Monday's Noon
Continuity Keys to the Kingdom
Age Old. Very, very old. But he's still a sulky teenager.
Species Denizen
Hair Color Blonde (currently)
Eye Color Yellow; flashes red when he is very mad
District Eastern District
Journal fallenzenith
Player Elycien
Theme Song Kissing Families by Silversun Pickups

"You know I will support you, sir. Whatever that takes."

History (canon)

Monday's Noon serves Mister Monday, the first of the seven Trustees, and he has done so from the beginning of time. He and his siblings, Dawn and Dusk, were created to be Monday's advisors and lieutenants, each of them given certain jurisdictions in the Lower House.

As Monday's subordinates, Noon and his siblings had no right to question Monday's decision when he helped the other Trustees break the Will of the Architect - their duty was simply to serve him. Noon took this duty extremely seriously, following Monday's lead in everything he did. As time went on and Monday's curse continued to sap him of all his energy, Noon found himself effectively in charge of the Lower House.

And then the Will broke free, and Monday named an Heir in an attempt to escape its vengeance. Arthur Penhaligon had now become a genuine threat to the Trustees. On the orders of his master, and also highly reluctant to lose his considerable power to a mere mortal, Noon himself led the hunt for the Heir, trying to kill him and win back the Key.

At this point, the fact that Monday's wishes directly contradicted the Architect and her Will no longer even crossed Noon's mind, and he had no qualms about attempting to track down and kill Arthur Penhaligon. Monday, after all, had ordered it. At the same time, though, Noon had his own personal motivation for destroying the Heir: if Arthur succeeded, Noon would likely lose the influence he'd gained in the Lower House.

It is at this point that Noon Wakened. (He hasn't yet been canon-updated for the rest of it.)

Later, Noon's brother Dusk revealed himself as a supporter of the true Heir. Noon was enraged. Dusk had no right to betray their master like this; being true to the Will made him a traitor in Noon's eyes. When Noon fought him outside Monday's Dayroom, it was with every intention of killing his brother. However, he did not succeed. Dusk defeated his brother and Arthur overcame Monday - things that, to Noon, should not have been possible. He was superior to Dusk, Monday superior to a mere mortal - but they had still lost.

It only humiliated him further when he was demoted to the position of Monday's Dusk, his brother usurping Noon's rightful position. The former Noon hated Arthur for what he'd done to him, but had no choice about following him: Arthur held the First Key, and the former Noon had no choice but to swear fealty alongside his brother. From that moment on, the former Noon was loyal only to the Rightful Heir - but it would take a long time for him to forgive his new lord and recognize that the Trustees had not necessarily been right.

History (Nautilus)

Noon Wakened, immediately freaked out.


Noon is arrogant, given to rages, and often cruel, but he is loyal and intensely so. He views his duty as being not to the Architect or to the House, but only to Monday himself, and this duty is of the utmost importance. As Monday's right-hand man, he takes great pride in his position. There isn't really anyone else he truly defers to, even if he does recognize the authority of those above the Lower House.

He can be rather charismatic and is capable of acting quite persuasive and cordial - but only when he wants something; if he has no use for someone, on the other hand, his interactions are cold and ruthless. He views himself as superior to most other beings, both mortal and Denizen, so as a result he has no qualms about resorting to force and cruelty to get what he wants.

He's been in a position of authority for thousands of years and as a result is used to being obeyed. He has little patience for those who do not pay him proper respect, and is prone to sudden fits of rage at any who dare defy him.


As of yet, not much. He can't really Bend too well and has not yet recovered his usual abilities.


He still considers Monday his superior and follows him without question. Everyone else he considers beneath him and not worth his time.

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