Michael Trinity
Michael Trinity
Continuity Gundam 00
Age 19 20 21
Species Innovade
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Maroon
District Western District
Journal defiant_trinity
Player Val
Theme Song What's My Age Again?

"You wanna get cut up?! EH!?"


Michael is an immature, impulsive, and reckless man who snaps easily at those he considers enemies and is brutish at best with those he is neutral with. He loves to tease and taunt others when he's in a good mood and it is very uncertain whether or not he is capable of thinking about consequences long term as he does not give his hurtful actions (or angry outbursts) much weight. He often takes things a little too far as a result of his easily-excitable but unthinking manner and this could lead people to think that he is half-witted as well as insane: an apt analysis of his short-fused character. Like any classic bully, he has a need to feel like the top dog and as long as he feels secure, he is happy.


He places great importance on what is important to him and most of those things fall into two categories: himself and his family. Michael dotes on and is highly protective of his sister Nena to the point where he flies into a rage when she shows interest in Setsuna (and in theory, with any man). He also holds great respect for his brother Johann though he doesn't show it much. He could care less than nothing about anything outside of those two things. Though he complains at times, he tends to listen to Johann pretty well and does as he is told though his sometimes sulky about his restrictions. He is efficient and like his siblings, he seems to think that they're doing something important, at least to some extent. His style is is very similar to how he works in the flesh. Michael prefers to utilize highly-destructive brute strength over strategic moves. The more explosions and chaos, the better.

Character History

In the year 2308 AD, Earth's natural resources have been depleted. Mankind has turned to solar energy for fuel, harvesting the power through a ring of solar panels above Earth's atmosphere. This ring connects to three locations on Earth via Oribital Elevators. Each Orbital Elevator is individually controlled by a Power Bloc: The Union (North and South America, as well as Japan) The HRL (Russia, China, and India) and the AEU (Europe). The possession of these Elevators leads to inequality among nations and power-hungry political strife. War, of course, is inevitable.

Celestial Being, a vigilante group, strives to end this endless squabble and to unite the world by using their four Gundam Meisters to attack both sides until the conflict ended. Essentially, in the end, Celstial Being will shoulder all the hatred in return for peaceful coexistence between countries.


About halfway through the series, The Trinity siblings arrive, saving the four Meisters from certain doom.

Micahel Trinity, along with his two siblings, Johann and Nena, was created by Ribbons Almark via genetic engineering using Almark's own DNA. As a result, all three Trinities possess Innovator-like traits and the ability to use quantum brainwaves (used to communicate with each other) along with interfacing with Veda (Celestial Being's supercomputer). Unlike the Innovators, however, the siblings age normally and do not take on an androgynous appearance. Michael, age 19, is the middle child of the three and pilots the Gundam Throne Zwei.

The Trinities have the same goal as Celestial Being but use more violent tactics. They seek out military bases and arms factories/caches and destroy them even if they are occupied by civilians. Though they stated that they were helping Celestial Being, their true intentions are dubious. Setsuna finally has enough of their shenanigans and goes up against all of them stating that they incited more war and thus, according to Celestial Being's mission, had to be stopped. Though Tieria used Nadleeh's TRIAL system to disable the three Throne Gundams, the hacked part of Veda disabled the TRIAL systems and the three managed to escape. They continued their missions until they failed an HRL base mission and were forced to flee yet again after being outnumbered.

After outrunning their enemies, they landed to recover from the damage to Throne Drei. During this time, a lone Enact-unit appears, claiming that it had peaceful intentions. Michael and Johann send Nena into Throne Drei as a precaution. The PMC-trust lead mercenary, Ali Al-Saachez descends from the Enact, introduces himself, and shoots Michael in the chest, instantly killing him with a single bullet through the heart right before his shocked siblings' eyes.

Nautilus History

Michael arrived in Nautilus immediately after he was shot through the chest. Through some miracle, he was still alive though his wound was still bleeding profusely. Ratchet came to his rescue and saved him from bleeding to death. He made quick friends with the Cybertronian as well as the soft-spoken Ginko, often calling them out to a drink at Furman's which he'd frequent nearly daily.

He makes his home in the Western District, unbothered by the dangers that lurk there. He also learns some simple healing Bending from Ratchet.

He spends a few months just making enemies and aquantences. After the Reality Storm where most of Nautilus started acting as if they were on drugs, Michael started taking drugs, giving some to Rion at his request if only because he made a good buddy to smoke with.

At the end of April, he got into a scuffle with Dameon at Furman's. He left the bar in a huff but was then cornered in an alleyway and was fed on. He doesn't remember the incident due to Dameon glamouring him and he attributes the hazy memory to a night of heavy drinking and a one-night stand (due to the bite marks). He attempts to help Ratchet cope with the mass murders during May by threatening bodily harm to anyone who upset his friend. His heart was in the right place, at least….

When Edward Elric becomes 50 feet tall as a city shift, Michael decides to mock him, resulting in him being picked up in the McDonalds by Edward and dropped back down. He attempts to sue Edward but fails because there are no civil courts in Nautilus. HAHA. He's also pissed off at Rip Van Winkle at the same time because she tied his tongue in a knot for mocking her. Literally. He complains about his chicken nuggets going to waste and the city gives him 3000 the next week, nearly crushing him. Good thing America came over to take most of the nuggets away because Michael can't eat all of them.

