Kurenai and Crocker Mansion


Though the house is sizable, most of the rooms are small and cozy. Often times, most lights are kept off unless used. Beware of any traps. Most of the house is fireproof and has multiple water sprinkles everywhere.

ROOMS: (Arranged Per Level)
The proximity of the basement is the same as the house. The texture is cement base for the walls and floor which is all painted a medium blue color. There are no windows. There are many tables all filled with all kinds of scientific instruments. A massive computer on the center wall (Think Batman crime computer). A few round - office chairs. Lights hang from the ceiling openly. The water heater and fusebox (circuit panel) is located in the northwest corner of the basement. Spiral staircase leads downstairs and are painted black and made of some kind of medal, in the very center of the basement.

- This is the Control Room
The security camera's have been organized and have been routed to a control room present at the 2nd basement. This is found beneath Crocker's basement laboratory. Entrance is through the cabinet by the dining area. Access is through a numerical pass code and iris identification. [CURRENT ACCESS: Kurenai and Denzel Crocker]

Currently, it has lots of empty space for future needs. However, in one side of the room is a conglomeration of LCD monitors all routed to three keyboards.

Access to this network allows the characters to monitor activity within the mansion grounds and the rooms of the mansion. Aside from this, the users will gain access to the various defensive and offensive mechanisms of the mansion.

1. Dim the lights anywhere within the mansion.
2. Monitor movement of others within the premises.
3. Lock the doors.
4. Lock the windows.
5. Activate the metal and concrete barriers.
6. Control Maria. [On/Off]
7. Deactivate Kitchen control panel.
8. Activate accessory water sprinklers for emergency.

Houses the machine for NEON.
- An AI, which announces if there are any intruders or guests, 30 meters prior to the arrival. (list of guests are updated by the characters.). The announcement happens over a PA(Public Address) system.
- Announces if the temperature levels of the mansion when it goes over 300 degrees Celsius. (With the exception of the kitchen). Constantly announces the temperatures as it rises, intervals of 100 degrees.
- Activates the main sprinklers of the mansion and the metal barriers to contain any fire.

Level 1:
The hallways are long with it's floor and walls made of marble. Hallways are often dark as preferred by the owners. However, when guests are present, the halls and the rooms are lit by chandeliers. Although there are windows, they are rarely open and are heavily tinted, aside from having thick curtains preventing light from getting inside. Some hallways and rooms are devoid of windows. There are multiple staircases winding across the house leading to different halls and rooms.

Defensive Structure: MARIA
Within the hallway is Maria. She's a classical statue, similar to Venus de Milo. Her base is firmly rooted on the ground. Her mouth piece opens to reveal a high-powered yet thin laser canon.Activation and Deactivation can occur by using the control panels found within the control room and the one hidden in the kitchen.

Living Room
It has a long oak coffee table with 4 chairs surrounding it. The fourth chair is long enough for someone to sleep in it. This room is where guests are usually brought to sit down, have tea, and enjoy a long conversation. No other furniture exists in this room aside from a book case in one corner of the room.

Private Library
This area is where serious discussions, deliberations and planning are done. Aside from long aisles of books, the library is filled with scrolls, memorabilia and dolls from Nautilus. The staircase to Crocker's lair can be seen here. [If you know where to find the access panel]

Dining Area
The dining area can sit a maximum of 6 people. The dining room is beside the Kitchen area. The room has ashes of rose shade to allow the guests to have a better appetite.

There is an accessory control panel in the kitchen. Pressing the button found underneath the burner will grant access. The counter top will rise and show a 21 inch LCD screen. It is touch screen and allows the user to manipulate the defensive, offensive and accessory details of the mansion. However, main power is still in the control room and people from the control room can override the user of the kitchen control panel.

Level 2:
Crocker's bedroom
The main room is black and white. With a strange bookcase on the wall. The other walls are actually white boards. A Beatles poster is kept over from the Grabbag event. Crocker also has a helmet from Sonic, a Deckard doll from Yuuta. Dib, Sonic, Tails, Ace, Gellert, Wheeljack dolls.

Kurenai's Bedroom
Kurenai's bedroom is small but has an elegant flower theme. There is a small bed across her room specifically for her cat Ally (given by Alphonse) and the Green Wisp. This room has the most water sprinklers in the whole house. Just in case she accidentally burns things by reverting to her flame form. There's a special cabinet also with a glass case that has every gift that Nott has ever given her, along with her Violet ring and an empty can of Silly String.

Guest's Bedroom
The house has two guest rooms fashioned in a simple way. Panels are made to look like they are wood, but they are all made from fireproof materials like the rest of the house.


In case of emergencies, metal panels and concrete walls will contain any threat. Concrete walls are two meters thick. Metal panels are 2 inches thick. Metal panels can be found within the walls, windows and doors of each room. They take 5 seconds to descend from the ceiling to the ground.


Scarlet coffee and flower shoppe
The coffee shoppe gives the guest a view of the wonderful garden of flowers. Serves fresh house coffee and tea as well as pastries, bread and chocolates. A request for the most eloquent flower arrangements must be made at least 24 hours prior to purchase. [FREE]

The garden is massive and home to foreign and native flowers which Kurenai tends herself. There is a small structure in the middle with an arrangement of plants, and an intricate fountain within it. The plants are arranged in an intricate maze with surveillance camera's in strategic areas [Camera's which are manipulated using Crocker's computer]. There are hidden areas with marble tables and chairs where people can enjoy the afternoon breeze and tea.

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