Nemesis Prime (IDW)
NovaNemesis Prime
Continuity IDW Transformers
Age Approx. 13 millions years.
Species Cybertronian
Hair Color Black (Female}
Silver (male)
Eye Color Red (All forms)
District Western District
Journal Nemesisnova.
Player Emma
Theme Song Breaking Benjamin || What lies beneath
Smashing Pumpkins || The end is the beginning is the end

"Call me Nemesis Prime, for Nova was but an embryo, unshaped. The Matrix was a leash, a shackle of good intentions. With this, I am so much more now."



Headcanonly, Nova is an aristocrat of the highest ranking - his creators were senators who had little time for him from after the first vorn. Compounding this fact that next to nothing is known about his time as Nova. It can be assumed that he grew up with access to only the best in education and such forth.

Nova Prime was the forerunner to Sentinel Prime, and it was at his behest that Jhiaxus created the first combiner ever. This combiner was comprised of six individual Cybertronians, all of whom went insane, resulting in a monster. Oppps. No matter, they were a success. Nova then ordered the construction of the first Ark. During this, he turned a blind optic to whatever else Jhiaxus did. He might have had a hand in the experiments that introduced Gender into the CNA of Cybertronians, and resulted in the abortive attempt that was Arcee. She was summarily condemned to death, though she later come backs to hunt Jhiaxus. Oppps. Despite this failure, Nova allowed Jhiaxus to stay in his inner circle. While all that was happening behind the scenes, Nova fooled Cybertron into thinking that he was a nice guy. Ok, most of the planet. Omega Supreme suspected that Nova was not as innocent as he said he was. Yet, Nova was a hero in Cybertron's optics, due to the innovations that his reign had brought, including taking the golden age to new heights. Nova's Ark was built to find away through the Benzuli expanse, but also a means of conquest and expansion. Only his inner circle knew this.

Yet, when Nova and his crew - Jhiaxus, Galavtron, Cyclonus, Scourge, Straxus and Grindcore, investigated the Benzuli Expanse - Galvatron piloted them right into it, dooming them to a life of servitude to the Darkness. They were presumed to be dead when contact with the Ark was lost, but that wasn't the case. The fact was, they had been swallowed whole by a cosmic anomaly within the expanse. And yet, despite his aggressive intentions, and Jhiaxus's experiments, he was honored with a statue and considered all that a Prime should be. Jerk. Time passed, and while in the expanse, Nova shifted his name to that of Nemesis, and it was eventually discovered that only Galavtron could travel the living universe beyond the 20 hour limit. And like, not die.

Somewhere along the line, Gorlam Prime comes into this clusterfuck. It has a Hole In the World, that apparently links it to the Dead Universe. It's depicted as a world where its tech advanced rather rapidly and happened at an unusual rate. Nemesis is ultimately behind this, more than likely having placed Jhiaxus in charge. Nightbeat investigated, was captured, and subsequently turned into a sleeper agent. After that, the dark Prime decided that the Expansion was ready to begin, and sent Galvatron off to Cybertron to secure Thunderwing and kill the Autobots guarding him. Galvatron did so, but spared the Autobots, seeing it as a small rebellion against the Prime He then brought Thunderwing back to Gorlam Prime. Later, on seeing the Reapers about to destroy Earth, he sent Galavtron to deal with them. He needed the planet as, low and behold, it was rich in energon, due to Shockwave's meddling. Later, the Prime remarked to Jhiaxus that he knew Galvatron had his own agendas and secrets.

After Cyclonus activated one of the Nega-cores, Nemesis initiated the Expansion with the rest of his minions. BUT! Not all was going to plan - as he soon found out via intelligence on Cyclonus and Nightbeat. He dismissed the former and requested that Jhiaxus take care of the latter personally. this resulted in Nightbeat's death, and Nemesis deciding to deal with the task of killing Optimus Prime himself. Uh, re that - Nemesis will tell you that Prime had to die so the Expansion could begin. In truth? He had to die so that the Darkness would not host jump into a newer, shinier Prime. Yes, he is a possessive asshat about the Darkness. Locating the Prime proved easy and he attacked the prison facility of Garrus-9 while Optimus Prime was inspecting it. After a short [and deadly firefight for two Autobots, as he seemed to be immune to the firepower] he came face to face with Prime.

