Lymle Lemuri Phi
Lymle Lemuri Phi
Continuity Star Ocean 4 - Between Lemuris and Arcturus VIII/Cardianon Mothership
Age 15
Species Lemurisian
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
District North
Journal minisymbologist
Player Sabulana
Theme Song (Optional)

"I'll be fine. I'm just gonna go get a symbol and come back heal everyone, 'kay?"


Lymle was born on Lemuris and lost her parents to disease at a young age. She displayed an extraordinary talent for symbology from birth, already marking her out as something special. She began learning symbology at an early age and developed a tendency to draw symbols on everything.

When she was six, her penchant for doodling symbols led to a terrible accident. A symbol pattern she drew opened a portal to the demon realm. Intense hatred and fear – several decades’ worth – flowed into her heart and to stop herself from breaking down, she shut off all her emotions. A denizen of the demon realm, Cerberus, sensed her in the portal and rescued her, becoming her servant and guardian at that moment.

That incident sort of froze Lymle at the age of six. Though she is fifteen years of age, she looks like a six year old and acts like one - albeit a slightly creepy one. She still learned symbology after that incident, becoming the most powerful symbologist in Triom until the day the first Celestial Ship fell out of the sky. Shortly after that, monsters began roaming the land and a strange sickness spread through the people, turning them to stone. Though Lemuris had a similar sickness known as Bacculus, the cure did not work, meaning that this illness was different.

As the people despaired, a second Celestial Ship came down from the heavens, bringing with it three new visitors to the village. Lymle met these new visitors when they paid a visit to Ghimdo, the man who had raised her as a grandfather since her parents died. She took an instant liking to two of them, Edge and Reimi but disliked Faize because he doubted her ability upon hearing of her skill with symbology.

When Lymle announced her intentions to leave the village to visit the oracle, Ghimdo requested that Edge, Reimi and Faize go with her. They agreed and so began their journey together. They traveled to see the Oracle so that Lymle could learn the symbol to cure the people of her village but they arrived too late. A large Dragon Newt had attacked the Oracle. Though Edge, Reimi, Faize and Lymle managed to defeat the Dragon Newt, they were unable to save the Oracle. All hope seemed lost but while Edge and the others despaired, Lymle read the names carved on the wall. Symbologists who had learned the symbol had their name carved as a record of their achievement and by a stroke of luck, Lymle recognized the name of her friend Lutea on the wall. Without wasting another moment, the group headed to Woodley to speak with Lutea.

Lutea, unfortunately, could not help them. The symbol she had learned was useless against the new strain of Bacculus. Instead, she gave Lymle a Symbol Stone and said they must find the source of the disease. Lymle told them that her grandfather would know so they returned to Triom to speak to Ghimdo. Ghimdo informed them of the Celestial Ship that had fallen several months ago and though he had destroyed the bridge that would lead directly to it, there was another way there through the Wind Swallow Valley in the Rinoa Mountains. He gave them a Fire Ring to aid in their journey and sent them on their way.

The group had to battle their way through the monsters that had taken over the crashed ship, learning something very disturbing about the lizard men they were fighting along the way. Their reptilian enemies had once been known as the Cardianon, a race from a nearby solar system. They had mutated into monsters and were now roaming the land.

Further into the ship, Lymle and her new friends discovered a strange object that was neither stone nor metal. Edge recognized it as something they had seen on another planet. Lymle, confused and bored, stepped closer for a better look. As she approached, the Symbol Stone began to glow. When she brought it closer and touched it to the strange object, there was a bright light and the Symbol Stone vanished. As they puzzled over this event, a large monster appeared to fight the group.

Defeating it was a difficult task but they eventually managed it. When they did, a column of bright light shone upwards into the sky. It was only once they returned to Triom that they learned that the light had caused the lizard men to be destroyed and the Bacculus patients to turn on the other villagers. Only one resisted and fought to defend those who could not defend themselves – Lymle’s grandfather. He turned to stone at the end though and it was only through the flower Lymle had given him, poking out of the large rock that they could tell what had happened to him.

Lymle was greatly upset by the loss of her grandfather. She had no family left – but she did have her new friends. When Edge offered her a place on their ship, the Calnus, Lymle did not hesitate to agree. They soon set off for Arcturus VIII, the Cardianon home planet. However, before they arrived, Lymle awoke in a strange new city…


Lymle does not show a lot of emotion on her face as a result of an accident with symbology when she was six, a trait which has made the residents of Triom wary of her. When she speaks, her voice is quiet and fairly monotone. Being six years old in mind and body, Lymle does act childish, sometimes coming off as spoilt. She gives nicknames to people she likes, enjoys picking flowers and eating cookies. She is obstinate enough to deny herself something she enjoys if someone she doesn’t like enjoys the same thing.

Though she is still young, Lymle is brave, never really showing any fear though that may partly be because she rarely shows much emotion at all. When she told her grandfather she was going north to see the Oracle, she made it sound as though she was just going out to play instead of going on a dangerous trip through a land covered in monsters. She also cares deeply about her friends, despite the lack of emotion she shows. She is also dependant on others emotionally and craves attention, probably because she had few friends on Lemuris and recently lost her last remaining relative.

From time to time, Lymle displays a sort of child-like wisdom. At one point in the game, she declares that she will not hate the Cardianon that invaded her home world any more because they were victims of the Epiphanies of Guidance – odd meteors that are neither rock nor metal that affects a planet’s evolutionary path and corrupt it. Lymle understood that the sequence of events that led to her home being attacked was not truly the fault of the Cardianon and forgave them.

Lymle also loves to draw, particularly the symbols she uses in her symbology. She has ambitions to become a master symbologist one day.


Lymle is a powerful symbologist - basically, she’s a mage with a variety of powerful spells in her arsenal.

Offensive spells –
Fire Bolt (blasts enemies with balls of fire),
Wind Blade (hits enemies with a series of ‘boomerangs' of wind),
Lightning Blast (zaps enemies with a bolt of lightning)

Status spells –
Silence (Prevents enemies from speaking/casting spells)

Restorative spells –
Healing, (heals a certain percentage of one ally’s HP)
Faerie Healing (heals a certain percentage of all allies’ HP)

She also has the ability to summon Cerberus, the gigantic flaming hellhound, at will. He can perform several fire-based attacks in battle … or just curl up beside Lymle and let her put her head in his mouth to show off to others.


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