couple of men with guns. Calmed and collective, Kirika fled and waited for the right moment. When that moment came, the men who pursued her were dead by her feet. Why was it easy to pull the trigger? Why didn't she felt an ounce of remorse? Why didn't it felt like murder? Someone went to the trouble to set up a stage for her. She had to find the answers. To do that, she made contact to the only person she somehow knew who could help. The previous owner of the pocket watch she founded, Mireille Bouquet. A trustworthy assassin for hire.

'Make a pilgrimage to the past with me.'

Kirika continued to go to school until Mireille came after an email sent. After their first encounter, Mireille witnessed how Kirika skillfully killed the pursuers that also chased after Mireille as well. Somehow Kirika knew about Mireille's past and the death of her parents and brother. The pocket watch belonged to Mireille's father, how it became in Kirika's possession was a mystery to both of them. Obviously someone has pulled some strings that brought them together and for what purpose they wondered. After Mireille heard Kirika's story, she agreed. Only under one condition. When the answer was found, Mireille would kill Kirika. Kirika left Japan and lived with Mireille.

Mireille started up a business NOIR to hid the fact she was working with Kirika. Most of their cases involved with corruption within an organization, leaked of information, or neutralize a threat such as terrorists. If the people couldn't stop or bring them down to justice for whatever reason, they would ask NOIR. With a duo team, Mireille would collect information and came up with plans for their target. Kirika simply cooperated with the plans. When both are out on the field, Kirika carried out her task swiftly, tactical, and sometimes vulgar. When one thug tried to choked her from behind with a wire, Kirika reached up and grab the man's sunglasses. After she broke part of it against the wall, she used the side piece, where it was broken, as a knife and jabbed it against the guy's neck. After he released his grip, Kirika killed him with one shot.

'The man within a man. The love within the love. The sin within a sin. The hermit told unto the sinner, Les Soldats are with truth.'

As they both has taken each case together, the truth they had sought slowly came. Their second case was an ambush where they became the target instead of the organization which was the original target. Even after that, they didn't say who sent them to kill NOIR. Then the third case, information was leaked to the target on who was going to assassinate him with NOIR's location. Whoever this organization was, they were testing the girls. It wasn't until later Mireille had found their first lead to this mysterious group with the cost of her friend's and his family dear lives. Luckily, her informative left that information before he was killed. The name of the organization that wanted to remain silent and unheard were Les Soldats. Later on, they learned the organization were more than 400 years old after they saw an old contract which they witnessed a birth of a new mafia in Italy, signed.

Later on, the duo met with another person within Les Soldats, Chloe, during a job. Chloe claimed to be the 'True Noir'. Her choice of weapons were knives. She would help them out on occasions, especially if it helped Kirika. Some reason, Chloe favored Kirika, and like any professional assassins, she knew how to brief with little information. On the second night of her visit, Chloe came unannounced to their home. Although Mireille was stunned by her visit, Kirika invited her in indifferently. That was when they first had their tea party together. At the end of the night, Chloe reached over and pulled a tea fork tucked under Kirika's sleeve and asked to keep it. After Chloe left, Kirika noted to Mireille how Chloe kept her guard up the entire time as well despite the calm appearance.

A couple days later, Kirika was about to learn a harsh lesson. She met a retired soldier who became an artist. After she watched him paint, Kirika wanted to try it as well. Mireille soon learned about Kirika and the man. She warned Kirika not to get close to him. When Kirika asked why, she simply responded it was for the best. Kirika ignored the warning. Two days later, Kirika was pursued by a man in a car with a gun, who had beefed with NOIR, and fired a couple shots. Kirika swiftly dodged the shots and was armed. After the car left was when she witnessed the horror for the first time, the loss of someone. The artist was on the road dead. For the first time Kirika's little world felt scared and shocked. Later that night, the duo had taken care of the man who pursued NOIR. When the two returned home, Kirika sat by the window and looked outside lost in her thoughts. Little did she knew she was about to drift to sleep right then before she heard the call of the wake.


Kirika is contemplative, quiet, withdrawn, sweet, and fragile. This was mostly due to the fact that she woke up with amnesia. Her memory loss made her felt out of place. Kirika has always felt disconnected and confused. It's as if someone stripped away her identity and left a shell of a body behind. Kirika would mostly observe human behaviors around her. She can be indecisive on the best approach or action a 'normal' human would go; normal as in how people would live and decide on a daily basis. When she was unsure of herself or the answer, she would step back and returned to her quiet nature. The only time she would answer if it was necessary. That could be either something important or a voice of opinion.

