Continuity The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Age 12 (estimated)
Species Human/Hylian
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
District Eastern District
Journal character journal
Player Eiyoko
Theme Song Hero of Winds

"I'm an ally of justice!"


Our hero's tale begins on his home on Outset Island. More specifically, on his birthday. The day proceeds relatively normally; Link wears green, as per tradition, and his sister Aryll lends him her telescope as a gift. Things take a turn for the strange when pirates arrive on the island, shooting down a giant bird whom is a young girl. The bird drops the girl into the forest atop the island, and Link sets out to make sure she's alright. The girl, Tetra, is revealed to be the leader of the pirates that were shooting down the bird. As they are heading back down the path to the island from the forest, the giant bird reappears, mistaking Link's younger sister for Tetra and carrying her off.

Link demands to be taken aboard the pirate's ship to follow the bird and save his sister. Although they refuse at first, news that Aryll is only one among several victims that have been abducted and taken to the Forsaken Fortress convinces them to (reluctantly) comply. Link makes his way into the Forsaken Fortress via catapult, losing his sword in the process and having to make his way up to the central tower via stealth. Once there, he retrieves his sword and enters the tower to free his sister, only to be caught by the giant bird. The ruler of the fortress, a mysterious shadowy figure, orders Link to be tossed into the sea.

A while later, Link awakens to find himself on a talking boat at Windfall Island. The boat, introducing himself as the King of Red Lions, informs him that the shadowy figure was none other than Ganon, the very same evil spoken of in legends. The only way to defeat him is to gain a power won only after much toil and hardship. Link, determined to save his sister, resolves to find this power, and the King of Red Lions agrees to aid him by helping him gather the three Goddess Pearls.

Link first visits Dragon Roost Island, and is told to ask the dragon Valoo for Din's Pearl, and is also given the Wind Waker, an ancient baton used long ago to borrow the power of the gods. Unfortunately, Valoo has been thrown into a fit of anger, thus preventing any of the Rito from approaching him. Link enters Dragon Roost Cavern with the help of Medli, Valoo's attendant, and discovers that a monster has been tormenting Valoo, causing his outbursts. After defeating the monster, Link is given Din's Pearl, and he sets out on his quest to find the next pearl.

In Forest Haven, Link meets the Deku Tree, whom readily agrees to give him Farore's Pearl. However, he is in the midst of a ceremony, and Makar - one of the Koroks participating in the ceremony - has fallen into the Forbidden Woods. The Deku Tree asks Link to fetch Makar from the Forbidden Woods, to which Link readily agrees. After finding Makar, the ceremony proceeds, and the Deku Tree grants Link Farore's Pearl.

Upon heading to Greatfish Isle to find the final pearl, Link and the King find the island to be destroyed. They are informed by one of the Rito postmen that Jabun, the one holding Nayru's Pearl, has fled to Outset Island. Unfortunately, Tetra's band of pirates is also after him. The King and Link head to Windfall Island and obtain some of the Pirates' bombs, and race back to Outset and bomb their way into the cavern where Jabun hides. Jabun meets with the King briefly, and hands over Nayru's Pearl, allowing Link to open the way to the Tower of the Gods.

After passing the trials within the Tower of the Gods, Link descends into an ancient kingdom beneath the sea and retrieves the Master Sword. He returns to the Forsaken Fortress, followed closely by the pirates, whom carry his sister off to safety while he destroyed the giant bird who kidnapped his sister. Upon facing Ganondorf, however, Link quickly discovers that the weakened Master Sword will do him little good, and he is easily defeated. Tetra appears to intervene, and Ganondorf discovers her true identity as Zelda. Before he can steal her fragment of the Triforce of Wisdom, two Rito appear and snatch both Tetra and Link from Ganondorf's grasp, and Valoo douses Ganon's lair with flames.

