Continuity Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)
Age Unknown
Species Homunculus
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Violet
District Western
Journal gorgeous_sin
Player Eve
Theme Song "Quiet Then" - Cloak

"Who am I, and where do I come from…?"


The story begins with a handsome man of Ishbala, who loved a beautiful young woman. Unfortunately for the lovers, the woman took ill and began to die. The doctors did everything they could to save her, but it was too late, and she passed away in the man's arms. Heartbroken, the man decided to go against the beliefs of his people as well as himself, turning to the forbidden art of alchemy and the taboo of human transmutation in a desperate attempt to resurrect the woman he loved. He even sacrified part of his own body to save her.

In a sense, he succeeded. He was able to give life. But the life he brought to this world was far from human. He had instead created a homonculus—a soulless entity with tremendous powers granted to them if they ate chunks of the red stones known as false Philospher's Stones, crafted from human lives. The genius alchemist known as Dante found Lust in her wretched and monstrous form, took her in, cared for her, and Lust soon gained a human shape after consuming enough of the false stones.

It was there that she became acquainted with the other homonculi. Gluttony seemed to take an instant liking to her, and the two were rarely separated. Lust was often dispatched to stir up contention and strife, spreading rare diseases even, to wipe out human lives in the hopes of finding an alchemist who would grow desperate enough to create the Philosopher's Stone. Time and time again Lust would appear, offering a false stone that granted limited power boosts to alchemists, in order to place them on that path. And time and time again, they failed, and people died. No matter, for even failure created more stones for them to eat. Lust was also one of the homunculi responsible for secretly instigating the Ishbalan war, which resulted in the deaths of countless Ishbalan people and Amestrian soldiers.

Her sights were now set on the Elric brothers, believing that she had at last found the ones with the power to create the Philospher's Stone. She was willing to do whatever it took to make sure this was done, so that one day, Dante would fulfill her promise and make the homonculi into the one thing they desire above all else…the promise to turn them into humans.

Though never expressly stated, it's possible that Dante is fully responsible for Lust's existence. Mathias, the Ishbalan man who seemed to have a certain knack for alchemy coupled with his extraordinary intelligence, could prove to be of use if given a certain 'push' in the right direction. It wouldn't be difficult to infect his lover with a deadly disease that would kill her, forcing Mathias to attempt her resurrection.


Sleek and smooth, like black velvet, everything Lust does seems to scream 'seduction.' The way she moves her hips when she walks, the elegant arch of a brow, the way she holds her slender fingers, the silky tone of her voice… It's clear she's the embodiment of her vice. She's a beautiful woman, who's fully aware of this, and uses it to her advantage.

Despite her temptress appearance and attitude, Lust hates to be touched in an affectionate fashion. It gives her the creeps. She finds the majority of humans to be completely vile, so it disgusts her when they show signs of attraction or 'love.' This is why she seldom uses her body as anything more than a visual aid. A touch to the shoulder, a reassuring squeeze to the arm…these seem to be the limit of her willingness to make physical contact with another.

Cool and unflappable, nothing seems to disturb Lust's laid-back seemingly amused expression. She finds insults to mean very little, and since she can't be killed, physical attacks are meaningless. Even when her plans are foiled, her disappointment is minimal. She's got time enough to try again, after all, so she doesn't mind if it takes a little longer than she thought to achieve her goals. Though it's certainly possible to make her angry, it's VERY hard to do so, and no one seems to know what it is that will push her to the edge.

Being without a soul has its benefits. The primary effect it has on Lust is that she feels no guilt for her crimes. It doesn't matter who gets hurt or killed. Young, old, male, female, human, animal…none of them matter to Lust. She'll cut anyone down if it suits her purpose. She takes no pleasure from killing, so it's not like she'll run around gutting people for fun. She is, however, very focused on her goals, and she'll do anything it takes to see that these goals are realized.

And what are these goals? Lust's ultimate desire is to become human. An odd thing to be sure, since she doesn't really LIKE human beings to begin with. But it's a deep, innate need that she can't help, and her body longs for a real soul of its own. She wants this more than anything else, and she's desperate to make sure it happens. But this isn't something she can grab so easily; it will take a lot of time, patience, and planning. So, in the meantime, she's working on building her resources. Someday she'll find someone who can give her what she needs since Dante seems to be absent. And when she finds that someone, she wants to make sure she can pay the price.

Lust knows how to talk to people. She knows what they want to hear, and she knows what they want her to say. It's difficult to discern her true intentions and to separate the lies from the truths and the half-truths. Her skills of manipulation are rarely matched.

Though Lust can't perform alchemy on her own, she knows how it works as well as other tricks and shortcuts for better, easier transmutations. She learned this from Dante, who had planned to use Lust to persuade alchemists into learning how to create the Philosopher's Stone. And oh yes…she knows how to make one of those, too. It's just a matter of finding someone who will go to those kinds of lengths to create the cursed thing.

Occasionally Lust suffers from flashbacks of her previous life. She has no conscious memory of who she was, so these flashbacks always startle her, leaving her momentarily vulnerable. These flashbacks occur very rarely, only when she comes within close proximity of her remains, which happens to be a lock of her hair kept inside a locket carried by the Ishbalan murderer known only as 'Scar.'

The concept of 'lust' is one of the seven deadly sins…and the one that engulfs Lust herself. While it's true that she provokes physical lust in others, her single greatest failing is that she's a victim of a different kind of lust. When she wants something, she wants it BADLY, so much so that she would do anything to get it.


Regeneration - With the power of the red stones inside her body, Lust can recover almost instantly from any wounds she sustains. Decapitation, severe burning, lacerations, dismemberment…nothing seems to kill her. It happens almost instantaneously as well, taking mere seconds to knit torn tissue or broken bones. Though Lust can regenerate, she's not invincible. She can be stabbed, several times, and as such she can only be temporarily hindered or immobilized. There are many ways to avoid murderous homunculi, but it requires creativity. Use your noggin. Whenever a homunculus comes in contact, or within close proximity, of the remains of their human selves, they become extraordinarily weakened. Movement becomes sluggish, regeneration is impossible, and it causes them to vomit the red stones in their body that grants them their special powers. When in this state, and lured into a special transmutation circle, a homunculus can be killed.

Immortality - Lust doesn't age. She'll always look exactly the way she does now. And no one has any complaints about that.

Ultimate Lance - Each homunculus has a certain talent or specialty. Lust's has been called 'The Ultimate Lance', named for her extendable fingernails that can cut, pierce, and slash through any material. Her reach extends several feet, up to seven, and there hasn't been a substance yet found that can withstand her destruction.


Lust awoke in the Western District.



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