Continuity Original Character
Age ~ 9 million
Species N/A
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
District N/A
Journal neriae
Player Kasarin
Theme Song Well Thought Out Twinkles by Silversun Pickups (lyrics)

"Nautilus is … incredible. You are the first Wakened in over nine million years, and you are already so much more powerful than you realize…"


Neriae came from a world very deeply rooted in magic. She was quite used to using her will to create, long before she learned what Bending was. Most of her life there was very peaceful, though war raged in other parts of the world. Eventually, the war escalated to the point that becoming involved was unavoidable. Even then, she was quite skilled in protecting herself, and was one of the last to fall.

After Waking and becoming an Angelii, Neriae eventually became one of Isis' Ashura. She followed the Deva quite willingly, unaware of what Isis' plans actually were. By the time they became apparent, she was already so far gone that it didn't matter. All that mattered was Isis; what she wanted, what her vision was. Just Isis.

This mental fog continued for a very, very long time. She did absolutely anything Isis requested without a second thought. It was after fulfilling one of these orders (freezing a few worlds) that Neriae was met by America, Rip, Kid Flash, and William Jesse. Together, they were able to remove Isis' influence from the Ashura. She immediately informed Nautilus at large what Isis' plans were, and prepared for her own death as a "traitor".

However, that death did not come. The citizens of Nautilus were able to force Isis out before the Deva had time to track her down, killing two of Isis' remaining Ashura in the process. (The last one was freed, but went back to sleep shortly after.) At a loss of what to do with herself or how to make up for the things she'd done, Neriae offered to begin training the Angelii of Nautilus. This kept her occupied until Ameras' return from the Labyrinth, at which point she learned that it was Isis, not Ameras, that had caused the war (the one among Deva and such, not the one in her own world). Obviously, this was a major revelation for the Ashura of Bubbles, and it's one she's still attempting to deal with. After all, Isis was her Deva for a very, very long time. Finding out that it was Isis' fault she'd lost her friends in war a second time was … a lot to deal with.

At any rate, Neriae continued to train Angelii, and promised Ameras that she wouldn't go anywhere after Jin was killed. Shortly after, Antovil (another of Isis' former Ashura) returned from the dead. He decided the city needed a party, and Neriae was delighted to attend and bring the drugbubbles. It was just like old times, for them. Soon after that, Kergan returned as well.

With her two closest friends at her side again, Neriae was content to remain in Nautilus, helping teach Angelii and assisting any who ask for her help in learning how to Bend. She often worried about Ameras, as well as the still-frozen worlds that mark her time as one of Isis' minions. At some point, she knew she has to go and undo what she's done … but that will have to wait until another day.

Unfortunately that day never came. She had been attempting to protect Nautilus from the approaching Dark Aeon by creating a large bubble shield around the city. While she was attempting to do so, she was killed by Nash Latkje while he was under the influence of Hekket who had given him a special sword. He impaled her with it from behind. With her death, the shield shattered and the Dark Aeon moved in to make its next move….


- almost always appears dreamy and peaceful
- very intelligent and perceptive, although her view on things is sometimes a bit … odd
- gestures with her hands while Bending
- things that should make her angry generally just make her sad
- not easily offended, but will B|-face at you if you manage to annoy her
- very curious about discovering new things

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No really, she's the Ashura of Bubbles. She can do anything and everything relating to them. Including, if you want to get morbid, creating bubbles in people's bloodstreams. However, her specialty is defense, most notably creating shields. Seeing as she's been working on these for over nine million years, she's become very, very good at them: they're damn near impenetrable.

In combat, Neriae can survive a whole lot, but she's not all that great when it comes to causing damage.

It's worth noting that most of Neriae's power feels very light, like an actual lift. This feeling is both physical and mental.


Uh, just a list for now
NPCs: Ameras, Antovil, Kergan, Felithas, Isis
PCs: Rip, America, Kid Flash, William Jesse, Slade, Tally, Batman, Megatron … other people she's training.

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