Link returns to the kingdom beneath the sea with Tetra, meeting with the King in the same chamber where he drew the Master Sword. The King reveals that the kingdom is none other than Hyrule, the very same one of legend, and had been flooded centuries ago when Ganon broke free to seal him away. He gives a fragment of the Triforce of Wisdom to Tetra, fusing it to form the whole piece and ultimately revealing her true identity.

The King surmises that the two sages of Earth and Wind that once gave power to the Master Sword must have been attacked, and Link sets forth to find their successors. He escorts Medli, the new Sage of Earth, and Makar, the new Sage of Wind, through their respective temples and conducts their prayers to return power to the Master Sword. He also searches the sea for the shards of the Triforce of Courage, reassembling it and presenting it to the gods. The completed Triforce then dwells within him, and he is named Hero of Winds.

When Link descends back into Hyrule, he finds the castle in ruins, and Zelda missing. He pursues Ganon to his tower and confronts him at the very top, only to have the triforce of courage stolen, reunited with the triforces of power and wisdom to form a complete triforce. As Ganondorf begins to wish for Hyrule, however, the King intervenes, reaching the Triforce first and instead wishing for Hyrule's destruction and hope for Link and Zelda. As the sea begins to crash back down, an enraged and maddened Ganondorf attacks Link and Zelda. Ultimately, with Zelda's help, Link proves to be the victor, and the King sends them back to the surface of the Ocean.

But Link would quickly find that he had Woken somewhere else…


This incarnation of Link is cheerful and easygoing, perhaps even lazy at times (he doesn't exactly rise with the sun), but don't let that fool you: Link still has the Hero's Spirit, and it shows. He is the very picture of determination, and will stop at nothing to accomplish whatever goal is set before him, be it rounding up pigs on Outset Island or saving his little sister from the clutches of Ganondorf. That being said, our young hero has a nasty habit of not looking before he leaps; his resolve is just as undeniable as (and possibly linked to) his occasional recklessness.

Much like his other incarnations, Link isn't much of a talker. This isn't to say he doesn't speak at all, he simply doesn't speak much. He makes up for it, however, by being incredibly expressive, and can communicate via body language or countenance alone; if something upsets him, it's usually plain to see on his face.

Link is typically a peaceful fellow, and isn't keen on engaging in conflict if there's not a need for it. However, Link is unafraid to fight when he needs to or when he has no choice. He is not without a berserk button, either: One easy way to set him into action is to attack or otherwise threaten anyone close to him. He is fiercely protective of those he cares about, and will fight to the death to protect and/or save them if he must.

Having grown up on a relatively secluded island with little contact with the rest of the Great Sea (aside from the Rito postman and the pirates), Link is somewhat sheltered. This leads him to be regularly surprised or even startled by new discoveries he makes. That being said, he adapts quickly to new things, and once the initial wave of new-ness is over, he takes it in stride. Although he has an undying curiosity about new findings, Link is rather high-strung when it comes to general surprises, and thus easily startled. It isn't uncommon to hear him yelp when something spooks him.

The ability to adapt so well to new things lends itself to Link's ability to learn new skills, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles. Given the time and tools needed, Link will figure out any problem presented with him, though this tends to be primarily through sheer force of will and determination than being smart or clever. Still, it's difficult - if not downright impossible - to discourage him, and any clumsiness he tends to exhibit is often a result of him learning through trial-and-error rather than being uncoordinated.

For his age, Link is quite hard-working and even responsible. He's respectful to his superiors and doesn't mind helping others; if someone needs his help to do something, he'll see to it without much of a fuss. That being said, Link is still a child, and is not immune to being naive or immature. He's somewhat playful at times, and is prone to exaggerating a little, as most children his age are wont to do. However, this doesn't take away from his ability to switch modes and be serious if times call for it.

Another important note is the fact that Link's got a big heart. He's incredibly selfless and kind, and will eagerly help someone in need (though he won't allow someone to get away with something wrong and will encourage them to stop, as seen with Mila when she attempts to steal). He strongly believes in doing what's right, a feeling which often lends itself to him offering a helping hand, even to a total stranger. In all this, he's rather polite and honest, though not necessarily in a formal way. He can also be very understanding and forgiving of others.


