Megatron (TFA)
Continuity Transformers: Animated
Age Five million stellar cycles
Species Cybertronian
Hair Color Brown while human
Eye Color Red (Cybertronian)
Blue (human)
District Western District (Ashura)
Journal character journal
Player Stefan
Theme Song (Optional)

"I cannot and will not forget who I am. But I cannot help that I change anymore than I can stop the galaxy from turning."


Canon History - Pre-Wake
Long ago, Megatron began a war against "Autubot tyranny" on his home planet of Cybertron, leading his Decepticon Army against the Autobots. He and his army were vicious and shrewed combatants and were more than a match for most Autobots in combat. However, the Autobots possessed an artifact of great power, that provided them with near limitless energy: the Allspark. Despite this disadvantage Megatron and his Decepticons were persistent. The Autobots were finally forced to send the Allspark through one of their space-bridges to keep it from falling into Megatron's hands.

The Decepticon leader immediately departed the Cybertronian battlefields to hunt down the Allspark and recover it for his own use, leaving many Decepticons to fight on without him - or, as it turned out, to retreat to the outer rim of the galaxy and await his command. Eons passed. Megatron passed into legend, a myth to scare Autobots, a name whispered in the dark. A terror from out of the depths of time. Four million years later the Allspark finally came to light once more. A group of Autobot maintenance workers had unearthed it on an asteroid while repairing a space-bridge. Megatron attacked, intending to sieze the Allspark for himself. Unfortunately for him, his ambitious and backstabbing second-in-command Starscream planted a bomb on his chassis, which exploded during the battle, critically wounding him.

He and the Autobots and their ship were hurled through a space bridge and emerged over the planet Earth. Even wounded, Megatron proved to be more then a match for the Autobots on board and was poised to sieze the Allspark when Optimus Prime successfully ejected him from the craft. He free-fell to earth, offline. His head and severed hand were later recovered by Issac Sumdac. Sumdac used these parts to reverse engineer robotics technology and usher in a new age of technological innovation on Earth.

Fifty years later, Sari Sumdac snuck into her father's lab using a key that had been imbued with part of the Allspark's power. It consequently re-awoke Megatron, who was outraged at Starscream's betrayal and his own failure to seize the Allspark. With very few options, he might have rotted away forever. That was not to be his fate. Watching and waiting from within Sumdac's lair, he did his utmost to maneuver events towards his advantage and successfully tricked Issac Sumdac into assisting him regain his body, as well as summoning loyal Decepticon soldiers to his aid.

Rebuilt and as strong as ever, he paid back his treacherous second-in-command with death (although it would prove impermanent)and attempted to seize the Allspark for the third time in his life. However, Optimus Prime again prevented him, shattering the Allspark into pieces and scattering them across the world. Undeterred, Megatron withdrew to a secret fortress outside of Detroit to plot his eventual takeover of the entire galaxy. It was at this point that he "awoke", drawn into Nautilus by power beyond his ken.

Canon History - Post-Wake

Although he had entered Nautilus and Awoken, time still rolled on in his own world and he managed to view events as they transpired. He watched as he battled not only Optimus, but also Starscream for control of the Allspark fragments and eventually the galaxy. Despite setbacks, he persevered. His Decepticon agents had managed to obtain information and plans vital to the war effort and (despite a round-galaxy trip thanks to malfunctioning space-bridge technology) he was poised for victory with several Decepticon copies of the powerful Omega Supreme at his beck and call. Unfortunately for Megatron, he was again foiled at the last moment by Optimus Prime and the other Autobots. He was dragged to Cybertron in chains.


When Megatron awoke he was disoriented and infuriated. However, he quickly established himself as a power to be reckoned with inside the city, despite his low power compared to Ameras, Cyrus and the other rulers of the city. With the presence of Blitzwing and Starscream, he felt secure in being able to defeat any enemy who might challenge him in the new realm of existence. He successfully recruited one Lieutenant Rip van Winkle to his cause as well. Recognizing that fighting within the city was pointless, he brokered a truce with the Autobots - one that remains in place to this day.

However, Megatron experienced death and setback when Starscream slew Cyrus in an attempt to sieze power for himself. The Decepticon leader was slain attempting to bring his erstwhile subordinate to heel. He returned, as all Wakened do when slain, infuriated. However, his anger abated when he realized the suffering Starscream had gone through. Although he would never admit it, he was slightly rattled by the apparent change that had been wrought to the unfortunate seeker.

Megatron also participated in the short-lived attempt spear-headed by Thomas Jefferson to bring government and order to the city. Suffice to say it did not last. Content with the relative anarchy for the moment, Megatron settled down to bide his time, increase his power and wait. He was not disappointed. He became an Angelii, beginning his slow move up the power structure of the Wakened.

