Nash Latkje
Nash Latkje
Continuity Genso Suikogaiden
Age 22
Species Human
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Aqua
District Eastern District
Journal harmonianspdbmp
Player Aya
Theme Song From Yesterday - 30 Seconds to Mars

"It'd be nice if things actually worked out for a change."


As a citizen of Harmonia's aristocracy, Nash Latkje had an easy life set before him. He grew up in a loving family, was given top education, and he eventually entered into the High Priest's Temple Guard at a relatively young age. His father had decided it would be good for him to enroll in the Howling Voice Guild to be trained under a Master Sauro. Nash did not remain long enough within the Guild to become 'chosen by a gun,' the weapon of trade by full-fledged members of the HVG, and although his aunt questioned the decision to even consider entering the Guild, Nash thought it would be an interesting experience, if not a chance to see new things.

Things would certainly get interesting. As years went by, the family became closely acquainted with one Zaj Quleros, adopted into the Quleros family and eventually set up to be the fiancé of Yuuli, Nash's younger sister. The pleasant, peaceful days soon led to mourning as a strange illness befell Nash's parents, taking their lives. Suspicious of their deaths, Nash further investigated, taking a blood sample to his old Master Sauro in the Tower. He soon learned that his parents had been slowly poisoned by a toxin used by one of the Guild's own Squire-Class Gunners, a "Zaj of the Black Moon." Upset by this betrayal of trust, Nash confronted Zaj the night before his sister's wedding, where Zaj admitted to poisoning the Latkje's in order to gain their powerful status. Obviously such a plan did not fly with Nash at all, and he attacked Zaj with his family's heirloom swords, dual-snake swords by name of Groß Fluß. Unfortunately, his sister entered the room just as Zaj fell to the ground. Presuming to have killed him, Nash immediately fled the scene and Harmonia's capital. His family name disgraced, he knew he could not return, and Yuuli was taken under High Priest Sasarai's protection.

Nash eventually found his way into the ranks of one of Harmonia's Fringe Guards which were mostly made up of mercenaries paid to keep an eye on the country's borders. Indebted to Sasarai for taking care of his sister and covering his tracks, Nash also found himself charged with a special investigation regarding the True Runes and so was made to travel into the neighboring lands, which at that time was on the verge of breaking into war between the Jowston City States and Highland. His journey began with the vampiress, Sierra Mikain, as his first lead on information on a True Rune as he agreed to help her seek out the one stolen from her. Despite getting off to a rough start, the two managed to work with each other in order to deal with one of Sierra's fellow vampires who had fallen to the insanity that gripped many of those belonging to her coven when Neclord made off with the Moon Rune. Sierra parted ways from him to resume her dangerous mission without bringing further burden to Nash, and the Harmonian, left back at square one, made way towards Muse. Seeming to have a knack for finding trouble, it was inevitable that his path crossed the Highlanders a few times, and at one point he was forced to assist one of the City States in defense against them. Nash acted on his own decisions despite the fact that in a political stand point, Harmonia would be backing Highland. As a private operative, he had only himself to rely on, and more than once had to falsify his identity as a Harmonian citizen. Never staying long in one place, Nash managed to leave before the main battle between the rebels and Highland would begin, but his mission and troubles were far from over.


His life has been a trying one indeed, but Nash has managed to progress and finally overcome the hardships faced. He still carries the darkness of his past on his shoulders, but it no longer truly weighs him down, having defeated the man who had destroyed his family, and he knows that he bears responsibility in that as well. Or at least, that's what he's convinced of, until Zaj's untimely reappearance proves otherwise.

Overall, the young man is a pleasant sort with a mildly carefree attitude. Being born of high standing has not hampered him any in regards to socializing with any sort, and it's not unusual for him to offer to lend his assistance to those he might come across that would need it. He's been an independent individual that acts as he feels and is prepared to deal with the consequences.

Nash isn't one to discard the relationships he makes along his journeys. Even though he keeps his ties with Harmonia under wraps, either telling those that are familiar with his homeland and suspect him to be a native that he'd merely spent a lot of time traveling that region that he picked up the accent, or not mentioning it at all if he can help it. He makes friends fairly easily, able to talk to people and fit into things without too much trouble. He's a likable person. Even Sierra was able to find some sort of tolerance for him, and although she seemed to get on his nerves, the two had a strange relationship for all the teasing and insults thrown back and forth between them like a game. Nash might not have minded her company save for her bossiness and her tendency to snack on him when he wasn't paying attention.

