Nautilus Railway

Nautilus Railway System

While in the beginning of the game there was once a railway system in Nautilus, with a train named The Flying Pussyfoot, it gradually saw inaction as its maintainers returned to Sleep and the city itself changed around it.

However, the Task Force saw it fit to revitalize the railway system, simplifying it instead into a pair of monorails that run around Nautilus in opposite directions; one train goes clockwise, and conversely the other train runs counter clockwise.

Construction ran from around September of 2016 to the opening of the monorail on January 1st, 2017.

Railway Map


Boarding stations are found not too far from the Gates of each respective district. The red dots represent stops the train can and will make at the request of the Wakened pulling the stop cord hanging from their seat. Yes, like a bus.

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