Key Points

  • can be accessed instantly by Ascended via teleportation
  • can be placed on lock-down mode in a crisis
  • access codes given to certain individuals
  • difficult to break into or hack


Ratchet runs a tight ship, er, Medbay. Because the building is not only a hospital and repair bay, but a home to himself and a number of other Wakened, it's important that only certain people have access to the building dependent on level of trust. Much like with PHI (that's Protected Health Information to you non-medical field folks), codes and levels are granted on a "need to know access basis." Only what you need to get to, nothing further.

The Medbay is also guarded by a security system that was created and programmed by Ratchet himself, updated with Subaru's help while she was still in Nautilus. The system includes a number of monitoring cameras that record 24/7, located both inside and outside the building. Cameras watch the street before the Medbay, the side alley ways, the back area, roof, main halls, storage areas, main work area, lounge/kitchen, equipped patient rooms and generator room. There are no cameras within private quarters belonging to residents and uninjured guests. The building has a built in "lockdown mode" that can be used to turn the Medbay into a veritable fort if necessary, with shielded windows and reinforced doors. Why, you may ask? Next time you run into Ratchet, ask him about the time shadow creatures nearly broken in during Starscream's reign over Nautilus. Or the Heartless invasion. Or the Lunar Cry monster event.

The Access Code List

Master Code Access: The ability to control all aspects of building security, including cameras, ALL door locks (including residential/guest/patient/storage/generator) and full lockdown mode. Includes full access to the mainframe. Includes security access to the Northern District Welcome House. Changes and controls available through remote comm link.

Current code holder(s):

Residential Access: Access to most of the doors and their security features within the building. Front door, side/rear doors, patient room doors, guest room doors, roof, storage areas, generator room. Guest access to mainframe for minimal security purposes and network usage; can lock all doors and activate window shielding. No access to Ratchet's personal files or project data. Camera settings cannot be changed. No access to full lockdown mode. Codes on this level are personalized to the individual users; each code opens the dorm room door belonging to each user (if they are current residents). Codes will not open any other resident dorm doors. Remote access through comm links available.

Current code holder(s):

Guest/Basic Access: Codes are all standardized, as opposed to the Residential ones which are unique to each user. Accesses front, side, rear and roof doors. No access to patient or residential dorm doors if they are locked, opens guest doors only. Storage access is limited to food and medical supply rooms. No mainframe or security system/lockdown access, except for network access. No remote access link through communication devices.

Current code holder(s): Suzaku Kururugi, Thomas, V

Building Security

The following doors automatically lock as soon as they shut and will ALWAYS require codes; side, rear, roof, storage, generator. The front main door can be shut without auto-lock and is usually left unlocked during daylight hours in case injured need to be brought in. The building is generally put into minimal security mode sometime after dark. Patient, guest and resident dorm doors are unlocked by default and must be manually locked. Once locked, they require the appropriate codes to be opened.

On Medbay Construction and Literal Breaking and Entering: The Medbay is constructed of high density Cybertronian alloys, which are made to stand up to an extreme amount of punishment by Earth standards. To get an idea of wall thickness, imagine your average human built home. Now imagine that same home made out of really tough metal, built for beings twenty feet or taller and made double thick on the exterior walls. With everything scaled up, those are some pretty heavy duty walls. Short of a fusion canon shot or Lugnut's Punch of Kill Everything, those walls are not going to collapse.

On Mainframe and Security Hacking: The Medbay security system is based around programming put together by Ratchet, coded in Cybertronian. The programming itself is reinforced with bending - Ratchet's own will - making individual locks tough to pick and decode, since they are all controlled by one central system. IE, you have to hack the system itself, not just individual locks. Obviously Deva and Ashura can crack the system if they choose, as they're stronger benders. Angelii, depending on who they are, might be able to do the same. Regular Wakened have less of a chance. It will depend on how long they've been in the city, how good at bending they are, whether they know anything about hacking and if they can understand Cybertronian code. The basic gist of this is that if your character is a human Wakened who's only been in Nautilus a couple of months, they really don't have a chance at all.

Angelii and Ashura have free access into the building via teleportation. This is because Ratchet cannot block the entry of Ascended and really sees no reason to even try; they have Ascended and can be trusted. Access codes were given to Angelii such as Lelouch and Roxas to make entry easier, should they be bringing supplies or a patient with them.

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