During this time he began to develop an odd sort of grudging respect for Optimus Prime - the two became allies of a sort. Certainly not friends, but they were willing to work together. He and Starscream also learned to treat each other with something coming close to civility as they realized that there old squabbles had no place in Nautilus - what was the point of bickering over leadership of an army that wasn't around or for a galaxy that, given enough time, they might be able to create themselves? Curiously, he has also developed odd feelings of paternal protection and respect for Sari Sumdac (in a way, he views her techno-organic self as the next step in Cybertronian evolution), as well as for Lieutenant van Winkle.

When Isis first arrived in Nautilus, Megatron opposed her from the beginning - he would not accept her proposals or her help in gaining his goals in his home universe. He was his own ruler, not one to bend knee. He helped organize the resistance to her and was infuriated when Blitzwing ultimately chose to side with her. He was among those who helped drive her out of the city. From there, he began building his power again, preparing for the ultimate showdown that would one day come and helped to repair the damage to the city.

He was rather infuriated when "his" district (The West) was rampaged through by Vincent Valentine, who had no control over his powers at the time. Despite a tense showdown between himself and other citizens of the city, Megatron eventually acquiesced to their decisions regarding Vincent's punishment.

As time continued to wear on, he found that he enjoyed the advantages of being able to take human form. He developed a taste for tea and since then uses the human form mostly to interact with the humans of Nautilus in person. It's easier then bending down or picking them up, after all. It also seemed to be advantageous when dealing with buildings.

There was a short-lived conflict with arriving Millennium members, but that was nipped in the bud when Rip van Winkle chose to turn on the Major and kill him for the good of the city. Satisfied, Megatron settled in for the long haul again. He was not disappointed. He was chosen to ascend again - this time to Ashura. Quite confident in his own abilities now, he openly declared himself ruler and Ashura of the West. There were few to no objections.

As the Wakened of Nautilus prepared to make war on Isis again, Megatron once again took a leadership role and played a key part in planning the assault on the City of Glass. He personally led a strike team to one of the gates and then helped lead another group below the senate to release yet another seal. He was present at the destruction of Isis and helped slay her, perhaps permanently.

Since then he has been biding his time, mostly lurking in the Western District and doing his best to get along with the citizens of Nautilus, as infuriating as they are at times. He has his arguments, his good days and his bad days. But he will continue to live and he will continue to wait. He has an eternity, after all.


Megatron is an ambitious and cunning Cybertronian who has been online for over four million years and fully believes in his own cause and does not care who he has to hurt to achieve his ultimate goal. He callously disregards any and all human (or other bystander) casualties as "collateral damage". He maintains his leadership of the Decepticons through his sheer power and force of personality. Megatron is well aware of his own abilities in combat, which are extensive, and he will not hesitate to use force if he believes it is the best way to get what he wants.

He is a cunning and shrewd leader, capable of planning for the long-term and perfectly willing to lie, cheat, or steal to achieve his goals. his mind is analytical and odds are that he is almost always planning for the future and for every possible contingency. Force is not always necessary and he is perfectly content to manipulate or simply talk if he believes it will be advantageous. He is perfectly willing to be patient, to bide his time and wait for an advantageous moment - patience is, after all, a virtue. He has lived for millions stellar cycles and a few more won't hurt him.

He does not tolerate treachery and deals with it ruthlessly and efficiently (unless the target happens to be immortal like certain treacherous Cybertronians). He will tolerate some stupidity, to a point, if said stupid person is loyal. Megatron will not terminate those who fail him. Unless, of course, failure becomes a habit.

Megatro is incredibly charismatic and finds it easy enough to sway others to see his point of view, although this typically relies on lying through his dental plating. Despite his rather vicious temper, he has it under control. Most of the time. When he finally does lose it, pity the poor soul who stands in his way.

His time in Nautilus has changed him, although to what degree is probably impossible to say. He is more tolerant of other species and takes an active interest in the well-being of others, especially those in "his" district, mainly because looking after them ensures his own safety and success, as well as building on his image in the eyes of the community. There are several others who, it seems, he might actually give a damn about.

He is aware that Nautilus is changing him and it sometimes disturbs him - however, he does not feel he can stop it nor should he try. It is simply something he will adapt to and overcome.


Megatron, as a Cybertronian, has the ability to shift between a helicopter "alternate" mode and a humanoid, robotic mode at will. He possesses vast combat power and a fusion cannon with the ability to blast through steel like it was butter. In addition, he is immensely strong and exceptionally skilled at hand-to-hand combat. He is an excellent tactician and strategist, as well as being a skilled bluffer and liar. He also possesses an almost uncanny ability to manipulate people. He can also fly.

Megatron has also learned how to form a defensive barrier, along with the other more normal bending abilities. He can take the shape of a human being or animal at will, as well as create things from nothing with a thought. He possesses the powers of an Ashura, although he is not yet as powerful as he could be. He can teleport at will, although not as quickly or as far as an Angelii.


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