Lelouch vi Britannia
Lelouch vi Britannia
Continuity Code Geass
Age 18 19 20 21
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Violet
District Northern District
Journal vanished_prince strategizing
Player Ren
Theme Song I will figure this out later.

"I am the one who destroys worlds and recreates them."


Lelouch was born the son of the Emperor Charles of Britannia and the Empress Marianne, making him the eleventh prince of Britannia and seventeenth in line for the throne. He has one sister named Nunnally, as well several half-siblings, including Euphemia, Cornelia, Schneizel, and Clovis. Lelouch was originally raised as a member of the Britannian Imperial family. He had a mostly happy childhood in the care of his mother along with Nunnally. As a child, Lelouch was very close to Euphemia as well, and she and Cornelia often spent time with Lelouch, Nunnally, and Marianne.

Everything changed for Lelouch when his mother was murdered before his eyes at the age of ten. He watched helplessly as she was struck by assassin’s bullets, shielding Nunnally with her body as best she could. As a result of the attack, Marianne was dead and Nunnally was left blind due to trauma and unable to walk due to her injuries. After the murder, Lelouch sought an audience with his father the Emperor. When the Emperor was highly dismissive of Lelouch (who was troubled that his mother had apparently been left unprotected and that his father had no interest in visiting Nunnally in the hospital), Lelouch angrily stated that he did not need to be a successor to the throne of Britannia. The Emperor then stripped Lelouch of his status as a prince and had him and Nunnally sent to Japan, essentially as political hostages. Due to the tension over sakuradite mining in Japan, Lelouch and Nunnally’s presence in Japan was intended to represent a reason why Britannia would not attack Japan.

While in Japan, Lelouch and Nunnally were to stay in the home of Japan’s Prime Minister Kururugi. Soon, Lelouch crossed paths with Suzaku Kururugi, the prime minister’s son, who was the same age as he was. Due to Suzaku misunderstanding Lelouch’s reassurances to Nunnally and his resentment over Lelouch and Nunnally taking over his room, their first meeting ended with Suzaku beating up Lelouch, stopping only when Nunnally cried out. Over time, however, Lelouch and Suzaku grew to be very close friends, overcoming the biases each had against the other due to their differing backgrounds. Unlike anyone Lelouch had ever known, Suzaku was someone who offered genuine friendship without ulterior motive. The time Lelouch and Nunnally spent in Japan with Suzaku was a peaceful, happy time. It was not to last, however.

In spite of the fact that Lelouch and Nunnally were hostages to Japan, the Emperor chose to invade the country within the year, using the newly developed Knightmare frames. Amidst the chaos and destruction, Lelouch vowed to crush Britannia. Given that their lives were clearly disposable to Britannia and would likely be placed in danger again if they appeared to have survived the invasion, Lelouch chose to allow everyone to believe that he and Nunnally had died in the Britannian invasion of Japan. Using aid from the Ashford family, who had once been their mother’s supporters, Lelouch and Nunnally ‘disappeared’. They parted ways from Suzaku at that time as well, with Lelouch remaining unaware of what Suzaku planned to do as soon as they parted company.

After that time, Lelouch and Nunnally took up residence at the Ashford Academy, a school owned by the Ashford family for Britannian students living in Japan, which by that time was known as Area 11. They also began to use their mother’s maiden name as their own last name, with Lelouch going by ‘Lelouch Lamperouge’.

Up until the age of seventeen, Lelouch continued to live as a normal Britannian student would. He attended classes and was a member of the student council, serving as Vice-President. The student council President, Milly Ashford, was aware of his secret, but no one else in the school was. Lelouch exhibited frustration at being nothing more than a student, powerless to change anything. For recreation, he gambled on chess matches from time to time.

Everything changed on the day when he and his friend Rivalz ended up on the road with a truck containing a military secret in a capsule (supposedly poisonous gas), driven by rebels. When the truck crashed, Lelouch chose to try and help those in the truck, but he ultimately ended up falling inside the back with the capsule. The truck was then pursued by the Britannian military into the Shinjuku ghetto. While the rebels were killed or escaped, Lelouch was still left inside. It was there that he crossed paths with his childhood friend Suzaku, who was now a member of the Britannian military responding to the truck’s presence. The capsule then opened to reveal a green-haired woman named C.C.

When the rest of the military arrived, Suzaku refused to shoot Lelouch and instead was shot in the back himself. Lelouch and C.C. managed to escape for a time, but eventually, the military caught up with them. Lelouch was nearly shot but C.C. stood in front of him to take the bullet. As she seemed to die, she took his hand and transported him to another plane, where she offered to make a contract with him. Knowing only the vaguest of details—that it was the power of the King and that he would owe C.C. some unspecified favor in return—Lelouch chose to take the deal and find a way to survive. As a result, Lelouch obtained his Geass, which gave him the power to make anyone obey his will, with certain limitations (he must look into a person’s eyes to use it, it will only work once per person, etc.). Lelouch used this power to order the military men facing him to kill themselves. Lelouch then took control of a Knightmare frame and led the remaining rebels in combat, obtaining a victory over Britannia and coming face to face with Clovis, who he then executed.

From there, Lelouch began to use the power that he had obtained to begin a campaign of opposition to Britannia. He took on a second identity as “Zero”, the leader of a rebel group that came to be known as “The Order of the Black Knights”. He still maintained the façade of the ordinary Britannian student and brother to Nunnally, and donned a mask to appear as Zero so that no one, not even his comrades, knew his identity. On several instances, Lelouch as Zero attempted to persuade Suzaku to leave the Britannian military and join with the rebels, but Suzaku consistently refused. Lelouch gradually had several successes against Britannia, though Cornelia, who had replaced Clovis, was a formidable opponent. He did not know that Suzaku piloted the white Lancelot that was the most powerful of the opposing Knightmare Frames until he laid a trap to overcome that frame. Lelouch did not act to have Suzaku killed after his identity was revealed, and in fact, protected him on another occasion. Afterwards, Suzaku became the knight of Princess Euphemia, sealing the divide between himself and Lelouch.

