Continuity Mega Man Zero 1 - After the end
Age Unknown
Species Reploid
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
District West
Journal 501_blues
Player Eve
Theme Song "Aral" - Catherine Lara
"Winter in July" - Sarah Brightman

"Now don't hold back just because I'm a woman!"


Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a blonde hero named Zero. An ironic name, but nonetheless, that's just how it goes. After the Maverick Wars, he disappeared, and no one knew what happened to him. Disaster fell upon the world, and humans became an endangered species.

Then, many, many years later, there was a human scientist named Ciel who lived within Neo-Arcadia, one of the last human refugees on the planet. She wanted to duplicate Mega Man X, who was a well-respected hero amongst humans and reploids alike. She created a copy, and for a long while, things seemed peaceful. He constructed four guardian reploids, based upon famous generals of the past, their construction intended to clean the polluted post-apocalyptic mess that the world had become. Leviathan was one of those four, built with the purpose of cleansing the filthy waters. But the duplicate, or "Copy X" as he was called, turned out to be far from perfect. In his zealous desire to protect the humans from an energy crisis that threatened their extinction, he began to plan out the genocide of reploids, the biggest consumers of energy. His four generals, Fefnir, Harpuia, Phantom, and Leviathan, began to hunt down and 'retire' the reploids of Neo-Arcadia. He thought to construct a paradise for the humans, neglecting to see the folly of his own arrogance.

Ciel, as the foremost leader of the resistance against Copy X, was chased into a remote location where she found Zero's non-functioning body. He was activated just as she was captured, and he sprung into motion to save her. Thus, Zero came to join the Resistance. And thus, Leviathan and the others gained a new enemy to fight. One by one, he felled the reploid subordinates that belonged to the four guardians, and then proceeded to defeat the guardians themselves one by one. He spared their lives. Leviathan was infuriated by his mercy, mistaking it for condescension toward her gender. Her resentment was only cemented at the later death of the general Phantom and Copy X.

With Harpuia established as the new leader, Leviathan dedicated herself once again to the protection of Neo-Arcadia and its inhabitants.


Though Leviathan is classified as a villain by many, she certainly doesn't think of herself in that regard. She's a defender of humanity, after all, and Copy X was a good, kind, merciful creator. The mavericks, disgusting and selfish abominations that they are, deserve nothing less than complete annihilation. Only by destroying them can she truly feel at peace about the comfort and longevity of Neo-Arcadia's population. It might seem hypocritical since she's a reploid too, and perhaps it is. But she feels it's the only way that the maverick virus won't taint the reploids and possibly turn them on the humans.

The lady reploid is easily distinguished as being the biggest human lover of the guardians. They're fascinating, fragile creatures, and she feels an instinctive need to protect them from harm. Leviathan adheres to the robotic code very strictly. She'll never kill a human, not even outside of her zone. Humiliate them, yes. Beat them up, yes. But only if they pose a threat, or challenge her to a fight. She really can't resist a chance to prove her skills in combat, if anything just to smirk at Fefnir.

True to her affinity with the water element, outside of combat situations Leviathan is easy-going and adaptable. She loves to chat, cook, shop, sing (but not in front of others, heaven forbid), and dance. She has a special weakness for music, and the stirrings of a heartfelt violin solo can reduce her to tears if the musician is skillful enough. She's gentle and affectionate with others that treat her well. However, if stirred to anger, she becomes cold and violent like a terrible squall, preferring to avoid verbal arguments in favor of just beating the stuffing out of the offender.

Leviathan hates the fact that as far as physical strength goes, the other reploids have her beat. However, she has a deadly grace, speed, and accuracy to her movements, even moreso in water than on land. In the water, she's nearly impossible to beat. She's quick, agile, and her ice dragon attack can be fatal. She has a keen sense of justice, and would probably decline a fight with a weaker foe if it could be helped. She picks her fights carefully if it's a combat situation outside of Copy X's designs.

