Continuity NPC
Age Unknown
Species Deva
Hair Color White (Blue in true form)
Eye Color Dark Brown
District Northern
Journal lixue
Player Nikil
Theme Song Escape From Qin (Unless a better song is found/picked)

"Everyone deserves a second chance. A chance to renew themselves and become better people."


Lixue is the younger of two sisters. Their world was one of ice. Despite this, life flourished. People adapted to the harsh conditions and gave praise to the spirits of their land known as Iclyn. Ymiras and Lixue were two of such spirits who provided protection to the people who lived on their land.

These people were migratory people who practiced falconry and sustained themselves on game and herding livestock. Every season, they would provide a portion of their hunt to guarantee safety for the coming year or to ask for blessings. Things were peaceful until the game started dwindling and both flora and the livestock started dying of a mysterious disease.

The people turned to the iclyn sisters, offering prayers and food. But the sisters knew not what to do. The iclyn of neighboring areas were at a loss, unable to answer their own people's pleas.

Then the people's patience wore thin. No one knows who started it, but a fight between an icyln and a human broke out, leaving both dead, and birthing the start of a war between spirits and humans.

Lixue wanted to stay to help the people she was charged to care for despite their growing discontent. Ymiras was older and wiser and knew that their world was dying. If that was the case, it was out of their hands.

However, perhaps they could forge a path to a new world for their people.

They ventured to the top of the land's most sacred mountain and found the path to the stars. To the Beyond. A chance for their people to survive.

But the people no longer trusted them and refused to come with them. They broke all ties with the sisters, deciding to put their faith in themselves. Heartbroken, the two left and crossed the bridge to the stars….

And Awakened in Kalliste.

Ymiras was the more clever of the two and was a protective older sister. She was always talking to others in Lixue's place and was the one who taught Lixue Bending after learning it herself. Lixue was content to stay by Ymiras' side.

They both did struggle through their first summer and nearly melted to death, but Nictyx found them and saved them by taking them away from the heat, and teaching them how to bend into human forms so they can survive the hot temperatures (even though both sisters still hated it).

The older iclyn grew strong, and her prowess was not ignored. She ascended up the ranks, becoming Ashura of Vapor and then Deva of Ice. She then became Scion of the East in the counsel with the Devas Aaron, Isis, and Solaris.

But Lixue remained a Wakened for a long time. And with her sister busy with work, she had to stand on her own. She made friends, of course, but she was notoriously cold towards most people until they got to know her. Even then, she was reserved.

She got along with Antovil and Klement, but harbored cold acceptance of those like Areva and Calex. Her world had no space for play for plays' sake and her attitude was a reflection of that.

She did warm up to the newcomer Ursaems, who arrived clinging to life. She was one of the first who found him, and got him medical attention. He was rather handsome and she appreciated his quiet intellect and how fast he learned Bending from her. Areva and Kergan would tease her to no end, which irritated Lixue but did make her ponder. Even when she found out that Ursaems was married, she could not help but wonder.

When the man arrived back in Kalliste, broken after seeing his sister Amior die, she tried her best to console him. Where Antovil and Klement failed, she believed she was making headway. She believed that he was truly trying to heal when she confessed her feelings for him the following year.

Alas, his heart was closed and it was for naught.

But those few months together seemed blissful. They learned so much together and Lixue became Angelii and then Ashura of Snow under Ymiras as he became Ashura of Remedy under Solaris. Their new roles meant they became busy with their respective Deva and had little time to spend together.

Then Wakened stopped coming. Although Ymiras told her that they should wait it out, she believed Aaron was right and secretly seeks out Solaris. She then works as a double agent. Supposedly supporting Isis but secretly working for Solaris instead, though Ymiras knew. Her older sister didn't trust him however and asked Lixue to see if Ursaems could tell her anything, since he was working for Solaris. However, she found out that he was a double agent too. Seemingly working for Solaris but was acting working for Isis.

They found out each other's plans and she warns him, but since they didn't want to hurt each other and had dirt on each other, nothing could be really done. Not long after, Ursaems breaks things off with her for good, telling her to stay out of his way. Lixue was heartbroken, but she saw it coming. What she didn't saw coming was what happened next.

Lixue was on the battlefield when she witnessed Ursaems murdering Ymiras in front of her. She tries to attack Ursaems but he escapes. She goes to her sister and tries to save her, but there was nothing she could do. Ymiras then died in Lixue's arms. Fueled by grief and fury, she goes after Ursaems who goes into the In Between to escape his crime. She tries to follow him, but loses track of him. Feeling that there is nothing for her in Kalliste, she returns to her world.

It takes many many years, but eventually the land stabilized and her people recovered, even if she could no longer help them due to her status as Deva. Once it seemed like her people and world was gonna be fine, she leaves her world again, this time alone.

She comes across Nautilus and decides to check it out. Once she arrived, she sensed Isis' essence energy from Endos' castle and gets herself involved. Stopped Antovil from attacking the others and free him from Endos' control. She takes on Klement's old role and formally punishes Endos once he was defeated. She and the other Deva strip Isis' essence and his Deva status from him, as well as make him human again. After that, Antovil helped her catch up with the events of what happened in the city. She then settled in the North and set up her own home. She chose the North instead of East because being in the East would have been too much emotionally wise for her.


Much like snow, she can come off as cold to others. But to those who know her, she is actually quite sweet and can be motherly at times. Aka a Kuudere.

She also very serious minded and doesn’t really joke around most of the time.


She has an ice form (which is her true form). She’s naturally immune to cold temperatures but doesn’t handle heat very well, especially in ice form (Helix is at the bottom of the vacation list)

Her powers are tied to her emotions, which she cannot control, even as a Deva. She can cause blizzards when angry, snowing when she's sad/crying and her tears of made of tiny ice drops. She also leaves a small trail of plum blossom crystals wherever she goes if she feels happy or proud of herself.

She also knows about pressure points and has some marital arts training (Her teaching method is in fact inspired by that. Definitely the most grounded/solid. Great for those who don't want to have to dodge a thousand balls at high speed, or get kicked off the roof of a building like a mama bird.)


Antovil - They are friends, though she doesn't know him the best since she's mostly known him while he was under Isis' control. She's proud that he managed to become a Deva himself while she was gone.

Areva - Due to their opposite personalities, they tend to not get along that well. They are like oil and water (or rubber and glue).

Ymiras - Decreased older sister who died in the War of Kalliste. Was killed by Ursaems in front of Lixue, due to Marionette controlling Ursaems.

Ursaems - Ex-boyfriend and killer of her sister. Holds a grudge against him, though should she learn the truth, she might let that go.

Marionette - Crazy Deva who was Isis' biggest follower and totally had a gay crush on her. She is not sorry that she didn't make it through the war and should she learn the truth, she'll become quite angry towards her.

Keith - Her first student.

4th Doctor - One of her students.

Nictyx - An old friend from Kalliste who saved her and Ymiras during their first summer in Kalliste and taught them how to bend human forms for themselves. She is relieved that she managed to survive the war.

9th Doctor - One of her students.

10th Doctor - One of her students and the only Ashura so far.

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