Having obtained the knowledge of Suzaku’s dark past, Lelouch attempted one more time to persuade him to join the Order of the Black Knights. The trap he set did not go as planned when an enemy aircraft began bombing them and Suzaku managed to take him captive. In order to save both of their lives, Lelouch resorted to using his Geass to order Suzaku, who had been borderline suicidal, to live.

In the aftermath, Lelouch ended up stranded on an island with his sister Euphemia, who had managed to guess that he was the one behind Zero’s mask in spite of the fact that he was supposedly dead. Lelouch softened towards her and showed that he still loved her as a sister before they were able to get off of the island. As a result, Euphy decided to seek him out and create a Special Administrative Zone (SAZ) where all people, Britannian or Japanese, could live freely. To do so, she sacrificed her claim on the Britannian throne, and thus Lelouch ended up agreeing to go along with her plan. Unfortunately, at the moment when he was trying to explain his Geass to her, it activated, causing him to inadvertently order her to kill all of the Japanese. This resulted in Euphemia going out into the crowd of those arriving at the Zone and attempting to kill all of the Japanese. Lelouch sought her out and shot her himself to put a stop to it, though it pained him greatly.

Shortly after that, Lelouch planned an all-out assault on the government. He was moving towards success in his plans, whilst still protecting the school so that his sister and friends would be unharmed. At that time, however, two things happened to destroy his plans. V.V. approached Suzaku and apparently explained to him what Lelouch had done to Euphemia and confirmed that Lelouch was indeed Zero. V.V. also kidnapped Lelouch’s sister Nunnally and took her away from Tokyo.

Desperate to find Nunnally, Lelouch abandoned his questioning of Cornelia (which had given him no answers about his mother’s murder) and his troops to chase after his sister. Suzaku pursued him, and the two crossed paths before Lelouch was able to find Nunnally. Suzaku overcame Lelouch and took him captive, dragging him before the Emperor of Britannia and offering to trade Lelouch for a position among the Knights of Rounds, the knights that served the Emperor. The Emperor, Lelouch’s father, agreed to the terms. Suzaku forced Lelouch to open his right eye (the one without the Geass) so that the Emperor could use his own Geass on Lelouch, stripping away his memories of being a member of the royal family, being Zero, and his sister Nunnally. Lelouch was then sent back to Area 11 to act as bait to lead them to C.C. without his knowledge. An agent named Rolo posed as his younger brother to monitor his actions.

After a year had passed, C.C. finally managed to reach Lelouch. She was able to restore his true memories, and thus Lelouch resumed his role as Zero, managing to allow them to escape into the Chinese Federation Consulate, using his Geass to make an alliance there. He then began a difficult time due to the constant surveillance at his school. He was able to turn Rolo to his side and overcome all the agents at the school eventually, using their previous “brotherly” relationship to manipulate Rolo emotionally. Lelouch was tempted to allow Rolo to be killed in battle, but ultimately, he decided that Rolo would be more useful to him alive. Rolo possessed a Geass that could pause time for any person in its radius. Lelouch also did not want to reveal that his memories had returned in case it would lead to someone harming Nunnally, who he was desperate to find. Lelouch plotted to rescue his allies when they were due to be executed, also succeeding in getting them to safe territory.

All was going well until Suzaku appeared at Ashford Academy. Lelouch was forced to pretend that they were still friends, as was Suzaku, who was closely observing him. As a test, Suzaku put Lelouch on the phone with the new Governor General of Area 11, who turned out to be Nunnally. Lelouch was able to maintain his façade, but he immediately began a plan to rescue her. He nearly succeeded in taking her from her airship, but he was thwarted at the last moment by Suzaku’s intervention.

Nunnally thus arrived in Japan and became Governor General. Lelouch was devastated by this turn of events, and he nearly gave up on leading the rebellion entirely, as Lelouch knew that he could never work to undermine his sister. He was eventually convinced by Kallen of the need for him in the eyes of all of the Japanese, and he intervened to save the Order of the Black Knights from being defeated by Suzaku.

In order to avoid directly going against Nunnally, Lelouch then orchestrated his own exile (as Zero) from Japan. He used the new attempt by Nunnally at creating a SAZ to take a million of the Japanese with him by having them all dress as Zero. Lelouch then escaped to China with the Order of the Black Knights and the Japanese. Because of their alliance with the Chinese Federation, they were leased the island of Horai by from the Chinese Federation.

In China, Lelouch was aware that the Eunuchs held the actual power. They used the Empress Tianzi as a political pawn. Lelouch discovered their plans to essentially give the Order of the Black Knights over to Britannia by having Tianzi marry Prince Odysseus and form an alliance. In order to prevent that alliance from happening, which would leave the Order of the Black Knights in serious trouble, Lelouch managed to abduct Tianzi before her wedding could be completed. He used the distraction created by a man named Xingke—who was opposed to the wedding for Tianzi’s sake and wanted to overthrow the Eunuchs for forcing her into the marriage—to kidnap her.

This led to the pursuit of Lelouch and the Order of the Black Knights by Xingke and Chinese Federation forces. Kallen was captured during this fight and Lelouch was ultimately forced to retreat into the mausoleum of the former Tianzis. When Britannian forces and others from the Eunuchs arrived on the scene, they turned on Xingke and made their betrayal of the Tianzi clear. Lelouch was able to use these actions, along with his new Knightmare frame with remarkable defensive capabilities, the Shinkirō, to cause Xingke and Tianzi to ally with him after he protected them from enemy attacks. He also confronted the Eunuchs remotely about their treachery and managed to broadcast their admissions of guilt to all of the Chinese Federation, causing the entire nation to riot and revolt. In the end, the Tianzi and Xingke remained in power in the Chinese Federation, and Lelouch gained a powerful ally to the Order of the Black Knights.

