Continuity Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
Age 1-2 years
Species Dog (Pomeranian)
Hair Color Orange and Cream
Eye Color Black/Dark Brown
District Western District
Journal courageous_barker
Player Val
Theme Song Missile ~ A Courageous Little Animal

"The only thing I'm really good at is…Barking! That's it! There really isn't much else in life!!"


Missile is a pomeranian that belongs to Kamila: the young daughter of Detective Jowd. The little dog adores her and views the young girl as one of his mistresses that he would protect with his life (the other being Lynne; a rookie detective who is like a big sister to Kamila).

One night around Christmas, two men break into Lynne's apartment where Missile and Kamila were passing the time. One - Tengo - fatally shoots Missile. The other is Yomiel who is a ghost possessing his own former body. Yomiel was a previous systems engineer who had died when a fragment of a meteorite struck him in the back ten years prior. Dying in the presence of the meteorite gave him the ability to use ghost powers known as Ghost Tricks.

Normally, the deceased would not automatically gain such powers. However, Missile had died in the aura of the meteorite when he was shot and thus received ghost powers of his own: the ability to swap objects with each other and the ability to travel four minutes before the time of a newly deceased's death.

Yomiel and Tengo take a music box containing an antique gun from the apartment, leaving both Missile and Kamilia dead at the scene. Unfortunately, Missile was unable to save Kamila with just his new object-switching power. He learned from the two men that Lynne had been killed by another hitman (Jeego) in a landfill on the outskirts of town and his spirit quickly hopped from object to object until he reached the scene.

He found a twisting and swiveling desk lamp that had been possessed by a newly deceased. This was the protagonist of the game whom had lost his memories but had also gained Ghost Tricks. Missile attempted to enlist the other's help to save Kamila and Lynne since the other's abilities were to manipulate objects, travel through time as Missile did, and to travel through telephone lines. These abilities would be able to prevent their deaths. Sadly, the other was only interested in finding out the truth of his identity and death and then disappeared through a payphone. Missile did not have such a Ghost Trick and was forced to chase after the hitmen by jumping from object to object.

In the end, he found himself sinking to the bottom of the sea in a sealed room with a dead Yomiel. Without any other way out, he decided to jump back a decade into the past - four minutes before Yomiel's original death - and to wait those ten long years for that fateful night to try again.

By the time the night of Lynne and Kamila's deaths rolled around, Missile's powers had weakened and changed to be able to possess small objects. He took on the form of a red desk lamp and waited for the protagonist at the landfill. He introduced himself as "Ray" (as in 'ray of light') and used the protagonist's desire to find out his identity and reason for death to enlist his help by telling him that his desire and saving Lynne were one and the same.

He runs the protagonist through the basics of his new Ghost Trick powers (object manipulation) as he already knows his powers from the first time they had met. After Lynne was successfully saved, Ray warns the protagonist that he only had until dawn to find his identity, when he would cease to exist. Ray then explains how to travel through phone lines and the protagonist makes his way to Lynne's apartment. He arrives when Tengo makes a phone call to the protagonist's location to check in with Jeego's progress.

Thus the game is an alternative timeline to correct the original one and the Missile from this point refers to the second timeline which the player plays through.

In this storyline, Missile is already dead from a gunshot when the protagonist - who has learned his name is Sissel - arrives. Kamila is scene tied and gagged as Tengo sits in wait for Lynne to return from the landfill. Sissel makes contact with Missile's spirit and - after a chat with him (as ghosts cannot talk but their thoughts are projected directly to one another) - goes back four minutes to save Missile's life as well as to hide Kamila with his Ghost Tricks. This changes Missile's fate and they return to the present where he is alive and well and remembers the time when he had been dead.

Kamila leaves the apartment with the music box to meet Lynne. Missile thanks Sissel for helping to save his mistress and declares that he would find his own path to protect his mistress. Sissel leaves for the apartment next door via objects while Missile is seen repeatedly slamming himself against Lynne's apartment door.

Missile eventually gets out of the apartment when he learned to turn the handle and tracks down Kamila. He follows her to Tesmik Park when he's inadvertently run over by a scooter driven by a man named Dandy and dies a second time: this time in the presence of the buried remains of the same meteorite that had killed Yomiel. This gives the dead Missile the ghost power of switching objects that have the same shape as one another from his vantage point.

When Missile came to, he found that Dandy mistook Kamila for a kidnapping target and accidently killed her by dropping a giant football-shaped concrete statue named Mino on top of her . Missile uses his ghost powers to go back in time to save Kamila but inadvertently killed another person instead when he swapped Mino's position with a leaf's. No matter how many times he attempted to undo the unintended death, he was unable to do so on his own as his reach was not long enough to swap Mino again with another suitable object. Sissel finds Missile at this point of time and together they save the victim. Sissel then offers to save Missile once again but the dog declined for the time being, delighted that his ghost powers would give him the ability to protect Miss Kamila that he did not have while alive.