The Harmonian's actually quite normal; he'll express his annoyance or displeasure like anyone else, isn't completely exempt from becoming flustered and whining, and he does possess a temper if he's crossed. Nash is usually quite capable of keeping his temperament in check, but when pushed to the extreme, he can be frightening. He's like a completely different person when he brandishes his twin swords, Großer Fluß, and he only makes use of them when he feels he has no other choice. He'd been told, or believes that the swords possess some sort of curse as they drive him to almost a berserker fury. He's aware of this change, and if it does come to a point where he must use them in the presence of others, he'll give them an adequate warning to keep their distance before he lets loose.

Life has taught him to be more careful and suspicious of things, and it's become a habit for Nash to keep on his guard, despite the smiles he may offer. He's actually quite conniving, but sometimes even he'll have a hard time distinguishing which of his relationships are genuine and which are facsimiles. He's always placed around people and can blend in well, but yet he'll always feel apart from it all. He cares for his sister and his aunt deeply, but he won't go back to them just yet. He's still uncertain about how his sister will receive him, not sure if she knows the truth of his actions that terrible night. He knows that they're in good hands under the High Priest and with Lena being one of the Temple Guard. For now, he's pleased to be given the freedom he has, even if he knows he may as well be on an invisible leash. He has a lot to be thankful towards Harmonia's highest, for a lot of strings likely had to be pulled in order for things to work out for him. Sasarai has done a lot for Nash to be caring for Yuuli in his absence, and although the tasks given him are never easy, Nash has come to expect and accept them, and by the way he acts with the mission of seeking out information on the True Runes, it's apparent that it's nothing new for him.


Nash is a resourceful person when it comes to dangerous situations, nothing unusual for this type of work. He has to be, especially when he's often working alone. He's proven himself an excellent informant, possessing a sharp eye and a good ear for things. He has a notable memory and it shouldn't be too surprising if he's aware of something already, even if it hasn't specifically been mentioned to him, provided he's been able to glean it from some other source beforehand. Having had early training for both Temple Guard and within the Howling Voice Guild, Nash is more than physically capable of holding his own when it comes to stamina and agility. He's fast, but he's only human, and where speed can't be matched, he falls back on reflexes to take advantage of a situation. He's quick to react, quicker to think. If he can avoid a fight, he will, but he'll hold his own if he must. His training as a soldier has sharpened his senses in gauging potential foes. He can discern the potential skills of a person by their footsteps, he can anticipate how they'll move by the bloodlust they radiate.

It's suspected that while he hasn't been in the HVG long enough to be chosen by a gun, Nash has at least been trained to use one. His weapon of choice is a spike launcher that he has equipped on his left wrist. It can shoot several spikes at a time, and he carries a pouch full of replacement bolts to make use of, slender like pencils but metal to the core, sharpened at the ends. He also has a sort of anchor that he can shoot from the same launcher, attached to a wire in case he needs to scale walls or if he takes an unexpected tumble. The swordsman has on him more than a few daggers and blades, but the only visible one is that on his belt, and it's the one he never pulls. He's proficient as a swordsman, but he'll use knives or daggers first before resorting to his two swords. Großer Fluß (Grosser Fluss) is a pair of snake-swords, one named Schwarz and the other Weiss. The blades can separate into a string of shorter blades, connected by two wires that run from the hilt. Nash can use them like a whip and snap them back together with ease, making it hard to gauge for attacks. The swords also hold a deadly poison by name of the Zodiac Tower, to which Nash carries the antidote on him. He doesn't make extensive use of the dual snake swords at all and will avoid using them altogether if possible due to it being that whenever he does make use of it, it seems to inhibit his ability to tell friend and foe apart, either due to a curse upon it or something he's come to convince himself of.

Nash will otherwise use whatever he can get on hand as a weapon. He's not adept in the use of Rune magic, but he carries with him a few magic scrolls made from lesser runes such as Fire Scrolls, and those he does make use of should he be prompted to. Because of his training within the HVG, he's familiar with the preparation and use of gunpowder and has some on hand, just in case.



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