Back at Ashford Academy, Sayoko (a member of the Order of the Black Knights who had once been maid and caretaker to Nunnally) had been posing as Lelouch to cover his absences and behaving as if he were more of a playboy. During a lovers’ festival arranged by Milly Ashford, Lelouch ended up alone with Shirley, who questioned his actions. It was during that time that Lelouch began to accept her feelings for him. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, Shirley’s memories were restored by Jeremiah’s Geass Canceller, and she became fearful of Lelouch. This came to the point that she nearly fell off of a roof, but together, Lelouch and Suzaku caught her before she fell and saved her. Shortly after that, Shirley realized that Lelouch was all alone and that she still loved him. She was determined to join his side.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah—a former Britannian soldier with a grudge against Zero—and his Geass Canceller were pursuing Lelouch. Lelouch left Shirley and Suzaku, knowing that Jeremiah was on his way and that Shirley would be in danger if she stayed near him. Lelouch orchestrated an apparent gas attack to clear of the shopping area so that he could confront Jeremiah alone. He was ultimately successful in paralyzing Jeremiah’s machinery (as the man was now part machine), using the Gefjun Disturber from the train station nearby. As he struggled to move, Jeremiah made his loyalty to Lelouch’s mother—and thus to Lelouch—apparent. Lelouch freed Jeremiah then and gained another ally, but elsewhere, Rolo was with Shirley, who had come back to look for Lelouch to tell him that she wanted to stand by his side no matter what and revealed to Rolo that her memories had returned. Rolo then murdered her.

Lelouch discovered Shirley dying but was unable to help her. Her death devastated him and caused him to become resolved to destroy the Geass Cult and Rolo. He used information from C.C. and Jeremiah to launch a successful attack on the Geass Cult, and his actions combined with Cornelia’s led to V.V.’s defeat in combat. Rolo did not die, however. Lelouch was able to locate V.V. and pursued him, but before he could finish the job, he was pulled into the Thought Elevator to the Sword of Akasha and brought face to face with his father.

Lelouch was able to cleverly use mirror fragments to Geass his father without being Geassed in return. He ordered his father to kill himself and appeared to succeed. However, his father rose moments after shooting himself and revealed that he had taken V.V.’s code, making him immortal. C.C. appeared at the Sword of Akasha shortly thereafter and explained to Lelouch that her wish was to eventually be able to die, which would require Lelouch taking on her code. That would make him immortal just as his father was. Lelouch did not like the idea, but before he could act one way or the other, he was sent to the World of C by C.C., kept safe inside of her mind. He came to understand her better, having seen some of her past. He managed to return to the Sword of Akasha and save C.C. before she gave her code to Charles and died, though she unfortunately lost most of her memories in the process.

Lelouch moved forward with his plans, forming the United Federation of Nations with 47 countries joining, most from the former Chinese Federation. He then moved to declare war on Britannia for the independence of Japan. Due to the rising conflict, Lelouch worried for Nunnally’s safety. He contacted Suzaku, admitting the truth about him being Zero and imploring him to protect Nunnally. Suzaku insisted on meeting Lelouch face-to-face at the Kururugi shrine.

Suzaku confronted Lelouch about all of his betrayals and past actions. During the confrontation, Lelouch attempted to take all of the blame for everything onto himself without explaining. He did not offer his reasons or try and justify anything, and in fact even lied about his motives to make himself appear completely heartless. He only asked for Suzaku to protect Nunnally. Suzaku was able to see through Lelouch’s words and manner and realize that he was lying. He was on the verge of making peace with Lelouch, asking him to become the ally of justice, when they were fired on by Schneizel’s men. Lelouch thought that it was a betrayal on Suzaku’s part and that he led the others there, though this was not the case.

The thought that Suzaku betrayed him in that way sent Lelouch over the edge. He escaped from Schneizel using a plan he had put in place, and he then became determined to kill Suzaku in his rage. He had the Order of the Black Knights begin their assault on Tokyo. A now rescued Kallen joined the battle in an upgraded Knightmare frame and had a substantial advantage over Suzaku. Suzaku was armed with a FLEIJA missile (something akin to a nuclear bomb) and threatened to use it, but Lelouch urged Kallen to kill Suzaku. Suzaku’s Geass from Lelouch ultimately kicked in, and to save his own life, Suzaku deployed the FLEIJA missile. It appeared that Nunnally was caught in the explosion that killed more than ten million.

After learning from Rolo that Nunnally was apparently dead, Lelouch lost the will to function properly. He was trying to urge others to search from her and unleashed all of his anger toward Rolo for failing to save her and his role as impostor brother. He existed mostly in a state of despair aside from his moments of anger.

After meeting with Schneizel, the Order of the Black Knights decided to turn on Lelouch, and Lelouch was prepared to accept that betrayal due to devastation over Nunnally’s death. As they confronted him, Lelouch deliberately pushed Kallen away to keep her from being harmed. Before he could be killed or questioned much further, Rolo used his Geass to save Lelouch. In order to save Lelouch, Rolo piloted the Shinkirō and kept using his Geass again and again. This caused his heart to ultimately give out, and he died by Lelouch’s side, having gotten him to safety.

This left Lelouch resolved to destroy his father before he let his own life end. He went to Kaminejima, having figured out the Emperor’s whereabouts. There, he used his Geass to get the soldiers to turn against each other and followed his father, Charles, into the World of C, to the Sword of Akasha. He planned to trap them both inside for all eternity, successfully destroying the entrance so that neither one of them could leave.

His mother, Marianne appeared soon after, to Lelouch’s great surprise. It was then that Lelouch got the true story about his parents’ motives and his mother’s death. Charles had wanted, along with his brother V.V., to create a world without lies. They were working with Marianne and C.C. to do so, but V.V. ended up assassinating Marianne due to the fear that she would distract Charles from his goals. She used her own Geass to hide herself in someone else’s body for all this time, never revealing herself to Lelouch or Nunnally. Nunnally was a witness, so her memories were altered by Charles of how her mother was killed so that she would not be in danger from V.V., leaving her blind and unable to walk due to that alteration rather than actual injuries. Thus, she and Lelouch were sent to Japan, supposedly to protect them from V.V. C.C. knew all along that Marianne was alive. When they could not persuade her to give up her code, they used Lelouch as a means of trying to obtain it. All of the conflict was meant to draw C.C. out.