After a bit of gloating while attacking, he revealed the nature of the Darkness, while torturing Optimus Prime.

It's at this point that he Woke. Things… are going to get interesting.


Nemesis Woke in the Western District, and found that it was rather unlike Cybertron. Eventually, after much whinging talking over his new comm, he meet Rip Van Winkle, an Ashura. A human. He was not very impressed, but on the grounds of the fact that umm… yea - none of his powers were around, he wisely kept his discomfort hidden. He gained a base of operations place to stay, the Opera house. Before that however, he found that his pawn, Nightbeat was in the city, and after a brief meeting with him, sent the pawn off with orders not to spill the beans.

Nemesis then set about working on gaining his power back. He hates the feeling of helplessness. He was working on that until, not two days later, he gained a pet, Harbinger. A thestal, that everyone can see. And then came a Reality Storm; this changed him to a human female, and chained him, first to Terris, then to Mithram. Also in the Reality Storm, Nightbeat did some rather stupid things like back talking and attempt, and he promised Sunstreaker that he'd not seek out the Optimus Prime in Nautilus.

Just before the event ended, he meet the Shattered Glass Optimus over the Comms, and decided that he liked him. Thankfully, the guy was killed. Not long after the event ended, he got talking with Jadis, whom, despite being a lesser being, he finds her company to be acceptable.

Later, he ran into Nightbeat, and in an epic display over the network, chased the other out through the Northern(?) gate, and then suffered a beat down at the hands of Sunstreaker. He managed to get away, but not before taking a fair amount of damage. He did not seek a medic out, out of wounded ego, and pride.

Nemesis has been, of late, talking with the young Narnian Prince, Caspian X, whom he finds that he does also enjoy talking to. For a lesser creature, he seems decent and tolerable. It helps that he is a king, and thus could potentially be a worthwhile ally. Soon after, Nemesis sort out GLaDOS for repairs, and started to court her as an ally. Given the fact that she is an AI, he seems fairly tolerant of her. Not long after that, a new Deva, Zanith, appeared. Curious, Nemesis sort out the chance to talk to him when he stumbled across him. The talk did not go so well, as Nemesis irritated the Deva with being too forthright about his motives for inquiring about the power. Nemesis left, disgruntled, and determined to find out about this power.

When it was revealed that there where, in fact, new Angelli, Sideswipe amongst them, Nemesis only bottled his disgruntlement. In return, Nautilus gave him a set of plushies; His crew, plus who he once was. Nemesis secretly values these, for they are his links to what he does not have, and wants more than anything. The Nova, he could have done without. Some days after that, Nemesis was invited to a meeting, and the same day, Vegeta arrived. Another few days passed, and Nemesis attended the meeting; Leslie Vernon, GLaDOS, Shockwave and Jadis [And others?] showed up, and Nemesis was, for the first time, forced to take his human form: That of the female he'd been stuck in when he'd first arrived. After the meeting, on attempt to change back, Nemesis found himself stuck. Despite this setback, He steadfastly refused to admit this to any one, and retreated into the west, where he hid for a few days, taking the time to feed his chocolate milk addiction scout for a new dwelling location. Sometime during this, Nemesis learned that his human form was female, much to his displeasure.

Eventually, he was able to turn back, though not with out a lot of pain; Nemesis has sworn that he will get better at this, if only so that when he's forced to take it, it does not hurt. It was soon after this that Antovil, now a Deva, returned, and Nemesis again irritated a Deva by asking about the power. Two, actually, as he got a warning from Zanith as well, who lives in the same building as Nemesis.

Where things go from here remain to be seen, but Nemesis would be wise to tread lightly around the Deva for a while. Currently, Nemesis is working on his bending, seeing as no matter what he does, he can not gain more of the darkness back. Yet.


