The Central Plaza + Landmarks

The Central Plaza

The Central Plaza has an inlay of tiles detailed to look like a stylized map of the city, with blue-grey tiles to mark out the streets (a la the map) and round blue-white tiles to mark the towers.

At the center of this map, where the center plaza would BE on the map, was once a 20 foot wide glass lens. While the glass lens still existed, one could see stars and pick up on a strange aura surrounding the area through it. Half-whispers of voices (past, present, future) and an odd sense of vertigo accompanied the view, as if there were infinite possibilities pressing in from all sides.

Underneath this section of the city is the Heart of Nautilus, and the Gate to The Labyrinth.

Brief History

Even if the Wakened were told of the dangers of crossing the boundary into The Heart of the city, they still went in headfirst. Once such incident occurred after Soundwave shattered the lens and was pulled beneath into The Labyrinth, accidentally (?) dragging Edward Elric along with him. Due to the lack of Ashura existing at the time, Antovil reluctantly dove in to retrieve them.

Upon his successful return, Antovil, now the Deva of Direction, turned himself into a lighthouse to reside over the Heart and the entrance into the Labyrinth to prevent anyone else from accidentally or intentionally ending up within the Chaos below. Antovil's watch was briefly interrupted a few months later when the living embodiment of the Labyrinth erupted forth from the gate below and fled into the shadows of the city.

Another chaos geyser erupted when the Deva Ursaems trapped the Labyrinth creature in an amulet, leading Antovil to call Klement, Areva, and Calex for assistance in order to reseal what had been damaged. All four Deva were exhausted after the effort.

Things that are present in ALL districts:

- The Gates: There are two in each district. They are medieval double doors, twenty feet wide and thirty feet tall. Despite this, they are pretty easy to open, and are mostly big and white. Each one has, in the arch above them, the symbol of whatever district you're in. The surfaces are patterned in abstract patterns that also relate to the district, and they seem like they're made of ivory or alabaster.

- Underneath all of Nautilus, there is a Tunnel System. More information here. Due to Kalliste's crumbling on top of the city, some of the entrances, exits, and pathways have caved in and collapsed.

- There are fireflies throughout the city, though they tend to congregate around green areas; this includes Not!Virginia in the South. The fireflies are also in unusual colors – in addition to the usual yellow, there are red, blue, green, orange, and violet fireflies. Note that the cooler colors like to fly higher up in the air.

- In each district plaza, there is an array engraved into the ground. Although the Elrics made a Network announcement, they made sure to leave instructions on how to use them. Just in case. (The signboards are located near each.) However, these arrays have been malfunctioning after city-wide damage (rocks falling from Kalliste) took place. With no Elrics around to fix them, people will find themselves sent to the wrong district. It takes a little longer to go where one wants to go.


North District of Whirlwinds
East District Of Waterfalls
South District Of Forests
West District Of Infernos
The Heart Of Nautilus

The Between

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