Shortly thereafter, C.C. and Suzaku also arrived at the Sword Akasha in the World of C. Charles wanted to begin Ragnarök, which would apparently destroy everyone’s “masks” and stop the world from moving forward. Charles and Marianne believed it would create a world with no lies. He asked for C.C.’s code and things began, a dark cloud covering the world and things shifting in different locations.

Suzaku spoke to Lelouch and asked him why he had done everything. Lelouch revealed that his actions were for everyone that he had wanted to protect. Suzaku told him that he had to act if he wanted to protect them, and Lelouch realized that this meant rejecting what his father and mother were doing. He stopped C.C. from giving her code to Charles then and addressed the collective consciousness that was present around them. He confronted his parents about their failures where he and Nunnally were concerned and their abandonment of their children. He told them that their actions were selfish, pursuing only a world that they wanted. Lelouch then used his Geass on the consciousness around them and ordered the world not to stop moving forward. As he stated that he wants tomorrow, a second Geass appeared in his right eye (the first Geass was in his left eye), and things shifted. The Thought Elevator crumbled, and both Charles and Marianne began to fade away. Lelouch disputed Marianne’s claims that they had loved him and Nunnally, pointing out all of their cruel actions, and then he ultimately destroyed both of his parents. C.C. remained unharmed because she had changed her position and sided with Lelouch.

After the confrontation with his parents, Lelouch was left alone in the Sword of Akasha with Suzaku and C.C. For a moment, it was unclear what would happen and whether Lelouch and Suzaku would remain enemies or if recent events had changed things. It was then that they both decided to work together. Over time, they reconciled their differences and worked through many of the issues and misunderstandings that had caused them to mistrust each other. Lelouch and Suzaku reached an understanding and began working on a plan together to reshape the world. With that purpose in mind, Lelouch began to recover from the loss of Nunnally and the situation that had forced him to kill both of his parents, though grief over Nunnally always lingered with him.

A month later, at a gathering where his father was scheduled to appear, Lelouch went on declare himself as Emperor of Britannia and Suzaku as his Knight of Zero. He used his Geass to bend the assembled members of the royal family and the court to his will and announced his father’s demise. He then eliminated the Britannian hierarchy, including the aristocracy and the Area system. Lelouch moved to have Britannia join the United Federation of Nations, using the meeting in Japan wherein they attempt to limit Britannia’s voting power in order to take the Federation’s leaders hostage.

It was then that Schneizel made his first attack, obliterating the Britannian capital using FLEIJA launched from his floating fortress, which is known as Damocles. He revealed to Lelouch and Suzaku that Nunnally was alive and in his custody, as she declared herself to be Lelouch’s enemy.

For a time, Lelouch was devastated by this turn of events, but interaction with Suzaku and then C.C. helped him snap out of it and stick with his plans. He then moved to oppose Schneizel and his plan to control the world and prevent conflicts through fear of FLEIJA. He faced off against Schneizel, who was joined by the Order of the Black Knights and others, with the full force of the Britannian military and the soldiers he has Geassed.

They battled in the skies above Mount Fuji. With technology to stop FLEIJA developed at the last minute by Nina, Lelouch and Suzaku ventured out in the Shinkiro and the Lancelot (Knightmare frames). Together with split-second timing, they manage to stop the FLEIJAs fired at them and reach the Damocles. Using the Shinkiro’s shielding technology, Lelouch was able to get through the shield surrounding the Damocles. He then confronted and outwitted Schneizel, successfully Geassing him with orders to obey Zero.

Lelouch’s final confrontation, however, was with Nunnally, who had been launching the FLEIJA missiles. She had managed to overcome her blindness (caused by a Geass placed on her by their father). Lelouch used his Geass to get Nunnally to hand over the detonation device for FLEIJA and thus overcame all of those who stood in opposition to him.

With that victory, Lelouch took control of the world and became a despotic emperor. It was all a part of Lelouch’s larger plan to unite the world in hatred of him. Two months later, having done so successfully, Lelouch planned to die in a public parade preceding the execution of the captives who opposed him, including Nunnally. He would be put to death by Suzaku (whose death had previously been faked) in the disguise of Zero. Everything proceeded according to Lelouch’s plan, and he was stabbed through the heart by Suzaku. Lelouch exchanged a few private last words with Suzaku, and he then shared a moment with Nunnally wherein she comprehended the truth of his actions without words.


Above all else, Lelouch is a highly intelligent individual, one who is virtually incapable of stopping himself from thinking. His mind is constantly active, running through myriad possibilities and plans on a regular basis. He possesses a genius intellect and is very capable in using it when it comes to forming and implementing strategies, whether they are military or personal in nature, and even when acting on the spur-of-the-moment. Because of this, he is also a good liar. Mentally speaking, he is stubborn and strong. Physically speaking, however, he is weak. He lacks in speed and endurance, and he is not physically powerful.

Outwardly, Lelouch can put on the guise of a regular student easily. He can appear to be lazy or indifferent on occasion. He exhibits a wry tolerance for many of the student council antics in the series.

