Martha Jones
Martha Jones
Continuity Doctor Who
Age 24
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
District Northern District
Journal atruedoctor
Player Sarah
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(Warning, this is VERY nutshelled. I will expand on it later, but for now it might be a bit muddled.)

Martha was born in 1984 to Francine and Clive Jones, and she grew up with her older sister Tish and her younger brother Leo. When Martha was young her parents divorced and she and her siblings lived with her mother. She grew up in a normal family environment, supportive parents on both sides, although the older she got the more she had to deal with settling arguments within the family. She went through Med School and became a student doctor at Royal Hope Hospital in London. It was one day working there when she happened upon a patient, admitted as Mr. Smith, who she swore she had seen earlier that day and who seemed off from other patients. Ignoring it, she continued with her work until in a flash the hospital was somehow transported to the moon.

Keeping a cool head and trying to work out what was going on, she again ran into Mr. Smith, now calling himself the Doctor. He told her that there was an alien fugitive in the hospital and intergalactic “police” were coming to find it. Martha offered to help, and together they worked to find the alien and get the hospital back to Earth. Once it returned Martha continued her life as normal, going to her brother’s 21st birthday. There her mom and her dad’s fiancée got into an argument and everyone left save for Martha. There she again saw the Doctor and he offered to take her on a trip as way of thanking her. She agreed and together they went back to 1599 Shakespearian England and forwards billions of years to New New York.

They went back to the real New York in the Hoover presidency where they saved the human race from a plot by the Doctor’s nemeses, the Daleks, to turn all of humanity into proto-Daleks. After that the Doctor took Martha home, telling her that it went far past the one trip he had promised her. Before he left her, however, Martha’s mother called and told her that her sister was on TV. The new program was about a man she was working for “changing what it meant to be human forever.” The Doctor, not able to leave with that, went with Martha to investigate. They found a machine able to revert the age of human beings. The man who created it, Richard Lazarus, used it, but the shift in his DNA de-evolved him into an evolutionary throwback that attacked them. The Doctor saved everyone and decided that Martha was, more or less, his new companion and gives her a key to the TARDIS.

Their travels continued well until a group of aliens found the Doctor and planed to harvest his energy to live. He used a device called the Chameleon Arch to hide his DNA in a fob watch and they landed on earth in 1913. He lived out two months thinking he was a human with a completely different life and was a professor in an all-boys school while Martha was his maid and keeper. On the third month of their being there, the Doctor fell in love with the school nurse and the aliens came to find him. Eventually they did, trying to get his fob watch, and no matter how much Martha tried to tell the Doctor who he really was he refused to believe her until he saw what the aliens are doing and what they wanted. He didn’t to take his DNA back, scared of becoming the Doctor again and knowing he could not be with the woman he loved. He was finally convinced and returned as himself, punishing the aliens.

His relationship with Martha became strained after this, but mended a bit just as they stopped off in Cardiff in the 21st Century to “refuel” the TARDIS. Just as they were about to leave, a man screaming for the Doctor came and latched onto the TARDIS. The machine, trying to shake him off, took them all the way to three trillion years into the future near the end of the Universe. They landed on a small planet somehow still alive with species on it and found out the man following them was Captain Jack Harkness, once a traveler with the Doctor who cannot die. Soon after this, however, they were chased by a hungry pack of human-looking creatures and find a sort of refugee camp filled with humans. There they met Professor Yana and Chantho who were attempting to make a giant rocket that would take off into space with all the refugees and find a place advertised in the stars known as ‘Utopia.’ The three travelers helped Yana, and the Doctor managed to make his plans work. The passengers were all loaded onto the ship except for Martha, Jack, Yana, Chantho, and the Doctor who stayed behind to make this ship take off.

As they tried, problems arose down in the power source and Jack and the Doctor went down to work it out while Martha stayed back. She noticed something wrong with Yana and checked to see if he was okay, and as she did she noticed that Yana had a fob watch just like the Doctor put his DNA into. She ran down to tell the Doctor this, and as she did Yana opened the watch and his DNA changed back to that of the time lord he actually was, the Master. He killed Chantho and attempted to leave in the TARDIS, but was hindered by the Doctor. However he escaped and left the Doctor, Jack, and Martha behind. However, Jack had a sort of time hopper and the Doctor adjusted it to take them back to where the Master went, which was 21st Century London. They found out that the Master had just been elected Prime Minister and had been contacted by an alien race known as the Toclafane.

