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Added 4/1/2013: No joke, here's a map showing how Nautilus literally hangs around in this universe.


*map is not to scale

At the top is Light (as far as anyone knows!). Then in descending order: Kalliste, Nautilus with Helix, Chaos and then all the worlds laid out in a massive spiral pattern below (think along the lines of spiral galaxy that moves continually outward as far as the eye can see) and around the well of Chaos. The space where all of this is contained is known as "the Between."

The Between is an open, pitch black stretch that seems to go on forever. At a glance, it may resemble outer space as many of the more distant worlds do glint and shine like stars and even suns against the darkness. However, unlike space, one does not require a special suit or craft to remain alive in the Between. Where is the real outer space then? It doesn't actually exist here. Sorry, aspiring astronauts!

It is impossible for non-Ascended to navigate the Between. Wakened can only successfully travel through it and into worlds that are not their own with the aid of an Angelii, Ashura, or Deva. The Between is vast and difficult to navigate and is also not the safest place to be in due to the residual Chaos that ebbs and flows throughout its expanse. This movement of Chaos can cause unwanted changes in those passing through if they are not strong enough to hang onto their sense of self.

Nautilus, the City of Change, is suspended below Kalliste by 24 chains. 4 main ones at each gate and then 20 minor ones. It takes a major force like Isis to break these chains but if they do break again, it takes FOUR people to restore a Major Chain, and TWO to restore a Minor Chain. These chains kind of keep the city from plummeting into Chaos. You really don't want that.

All the weird stuff that happens to Nautilus? Comes from Chaos. The closer to Chaos, the more unstable everything becomes.

Helix is connected to Nautilus by the Western Gate. It is a safe haven from all the Reality Storms that seem to affect the city but they also do things differently there where you rely on building things on your own rather than Bending.

There's also the City of Pillow that floats around as it pleases before and after its involvement with Nautilus in 2011. It's a bit silly.


North District of Whirlwinds
East District Of Waterfalls
South District Of Forests
West District Of Infernos
The Central Plaza And Other Locations
The Heart Of Nautilus

The Between

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