Lelouch begins the series rather bitter about his position in the world, as up until he obtains the Geass, he feels powerless to improve his own position or that of those important to him. As an exiled Britannian prince who is believed to be dead, Lelouch is in a constantly perilous position if his true identity should ever emerge. The Geass that Lelouch obtains in his left eye gives him the power to issue orders that must be obeyed as long as eye contact is maintained with the subject. (Over time, this power grows stronger, first becoming permanently active and then appearing in both of Lelouch’s eyes by the end of the series.) In obtaining strength, Lelouch plans to use it to shape the world, specifically by destroying Britannia as it currently stands, something he first vowed to do at age ten. He is all too aware of the needless suffering and the endless cycle of hatred that is perpetuated in the world, particularly through the Britannian system espoused by the Emperor of “survival of the fittest”. He wants to remove that system specifically for the sake of Nunnally—his younger sister who is blind and unable to walk—and to protect those he cares about. He also believes that he can end the conflict by becoming the one who wins in the end. He has seen how the Japanese suffer, and his past friendship with Suzaku (who is the son of the last Prime Minister of Japan) probably makes him particularly sympathetic to them.

Lelouch is a proud individual, and he is a natural leader, very confident in giving orders to others and running an underground rebel organization in spite of his relatively young age, to the point where he successfully names himself Emperor of Britannia near the end of the series. This pride can make him arrogant at times, but it does not blind him. He is a highly charismatic person, capable of persuading both individuals and large groups of people to follow him even without the use of his Geass.

He is stubborn and absolutely determined, though he is realistic about the consequences of his actions and the nature of the world. Lelouch can be ruthless in the pursuit of his goals, and he is capable of a calculated sacrifice of lives as well as a manipulation of others. He manages to deceive all of those around him rather well, concealing his double life as Zero from all save C.C. for a long period of time. He is willing to spill the blood of countless others in the pursuit of a better world, though his actions have a somewhat egocentric basis. Lelouch does not act out of a pure selflessness, but rather for the sake of those he cares/cared the most about and for his own sake as well. He does not believe that he is a good person, and he does not enjoy harming others in general, but he is willing to dirty his hands in order to change the world. Over time, the weight of Lelouch’s actions and all of the horrible things that befall him and those close to him over the course of events do take a heavy toll on him, but he continues to move forward. There is a sad resolve beneath the surface of Lelouch’s actions by this point in his canon. In the end, he plans to sacrifice his own life and happiness for the sake of achieving his goal of reshaping the world into a kinder place, and he succeeds in this goal. He feels this is payment for all of the people he harmed since he obtained Geass, reflecting the guilt that Lelouch does feel over his actions.

Lelouch is very loyal to those he holds dear. Half of his stated reason for taking on Britannia involves him investigating his mother’s murder, and the other half is for the sake of giving Nunnally a safe world in which to live. He even is willing to go so far as to want to see to it that Nunnally is safe that he would sacrifice his own plans for her sake (as shown in the end of season 1). It is the thought that Nunnally was dead that shattered Lelouch more than anything, and the thought of becoming her enemy that repeatedly made it hard for him to move forward. He also is not capable of harming his half-sister Euphemia in spite of his stated intention of killing the Emperor’s children. Euphy has been dear to him since childhood (and later in season 1, he only resorts to killing her in the end to stop her from committing actions that are horrific to due to his accidental use of his Geass). He also works to protect Suzaku, his first real friend, on numerous occasions (and even after he discovers that Suzaku pilots the Lancelot later in season 1, he still protects his life several times, going so far as to order him to live when he grasps Suzaku’s suicidal need to sacrifice himself). Even after the two become enemies, Suzaku is the one that Lelouch turns to in order to try and protect Nunnally (and Suzaku’s perceived betrayal at that time drives Lelouch over the edge). In the end, the two come to an understanding and trust each other enough to move toward Lelouch’s final plans. In spite of horrific betrayals and accidents, the friendship between them remains strong enough to recover, proving just how deep Lelouch’s attachments go.


In canon, Lelouch possesses one power: Geass. Due to a contract he made with C.C. (an immortal who possesses a Geass code, which keeps her ageless and allows her to grant others the power of Geass), he was given Geass. His Geass is permanently active at this point in his canon, and it manifests itself as a Geass sigil glowing red in both of his eyes. In canon, he keeps it covered in both eyes at most times with contact lenses, removing them when he wants to issue commands. Geasses vary from user to user. In Lelouch’s case, his Geass gives him the power to make anyone obey his every command for as long as eye contact is maintained. His Geass only works once on any given person. That is to say that they will obey his every command for the duration of the eye contact, and if the command is open-ended (or not yet fulfilled), they will continue to obey it, but should Lelouch try to use Geass on them at a different time in the future to give additional commands, it will be ineffective. If Lelouch gives a command that the subject cannot perform, they will not react. People can be ordered to forget things, successfully. The subject will not remember the time during which they were Geassed nor the time immediately preceding it as part of the effect of the Geass. Universally, Geass does not work on someone who possesses a Geass code.

Since coming to Nautilus, Lelouch has spent a lot of time practicing his Bending, which, along with his strong will and mental focus, make him a talented Bender. He can also take on the form of a fluffy black cat at will. He has managed to get his Geass back under his own control, eliminating the need for the contact lenses and the eventual day when the contacts would have become ineffective. Lelouch is currently completing Angelii training with Hekket. He has also been training with Antovil on learning how to acquire new abilities, Prowl on meditation and how one's consciousness can survive one's body, and Ratchet and Subaru on healing bending. For more information, see here.

Additionally, Lelouch also now has the Shinkiro in Nautilus. The Shinkiro is a Lelouch’s Knightmare Frame. While he is not the outstanding pilot that Suzaku is, Lelouch’s uniquely brilliant mind makes him an excellent fit for the Knightmare Frame he does pilot near the end of the series. The Shinkiro is equipped with the Absolute Defense Field, the best defensive system of any Knightmare Frame. In order to use it effectively, Lelouch must complete complex mental calculations to determine the effective placement of its hexagonal shielding fields. It also possesses offensive weaponry, the ability to fly, and the ability to transform into a submarine to travel under water.