Kirika lived on, only to find the truth of who she was. When the answer came, she decided to be the person who she had always been, and that was 'Kirika'. As herself, Kirika was grateful to live with Mireille, someone with more knowledge and who is also an assassin. Mireille has taught Kirika some self experience as a professional killer even Kirika wouldn't have known, such as the risk of interacting with someone who isn't part of her life. There was a chance the person might get involved, or die. To have kept the person she admired safe, it would had been best to left them be. Mireille warned Kirika from experience. She also learned to gather information and how to use it whether for a job or something important.

When she wasn't working, Kirika could be sweet and curious. Like a kitten that would reach for that ball of yarn, she liked to watch how people continued about their lives. When Kirika discovered art, she was touched by how the colors came together to create a picture. Her friend Mireille described how she would water a plant and it remained healthy, never turned black from Kirika's deadly nature. Even for a killer, Kirika valued life for the simplest things. She picked up a lost kitten in the street and taken it home; who was this kitten and where did it came from? Kirika related to it in a sense because it had no home, like her. Kirika empathized herself with some people, including one of her victims, an elderly. Even though thishe man had to be killed despite trying to make amend for his sin. After she killed him, Kirika placed a photo of his family in displayed to show the people who he once was.

Even for a sweet girl like her, she is very fragile. Most of the people she has met during the life she remembered would end up dead by someone else or herself. One example was when Kirika had to choose between her comrade, Mireille, or her new friend, Chloe, who intended to kill Mireille. To save her comrade, Kirika had to kill her new friend. The event pierced her heart. Though she didn't had remorse for the dead, Kirika's tears trailed for what she had done, what she was capable of. When her friend, Mireille, was frustrated or enraged, especially with Kirika, her tears would trail down her cheeks. Just the thought of herself would made her cry. There were times when she didn't want to accept the truth, and wanted to bury it deep in her mind. Like with Chloe, when she briefed Kirika to the truth who Kirika really was, Kirika pleaded her not to say it.

Even though Kirika has amnesia, some memories has resurfaced towards the end of the series. When she remembered where she came from and what nature she had in the past, Kirika has turned to her older self, darker. When Kirika is darker, the once of remorsed either for the victim or herself is gone. Kirika's sweet and dotted self left. If there was no other way, she would just kill, no hesitation. She was on the verge to killing Mireille at one point after Mireille left Kirika's side. She even gave Chloe the scare when they sparred together.

With Mireille in her daily life, Kirika felt to watch her back more, even to the person who promised to kill her. Kirika has saved Mireille on some occasions. Kirika would had felt lost if Mireille pushed her a side. Some cases Mireille would tell Kirika to either don't follow or go home. Kirika would do the opposite especially if something didn't felt right. When Mireille was targeted, Kirika would countered it just in the brink of time. There was a time where Kirika was a the brink of emotions when Mireille left her.

Kirika's education is pretty poor. Mireille commented her what else she learned, Kirika has no education on any Literature. Kirika can read, but she has never heard of the the story of Alice in Wonderland.

Although Kirika's memories are lost, her traits of a pro hitman remained. As an assassin, Kirika is cold, vulgar, and tactical. She would always be three steps ahead of her target to finish job. Her mind may have forgotten memories of the past but her body remembered her movements, tactical kills, first aid, scan surrounding. Even Kirika doesn't fully understand herself and why she cold perform these tasks so easily.


Kirika is all human with assassin skills. What's unique about her is that she has no memory and yet her skills of an assassin remained, kind of like her mind doesn't remember, but her body does. She could kill almost anything with one shot.

She's an excellent acrobatic either to kill or evade. Her combat tactics are highly flawless, with a gun or any sharp objects lethal to kill. She has used forks, toys, sunglasses, and even popcorn to her advantage. She was trained to wield any weapon at her disposal such as swords, knives, and guns. She has a remarkable sense to danger when closed by. Her hearing could pick up the slightest sound when her survival instinct is in. She does well masking her presence in the still of night.

Although she is trained to kill, she surprisingly has first aid skills, and can disassemble a gun easily and put it back together like a jigsaw puzzle. She can also speak various languages from Europe to Asia, and the Northern Continent.


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