Lucas Kovach
Lucas Kovach
Continuity Original Character
Age 22 (originally 20)
Species Human
Hair Color Dusty Brown
Eye Color Pale Blue
District Eastern District
Journal Lucas's journal
Player Daranon
Theme Song I'm Still Here

"Normal is overrated."

Table of Contents

+ History
Born in Wittenberg, Germany, Lucas lived the first few years of life with his biological parents. They were members of a small cult though Lucas claims to not remember any of it. This cult was actually a front to find people to test Rapture on. Rapture was a drug initially designed to send the users to an enlightened plane of existence. At a celebration, the cult leader beckoned his followers to imbibe in the drug, claiming they would be free of this world and its troubles. In truth, the International Office of Paranormal and Supernatural Affairs (IOPSA, further explained in world setting) and its agents were closing in on this cult and the leader felt forced to be rid of this batch of test subjects earlier than planned. IOPSA agents found many in the cult dead or dying and the leader vanished. Those few who survived reported strange side-effects: temporary, supernatural powers. Lucas's parents are found among the dead, though his mother's body disappeared from the morgue a day after the incident.

Lucas spent a short time in the Wittenburg branch office of IOPSA after the incident. While under their care it quickly became apparent the young boy had some medium talents. Elizabeth Kovach, a psychologist and parapsychologist who frequently worked with IOPSA, took an interest in the boy. She had been in Germany to help investigate the Rapture case and returned to the United States as soon as the adoption papers went through for Lucas. Elizabeth was determined to give the boy as normal a childhood as possible, even with his medium abilities. The first year of public school was very difficult as Lucas would completely shut down at school, refusing to do assigned work or sometimes even refusing to speak English. At home, he was as carefree as can be. Other students would catch him talking to thin air or asking them about something that only they would know. Most of this behavior was tolerated until Lucas inquired of a fellow classmate about his twin sister, a twin sister who had died at birth. This caused several parents to complain to the school and Elizabeth was forced to pull him from the class.

Elizabeth found a private school that focused on helping children with sensitives control their powers rather than sending Lucas off to an IOPSA institution. Just like in public school, Lucas floundered at first. Chris, a boy around the same age as Lucas, was enrolled at the school because of his intuition sensitivity (the ability to feel the presence of malicious spirits). They became fast friends and by the time they were in sixth grade they were all but inseparable.

Upon re-entering the public school system in middle school, Lucas had a very good grasp over his abilities. Despite that, he still had trouble telling spirits and people apart so he never really fit in entirely. As their senior year drew to a close, Chris and Lucas both agreed to sign up with IOPSA. Their original plan was to be partners, but Chris's intuition talent put him on a different path than his friend. They spent the good chunk of the next three years studying and training at different facilities, but upon graduation returned to the same office as junior IOPSA officers.

They spend the next two months shadowing the more senior officers on investigations and missions, when a newcomer arrives at the office. Dae, a witch from an IOPSA office in Korea, and her brother Li who was an unfortunate victim of a car accident and reanimation as a zombie. Li takes up work as the data entry clerk for the IOPSA office while Dae joins the two junior agents on their team.

This small team is finally given the regular caseload and also their first case without supervision of the higher-ups; to investigate an old sanitarium. They went in under-prepared for what they might face; the building was large, and they weren't expecting the building to house a malicious demon inside. The demon split the group up, and used Lucas's talents to its own favor. They regrouped in time to be chased out, having failed to record any real valuable data or dispatch the demon. In light of this failure, one addition was made to the junior squad. Miles, who had a little more experience than the others, was brought in to complete the team and act as Lucas's Guide (explained in world setting).

Miles and Lucas got off to a rocky start: Lucas didn't really want a partner, and Miles left his previous assignment after an incident with his previous partner. During their next mission, the newly formed squad is part of a larger task force to bring down a coven of rogue vampires. The team split up, Chris and Dae cornering one of the vampires while Miles and Lucas gave chase to the other. The vampire played Lucas and Miles off of each other, sensing that each didn't entirely trust the other yet. The vampire led them on a merry chase while Chris and Dae finally dispatched the other. Feeling the death of his brethren gave the vampire a reason to pause so Miles and Lucas had enough time to scramble together a more cohesive attack and severely wound the vampire in the process. Chris and Dae caught up and they managed to finish the job. Now Lucas, at least, seems a bit more willing to get along with the aloof Miles.

Afterwards, Lucas goes back to his apartment for some much needed rest. He makes it just inside when an overwhelming sense of tiredness sweeps over him…and he wakes into a new world.