Nemesis is a supremacist, and believes that Cybertronians are the best species in the universe, and all others should be somewhat molded in their image. He is an expansionist and forever seeking and testing the limits of science and faith, be that in himself as a Prime, or otherwise. It is he who often gave Jhiaxus approval to experiment on others, such as the Pretender Monsters/Monstructor, Arcee and others who became the femmes, and many, many more. Of course, he does all this from behind the scenes, as so not to tarnish his reputation as a Prime. He can and will do it himself if he must, though he is by far no scientist. He does have some training, given his upbringing as old money, but it his main function is that of Darkness-slave-herald Prime. He doesn't hate other races, simply believes that Cybertronians are the ultimate ideal of evolution, the greatest of all races. Ok, yea, he's racist.

Arrogant to the core, but not openly nor overly so, he can make you feel like a moron with a few words, should he wish it. Power is his birthright. He will make you feel a moron should he wish it, and he's extremely skilled at twisting words to suit his needs. He firmly believes that he is the Prime, and that all others who came after him, are upstarts. He believes that the power that he has is his birthright, and will do anything to keep it. As a Prime, it is his right to have it, end of story. He's an excellent actor and liar. He'll use anyone and everyone who is not on his very small list of friends. He'll say anything that's needed to get others to trust him, even just briefly so that he may exploit them. Yet, he clearly trusts Jhiaxus on a level that very, very few would get to see, if at all, and while, yes, he does use the guy, there's also a simple rule that would be universal: You do not piss off the scientist, more so if he knows you as well as you know yourself. Or so that is the reasoning as to why Nova allowed him to remain in the inner circle, despite his failures.

He is obviously a charming mech, if not a smooth speaker who is able to manipulate one to believe what he wants them to, and he was a much loved, and adored Prime in his time, something that he still believes that he is. He has moral ambiguities in regards to pretty much everything, and it can be said that even before his fall, he trusted Jhiaxus, a lot - possibly to the point of trusting him with his life. Nemesis is ambitious, but not openly so, and is a very patient person. He has to be, having spent 6.7 million years trapped in the Dead Universe.



[Note the app limit is, currently, of the extent of the powers. Eventually, the bastard will be full power. Maybe.]
Dread Aura » Is in constant flux due to his will and mood. It normally sits at 'unease', but can now go up to the Dangerous feeling. Currently at a dead-end in power while Nemesis wrestles with over coming the 'wall' that he'd run into.
The darklight » This he can use… Sorta. The (Current) ranged attack feels like about six static shocks, is painful.. and has minimal or Zero rust/decay effect. It's range is now 13 meters. Nemesis has worked on this to the point of ignoring his Bending. He can maintain it constantly for 20 secs before it breaks off, and he needs to 'rest' for a bit. If he pushes himself too hard with it, he'll suffer burn out. This will not increase in power for a while, nor the duration of which he can use it. Images are of it at full strength and power.
Trailer-wing canons » CAN ONLY FIRE BULLETS. Like a Machine gun. Easiest to take out, and once one of the 'blades' is damaged, Nemesis will not use them again until fixed.

The Darkness itself is that of an energy being, a kin to a parasite. It's shown here just out of its host, and here, entering Optimus Prime.


He can do this, but he's best at bending Energon (Sometimes with chocolate milk flavor!), Anzac biscuits, a Wall and lots of meat for Harbinger. On the fly, he can Bend a Wall and Lots of meat. Nemesis will be getting better at it, though the amount of time that he's been in Nautilus is a major factor in all his powers.


Alt Mode » Cybertronian truck with a trailer.
Root-Mode » Robotic form. Also known as Protoform.
Human, Female » Given by Nautilus, this will become the default Human form that he takes. Why, yes, this is a kick in the teeth reference to what he indirectly did to Arcee. — the PB is Mia Kirschner, as she appeared in the L Word, only the hair is black and eyes red. Normally dressed in black slacks, sandals and white shirt, and often with a cup of chocolate milk in hand. Sometimes the hair is up in a messy ponytail, but not always.