Unfortunately, it's pretty easy to goad her into a fight. Make any negative references to her feminine nature, and she'll jump right into the fray. She also has a sort of die-hard attitude about her fights, and won't pull out unless she's destroyed or removed forcibly from the field. This is something she's incredibly stubborn about, and the only person she'd listen to would be Copy X himself. Failing that, she'd only follow orders of whoever was in charge of the mission (likely Harpuia). Whatever her superior officer says is absolute. It should also be noted that if Leviathan is away from large bodies of water for extended periods of time, she gets listless and depressed easily, and seems to almost wilt.

It isn't easy being the only girl amidst a group of battle-hardened reploids. But somehow, Leviathan seems to make do just fine. Rather than giving in to the rush of testosterone, she's clung that much more tightly to her femininity to the point where she really could be labeled as a feminazi. This trait wasn't really so bad before her battle with Zero. He held back, spared her, seemingly because she was a woman. Enraged that he would disregard her as a threat, she's become touchy about it ever since and is absolutely dying for a rematch with the hated man just to prove how lethal a woman can truly be. This doesn't mean she'd hold back on a female opponent out of sympathy's sake…rather, she tends to be even more ruthless with women than she is with men, since that's how she'd rather be treated. Fighting is something she takes very seriously, after all, and she's dead-set on proving that women are just as capable of tackling tough opponents as men are.

On a more redeeming note, she doesn't hate men. She was especially fond of Copy X, almost motherly. He needed to be protected and taken care of, and thus she'd flung herself into the culinary arts in order to provide him the most tasty and nourishing meals. (Not that reploids NEEDED to eat, but it was a pleasure just the same.) Sometimes it was a huge success, other times… Let's just say that sometimes it's good to have cybernetic organs, since her failed attempts at cooking could be seen as downright lethal to organics. At least she's aware that she's failed at her cooking whenever it occurs, instead of insisting others choke it down because it's just the most delicious thing she ever made.

As for the other members of her team, she's secretly somewhat jealous of their fighting prowess. As such, she likes to call them names just to prove that she's unintimidated. Harpuia the pretty boy, Fefnir the combat nerd, etcetera. She lets up when they're not teasing her, but since they've got bonds similar to siblings, such events are rare. Fefnir in particular is one that gets her easily riled up, possibly because of their vast differences in personality (and opposing elements). Yeah, he's cute and all, but how can someone get such a big kick out of fighting ALL THE TIME? He's got issues. However, push comes to shove, she'd defend and protect the guardians just as viciously as she would protect Neo-Arcadia. To her, they're family.


Despite her reputation as being the 'weakest' of the four guardians, Leviathan is no pushover. Her loyalty and determination makes her the sort that would never run from a battle. She'd rather die than be taken captive, or subdued. She expects no mercy from her opponents (even though under the right circumstances, she might show a little herself). The lady guardian moves with an eerie, almost supernatural grace. It's obvious that Copy X took great care to add a touch of beauty to this reploid, as is evident by her fluid, smooth skills in combat. It's mesmerizing to watch. However, as stated before, she needs to rely more on her speed and accuracy than her physical strength. Leviathan isn't likely to spring any sort of ambush. That's just cheap. Neither is she inclined to use any sort of 'dirty fighting' tactics. No sand in the eyes, no kicks to sensitive areas. At least, not intentionally… She will, however, use ice and water to make the battle terrain more favorable to her.

Leviathan's preferred element of water allows her to manipulate moisture to some degree. She can draw humidity out of the air and turn it to water or even ice. Outside of the water it takes her a significant more amount of time, and the results aren't quite as powerful unless she has a lot of time to draw what she needs. Leviathan is also considered to be the hacker of the group, and outside of Phantom, probably the most skilled in mechanics and repair.


Forthcoming, when she actually makes some. For now, it can pretty easily be summed up as the following:
Human? She loves you.
Mechanical? She's just waiting for an excuse to destroy you.

Arcee: While Leviathan isn't about to claim friendship any time soon, she does find Arcee to be somewhat more tolerable than the other Cybertronians. Her perceived gender may be partially responsible for this, since Leviathan naturally gets along better with other females. Arcee seems calm enough, and doesn't harbor any human-based grudges, so Leviathan sees fit to leave her alone for the time being.

Tarrant "Hatter" Hightopp: Leviathan finds him strange, and doesn't think he's human, though she would actually need to scan him with her sensors to be sure. But since she doesn't regard him as any particular threat, she's not in a rush to do so.

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