Nautilus Police Department

The Nautilus Police Department is located in the Southern District, across the street from the prison. It contains several rooms with an array of computers with access to the network, as well as files pertaining to past records and profiles of every Wakened in Nautilus. These are files that have been assembled by Aya Brea since she settled in Nautilus, and have been backed up by her home computer in the Eastern District. That said, anyone on the police force has free reign to this information now.

Herp derp, page is still under construction. But here be a list of those crazy kids involved in this endeavor (note that those with law enforcement and military backgrounds are more likely to be recruited onto the police force than your average joe. It's not required, but it sure as hell helps):


Name: Aya Brea
Position: Chief of Police

Name: Garrus Vakarian
Position: Enforcement

Name: KITT
Position: Enforcement

Name: Kyle Madigan
Position: Enforcement

Details on joining the police force can be found here.


The following people assist and are connected with the police force, but are not listed for the following reasons:

- Consultants work with the force, but don't have free reign to the police station and its records, or the prison. They can, however, help with police investigations.
- Informants are those who are not known to be connected to the police force, for one reason or another, but offer information.
- Those are are "In Training…" are listed as such because they are required to undergo a series of assessments before joining the police force. This is in order to verify whether if they are qualified for the position or not.

Name: Zack Fair
Position: In Training…

In addition, the police force works closely with the justice system. Details on the justice system and the laws that have been implemented in Nautilus can be found here.

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