+ Personality
On the surface, Lucas tends to come across as a goofball. Always ready with a wisecrack or a laugh at someone else's joke, some days it just seems he doesn't have a care in the world. While on assignment at a sanitarium, Lucas makes a wise-crack about the place being haunted by raccoons after one hops out of a corner and scares them. He tries to act cool but will full on nerd-out if the conversation touches on something he really enjoys (for example: 1980s cartoons, video games, and his beloved El Camino).

However, he has no problem whining about something he doesn't like or venting some anger about a situation. After the team's failure on their first mission, Lucas complains to their boss that he set the team up on purpose. But, when the Chief points out exactly why things went wrong and what they can do next time, Lucas pretty much accepts that and moves on. He let's go pretty easily, unless the situation is pushed too far or someone he cares about is hurt.

If something upsets him, Lucas usually pushes it away to deal with when he's alone. If something is bad enough, he basically shuts down. He tends to get really grouchy if someone notices something is bothering him and will deny it or divert attention away from the problem.

Because of his supernatural abilities, Lucas tries to come off as normal as possible. He likes to talk and meet new people and be friendly, but has a tendency to keep people at arm's length. He is very loyal to the people he considers a friend, even if that person doesn't feel the same way. When Miles joins the team, Lucas doesn't really want a partner, but tries to be friendly. After their first mission together, however, Lucas begins to consider the other man a friend, even though Miles is still acting aloof towards him. Lucas also tends to be a peacemaker in situations between friends, unless of course he started the argument. He'd much rather people get along and have fun than deal with drama.

Another side-effect of his talents, Lucas doesn't seem to get much in the way of sleep. Spirits tend to come talk to him at all hours, and he is prone to having nightmares, so Lucas usually gets around four hours of sleep. The upside of this is that Lucas has plenty of time to nerd up on his hobbies and get in additional training (especially when no one is looking because what that would totally ruin his reputation as a goofball).

Lucas has two phobias: lightning storms and hospitals. If it happens to be storming outside, Lucas will conveniently need to be in the room farthest from the windows. Being trapped outside during a storm is probably the worst thing Lucas can imagine. He can quickly come unglued if he were to be stuck outside during a storm. Because of his medium abilities, Lucas avoids going to hospitals/doctor's offices as much as he can. Hospitals in particular are a problem since people tend to die in them, and not always pass on to the afterlife.

Despite his carefree nature, Lucas does understand the concept of hard work and discipline. But he doesn't let people on to that if he can avoid it. It might ruin his reputation, after all!

+ Abilities
Lucas is a medium, which is a person who possesses more than one supernatural talent. One talent he has is the ability to see and hear ghosts. Most of the time, Lucas cannot tell the difference between a ghost and a living person (unless the ghost obviously comes from a different time period, but sometimes even then…"Hey, nice costume!"). Sometimes this leads to very awkward, seemingly one-sided conversations in public. Also, he tends to attract spirits, as they recognize when someone is able to see, hear, or talk with them.

Another ability that Lucas possesses is extrasensory perception. He uses this talent to see past events or detect supernatural presences. He does this through touch. When he is working, most of the time he has finger-less gloves so he doesn't overload his senses and get lost in a past vision or overwhelmed by a supernatural presence. The farther back in time an event is, the more difficult it is for Lucas to see. Bumping into people usually does not trigger this ability unless he's extremely distracted. Extreme emotions or situations does have an affect over Lucas's control over these abilities, however. Lucas was trained to block his ESP when shaking hands, giving a hug, a high five, or anything else of that nature. Memories he picks up from locations, such as buildings or objects he uses to get a reading are very easy for him to process. People's memories, however, are something he has trouble separating from his own. In essence, whenever he does a reading to look into the past, he 'experiences' things as if he was the one who was actually there.

Lucas's final supernatural talent is telekinesis, which is the ability to move objects with a thought. He's not very talented in this area but is able to move objects weighing less than fifty pounds. The smaller the object, the longer he is able to manipulate it. He cannot use this ability to affect someone's control over their own movements.

It is very possible for Lucas to over-extend himself while using any of these supernatural talents, which often manifests as headaches. If he persists past his limits his noses bleeds, a sign that he is dangerously close to collapsing into unconsciousness. He also tends to get very cold whenever an area has a high amount of spirit activity, because ghosts draw upon the energy around them to manifest and mediums are particularly prone to spirits using them as a power source.

Lucas also runs/jogs to stay fit and was starting to learn parkour (a style of free running). He is trained in the basics of hand-to-hand combat and passed the standard proficiency firearms test required of all IOPSA agents.

