Klement Devereux
Continuity Original Character (NPC)
Age ???
Species Deva
Hair Color Dark Brown (with Gold Highlights?)
Eye Color Hazel
District ???
Journal judging_eyes
Player MK
Theme Song Rise - Origa

"…Do not fail, Wakened. If not for Nautilus, then for yourselves. Live. Fight on!"


Klement arrived in Nautilus April 1st, xx13. It was no joke.

How he got there was another story altogether. Klement first crossed paths with Antovil while he was out traveling. Despite not being an appointed Deva, he accepted the other Deva's invitation to visit the city. From there, he eventually became one of the newer faces the Wakened would come to familiarize themselves with.

Klement originally hailed from a world which dealt with similarly supernatural rankings. Before he became the Deva of Judgement, he use to be known as the third and youngest son of a middle-class French Antiquary who owned several antique shops across Europe. Cairo and Barcelona were his homes. (Un)Fortunately, the life of a normal human being was not in the cards for him.

He is actually a Scion of Inpu — or, as he was better known, Anubis — the jackal-headed god of Embalming and Mummification.



While polite, Klement can be…eccentric. For some, that means 'weird,' but that depends on who you are. Some are obviously suspicious of his behavior, and they have every right to be suspicious. But the honest truth is that he is an a level-headed Deva. It's much better than dealing with a short-tempered god or Deva.

While he is intrigued by Wakened reactions and personalities, his patience and his business-like professionalism makes him excellent mediator material. Having grown up in a business atmosphere, it is only natural for him to fill in a role no one else wants to pick up.

As a Scion of Anubis, it is normal to acquire some of his parent’s traits. Any Scions of Anubis had a tendency to be deeply loyal, but they would break ties with those they deemed worthy if they saw how often their expectations were not met. Unlike the others, Klement dodged the bullet when it comes to being severely disappointed in people. He can get the gist of a person’s character if he speaks with them long enough, letting him see if he would be able to help them or not. The more stubborn a person is, the more difficult it would be for him to keep his patience in working with them. His idea of a pep talk involves listening to what a person or Deva has to say before giving his POV and a little advice. He will not be fully involved; he sticks to his guns, leaving most of the emotional portion out in favor for a logical explanation. (Much like his father, in a way.) There is no harshness when he does this, but it can be interpreted as such. He is careful to tread when it needs to be done, but he doesn’t sugarcoat things.

He is able to maintain some kind of grounding in order to relate to mortals and Wakened alike. Current relations have reflected the shifts in his demeanor, reminding him what it is to be human and how important it is to be open about things. Human emotions can also have their setbacks, and he's having to deal with that as well.

Due to a string of events (and a lot of stress from both the city's perils and its Wakened), Klement has proven himself a force to be reckoned with. Although he snapped and lost himself in his previous "cold judgement" stage as both a means to help give the Wakened some perspective and as a form of catharsis, he does regret his actions. Since then, he barely dons the polite mask, business-minded and quite frank when he needs to be.


So far, the only ability he has shown is the fact he can read histories. Oh yes, those kinds of personal histories. BUT those are optional.

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Oh gosh relationships, why


  • Antovil: Old friend and ally from his days in early Kalliste
  • Areva: (Relatively) newer friend and ally, sweet but teases him too much
  • Calex: Cat friend and personal space occupier
  • Ursaems: Old friend and ally from his days in Kalliste, the betrayer



Other Allies

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