As they attempted to find a way to get to the Master, Martha’s family had been arrested except for Leo who she told to get out of the country. Also, Martha, Jack, and the Doctor became wanted criminals as ordered by the Master. However, they found out that the Master was meeting the Toclafane in what would be broadcast on international television on a flying aircraft carrier called the Valient, and they got there using Jack’s time hopper. As the broadcast is going on the Toclafane arrive and begin killing everyone in the room. The Master than broadcasts his intent to take over the world, but is interrupted by the Doctor. Using his ‘laser screwdriver’ with an aging adaptation from Lazarus’ machine, he ages the Doctor up. Back to his plans, he orders the Toclafane to destroy one tenth of the Earth’s population.
Martha runs to the Doctor, and he tells her to leave with plans of what she is to do. With Jack’s time hopper she jumps back to the Earth’s surface and promises to make things right.

Over the span of one year she wandered the globe, telling people the story of the Doctor and what he has done for the entire human race. Part of this was going to Japan and being stuck in a concentration camp, only leaving and surviving after Japan was burned down. As this goes on the Master begins ordering the humans to build him fields of missiles to launch a war against other planets. Exactly a year after she left, Martha returns to Britain. There she meets Tom Milligan, a doctor who is part of the resistance. He takes her to one Professor Docherty to stay for the night, and there Martha tells her the way to catch a Toclafane. They succeed, and in investigating what it is they find out that they are the humans of the end of the universe after they failed to find utopia.

Martha, in horror, prepares to leave but shows Professor Docherty what she has been traveling the globe for: four parts of a gun that can kill a Time Lord. After Martha and Tom leave, Docherty alerts the Master as to what Martha is doing and where she is going. He finds her and, after killing Tom, takes Martha back to the Valiant to watch the countdown of the missiles launching and to have the Doctor see her die. As the countdown occurs, Martha tells the Master that she really wasn’t looking for a gun, but telling everyone the Doctor’s story. At one moment, the end of the countdown, when everyone thought of the Doctor, he was rejuvenated and stopped the Master. As he did this, Jack went to the TARDIS which had been kept on the Valiant and cannibalized to make a ‘Paradox Machine’ which allowed the Toclafane to kill their ancestors and not cancel themselves out. Once it was destroyed the Toclafane all disappeared and the timeline reverted itself to right before the Toclafane arrived a year prior. The Doctor decided that he would take the Master with him and look after him, however the disgruntled wife of the Master shot him and, instead of regenerating, he allowed himself to die.

Martha Jack and the Doctor all went back to Earth on Cardiff and reflected on what had happened. Jack chose to stay in Cardiff and Martha, reunited with her family who had been treated as slaves on the Valiant, decided to tell the Doctor she was staying on Earth. She explained that now she had her family to take care of, and none of them (including her) could just shrug off the entire year they had to live through like the Doctor could. As well, she was sick of being in love with the Doctor and knowing he would never love her back. Understanding, the Doctor left without her and she continued to try and live a normal life on Earth, for now.


Martha is, more than anything, an incredibly intelligent woman. Above all she uses her head to make sense of everything around her. Even in situations of danger or panic she keeps a level head and sorts problems out rather than giving away to fear. Perhaps a side-effect of this is that she is always very curious. She is nearly always asking questions or poking around to find things. She loves discovery and new things, finding everyday life mundane and boring. This is why she loves life as a doctor, being able to diagnose unknown symptoms and help people. This is also what made her so valuable to the Doctor, often spotting or thinking of things before he did.

Martha loves to help people; she feels it’s wrong if she can’t do her hardest to provide for others. She’s incredibly compassionate and loving towards others, even those she has just met. She would never leave anyone behind in danger if she could help it, and even if it puts her own life at risk. Every death she ever sees she takes internally, knowing that there may have been something she could have done to stop it. She also makes friends very easily, having a very lighthearted personality. She’s someone who wouldn’t mind sharing a couple drinks and having a few laughs with a new face. However, she hates hypocrisy and those who are snobbish or full of themselves. She finds it hard to find sympathy for these people when the bad inevitable happens to them, but still tries to at least get them away from danger if they’re in it.

Martha is headstrong and will rarely take no for an answer. She’s very set in her beliefs and it takes a lot to budge her out of them. She knows what is right and wrong and doesn’t need someone to try blend the lines for her, it will only irritate her. She’s also incredibly strong in spirit and will. After everything she had seen through time with the Doctor, and living through a year of wandering the Earth turned to hell, she is very good at keeping her own. Other sights that could put someone off or make them ill she shoves aside and doesn’t let it affect her, at least not until she’s out of danger or a situation. She doesn’t get angry very often, but when it happens people are sure to notice it. She doesn’t get loud, but she can become cold in what she says and does, often critiquing other people and their actions in a disapproving way. Overall, Martha is a great woman who tries her hardest and, more often than not, finds success.


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