Little Asgard

Not far from the Northern Gate, Little Asgard can be found.

It is a patch of several Asgardian buildings, about the size of a larger village and can easily be spotted from far away, given the mere size of these structures as well as the fact that these buildings appear to be made of gold. Its shape is based on the actual Asgard and was build by Loki Laufeyson.


Ever since his Waking and arrival in Nautilus, Loki had felt a certain lack of anything Asgardian in the city. This odd sort of homesickness led to him creating his own house in a very distinctive Asgardian way.

This single building, however, was just the beginning. After Ursaems attacked the city and the battle against the Deva caused parts of Kalliste to fall onto Nautilus and destroy wide parts of the city, Loki was one of those that began cleaning up the mess and by doing so helped to make room for new buildings to be set up. It was not just the lack of housing, however, that drove the Asgardian to act, but rather his own guilt regarding from his own involvement in Ursaems' plans.

Combined with the still lingering longing for something more Asgardian in Nautilus, said guilt resulted in Loki setting up just a couple of buildings at first, leaving them free to be occupied by those in need of shelter. As time passed, the settlement grew further until a miniature Asgard had been build.



The architecture of Little Asgard is, naturally, Asgardian.


Golden spires and structures of elegant design are what primarily make up this part of Nautilus. The overall structuring is open, loose and uncluttered, leaving enough space between the buildings to wander around and go about a daily life that does not entail being inside most of the time. The buildings appear in a smooth golden tone, yet the material used in these structures is neither metal, nor stone, but something in between. Lighter tones than those of the buildings are present in the walkways, many bridges and walls that are not part of a building meant to be lived in. Those very walls, walkways and bridges also bear a plethora of intricate decorative carvings of Asgardian symbols and sometimes even runes.

Streams of water in various sizes and some of the natural plants of the area are seamlessly integrated into the entirety of this miniature Asgard without cluttering its appearance.

Since Little Asgard was build without thoroughly flattening and adjusting the ground beneath, bridges make up most of the actual walkways while underneath the cleared ground of Nautilus is being left to recover its natural state now that the previous buildings are gone.

Yggdrasil Library


The Great Library Yggdrasil has become the center of Little Asgard, respectively replacing the massive royal palace of the original Asgard.

In front of the library tree is a triangular plaza bearing the Bifröst symbol in its very center. Small streams of water flow around the plaza and into two small fountains now flanking the entrance of Yggdrasil.

The architecture of the library tree itself remains unchanged, though Loki has added some smaller structures and spires around it to make it blend in more smoothly with the rest of the buildings surrounding it. Since Yggdrasil had been damaged during the war against Ursaems, Loki has also equipped it with its very own force field, which remains invisible and poses no hindrance to anyone planning to visit the library itself.



Due to its initial purpose of replacing the formerly destroyed living spaces, Little Asgard is mainly made up of personal residences, with the library being the one real exception from that. Several dozens of empty Asgardian structures remain free for the taking by whoever wishes to move into one of them. True to Asgardian style, these buildings are tall, composed of various spires and offer a generous amount of living space.

A typical Asgardian house is not as much separated into rooms, but rather into levels, with every level being considered a single room. These rooms tend to be spacious with high ceilings and an odd lack of actual glass covering the windows. In their stead, every window has a little force field that keeps the weather out, while leaving the warmth inside and can be passed by the inhabitants of the building when necessary.

Electricity is another thing that does not exist in these buildings, seeing that Asgard's technology works on an entirely different level. Torches on the walls and large fire pits in the middle of the rooms produce light and heat, yet by no means are lit by traditional fire but rather an Asgardian variety that neither burns, nor produces smoke.

Every building is equipped with an inbuilt control- and maintenance system that is not visible right away. This system allows to individually control the fires (light, temperature), force fields, entrance permissions as holographic projections. Basically, the entire building. The controls can be summoned in the form of a holographic interface, though one would require to learn first how to do so and how exactly to operate this sort of technology.


Lilo Wave Pool

Formerly Loki-Dall Wave Pool.

When Loki and Heimdall became children again for a week, it somehow happened and was later renamed.

Pink Paw Prints

Hidden all over Little Asgard, small pink-and-purple paw prints can be found. These are made of the glass from the parts of Kalliste that fell during the battle against Ursaems and are a reminder of Pink's World - A small, peaceful world that was destroyed due to Ursaems' actions. Loki playing a part in this and basically assisting in the destruction of this world are the main reasons for these paw prints to have become part of Little Asgard.

The paw prints are usually embedded into walls, but can also be found as parts of the walkway. They also tend to be fairly hidden, but not in a way that makes it impossible to find any. How many there are remains a secret.

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