The two were unable to save Kamila from being kidnapped but filled Lynne in on the prior events when she arrived on the scene. Missile speaks directly to Lynne (as she had died twice previously) while possessing a leaf and vows to find and protect Kamila. A gust of wind carries leaf containing Missile away.

Missile eventually winds up in a sewer and is reunited with Sissel in time to help save two men with his powers. He remains with Sissel through the rest of his journey, helping him to undo all the deaths within the game, including changing Yomiel's fate of being killed by the meteorite ten years prior.

Doing this changed everyone's fates for good and "Ray" reveals himself to be the Missile from the original timeline and thanks them for all they have done…as well as admitting that he had been 'naughty' and lied to Sissel about the time limit he had to find out the truth. With that, the older Missile ceased to exist and all returned to their new present with their memories of that night. Missile is seen enjoying a celebration dinner with Detective Jowd's family, Lynne, Inspector Cabanela, and Sissel (who has finally regained all his memories).


One's first impression of Missile is that he is a very loud and yappy little dog. And that is because that is very true. Missile is an easily excited and energetic dog that never takes his small size into account. He is extremely optimistic, joyful and is genuinely happy to meet everyone. He is simple in thought in part because he is a dog and he accepts facts fairly easily while humans would fret and question them (ie: talking to dead humans is no biggie because, hey, humans can do a lot of things so surely this is one of those things!). This part of his personality makes him charming whether his insight seems short-sighted or if it helps people see the bigger picture. More likely than not, it is the former of the two as he lives in the moment and more complex aspects of human society and emotion are foreign to him. He isn't the sort to jump blindly into the fray but he glances rather than looks before he leaps.

As time goes on, Missile might just be the bravest and strongest creature that you'd ever meet. His physical size belies the size of his heart and his inner strength is not to be underestimated. He is incredibly selfless and his happiness rests with the wellbeing of those he loves; if they are safe and happy, he was happy. Even when he died, his thoughts were focused on Kamila and his desire to save her from danger and he never worried once for himself or his losses. If anything, he's only mildly shocked when he faces his own deaths before moving on to worry about his mistresses. This selfless aspect of his personality might seem to clash with his easily-excited and seemingly simplistic mindset but it is only because Missile is young and because as a dog, he cannot truly think as a human would. A dog's love is pure regardless of their individual size and nature, after all. Missile's older self gives some insight into how he would mature over time. Time made him wiser and more clever but he retained his kindness and devotion. However, even after ten years - a very long time for doggies - he never grew bitter and warped as Yomiel did. His resolve never faltered nor did he grow ulterior motives. In fact, he accepted everything without a shred of darkness in his heart because he was doing what all good doggies would do.

Missile's stalwart devotion and kindness does not come with ferocity. He wishes no one ill and is incapable of truly hurting anyone. He also harbors no suspicions or reserve (unusual for a pomeranian), even greeting suspicious strangers with a hearty "WELCOME!". This can land Missile in trouble, as it did in the game when he greeted Tengo when he broke in rather than biting his leg as a guard dog would. Missile is a companion rather than an attack dog and this carries into his personality. His kindness and selflessness can be chalked up to his callow nature /naivete as well as his lower intellect (compared to others) but it is clear that this is an integral part to his character that cannot be stamped out even with an unfair death. Missile knows his role in life and will follow through with that even when that life is over.



Possession: As a ghost, Missile can possess objects and hop from one object to another. His range is three times the range of Sissel's. If I had to guess, this seems to be about nine to ten feet.

Talking to ghosts: Missile can talk directly via thoughts to ghosts (either as a ghost or alive) and people who have died before (when he's a ghost).

Object Swapping: As a ghost, Missile can swap any two objects as long as they share the same or a similar shape with each other. The size and weight of these objects do not matter, but his ability rests on the angle that he is viewing the object. (I.E.: He can swap a sweet potato with a large concrete statue of that same shape that weighs hundreds of pounds, he can swap a bullet with a soft fluffy hat, a trash can lid at rest with a trap door etc.).

As a note, he cannot manipulate those objects beyond swapping their positions though those objects would swap actions (I.E.: The hat- bullet swap example: the hat would take the same path the speeding bullet would have taken and thus become a speeding hat.)

Missile's Swapping in action. (~2 min) || How it looks like to other people. (~ 1 min)

Rewinding Time: (NERFED FOR THE WAKE. UNABLE TO USE.) As a ghost, Missile can travel back in time to four minutes before someone's death. (note: since time travel is typically not allowed in Wake, this is free to be cut. Actually, I think the only ghosty abilities he could potentially regain are object swapping, and ability to talk directly to once-dead people.)


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