A General Note: In Nautilus, Lelouch is well aware that many wills joined together are stronger than one person standing alone. He is also very much aware of the dark perception of him that he deliberately left in place in his world. Often, Lelouch deliberately acts to make connections, gain trust, and build his reputation in Nautilus. Lelouch's initial intentions when meeting or helping someone new are often almost entirely related to him acquiring more people who would trust or follow him and insulating himself against any reputation damage that might come if someone from his world appearing. In many cases, a personal attachment will form in time, but Lelouch is generally not quite as nice as the personality he presents. He remains capable of making the difficult decision and bringing his ruthlessness to the fore, but he would rather keep this from being perceived publicly. However, Lelouch rarely acts with malicious intentions in Nautilus, and the help that he offers is usually genuine.

Suzaku Kururugi - Suzaku is Lelouch's best friend and undoubtedly the most important person he has in Nautilus. Suzaku knows just about everything about Lelouch, and the fact that they accept and forgive each other is something that Lelouch values a great deal, especially after all they have been through. There is little that either one would not do to help the other. After losing Suzaku during Isis' last visit and fearing that he had been Unmade, Lelouch has been especially happy to have him in Nautilus again. In their world, the friendship between Lelouch and Suzaku began at age 10, when Lelouch and his younger sister Nunnally were sent to live with Suzaku's family. It survived in spite of the pain and betrayal the two have endured, often at the other's hands. For a long time, the two disagreed between Lelouch's ruthless approach "the end justifies the means" and Suzaku's belief in changing things by good acts within the system. Only in the end did the two reconcile and reach some kind of a compromise. In reaching that compromise, Lelouch admitted to himself the mistakes that he had made along the way, and Lelouch's approach to things changed as a result. Ultimately, he chose to follow through on his selfless course of action. This change continues to stay with Lelouch in Nautilus, just as Suzaku does. Their friendship has only become closer and closer with time. Lelouch made a bargain with Suzaku. Thus, he has been teaching Suzaku Bending while Suzaku has been making sure Lelouch gets physical exercise in exchange. Thanks to reality storms in Nautilus, Lelouch began to feel something more for Suzaku than friendship. Several awkward moments served to reinforce those feelings. Mao was able to provoke a fight between Suzaku and Lelouch in the aftermath, and Suzaku made some very harsh accusations, suggesting that Lelouch would still manipulate him and use Geass in doing so after all they had been through. It was later resolved and Suzaku apologized. Suzaku's concerns Lelouch not needing his help any longer came out and were addressed as a result. Over time, Suzaku realized that Lelouch had feelings for it, as hard as Lelouch worked to deny it. Eventually, Suzaku made it clear that he had feelings for Lelouch as well during the lack of inhibitions event. Lelouch confronted him later, and the two finally reached a tentative agreement to explore the feelings between them privately. Over time, the relationship between them grew from tentative to something far stronger. Lelouch loves Suzaku, both as a friend and as something more. He became secure enough in their relationship to reveal it to Nunnally, and with her approval, he was very content. Since losing Nunnally, Suzaku has only been all the more important to Lelouch, grieving her loss with him and supporting him during that time. They also confronted fears drawn up by the Labyrinth and searched their world for a flaw left by Isis. They are working together better than ever, and Suzaku makes Lelouch happy. He especially likes seeing Suzaku happy and truly able to live, something that Lelouch has been working toward a long time.

Mao - In their own world, Mao made himself Lelouch's enemy by repeatedly acting against him. In his jealousy over C.C.'s contract with Lelouch, Mao manipulated Shirley, a girl who loved Lelouch, into trying to kill him. That was enough to make Lelouch dislike Mao greatly. Upon receiving a fuller explanation of how C.C. had used Mao, Lelouch initially felt some sympathy for him and found C.C.'s actions he was concerned to be cruel. It was Mao's abduction of Nunnally and his attempt to kill her that solidified Lelouch's hatred for the man. His use of his abilities to cause Suzaku anguish as well prompted Lelouch to Geass him to never speak again, and Lelouch felt no regret that C.C. ended up killing Mao. Furthermore, Mao's Geass that allows him to read minds very deeply is a dangerous counter to Lelouch's intelligent and calculating nature. Mao is someone who would see through any lie and grasp any strategy Lelouch tries if they are interacting in person. However, things are somewhat different in Nautilus. A lot of time has passed for Lelouch, and he has a lot more information about C.C. than he did at the time. He knows all too well what it feels like to be used by her, manipulated by her while she keeps her secrets. He is also all too aware how destructive an outright war between him and Mao would be here, especially with all the information Mao could take out of his mind and use. in the end, Mao didn't kill Nunnally or get C.C. back. He died, so rationally, what need is there to take further revenge? In spite of his ongoing uneasiness about Mao, Lelouch has offered a truce. Given that Mao is alone in Nautilus and that Lelouch seems to be the only one who knows about his abilities, Lelouch is sure that Mao could use some help. He plans to make good on his offer as long as Mao does not go back on his word.

Alexander Wolfgang - Alex is someone that Lelouch has yet to fully figure out. In spite of how long Alex has been in Nautilus, Lelouch does not know all that much about him. Given his total lack of fear when it comes to dying and his often unfortunate physical condition, he is something of an enigma to Lelouch. Lelouch enjoys his dark sense of humor and his fondness for blowing things up.

Arcee - Lelouch really likes Arcee. She is someone special to Ratchet, and that puts her pretty high in his esteem, since he trusts Ratchet's judgment about people quite a bit. He started out wanting to help her for Ratchet's sake, but it quickly progressed to doing it for her own sake. He enjoys her sweet nature and calm temperament. He also finds her to be a very good teacher, and he enjoys having intellectual discussions with her. He's got a desire to try and protect her that will only grow once he discovers Ratchet is not coming back.

