Luna Noah
Luna Noah
Continuity Lunar: Silver Star Story
Age 15
Species Human (Well, Goddess…)
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
District Eastern District
Journal goddess_song
Player Sarah
Theme Song (Optional)

"I know my heart should guide me, but there's a hole within my soul …"


Luna was once the Goddess Althena who brought the people to the “planet” of Lunar from the actual planet it orbits, the Blue Star. Her powers guided the people and helped them live. However, with her being there the people had no free will, coming to her to solve all their problems. She and her then Dragonmaster, Dyne, decided that she should be reborn as a human and spread her powers throughout Lunar so that her people could solve their problems on their own. One of the heroes that fought alongside Dyne, Ghaleon, thought this was insane and would cause the people of Lunar to destroy themselves. Dyne, however, disagreed, saying human hope is more powerful than anything the Goddess could do. He walked into the Goddess’ light, and during this process she became a baby with no memories of her past while Dyne lost is powers as a Dragonmaster. He brought the baby to the town of Burg, where he grew up, and gave her to the Noahs, a couple he had grown up with there who had their own son of the same age as the baby, Alex. They named the baby girl Luna and raised her alongside Alex as their own.

Years went by and Luna started having dreams she didn’t understand. Alex told Luna he wanted to go on the quest to become a Dragonmaster, and Luna decided to go with him. Together with their friend Ramus they first went to the White Dragon cave where they met the dragon Quark, who seemed to recognize Luna, giving her more confusion. They continued on fighting through the Weird Woods where they met a man named Laike who saved them. Spending the night in a clearing with them, he was intrigued by Alex’s quest to become a Dragonmaster, and by Luna. The next morning he was gone, and they went off to Saith. However the captain of the boat taking them to the city of Meribia lost the sea chart, and they had to go into the nearby woods to get it. There they met Nash, a member of the Magic Guild of Vane. He wanted to travel with the group to get back to that city, as he was out investigating for the Guild, and told them that if they’re looking for the dragons they should ask one of the high members of the Guild, Ghaleon. The night before they left, Luna told Alex she’s not sure she wants to do this adventuring, feeling it was all too big for her. But the next morning as they pushed off, Alex told Luna, standing on the dock, that he wanted her to be there travelling with him, and Luna agreed. That night on the boat, Luna could not sleep and climbed up the crow’s nest to sing to the Goddess for answers. The next day they all entered the city of Meribia, where Ramus decided to stay and open a shop to become rich. The other three went to the magic floating city of Vane that protected the Shrine to Althena. Nash showed Alex around while Luna sat and waited for them to rest her feet. She heard music playing, the same kind that Alex played on his ocarina, and went to see who it was. There she found a man playing the lute. She told him about the dreams she’d been having, and he seemed very interested in her and her problems and offered to help. She left him to go back to where she was before and ran into Nash and Alex. Nash said that Ghaleon was awaiting conference with them, and they need to go now. The three of them met Ghaleon, who was the man Luna met before. He said he wanted to help Alex become a Dragonmaster, but there had been word of another one already in a different town.

They went off to figure this out, and found that this “Dragonmaster” had been terrorizing the nearby town. A priestess-in-training named Jessica already came to help the people, and joined Alex and the party to find the Dragonmaster. They defeated him and found out that he was a fraud, and Jessica departed them as the others returned to Vane to report to Ghaleon. He was very impressed, and thought they should meet the leader of the Magic Guild, Lemia Ausa. While they were waiting, Luna met the daughter of Lemia and the future Guild leader, Mia. She went with them to meet Lemia. The Guild Mistress saw Alex and believed him to be an evil trying to destroy the Guild and the Goddess, and locked him up while stealing Luna. She, Ghaleon, and two other women named Royce and Phacia took her up to one of the two towers of the Guild and forced her to sing evil songs. Luckily, Mia sprung Alex out of the prison and went with him and Nash to rescue Luna. Once they reached her, Mia found out that the woman was not her mother, but an imposter. The imposter revealed herself with two other women to be a part of the Vile Tribe, a group sentenced to the barren lands of Lunar where the Goddess’ magic doesn’t touch. They worked for the Magic Emperor who wanted Luna for something, but wouldn’t say, and Ghaleon attacked them with the others, furious that he had been deceived.

Once Luna was saved, Ghaleon told Alex and Luna that he wanted to meet Quark, and they agreed. They travelled back to the Burg and the White Dragon cave, where Ghaleon asked Quark if Luna “was the one.” Quark confided that this was indeed true, and with an evil laugh Ghaleon revealed himself to be the Magic Emperor. He trapped Quark and transported him, then took Luna as well. Trapped in a magical prison, not knowing where she is, she waits for Alex to rescue her.


Luna is incredibly kind and loving to everyone, whether she’s known them for a lifetime or has just met them. She automatically assumes the best in all people, refusing to believe otherwise unless it has been proven to her. Even those who have been mean to her she’ll forgive quite easily. She loves to make friends, and won’t be scared to walk up to someone she doesn’t know and say “hello.” That being said, she’s also not scared of much else. She’s brave enough to go into the battlefield with her friends to protect them and fight alongside them. She knows her way around a few weapons, and although she prefers peace, will use them if necessary.

Although usually nice, she can have a flaring temper sometimes. If you make her angry, you’ll have hell to pay. Often she’ll give the silent treatment, or even yell you into shape, but always after she’s been angry she’ll apologize, feeling bad for what she’s done. She often feels sad beneath that happy exterior, sad that she doesn’t know about herself or the things she’s dreamed. However if caught in a moping situation, she’ll reverse immediately and say it’s nothing, not wanting others to get involved. She ponders a lot, and can often be caught singing to help her think.

Singing itself is probably her favorite thing to do. She loves all music, and the feeling it gives her is like a drug. She encourages music in anyone and everyone, even if the people doing it aren’t that good. Helping people achieve anything is something she also loves to do, boosting everyone to their greatest potential. She believes everyone can do whatever they hope to do, no matter what struggles are in the way, and will be beside them the entire time for support. Overall, Luna is a kind and loving girl.


Luna’s singing allows her many abilities in her world. Her songs can heal, put others to sleep, or can even control them.


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