+World Setting
The series is set in the modern day era, where the International Office of Paranormal and Supernatural Affairs (IOPSA) investigates strange happenings in the world, enforces the Lazarus Rule, and educates the public on matters of the paranormal. Established during the first Crusade when supernatural creatures were revealed to the world, IOPSA was originally called the Order of the Rose. A small band of Crusaders and Turkish Muslims joined forces when they realized the greater threat was the creatures stirred up by their fighting. Vampires, werewolves, spirits, and demonic forces soon joined the fight; some on the side of the Crusade, some on side of the Turkish Muslims, and still others fought against all humans. The Crusade was fought to a standstill only to be rekindled a short time later. Over the course of nine Crusades and nearly two hundred years, humanity comes out on top of the conflict. Several accords with the different factions of paranormal creatures, most notably vampires, were established and the course of history is mainly the same as our own. The biggest difference is that the world of the paranormal is common knowledge.

While the public at large recognizes that the supernatural does indeed exist, and that paranormal sciences are a legitimate field of study, the average man on the street understands it about as much as they would understand police or military operations. The creatures and spirits that IOPSA face on a daily basis are still shrouded between fact and Hollywood fiction. therefore, it is entirely possible that some people still do not believe that supernatural things happen, that IOPSA is a waste of tax payer money (even though it is entirely self funded by the monies invested from its inception by the Templars/Turkish Muslims and onward), or that the Hollywood portrayals are accurate. Educating the public is a large part of IOPSA's mission. For instance, in many films vampires are said to burst into flames when exposed to the sun. This is entirely untrue, though a vampire's eyesight is reduced to human levels and their powers are diminished during the day.

People with supernatural talents are treated about the same as any other minority; varying from quiet acceptance to outright hatred. Mediums, specifically, are treated with some degree of suspicion or disdain as just over half of mediums are usually raised in an institutionalized situation in order to establish proper control over their talents. While this is vital to maintaining the public's trust in the value of these programs, the mediums who grow up in these situations are often less-developed socially or have a difficult time relating to 'normal' people. However, as there are no requirements for making such talents known to others, most mediums and sensitives keep their powers a closely guarded secret.

IOPSA officially came into being in 1867 and is organized in similar fashion to a police force. Officers either use their own natural powers or talismans to handle the widely-varied case work: anything from a simple haunting to rooting out a rogue vampire coven. Trouble seems to be boiling over in the world, however, as the case loads get heavier. The old accords are strained by the introduction of Rapture, a drug which gives the average person temporary supernatural-like abilities.

With Rapture's growing popularity, cults and cult activity are on the rise around the world. The presence of cults are not a new problem for IOPSA to face. Throughout its history the organization has faced many challenges of so-called religious leaders stirring up the masses for their own favor. Organized religion has also placed hurdles in IOPSA's way, going so far as to excommunicate the Templars and nearly wiping them out. Modern day cults put an emphasis that humans are better and the accords are outdated. They have sought a way to shatter these agreements and bring about the true age of humanity. Rapture seems to be a golden opportunity to do just that, but it has unforeseen side effects. IOPSA has been scrambling to identify the compounds and manufacturing process behind the mysterious drug, as well as find the ultimate source.

As far as supernatural abilities in the world go, the average person has little to no power. Sensitives have a very limited ability in one area, such as emphatic sensitivity (the ability to feel very keenly what someone else is feeling and/or affect another person's feelings). Sensitives are the most common group of persons with supernatural abilities, comprising of 8-9% of the population. Around 1% of the world population are gifted with a stronger supernatural power, but only in one area such as telekinesis (moving objects with your mind) and are identified according to their particular talent. Mediums possess two or more supernatural abilities. According to IOPSA, there are approximately three thousand mediums living in the world today. Around 750 are employed by IOPSA. Mediums are usually paired with a partner, referred to as a Guide. A Guide acts as a medium's anchor to the real world while they use their talents to explore the supernatural one. Ideally, Guides have only a sensitivity or no talents at all and are chosen based on complementary personality traits. Having a stable, calm personality is one of the common traits that all Guides share.

IOPSA keeps records and tabs on anyone with any level of extra-sensory abilities, mediums especially. Even if they are not employed by IOPSA, all individuals with these talents fall under the Paranormal Espionage Act of 1960. This act was pushed by the barely decade old NATO as a means to prevent opposing parties in the Cold War using mediums as spies. It also stipulates that all individuals with such abilities adhere to the Three Laws; respect the sanctity of the human mind, do no harm to fellow human beings, and maintain control over your own mind. Violating these laws invokes the Lazarus Rule, in which the offender upon being caught has three days to prove their own innocence.

During the 1970s there was a movement to provide training to all individuals with extra-sensory talents, and that is still the case to this day. Mediums working for IOPSA receive additional training suited to their particular talents and are subject to yearly reviews.

+ Relationships
In a relationship with 11-12.

Adopted John Crichton and Peter Smith (aka Prisoner Number 6) as not!Dads, Kanon Shizeno and Jake Long as not!bros.

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