Axel - Lelouch's relationship with Axel has evolved considerably over their time in Nautilus. He initially was not sure what to make of Axel, given his lack of emotions as a Nobody, which Axel freely advertised. In spite of that, Axel never seemed like someone cruel or who used his lack of emotions as an excuse to hurt others, and his abilities with fire have always seemed impressive. It was when Roxas appeared that Lelouch began to see a deeper layer to Axel, as their friendship was obviously genuine. Over time, Lelouch has come to have a much greater understanding of all that Axel has endured in terms of his past and how far he would go to protect those he cares about. He also got to see Axel as he was as Lea, which made Axel's loss of emotion all the more strongly apparent by comparison. Lelouch has watched Axel begin recovering his ability to feel emotions, most notably during a trip to Axel's world to repair a flaw from Isis wherein Axel recovered his ability to feel anger and promptly tried to kill Xemnas. Lelouch cannot blame Axel for that, all things considered. He has come to trust Axel more and more over time, and they have been through a lot together. He considers Axel a friend, and he appreciates his snarky sense of humor most of the time.

Aya Brea - Lelouch likes and respects Aya. She is the rare sort of a person who can be trusted in a position of authority like police chief, and he does not expect her to abuse holding sway over the jail and the police. The first real perspective he got on her came from Eve, and that has made him more inclined to trust her and get to know her better. She is a good influence on the city, and the kind of a person who can be counted on in a bad situation. Lelouch knows that their perspective on things is not always the same. Lelouch certainly would not have risked his existence to go after Balthazar or Legato, but he can admire how far she would go to follow through with what she sees as right.

England - Lelouch gets along well with England. They have some common interests, like tea and chess, and he finds the whole country-as-a-person thing fascinating. He enjoys his visits/visiting him. Lelouch will never mention that he can no longer see Elizabeth, and he really hopes it never comes up.

Helen Magnus - Lelouch does not know Helen all that well just yet, but so far, he has a positive opinion of her. He saw how level-headed she was when her memories of Nautilus were missing. In light of her injuries, she handled it well. The most recent reality storm with the EVOs also shows how tough and independent she can be. He has noticed how she seems to care for Homura, and he finds that admirable. He wants to get to know her better and learn more about her background.

Hikaru - Lelouch has not exactly gotten the best impression of Hikaru thus far. While he expects surprise or shock from new arrivals, trying to reason with the twins was a lot harder than Lelouch feels like it should have been. He does not appreciate being treated like some kind of an unfortunate idiot. He sees Hikaru as pretty spoiled and arrogant, though obviously close with his twin. It is a first impression, though, which leaves it subject to change.

Homura - Lelouch is very intrigued by Homura. There is too much about her that resonates with him: her bitterness, her calm analysis of unexpected situations, her desire to protect someone, the aura of sadness and distance that she seems to give off. She is young enough for him to feel concern for her as he would over a girl alone who is close to Nunnally's age, but the truth is that Lelouch thinks he probably has more in common with Homura than Nunnally does in terms of personality. That concerns him and also makes him very interested in finding out more of her past. He does genuinely want to help her, but he also feels a need to understand her and just how far she is capable of going. He is hoping to gain her trust, sooner or later.

Jetstorm - Lelouch finds Jetstorm to be childlike and endearingly enthusiastic. It is hard not to find his antics amusing sometimes. He does not know him too well yet, but he likes to keep an eye out for him and his brother, since they seem pretty innocent to him.

Kitt - Lelouch is fond of Kitt. He accepted the idea of a conscious car easily enough after knowing so many Cybertronians in Nautilus. He enjoys their chess matches a great deal, and he is glad to see Kitt coming into his own and getting over his fear of becoming obsolete. He appreciates Kitt's willingness to help out with patrols and watch over others as well.

Kyle Madigan - Lelouch knows that Kyle is one of the good guys, and he strongly associates him with Aya. He is glad to have him on the police force supporting her, and while he does not know Kyle that well, his friendship with Suzaku is another plus on his part.

Mal Cobb - Mal is someone that Lelouch finds somewhat disconcerting at times, but she is also someone who represents intriguing possibilities. He is very interested in seeing how slipping into someone else's dreams and shaping them works. He does not fully trust Mal, as she is not an easy person to read, so he also wants to figure her out.

Michael - Lelouch thinks Michael is a perverted jerk, pretty much. He finds the way he talks to be crude and disrespectful, especially to women. He tends to ignore his behavior and will continue to do so unless it puts others at risk. He does enjoy proving his verbal superiority to Michael on occasion.

Rex Salazar - Lelouch is still getting to know Rex, but he thinks well of him. He has seen his heroic behavior in the EVO-related reality storm especially, but even in the one with the zombies before, Rex showed a considerable amount of courage. Those rank as admirable qualities in Lelouch's book. He can understand and empathize with things like Rex's concern about bringing nanites into Nautilus, Rex's ambition to be an Angelii, and Rex's attachment to his own world. Rex is quickly becoming the sort of a person who can be counted on in a crisis in Lelouch's esteem, and they could well end up with a strong friendship down the line.

Rion Steiner - Rion is someone that Lelouch cares about, both as a friend and as a powerful ally. Initially, Lelouch was somewhat wary of Rion. His abilities proved dangerous when he put Wally into a coma, and after Lelouch's experiences with Mao, he felt an unease around anyone who could read minds. Rion, however, is nothing like Mao, and Lelouch came to see this as he got to know Rion. Rion is bluntly honest, to the point where he often lacks social graces or tact. He is not a manipulator at all. Lelouch actually really likes this about Rion. After Rion used his powers to help track down the one who was murdering women (Leslie Vernon) at Lelouch's request, Lelouch felt grateful, especially given how difficult it was for Rion. He then saw Rion kill Leslie Vernon as revenge. In spite of what some would think, that desire for revenge for a murder was something Lelouch could understand, even though he considered it a mistake since it still left Leslie free. He later was careful to cover up the fact that Rion had killed Leslie, out of fear that Pyramid Head would come after him. Generally, the fact that Rion does not take very good care of himself concerns Lelouch. With the drugs, the pain his powers cause him, and the lack of regular eating or sleeping, it is hard not for someone to feel concerned. He sees that Rion is stubborn and not someone who will be pushed into changing, so he tries to offer help where he can, and a few times, he has helped Bend Rion into a restful sleep. After Rion ended up dying in his world and coming back on the network, Lelouch agreed to destroy him if Rion began putting people in Nautilus in peril. Fortunately, Rion got his body back before that could happen. Rion's sacrifice to save his world and Lilia is something Lelouch also finds very admirable. Rion became the second person in Nautilus that Lelouch actually told about his death in his own world. He trusts Rion further than he does most people in Nautilus, having opened his mind to Rion in the past, as well as knowing that Rion has checked up on his world. Rion also saved Nunnally, which is worth a great deal to Lelouch. In spite of their differences, they have gotten to know a lot about each other. Lelouch would like to help Rion take better care of himself than he does-the drugs and the hobo lifestyle tend to worry him-but he respects Rion's ability to make choices for himself enough not to press the issue as long as Rion's health is not in danger. He admires what Rion did for his world and has seen that courage firsthand in his going to help fight Isis.