Prior to Waking, Link didn't actually have a lot of supernatural abilities to call his own. His capabilities are typically inventory-reliant, and even with his own magic abilities, he's more likely to be seen utilizing tools at his disposal or swinging a sword than casting a spell.

Link is particularly in tune with the wind due to extended experience with it both at sea and on land, and is said by one of the wind gods of the great sea to have a 'nice wind-sense about him'. Link is particularly stealthy when he needs to be, and adapts very well to new or improvised weapons. He's also a skilled sailor, and can maneuver a small sailboat as well as operate an accompanying scavenging hook or cannon with little to no difficulty. His sense of direction is also rather decent, as well.

One musn't be fooled by Link's shorter stature. He's a very competent sword fighter, and has some decent strength for his size, capable of leaping across gaps, swinging on ropes, or hang-gliding on his deku leaf. In addition, he’s quite the capable swimmer. For what he lacks in the size or physical strength his counterparts may have over him, he more than makes up for in agility and acrobatics. Link is able to roll around behind opponents to deliver rear uppercuts, or even leap and forward flip over his opponents to attack their heads (or knock off their helmets) with a single, swift sword strike. This speed and dexterity not only gives him the upper hand at evading blows, but also in making some precision strikes in the heat of a fight. As far as other, non-sword tools go, he picks up on them very quickly; he's got some good aim with his ranged tools, including the bow.

As far as Bending goes, Link picked up on it rather quickly and has the hang of it, but still finds it somewhat difficult.


  • Aryll's Telescope - A telescope. Kinda obvious.
  • Master Sword - The Blade of Evil's Bane. A little big for a warrior Link's size, but he can wield it just fine. It's finally got its old glow back, too.
  • Mirror Shield - A nifty, very reflective shield that can redirect light or even magic. Seriously, it just bounces right off of it.
  • The Wind Waker - A white conductor's baton that Link can use to various effects. In particular, he can use it to direct the wind and summon tornadoes. With effort, he can also use it to direct the minds of others, but Link prefers not to since it's a little invasive and VERY disorienting for him.
  • Grappling Hook - A rope with a metal claw at the end that Link primarily uses to swing from poles or branches. Can also be used to climb things!
  • Deku Leaf - Link can use this to glide or to summon forth bursts of wind. Gliding consumes magic power, but the bursts of wind do not. However, neither ability will work if Link has no magic power.
  • Boomerang - Your average boomerang, except this one can bounce between targets, grab items, and slice right through ropes or vines! Luckily it's not as dangerous as it sounds if it hits an actual person.
  • Hero's Bow - A typical archery bow. Through the power of bending Link doesn't have a finite number of arrows anymore. He can enchant the arrows with fire or ice. He still can't use the Light Arrows yet, though.
  • Hookshot - A nifty chain device that can be shot outward, latch onto something, and drag its holder with it. This one comes with a nifty hand guard for your convenience.
  • Giant's Bracelets - Plain ol' gold bracelets, right? WRONG. They provide their wearers with SUPER STRENGTH.
  • Tetra's pirate charm. Doesn't really do much of anything in Nautilus, but he holds onto it for good luck.
  • A glass bottle with a parchment inside. Link's primary mode of communication in Nautilus. He isn't sure what makes it work, but he's long since decided not to question it.
  • A set of dapper, fancy clothes. He doesn't wear these often if at all, but he does his best to take care of them.
  • A model of Tetra's ship in a bottle. He's rather fond of it.


  • Hurricane Spin - a powerful charged-up spin attack that increases Link's sword reach and sends him flying into multiple spins. Consumes magic power and leaves Link dazed after use unless it ends early somehow.
  • Fire and Ice Arrows - Link can enchant his arrows with either fire or ice. Fire Arrows will shatter ice and ignite whatever they strike, while Ice Arrows will freeze whatever they touch in enormous ice crystals.