He becomes bored later on in the summer and tags a lot of buildings in Manhattan. He is not affected by the No Inhibitions event but takes the opportunity to set many of the giant spiders of the Western District on fire.

His idle summer comes to an end as Lockon Stratos appears in Nautilus. It infuriates him that Lockon seems to be from an earlier time period from before he knew the Trinities and so not only does not remember getting his ass saved by Team Trinity but also does not know that Michael feels bitter towards the Gundam Meisters for turning on him and his siblings. He is most upset about not knowing what became of his siblings Nena and Johann (Michael cannot return to their world to check because he's dead there.) since Lockon cannot give him an answer.


Nautilus Events and Gifts

⌖ The first week he was there, he was given a frilly cravat which he could not take off for a week. The same week, he was unable to curse due to Orbits gum that he kept chewing. He eventually figured out the gum bit.
⌖ He regained his knife and the purple Haro (which taunts him constantly and acts as his communication device)
⌖ For a week, he was conditioned to throw anything and everything he had in his hand on the ground. This included the realistic baby doll the city gave him.
⌖ He gets a vuvuzela in May 2010 and annoys everyone with it.
⌖ During the internal monologue event, his thoughts and his speech were exactly the same. Not the type to hold back.
⌖ 3000 chicken nuggets rain down on him. America took most of them.

Abilities and Stuff

⌖ All Innovades have the same capabilities. They were genetically and artificially made to exist as a space faring species. They are produced using cells that are artificially made beforehand and constructed based on a pre-designed gene pattern.

⌖ They are physically similar to humans, but they have greater reflexes and coordination than normal humans as well as possessing nano-machines that humans lack. Michael is made from Ribbons' DNA.

⌖ All Innovades can use quantum brainwaves (allows them to communicate with each other and to interface with quantum processing computers), interface with Veda, and various interface with certain types of computers networks.

⌖ Side-stories in the 00 universe confirmed that Michael can use partial quantum brainwaves though the extent is unclear.

⌖ His best skills lie in close range combat as he personally likes to use a blade to hurt someone in a fight and/or MS fight.

⌖ Michael keeps a strange knife which resembles an electric carving knife. He is not afraid to use it.

⌖ His team owns a purple Haro (25 cm diameter) which has a very rude personality and is implied to be the very first Haro constructed by Celestial Being. Though it belongs to Nena, it shows up with Michael in The Wake and continues to annoy him.

Michael is the pilot of GNW-002 (Gundam Throne Zwei). The mobile suit is equipped with two binders on Zwei's waist that hold GN Fangs. GN Fangs are a collection of 8 guided weapons that can be used to shoot or pierce its enemies. When deployed, the Fangs would unfold their wings for flight and attack its target(s). Depending on the pilots discretion, the Fangs will proceed to either shoot down or stab through enemy mobile units. Due to their limited GN particle capacity, they need to return to Zwei to recharge, otherwise they will become inoperable. Micheal would typically use six, keeping two in reserve, to weaken a particular target. Once the enemy was softened up, he would use his superior close combat skills to finish the opponent personally.

Nautilus Relationships

Ginko - laid back dude that he likes to drink with. Sometimes he listens to his advice. Went to sleep BUT NOW HE'S BACK AGAIN.
Ratchet - a robot of an old man but he ain't half bad. Saved Michael from certain death. Away to fix a flaw in another world.
America - some hippie who lives in a tree house. Kind of a weirdo but Michael keeps coming back to his burger tree to eat sometimes. Went back to Sleep.
Demyx - cocksucking hack. He and Michael are on bad terms and thus should never have eye contact. Went back to Sleep.
Pepper Potts - Michael hasn't really seen her in person but he likes watching her entries on the network if only because she's a smoking hottie. Went back to Sleep.
Samus Aran - Michael hasn't really seen her in person but he hits on her. Constantly. Went back to Sleep.
Lelouch vi Britannia - Nancy. Went back to Sleep.
Miles Edgeworth - Double Nancy. Went back to Sleep.
Aerith Gainsborough - a cutey pie. Michael'd love to do more with her but Zack's there. Damn. Went back to Sleep.
Rip Van Winkle - vamp bitch. But one to look out for because of her power. Went back to Sleep.
Orihime Inoue - a very cute girl with huge knockers. He likes her because she's has an innocent charm about her and she seems to not mind talking to him. RARE. Went back to Sleep. Too bad because that's the closest he'd ever get to having feels.
Dr Holiday Hits on her from afar. Sexy doctor lady.
Jaime Reyes Crazy mofo that he plans on racing against.

Canon Relationships

Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy) - FUCKING MEISTER DOESN'T REMEMBER WHO MICHAEL IS. This makes Michael even more mad. He is a bit bitter with Lockon since it was the Meisters that forced him and his siblings into hiding and indirectly led him to his death.

Johann Trinity- his older brother. Probably the only person he listens to. Appeared in Nautilus for Christmas 2011 before going back to Sleep.
Nena Trinity - his sister. Michael is highly protective of her. Appeared in Nautilus for Christmas 2011 before going back to Sleep.

Notches on the Bedpost

Who did he actually manage to go to bed with?

Anarchy Panty
Anarchy Stocking
Neriae (it was fucking weird)

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