Sideswipe - Lelouch counts Sideswipe as a true friend and is fond of him in spite of all of Sideswipe's vanity and prickliness. He knows Sideswipe has a good heart, regardless of his past and his struggle to overcome what Graham did to him. Lelouch started paying attention to Sideswipe mostly because Ratchet seemed fond of him, which was a big plus in his favor. Lelouch generally is good at dealing with things in a level-headed manner, and Sideswipe does tend to benefit from his ability to be patient in the face of abrasive comments. He trusts Sideswipe to keep his word and do what he says, but he does not fully trust his judgment. Lelouch does try to help keep him from doing things he would regret and he's also quietly tried to help others understand Sideswipe's perspective from time to time. He also feels great sympathy for Sideswipe over the Optimus situation and secretly hopes things will work out well for him. As awkward as talking about it was.

Starscream - Starscream is an interesting case. Lelouch is aware of what Starscream is capable of doing and sees his self-interest for what it is, but he also can see how Starscream is changing and developing real attachments. Over time, Starscream has become a friend to Lelouch, and there is something in his ambition and his history that Lelouch identifies with. Lelouch has been cautious about how much he reveals of himself in getting to know Starscream out of the concern that it could be used against him, and finding out that Starscream murdered Ratchet in the past did not help. Still, Lelouch believes that Starscream has changed since he did that and won't judge Starscream for his past. In the time that Lelouch has known him, Starscream has actually been nothing other than a friend to him. They bonded over playing around with the Shinkiro's absolute defense field. Starscream also likes to give Lelouch a hard time over Suzaku (because he believes something is going on there), and Lelouch tends to retaliate by bringing up Tally.

Tarrant Hightop - Lelouch is not quite sure what to make of Tarrant yet. He certainly finds him a little eccentric, not that it is necessarily a bad thing. His fondness for tea and hats is a plus, and Lelouch is curious about his world of origin. Right now, he's still trying to get to know Tarrant better.

Thomas - Lelouch likes Thomas, and he considers him a good person. He has seen Thomas extend kindness to others on several occasions, not to mention running the Southern District Welcome House. He knows that Thomas is not as accustomed to violence as some of those in Nautilus, so he tries to keep an eye out for him if he needs a hand.

Wendy - Lelouch is very fond of Wendy. She is the kind of a person he wants to protect, sweet-natured and young enough to be pretty innocent in spite of what she has seen in Nautilus. Her storytelling and her courage in the face of danger are both things he admires. He really enjoys spending time with her and cooking together.

Wheeljack - Lelouch considers Wheeljack a friend. He knows Wheeljack genuinely cares about others and he admires his genius for invention, even if it takes a few explosions for him to get there. They have been through a lot, and Wheeljack's inventions have done a lot of good on more than one occasion. He is glad to have him in living in the Northern District and trusts him to repair the Knightmare Frames if something goes wrong. He feels for him with Jazz returning to Sleep, as Lelouch knows from experience how hard it is to lose one's best friend like that. He enjoys visiting with Wheeljack as well.

Xemnas - For a long time, Lelouch was not sure what to make of Xemnas. Nobodies are unusual for many reasons, and Xemnas does not generally seem to make the attempt at appearing "normal" that some like Axel do. On the other hand, Xemnas is logical and calm under almost any circumstances. He is someone Lelouch enjoys talking to on occasion, and Lelouch appreciates his intelligence. Over time, Lelouch has found that they get along pretty well, and he feels for Xemnas and the divide he has experienced with most from his own world. They have also worked well together in situations like them all going to try and repair Xemnas' world.

Ratchet - Over time in Nautilus, Ratchet has become a something of a father figure to Lelouch. They came to know each other during the reality storms that hit in the wake of Isis' first visit to Nautilus. Lelouch had been turned into a child, and it was Ratchet who came to find him. Ratchet brought Lelouch to the Medbay to take care of him, and the child Lelouch quickly became attached to Ratchet, who was both kind and patient with him, though Ratchet did not really know Lelouch in his adult state. Because of Ratchet's kindness to him when he was at his most vulnerable, Lelouch had reason trust Ratchet's intentions. That trust gradually continued to grow between them over time. Ratchet never pressed Lelouch for information about himself or revealed anything about Lelouch's childhood admission that he was a prince to anyone else. Lelouch helped Ratchet when he sought to Bend himself a new form and kept his confidence about it. Ratchet stood by Lelouch when he opposed Megatron's treatment of Vincent Valentine. When Subaru was in a coma, Lelouch tried to comfort Ratchet and stop him from blaming himself. Each interaction gradually deepened the bond between them. After an event made Lelouch acutely aware of all that Ratchet might suddenly learn about him if he left it to chance, he chose to confide in Ratchet about his past, in spite of Lelouch's constant fear of rejection if he revealed the truth. The fact that Ratchet listened and accepted him in spite of his past actions sealed the bond between them. Lelouch both cares for Ratchet and respects him, and for the first time he has someone older who can give him good advice and shows a protectiveness of him. It is pretty strange for Lelouch to have that, and it makes Ratchet a very important person to him. Ratchet went back to Sleep.

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