Bending Abilities

  • Triforce Shield - Link can use the power of the Triforce of Courage to erect a pyramid-shaped golden shield around him.
  • Wolf Form - Self-explanatory! Link can shapeshift into a (fluffy and adorable) wolf pup. Unfortunately, he isn't able to talk in this form…yet. He seems to understand other animals just fine, though.



Antoine d'Coolette - A particularly strange character, Link wasn't sure what to make of him at first. After a few conversations and a little bit of sparring, though, he's developed some respect for Antoine, although he can't help but feel that he's a little…high-strung. Speak for yourself, Link, sheesh.

Gyatso - Link and Gyatso met while Link was practicing with the Wind Waker, and they hit it off rather quickly. They seem to share similar ideals and morals as far as their relation to the wind goes, though it's clear Link has a lot to learn from Gyatso. He's wise and while Link does find him odd, he also feels at ease around Gyatso; he seems friendly and approachable.

Hiro Hamada - While most of Link's friends in Nautilus do contain some level of age gap, Hiro is one of the few Wakened that seems to be nearer to Link's age. Much like with Tails, Link finds Hiro's skill with robotics and science fascinating, but he also admires Hiro's wit and confidence. This doesn't stop Link from worrying about him, though; Hiro seems to be a bit of a magnet for trouble. Again. Speak for yourself, Link.


Jiminy - Link really admires Jiminy's sense of responsibility and high morals and relates to it. There was a brief rift caused by a reality storm which disrupted these morals, but the two were quick to make up afterward.

Kai Green

Mary Poppins - What a strange woman! Something about Mary reminds Link of his grandmother, although admittedly the woman has more noticeable eccentricities…not that he really minds. Mary is a strange but kind woman, and Link feels comfortable spending time around her or asking for advice.

Miko Nakadai - Another of the denizens of Nautilus that welcomed him on entry, Miko seemed friendly enough, although not unopposed to making a few jabs here and there. The two seem to get along about as well as any pair of kids would thus far: bickering a little, but still getting along. Miko offered some handy advice and even seems particularly savvy. Despite the minor clashes on first meeting, Link likes her thus far.

Miles "Tails" Prower - Tails was among the first people Link met in Nautilus, and also among the most helpful. His quick friendship with the two-tailed fox was not only a welcome thing in a strange new city, but also subtly beneficial. Link's habit of jumping into things head-first is easily and readily countered by Tails reigning him back and reminding him of important priorities, and Link sees Tails as both a knowledgeable teacher and a valuable friend. Link finds Tails's gadgets and inventions endlessly fascinating, even if he can barely understand most of his friend's babbling about them.

Nott - Link doesn't know much about Nott at all and hasn't known him for long either, but from what he'd witnessed after fighting alongside him, he's certain he can rely on him in a pinch. He seems more than capable of taking care of himself, and helped Link fight a wolf version of himself during the chaos that erupted shortly after his arrival.

Scott Summers

Shen - Shen is composed and competent, and like a few others, he's only met him briefly during the explosion of chaos. Nonetheless, Link admires Shen's skill in combat, though in person he seems a little more practical than Link is used to, and something - he isn't sure what - strikes him as a little odd. Still, he doesn't seem too bad, and for now Link counts him as an ally.

Sonic the Hedgehog - The first things that Link noticed about Sonic were that he is both friendly and absurdly fast, the latter of which still startles him. Sonic has thus far proved to be rather helpful, if a bit oddly playful. Sonic's encouragement and energy are a welcome thing and rarely fail to lift his mood, although some of the blue hedgehog's remarks are still lost on him. Nonetheless, Link likes Sonic's eager and upbeat attitude, and he's rather quickly warmed up to him and considers him highly trustworthy.

Zant - A man from some part of Link's past…or future? He isn't sure. Zant is as mysterious as he is strange; Link isn't sure what to think of him just yet. The fact that he lives in the Western District - an area he was told by several people to stay away from - does have him a little wary, although Zant's vague knowledge about Link's own world does have him curious…

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