Antovil || Really doesn't know what to make of the man lighthouse, at all. Nemesis knows that he's got power, but has been rebuked for asking. It did not sit well with him.

Nautilus || Living city that is an Aeon. Our 'home'. Nemesis has no idea what to make of it, aside from it's, for now, home.

Zanith || Wary of the Deva, he respects him, if only because of the power that he holds. Also currently a Building-mate as Zanith also stays at the Western Welcome house.

Harbinger [Pet thestral, given by Nautilus] || A pest. Possibility of being trained and or modified? Investigate. Could turn out to be a useful creature. Carnivorous. Somewhat useful. Requires training. Nemesis considers him to be a Pest, but he's slowly coming to accept the animal. Despite it being an organic, to Nemesis, Harbinger is his, and what is his, he will defend.


Caspian X [Prince of Narnia] || Perhaps the only organic who will ever be called a friend. Nemesis is unsure what to make of him, aside from the fact that he is a fellow leader. Nemesis might end up bringing him under his wing. Nemesis is using caution though, as so not to startle the young Narnian, and thus ruin all chances of friendship.

GLaDOS [Portal] || Could be worth forging an alliance with, and given that she is an AI, he views her a little better than organics..

Megatron [Animated] || Nemesis is wary of the Ashura who claims the Western Distinct as his, and he has good reason to be. He has had some lessons of Bending from the Ashura.

Mithram [OC] || Useful. Harbinger seems to like him.

Nightbeat [Own universe] || Nemesis does not like Nightbeat, simply due to the fact that, in his mind, Nightbeat betrayed him, not once, but a few times. If at all possible, Nemesis will, again, eventually seek to kill him as a 'final discipline' for the betrayal. After that, who knows.

Optimus Prime [Animated] || See here.

Ratchet [Animated] || An Angelii. Nemesis has no real dealings with him as of yet.

Red Alert [G1] || Useful, if not overly paranoid, Nemesis considers him a worthy ally, and would eventually like to have him under his sole command.

Red Spy [Team Fortress 2] || Nemesis is neutral towards him, for now. But when the deceit and betrayal come up, Red Spy should start running.

Rip Van Winkle [Hellsing] || Nemesis considers her as useful, if not a strange ally. As she is an Ashura, he also, reluctantly, respects her. As she also owns the Opera house that he's currently staying in, he will never harm it, or seek to intentionally piss the Ashura off.

Sideswipe [Bayverse] || Hahahaha… Nemesis finds Sideswipe to be an extreme annoyance, who is constantly pushing the limits of Nemesis patience. Otherwise, Nemesis does realize that this is a mech to be cautious of.

Shockwave [Dreamwave] || Ahh… Shockwave is not his, but he is a worthy mechiod to have on his side. Nemesis does not trust him, but he does respect him, if only for the science // fact that his Shockwave was an understudy of Jhiaxus, therefor someone who could, potentially, share the same feelings and beliefs about advancement on the Cyberspace race. Still, he is also someone to be careful around.

Starscream [Animated] || An Angelii, whom Nemesis will eventually start to court as an ally, possibly, At the momment, he really doesn't know what to make of the Seeker.

Sunstreaker [Own universe] || Sunstreaker is an enigma. Nemesis has mixed feeling about him, though he currently feels that Sunstreaker has slighted him with the 'unprovoked' attack. Nemesis would like to be on neutral terms with the fighter though, and thus is doing everything that he can to Prove Sunstreaker wrong in his proclamations of how bad he is. It's not going to plan.

Terris [OC] || Interesting. Requires further observation. Went back to Sleep.

Vegeta || Vegata is comfortable to talk with, and has meet in person, once. He's still determining if the Saiyan is worth courting as an ally.


» » Gained Harbinger, a male thestral. [ 02/08 ]
» » Cybertronian-sized plushie pile of his crew. [Jhiaxus, Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge, Grindcore and Straxus] [ 19/09 ]

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